Chicken chops are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook chicken chops.

Chicken chops are the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook chicken chops.

A real decoration of the festive table, of course, is tasty meat with a beautiful ruddy and appetizing crust. The decoration is not in the sense of decor, but from the point of view of professional cooking, because, unfortunately, not every housewife can even achieve a uniform level of roasting meat. Especially when the meat in batter is amenable to the process of roasting. Here it is necessary to take into account several factors that may hinder the achievement of a certain goal.

The most common in modern cooking are chicken chops. Why from chicken meat? First, it is tender and tasty. And secondly, such chops can literally eat all the guests of your feast, without fear of abuse of a large number of calories. And thirdly, it is in the process of roasting chicken meat in batter, even a novice chef can achieve real success by bringing a really golden and delicious crust to the table.

You can learn about all this and much more from our article, learn how to cook chops using several recipes, and learn some secrets from culinary professionals.

Recipe 1: Chicken Chops

Ingredients Required:

- chicken legs - 3 pcs .;

- pickled gherkins, pickle - 1 bank;

- lemon - 0.5 pcs .;

- corn flakes - 100 g;

- egg - 1 pc .;

- Sesame seeds - 2 tbsp.


Place the chicken legs on the work surface and carefully separate the bones from the meat. We place each ham separately in packages and with the help of a culinary hammer, gently repel. We place the meat in a container and pour it with lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper, close the container and set aside meat for 30-40 minutes.

Brine pickles together with all the spices that were in it, pour the pickled meat and still set aside for 1 hour.

Then, separately in a bowl, beat the egg and add sesame seeds to it. Stir with a spoon. Pour the cornflakes in a separate plate or on baking paper (as you prefer).

Take the meat out of the pickle, dip each piece in an egg-sesame mixture, and then roll in cornflakes.

Pour corn oil on the pan, heat it well and put the pieces of meat in it. The oil should immediately get stuck - do not be alarmed, this is correct !!! It should be so. Immediately, we lower the fire above the minimum and, without covering the pan with a lid, fry the meat first on one side, and then turn the meat over, and continue to fry it on the other side. Make sure that the crust is fried on both sides to the same level of roasting. Only in this case they will have a delightful look. Now spread a paper towel on a wide plate, and move the finished chops onto it - in 5 minutes it will absorb all the excess fat. Serve on a beautiful green pillow, and delight your loved ones with culinary art.

Recipe 2: Chicken and cheese chops

The original taste, beautiful appearance, crisp golden crust - all you get as a result, when cooking chops according to this recipe.

Ingredients Required:

- chicken fillet - 0.5 kg;

- Dutch cheese - 100 g;

- white ground pepper and salt.

Ingredients for batter:

- mayonnaise - 3 tbsp .;

- eggs - 3 pcs .;

- flour - 3 tbsp. l .;

- salt and ground white pepper.


We will wash the chicken fillet, dry it carefully, remove all the veins and cartilage. If you come across a well-fed fillet, that is, not flat, then you can cut it in the same way as when you cut the sausage. Chops you get smaller, but it will look beautiful. In the event that you are a lover of large chops, then cut the fillets into 2-3 pieces. Place sliced ​​pieces of meat between two layers of film or in a plastic bag and beat them a little on both sides. Do not hit hard with a hammer so as not to break the fibers.

Now salt and pepper each piece of meat. Lay them one by one in a column and set aside for 20 minutes - let them marinate.

Prepare a batter. Beat the eggs in a bowl and whisk well. After that, add mayonnaise and a little salt and pepper to the eggs. Stir with a spoon. Now add flour to batter until your batter forms a consistency as for a pancake dough. Set aside - the klyar also needs a little rest))

On a large grater rub Dutch cheese.

Place a teflon pan on the stove, pour oil into it and heat it well. Dip a piece of meat in one side and put it on the butter with the batter down. Put a handful of grated cheese on top of a piece of meat and pour batter on it with a tablespoon so that it completely covers the cheese. Fry chops on the fire below average, without covering the pan with a lid. When the underside is browned nicely, gently turn over each piece of meat and continue to fry.

You will get beautiful, curly golden chops, and most importantly - incredibly tasty.

Recipe 3: Chicken Pineapple Chops

Another festive recipe for baking chicken chops, this time in original cheese and pineapple batter. Interested?

Ingredients Required:

- chicken fillet - 01.5 kg;

- Bank of canned pineapple rings;

- Dutch cheese - 200 g;

- black olives - a jar and greens for decoration.


This time, the washed and dried breast is cut into approximately such pieces, what size is the pineapple ring. We place them under the film and beat off slightly with a hammer. Sprinkle with salt and white pepper and set aside for 15-20 minutes.

Turn on the oven and heat to 160C. At the bottom of the pan pour corn oil. We extract a pineapple ring from a jar and black olives - just as much as we have pieces of meat. Grate cheese. Now we will lay out the meat on a baking sheet, put a pineapple ring on each piece, and 1 piece in the middle. pitted black olives. Sent in the oven for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, sprinkle each piece of meat with grated cheese and send it back to the oven for another 7-10 minutes. Put chops on a plate, decorate them with greens, and - woo-ala. Enjoy your meal.

Chicken chops - secrets and tips from the best chefs

- Often it happens when the next batch of chops does not form a beautiful golden color in the frying process. Therefore, after each subsequent batch, it is recommended to look at the oil in the pan. If the oil is not transparent, and you can see the pieces of the batter from the previous batch, it is better to pee it through a sieve, wash the pan, pour the oil again and continue the process.

- To make the meat tender and pleasant to the taste, we recommend sprinkling the pieces of meat sprinkled with salt and pepper for 15-20 minutes, and only then proceed to roasting.

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