Chicken Burrito - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook burrito with chicken.

Chicken Burrito - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook burrito with chicken.

Cookies, pies and sandwiches may soon get bored, and you will not be able to pamper yourself with goodies. You can take interesting ideas from the cuisine of different countries, for example, the Mexican burrito. In Mexico, a burrito is a cake wrapped in all sorts of ingredients - meat, vegetables, fish, etc.

Mexicans eat this wonderful dish for breakfast and lunch, they can even serve for dinner. In our country, a burrito is perceived as a cold snack, which can be eaten on a quick hand. That is why the recipes do not include sauces. Another difference is that in Mexico, the filling is wrapped in tarts (round tortillas), but you can buy ready-made tortilla cakes from us, or take regular pita bread, which is then divided into portions.

Chicken Burrito - Food Preparation

Chicken burrito is a hearty and extraordinary dish that will help get rid of the feeling of hunger. Of course, doctors do not advise to get involved in dry snacks, but the presence of chicken meat and various vegetables allows us to provide the body with useful microelements. For the preparation of the filling, you can use vegetables - peppers, tomatoes, also often included in the composition of the filling of cereals, rice and buckwheat. Burrito can be fried in a frying pan, and can be sent to the oven, sprinkled with cheese.

Chicken Burrito Recipes

Recipe 1: Chicken and Mushroom Burrito

So, the main ingredient in a burrito is tortilla tortilla. It can be prepared at home, and you can buy ready-made in stores. You can also use pita bread. It remains at the discretion of the hostesses, which is closer and affordable for them. However, we give the recipe for making tortillas. Flakes prepared according to this recipe can be used regardless of the components of the filling. Ingredients for tortilla:

• boiling water - 1 tbsp .;

• flour - 3 tbsp .;

• butter - 100 g;

• baking powder - 1 tsp;

• a pinch of salt.

So, add flour in a deep bowl, mix with baking powder, salt and butter. We pour all this composition with boiling water, gently knead the dough and leave it to “breathe” for 30 minutes. After that, divide the dough into small balls, each of which is rolled into the thinnest round layer. Flapjacks are fried in a pan on both sides. It is important that we do not add vegetable oil to the pan! During frying, the bubbles formed are better to burst. We spread the cakes on a plate and tightly covered with a towel.

The tortillas are ready, you can begin to fill.

Ingredients Required:

• tortillas - 7 pcs .;

• fillet - 500 g;

• pepper - 2 pcs .;

• parsley - 1 bunch;

• tomatoes - 2 pcs .;

• mushrooms - 200 g;

• cheese - 150 g;

• onions - 1 pc .;

• garlic - 2 tooth .;

• sunflower oil.


Chicken meat set to boil. You can add a few black peppercorns to the water. Meanwhile, grind all the vegetables. Proceed to frying vegetables in sunflower oil, following the sequence:

• fry onions until golden brown;

• garlic;

• finely chopped fillets;

• after 2 minutes add mushrooms to the pan;

• After 5 minutes, lay out the peppers, tomatoes.

In the final stage, salt the ingredients, add greens, mix everything thoroughly and give a few minutes to cool.

Wrap the tortillas in an envelope and fill them with stuffing. We rub cheese on top. Tortillas are sent to the oven for 5 minutes. During this time, the cheese will melt a little.

Recipe 2: Chicken Burrito Under a Cheese Crust

If you already have ready-made tortillas, tortillas, it will take no more than half an hour to cook this Mexican dish. If the burritos were prepared in advance, they should be placed in a microwave oven before serving. We add a little homemade lecho or ketchup to the meat, it preserves the juiciness of the meat. Ingredients Required:

• cakes - 6 pcs .;

• garlic - 2 tooth .;

• fillet - 400 g;

• cheese - 150 g;

• lecho - 1 tbsp .;

• vegetable oil;

• onions - 1 pc .;

• greenery.


Chicken fillet is cut into plates, salt, you can add a little black pepper. On high heat, fry the meat pieces on both sides. After cooling, cut into small pieces.

In the same pan you can fry the onions. After the formation of a golden hue, we again send meat and homemade lecho to the onion. Simmer for 10 minutes on low heat.

Add a little filling to each cake, roll it up and put it in a row in a heat-resistant dish. Then with a single layer we cover the burrito with grated cheese. Bake 20 minutes in the oven.

Recipe 3: Chicken Burrito with Bean Pods

Meat and fresh vegetables - a storehouse of vitamins for our body. Quite an interesting recipe for making a burrito, in which you can use frozen green beans.

Ingredients Required:

• cakes - 5 pcs .;

• lettuce leaves - 5 pcs .;

• fillet - 400 g;

• sweet pepper - 2 pcs .;

• olive oil;

• bean pods - 200 g;

• cream cheese - 1 b .;

• cucumber - 2 pcs.


While we will be engaged in vegetables, we put on boiled white meat. By the way, you can replace the fillet and meat legs. If frozen beans are used, boil for 15 minutes.

Cucumbers are cut along the long thin strips. Pepper is also better to cut into straws.

We make a burrito. We put the pellet on a flat surface, visually divide it into 2 halves. Ingredients are stacked on one half. So, we cover the cake with cottage cheese. On one part we put a leaf of lettuce, then a few slices of cucumber, a little curd cheese. The next layer is chicken, then beans and pepper. Wrap the cake in a straw. We perform the described procedure with each cake.

Recipe 4: Chicken Burrito & Rice

Add the Mexican atmosphere to a typical family dinner.

Ingredients Required:

• long grain rice - / 2 tablespoons;

• onions - 1 pc .;

• tomatoes - 2 pcs .;

• cheese - 100 g;

• Breast - 300 g;

• sour cream - 4 tbsp. l .;

• vegetable oil;

• seasonings - clove, oregano, etc.


Boil until cooked rice and meat (in separate vessels).

In a pan with vegetable oil, fry rice, add oregano, chopped tomatoes and cloves, mix everything well. We salt, we pepper, we extinguish on fire before absorption of juice.

In the meantime, the chicken has already been prepared, cut into small pieces. We mix with rice, we rub cheese here, we add sour cream. Mix the vegetable mix with rice and meat.

In the center of the cake lay out the resulting stuffing. We form a square package from a flat cake. Fix the ends of the cake with a toothpick. Burrito can be immediately served on the table, and if you plan to eat them later, then preheat them in the microwave.

Chicken Burrito - secrets and tips from the best chefs

Often, after folding, the cake is fried on both sides in melted butter. This forms a crisp crust, which also enriches the taste of the burrito! If you use pita bread, then you should not keep the burrito for more than 15 minutes, since the pita bread will absorb the juice of the ingredients and become soft.

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