Oatmeal cookies - the best recipes. How to cook oatmeal cookies.

Oatmeal cookies - the best recipes. How to cook oatmeal cookies.

Oatmeal Cookies - General Principles and Methods of Cooking

Oatmeal cookies - recognized delicacy for both children and adults. It has a special, unlike anything taste, for which everyone loves it. It did not appear yesterday and today, the references to oatmeal cookies in Russia go back to the times of the royal government. At the beginning they were simple unleavened cakes, which were baked from oatmeal and used instead of bread. Later they began to add sugar to the composition, to introduce baking - fats, oils, eggs. So there were more and more new recipes. St. Petersburg was considered the recognized leader in baking in Russia, and, in particular, oatmeal cookies. Being a transit one, from there, each necessarily tried to bring a box or two of oatmeal delicacy.

Oatmeal cookies may well replace a full breakfast, if you add it with a glass of milk. Cookies are quite nutritious and contain a spectrum of useful substances, because it is based on oatmeal, rich in magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, fiber, vitamins, amino acids. Oatmeal is recommended to use for the prevention of vascular and heart diseases. Its use fills the body with strength and uplifting, so oatmeal, products made from it, and it is recommended to eat it for breakfast. There are countless ways to make cookies: no flour, eggs, sugar, butter. With the addition of cottage cheese, honey, dried fruits, nuts, apples. Dietary, lean, vegetarian, savory. There are so many recipes that absolutely any sweet tooth and not only a sweet tooth will choose a composition to your taste.

Oatmeal Cookies - Food Preparation

The basis of any oatmeal cookies are oatmeal or flakes (regular oat-flakes or instant flakes). Before kneading dough, flakes are usually crushed to coarse grinding. To do this, use a meat grinder or blender. Kneading the dough, it is allowed to brew for an hour and a half, so that the flour and flakes soak up moisture and swell. So the mass becomes much thicker, does not spread when baking, and the cookies themselves are baked more evenly. If butter or margarine is included in the recipe, they must be removed from the refrigerator in advance so that they become soft, plastic and mix easily with other ingredients. It is not recommended to heat them to a liquid state, otherwise the cookies will be very solid. Oatmeal Cookies - The Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Oatmeal Cookies Without Flour

Oatmeal cookies - the best recipes. How to cook oatmeal cookies.

The basis of the cookies is pure oatmeal without the addition of flour. The composition includes nuts and seeds, which increase not only the taste, but also the usefulness of the product. Children who do not like porridge, such cookies with milk can be offered for breakfast or snack, and they are unlikely to refuse. Output - about 60 pieces. For whom this is a big party, they can halve a portion.

Ingredients: 4.5 stacks. oatmeal, 2 eggs, a pack of margarine (200g) or butter, a glass of sugar, 1 tea. soda, 1 table.lozh. vinegar or lemon juice (for slaking soda), a pinch of cinnamon, a bag of vanilla (vanilla sugar), 3 tablespoons slog. chopped nuts (walnuts, peanuts) and roasted and peeled sunflower seeds.

Method of preparation

Crush flakes to grit in a meat grinder or blender.

Soften margarine. Melt to a liquid state is not necessary, it should resemble the consistency of the cream. Grind it with sugar, cinnamon and vanilla.

Add eggs, mix. After the introduction of a new ingredient, the mass must be mixed each time. Pour the cereal from oatmeal. Add seeds and chopped nuts to the dough (if you wish, you can do without them, but it tastes better with them). Soda to extinguish vinegar or lemon juice and add to the dough. Mix again and leave in the refrigerator to swell the flakes for an hour and a half.

Grease a sheet of baking sheet with oil or cover it with baking paper and place cookies on it, leaving a small distance between them, since mass when baking slightly disperses. Hands wet and dazzle cookies: roll up a ball the size of an apricot and flatten it. Top for beauty can be sprinkled with poppy seeds, sesame seeds, sugar, chopped nuts.

Bake for about half an hour (180C). It is necessary to look after cookies so as not to burn, because ovens are different, and bake it can faster.

Recipe 2: Oatmeal Cookies with Honey

Oatmeal cookies - the best recipes. How to cook oatmeal cookies.

Cooked according to this recipe, the cookie is very tender, remains soft for a long time and does not get stale. The most common oatmeal is used. Although, if you take fast food or oatmeal, probably not worse. Yield - 25-30pcs.

Ingredients: 200g of oatmeal, 200g of flour, 200ml of fat sour cream (20-25%), half a cup of sugar and honey, 1 egg, 1 tea. soda

Method of preparation

Carefully grind the butter with sugar, adding sour cream, egg and honey. If honey is candied, it should be slightly warmed so that it becomes liquid.

Oatmeal mince or grind in a blender. But not to powder, and so, a little crumble. Mix with bulk.

Sift flour, add soda and add to oatmeal dough. It must be very well mixed, two or three minutes. Since the mass is rather viscous, you cannot knead it with your hands, it is better to do it with a spoon.

The dough is ready, it remains to form the cookies. The mass can be spread out with a spoon, using a pastry bag, or with hands lubricated in oil so that the dough does not stick. Do not forget to grease the baking sheet with oil, you can put a layer of baking paper.

Cookies can be sprinkled with grated almonds, grains of granulated sugar, or plain oatmeal on top. Bake for 15-20 minutes (20 ° C). The finished cookie becomes red-brown.

Recipe 3: Dietary Oatmeal Cookies

Oatmeal cookies - the best recipes. How to cook oatmeal cookies.

Many people know how it is difficult to resist dieting and not to try something sweet. This cookie can be a wand, because It is not only tasty, but also low-calorie. If you eat it for breakfast, the body will receive its portion of healthy carbohydrates and by the evening you will not have cravings for sweets or something tasty. The dough does not contain sugar, flour, fat. All ingredients are selected in accordance with the rules of diet. Yield - 10-12 pieces.

Ingredients: 100-150g of oatmeal, 2 egg whites, 100g of low-fat cottage cheese (0%), 1 table. lie honey, a pinch of cinnamon, 1.5 tablespoons of raisins. Method of preparation

Flakes chop into a grit. Beat the protein and mix with the flakes and the rest of the ingredients. Mix the dough well and bake (180C) for about 20 minutes. Sheet baking sheets lay baking paper, you can grease it with a thin layer of butter.

Recipe 4: Oatmeal Cookies Without Eggs

Oatmeal cookies - the best recipes. How to cook oatmeal cookies.

Often, children, and some adults, are allergic to eggs, and they have to limit themselves to food or look for food or pastries without adding eggs. This recipe for them will be very useful. Yes, and others can use it and appreciate it, because cookies come out very tasty.

Ingredients: 2 stack. oat flakes, half a cup of sugar, a glass of flour, 150g of margarine, 2 tablespoons. sour cream, vanilla sugar, 0.5 teas. soda, nuts, dried fruits.

Method of preparation

Grind flakes to a state of cereal. Soften margarine, grind it with vanilla and sugar, mix sour cream, oatmeal, soda, flour. Add nuts, raisins or other dried fruits if desired. Knead the dough and let it brew in the fridge for one hour.

Roll up small balls of apricot, press them into a flat cake and put them on a sheet of baking sheet, which is covered with baking paper or greased and powdered with flour or decoy. Bake for about 25 minutes (180 ° C). The finished cookies will acquire a dark golden color.

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