Variety of recipes and features of cooking marinated champignons. How to marinate champignons

Variety of recipes and features of cooking marinated champignons. How to marinate champignons

Marinated champignons, especially those cooked at home, are an unusually tasty and savory food indispensable at any meal on ordinary, festive and solemn days.

It is at home that you can create a perfectly delicious appetizer in the form of pickled champignons, to your taste and according to your own recipe.

Indeed, before starting to pickle these mushrooms, it is necessary to decide on the type of champignons, the quality and quantity of spices in the marinade, on which the whole taste of the future snack will depend.

Marinating champignons at home is easy, especially with such a variety of recipes available.

The main thing is to cook the marinade, according to the requirements of the recipe, and your own preferences.

Marinades for champignons are of the following types:

• Sweet and sour marinade, which can be prepared using the following products - soy sauce, lemon juice, honey.

• A classic type of marinade, which is represented by products in the form of vinegar, sugar, salt, spices, with the possible addition of hot peppers.

• Salted marinade, prepared with a predominance of salt in the pot and other additional components.

How to marinate champignons - general principles

Mushrooms such as champignons, especially marinated for their unique and specific taste, are an appetizing product that can be used for almost every salad to create any tasty and savory snack suitable for meat, as well as a side dish.

• Champignons are of two types - uncultivated mushrooms and grown by artificial means.

• Thus, champignons can be preserved of any kind using samples of small-sized mushrooms, which are recommended to be marinated in a sweet and sour marinade.

• If the mushrooms are large, it is more expedient to cut them in marinating into several parts and alternate with mushrooms of small size.

• In principle, the preparation of pickled mushrooms depends on the variety of recipes, marinades and spices.

• The main thing is to choose a recipe for marinating champignons so that it meets all the taste and requirements of the chef.

Recipe 1. Classic version of regular pickled champignons


• Mushrooms - 1 kg.

• Onions (large) - 2 pcs.

• Carrot - 1 pc.

• Water - 200 ml.

• Vinegar (9%) - 0.5 tbsp.

• Salt - 15 mg.

• Sugar - 40 gr.

• Carnation - 5 pcs.

• Pepper (fragrant) - 8 pcs.

• Lavrushka - 4pcs.

• Mustard (seeds) - 60 gr.


Mushrooms must be thoroughly rinsed. If the caps of the mushrooms are large, they must be cut into 2-3 pieces along.

Then boil the water and add salt, sugar, vinegar, spices and carrots to it. Marinade must be boiled for a few minutes, and after that, report back some of the mustard seeds and hold it on the fire for some time.

Next, in the prepared marinade you need to fall asleep mushrooms and cook the mushrooms on low heat for literally 3-4 minutes. After the champignons, you must report the crumbled onions, the remaining mustard and remove the mushrooms for further marinating in a cool place.

Mouth-watering mushrooms will be ready to eat in 12 hours.

Recipe 2. “Quick” pickled champignons


• Mushrooms - 500 gr.

• Onion - 1 pc.

• Garlic.

• Tomato - half.

• Oil (olive) - 75 ml.

• Salt - 15 gr.

• Sugar - 20 gr.

• Black pepper - 4 pcs.

• Sweet Pepper - 4 pcs.

• Greens - an amateur.

• Vinegar - 50 ml.

• Lemon - a quarter.


Tomato need to wash and cut into squares. Onion must be chopped, medium-sized greens chopped. It is recommended to slice some champignons into plates and finely chop up the other. At the end of the process, all the mushrooms must be poured with lemon juice.

Then in a hot skillet in oil, you need to fry the mushrooms (crumbled), greens, tomato, onion. After a little bit, you need to spit up the rest of the sliced ​​mushrooms.

Next you need to cook the marinade, mixing together the components available - lemon juice, oil (olive), vinegar, spices and garlic cloves, cut into large pieces.

Then in the prepared marinade you need to add the fried vegetables and mix all the ingredients with each other. Add clean champignons to prepared clean jars, pour marinade over them and close tightly with a lid. Such mushrooms will be ready to eat in half an hour.

Recipe 3. How to marinate champignons with onions and sweet pepper


• Mushrooms - 1 kg.

• Pepper (sweet) - 3 pcs.

• Onions - 3 pcs.

• Garlic.

• Water - 200 ml.

• Salt - 3 gr.

• Sugar - 150 gr.

• Lemon.

• Oil - 0.5 tbsp.


Mushrooms should be well cleaned and rinsed, if there are large specimens, they must be cut into several pieces.

Next, in a pre-heated pan, fry the pepper in oil. Separately in slightly salted water for 5 minutes, you must boil the mushrooms. It is necessary to pour boiled water into a special vessel and add sugar, salt, garlic cut in half to it. Marinade does not boil again!

Boiled champignons, shredded onion with ringlets, pepper, pour the prepared marinade and leave the marinated mushrooms.

