Cake from “Fish” cookies without baking - in haste. The best recipes for the cake of fish "Fish": with cottage cheese, gelatin, condensed milk

Cake from “Fish” cookies without baking - in haste. The best recipes for the cake of fish

A cake made from pastry “Fish” without baking is so easy to prepare that even a child can handle it. Sometimes there are situations when guests are on the doorstep, you have already prepared almost all the dishes, but there is not enough time for dessert. In this case, you can make a biscuit cake in minutes.

Cake from “Fish” biscuits without baking - the basic principles of cooking

For the preparation of this simple dessert, it is enough to have on hand cookies "Fish", dairy products or condensed milk. In addition, you can use gelatin, fruit or berries.

All you need is to make a cream, add cookies to it, mix it, put it into a mold and hold it for a couple of hours in the fridge so that the cream will clutch.

The cream can be any: sour cream, cream, cottage cheese or custard. The main thing is that the products from which it will cook, were fresh. The cream should not be too liquid, so gelatin is often added to sour cream.

You can experiment by adding fruits, berries, nuts or dried fruits to the cake. Especially interesting dessert will turn out if you add pieces of multi-colored jelly into it. For this, the jelly is diluted with water, poured into plates and left in the refrigerator until it solidifies. Then it is cut into arbitrary pieces, added to the total mass and gently mixed.

Decorate the cake with melted chocolate, or rub it with chips. Dessert can be sprinkled with crushed nuts, almond petals or coconut flakes.

Cake from “Fish” cookies without baking can be not only sweet. It can be cooked with sausages, mushrooms, vegetables, etc.

Recipe 1. Cake from “Fish” cookies without baking with cottage cheese


300 g of fish cookies;

half a pack of plum oil .; two glasses of yogurt;

condensed milk - 0.6 cups;

400 g of cottage cheese.

Method of preparation

In deep dishes combine sweet yogurt with half of condensed milk. Shake everything with a whisk until smooth. Add “Fish” cookies to yogut cream, mix and leave for half an hour.

Take two identical silicone molds. Mix the biscuits with the cream in half and spread them into shapes. Smooth out and put in the fridge for a while.

Cut the soft butter into a separate bowl and combine with the remaining condensed milk. Beat cream with a mixer until smooth. Grind the cottage cheese into it. Continue mixing with a dip blender until pasty.

Take out the stiffened bases from silicone forms. Smear one basis with curd cream and cover it with the second. Spread the surface and sides of the cake with cream and sprinkle with crumb biscuits.

Recipe 2. “Fish” biscuit cake without baking with custard


four egg eggs;

300 g of fish cookies;

sugar - a glass;

oil plums. - pack;

sown flour - 50 g;

milk - half a liter;


Method of preparation

Beat in heat-resistant dishes chicken eggs. Pour the sugar to them. Armed with a mixer or a whisk, whisk everything until smooth. Add sifted flour and vanilla to it. Keep shaking so no lumps remain.

Inject milk into the egg mixture while stirring continuously. Put on a low fire and boil, stirring constantly, until thick. In the process of making the cream, add a little butter.

Remove the thickened cream from the stove. Put cookies into it and gently stir, trying not to break it.

Wash a deep cup with cling film. Put the resulting mixture of cream with cracker. Smooth, cool and leave for a while in the cold.

After a few hours, turn the cake on a flat plate and carefully remove the film. Decorate at your discretion.

Recipe 3. “Fish” biscuit cake without baking with banana and chocolate


half a kilo cracker fish;

150 g of dark chocolate;

liter of sour cream;

one ripe banana;

a glass of white sugar.

Method of preparation

Take a capacious dish. Remove peel from ripe banana. Cut the fruit and carefully mash it with a fork.

In a separate cup, combine sour cream with sugar. Shake everything until the crystals dissolve. Pour sour cream over banana puree and whisk again.

Put a cracker in a creamy banana cream. Stir. Place the mixture in a silicone mold and send for four hours in the fridge.

When the cookies swell, put the mass on the dish and give it the desired shape. Chop a chocolate bar grated with small sections. Liberally sprinkle chocolate chip on the cake. Send the cake another cold for a couple of hours.