These mushrooms will be ready to eat in 24 hours.

Recipe 4. How to marinate mushrooms using Korean recipe


• Mushrooms - 300 gr.

• Garlic - 4 teeth.

• Coriander - at the tip of a teaspoon.

• Soy sauce - 30 gr.

• Sesame - 15 gr.

• Oil - a quarter glass.

• Cumin - 0.5 tbsp. spoons.

• Vinegar - 3 tbsp. spoons.

• Lavrushka - 3 leaves.

• Greenery.

• Bitter pepper - pod.

• Salt, black pepper - on the fan.


Mushrooms should be cooked in a little salty water and discarded in a colander. Further, in order to make the marinade it is necessary to add chopped herbs, soy sauce, pepper, vinegar, laurel, cumin, coriander, chopped garlic, salt and all the components to each other in vegetable oil.

Bitter pepper is added to the fan.

Sesame to start to fry in a skillet, and then put it in the marinade. Then add mushrooms to all components, mix all the products and marinate the mushrooms for half a day in the fridge.

Spicy and savory champignons are ready on the day after cooking!

Recipe 5. Marinated champignons in soy sauce with added honey


• Mushrooms - 1 kg.

• Water - 0.5 st.

• Soy sauce - a glass. • Honey - 60 gr.

• Marjoram - 15 gr.

• Pepper (black peas) - 8 pcs.


First you need to prepare the mushrooms for marinating - the mushrooms need to be cleaned, washed thoroughly, cut large specimens in half.

Then you need to pour the mushrooms with some water and add soy sauce to it, add the spices for 5 minutes. After the components are cooked in this way, it is necessary to cool to 45 degrees, add honey to them and mix well together.

Thus, marinated mushrooms for 10 - 15 hours. Serve this appetizing dish is recommended cold.

Recipe 6. Marinated champignons in a multicooker


• Mushrooms - 0.5 kg.

• Boiled water - 150 ml.

• Garlic - 4 cloves.

• Oil (vegetable) - 150 ml.

• Vinegar (9%) - 60 ml.

• Pepper (fragrant) - 4 pcs.

• Lavrushka - 3 pcs.

• Sugar - 20 gr.

• Salt - 15 gr.


Before you start marinating mushrooms, you need to clean the mushrooms thoroughly, rinse, leave small ones as they are, and large specimens should be cut into slices and set aside for the time being.

Next, you need to pour water into the bowl of the multvarki, add vegetable oil, vinegar, pepper, garlic (pre-crumbled), lavrushka, salt and sugar into it.

Then put mushrooms on top of all components and set the cooking mode for 30 minutes.

After the signal, you need to remove the mushrooms from the bowl, spread out on clean cans and pour the marinade.

Once the mushrooms have subsided, they should be placed in the refrigerator for 12 hours for the final pickling.

The next day, pickled mushrooms can already be tried.

Recipe 7. How to marinate champignons for the winter


• Champignons 1 kg.

• Carrot - 3 pcs.

• Onions (tiny) - 18 pcs.

• Pepper (sweet and simple peas).

• Mustard (seeds).

• Lavrushka - 10 pcs.

• Salt - 15 gr.

For the marinade:

• Water - 3 tbsp.

• Vinegar (9%) - 200 ml.

• Salt - 60 gr.

• Sugar - 60 gr.


Mushrooms must be thoroughly rinsed and cleaned, and then put on for 10-12 minutes, boiling, adding salt.

Carrots need to peel and shred round. Then it is necessary to boil some water in a small container with vinegar, sugar and salt added to it. Next, each jar must be filled with mushrooms, adding to them lavrushka, onions, carrots, pepper, mustard.

The marinade prepared in this way must be poured over each jar at the very neck so that all the components are under the pouring. Next you need to cover the jars with the mushrooms lids and put them to be sterilized for 20-25 minutes in a large container.

Then the banks need to get, turn them upside down and wrapped in a blanket.

Such marinated mushrooms can be eaten immediately, but it is better to leave for the winter, as one of the most delicious preserves.

How to marinate champignons - tricks, tips and useful tips

• Marinate mushrooms can be even without the process of boiling, mushrooms, you just need to pour the marinade, cork the banks and put in a cool place to infuse.

• Before marinating for better clarification, it is advisable to pour boiling water over the mushrooms or boil slightly.

• You can marinate champignons in your own juice but, unfortunately, the pouring then turns out to be dark in color, due to which the appearance of the mushrooms becomes not as attractive as we would like.

• Mushrooms are perfectly combined with potatoes - these two components complement each other, can saturate any gourmet, leaving an indelible trace of taste in his soul.

• In general, according to taste, it is better to pickle champignons fresh than frozen ones.

• Champignons have a lot of fans, but how else is filled with proteins, carbohydrates, mineral salts, vitamins and even phosphorus, these mushrooms give not only wonderful taste to their consumers, but also bring great benefits to the whole human body.

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