Recipe 4. “Fish” biscuit cake without baking with multi-colored jelly


Fish cookies - half a kilo;

walnuts - half a glass;

sour cream - half a kilo;

fruit jelly of different colors - two packets;

cane sugar - a glass;

gelatin - 25 g

Method of preparation

Before making jelly, be sure to read the instructions on the packaging, only water should be taken a quarter less than the manufacturer recommends. Dissolve the jelly powder in water. Pour into the mold so that the liquid level does not exceed a centimeter. Cool and send in the cold until it freezes.

In the capacity of the mixer pour sour cream. Pour sugar into it, add vanilla. Take the mixer and beat the cream until the sugar crystals dissolve completely.

Measure out the right amount of gelatin. Fill it with water and leave it to swell. Place a container of gelatin in a water bath, and cook, stirring until the gelatin particles dissolve. Enter the gelatin mixture into the sour cream and beat for another five minutes. Jelly cut into arbitrary pieces. Chop the walnut kernels and fry lightly in a pan or oven. Put half of the jelly pieces in sour cream. Send cookies and nuts here. Stir.

Cover the deep dishes with cling film. Place the resulting dessert paste in it, smooth it with a knife and spread the remaining jelly pieces. For a few hours, put in the cold. As soon as the cream freezes, cover the dish with a flat dish, gently turn it over and remove the plastic wrap.

Recipe 5. Snack Cake of “Fish” Biscuit Without Baking


350 g of “Fish” cookies;

lean oil;

300 g carrots;

250 g of mayonnaise;

dill - 30 g;

250 g onions;

750 g canned champignons;

3 cans of canned saury in its own juice.

Method of preparation

Wash carrots, peel and chop on a medium grater. Let the vegetable on vegetable oil in a skillet until soft. We shift carrots in a separate plate.

Mushrooms throws back on a sieve. Then cut the mushrooms into thin slices. Half set aside in a separate dish. Onions clean, shred small cubes. Fry in vegetable oil with half the mushrooms until lightly ruddy. Cooling onion and mushroom frying.

Rinse dill greens, lightly dry and crumble. We open fish canned food, we transfer contents to a deep plate, previously merge liquid. Mash the fish with a fork.

Spread the cake layers in a deep shape. All components of the filling are divided by sex. Lay out a layer of cookies on the bottom. On top of it lay onion and mushroom fried. Level and cover with a second layer of biscuits. Lightly press down and generously coat with mayonnaise. Spread half the fried carrots. Season with pepper and cover with mayonnaise. Cover with a layer of biscuits, lightly press down. Fold the fried champignons with onions. Lubricate with a thin layer of mayonnaise and cover the mushrooms with a cracker. On the cookies lay mashed saury, leveled. Cover the fish with a layer of roasted carrots. Next layer lay out cookies and coat with mayonnaise. Now we spread the pickled mushrooms. Cover with a cracker, generously coat with mayonnaise and sprinkle with finely chopped dill. Leave the cake soaked for seven hours in the fridge.

Recipe 6. Cake from “Fish” cookies without baking “Anthill”


Cookies “Fish” - 400 g;

chocolate and coconut chips;

walnut kernels;

boiled condensed milk “Toffee” - bank;

oil plums. - 300

Method of preparation

Sprinkle cookies in a large bowl. Put the peeled walnut kernels in a bag and knead them with a rolling pin into large chips. Pour the nuts to the cookies and mix.

Soft butter is cut into deep dishes, add boiled condensed milk and whisk at low speed with a mixer. When the mass gets a uniform consistency, pour into it a mixture of cookies and nuts. Stir.

Put the mass on the dish in the form of a pyramid. Sprinkle with grated chocolate and coconut chips. Leave in the cold for a few hours.

Baking Fish Cake Without Baking - Tips and Tricks

For the cake is better to use a cracker with poppy seeds. It is much softer, so it is better soaked.

If sour cream is too thin, you can add a crumb of biscuits or a little flour.

To make a cake, you can use any fruit, grapes, dried fruits or nuts.

Dessert should be well soaked, it is better to leave it in the cold for the night.

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