Salad "Favorite" - the best culinary recipes. How to properly and tasty cooked salad "Favorite".


Salad “Favorite” - general principles of cooking

“Favorite” salad is an ideal dish to celebrate your wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day or just for a romantic candlelit dinner. The perfect combination of salad ingredients, especially if it is cooked with love, can work wonders. The culinary masterpiece is appreciated by all very close, family and friends.

Cooking salad "Favorite" is not limited to strict limits in terms of product selection. The main thing is to make the dish nourishing, tasty and beautiful. The solemn view of the snack gives a special way of cooking - laying out all the ingredients in layers. Especially beautiful all this magnificence looks in a transparent elegant vase. Although there are such recipes for salad "Favorite", where all the ingredients are mixed together with the dressing. In most cases, mayonnaise is taken for this purpose. The dish can be made less calorie if you take low-fat mayonnaise, or more savory if you use olive or lemon mayonnaise sauce.

“Favorite” salad is a multi-ingredient dish that must include meat ingredient (it can be sausage, ham, smoked ham, boiled chicken meat, etc.), vegetables (for example, carrots, onions, cucumbers or beets) and eggs . In most recipes there are pickled mushrooms (usually mushrooms), sometimes you can find cheese, prunes, nuts, canned corn, garlic and apples. There are no strict rules about cutting components - you can grate the products, chop them finely, cut into strips or cubes.

Salad “Favorite” - preparation of products and dishes

In most cases, the salad “Favorite” is prepared in a deep transparent salad bowl, in which the colored layers will be clearly visible. If all ingredients are mixed, you can simply take a deep bowl. This way of serving is also interesting: on a flat, wide dish, all the crushed ingredients are laid out in the shape of a heart, then you get a real “Favorite” salad. You can, of course, put the salad in portioned vases, which should be served to each guest, but this will take much more time due to the high content of various products. In addition to the dishes, you will need a saucepan, as many ingredients require pre-boiling, a cutting board, a grater, a garlic press and a knife. If raw meat is used (for example, chicken), it should be thoroughly rinsed in cool water and boiled (you can also fry). Vegetables should also be thoroughly washed, cleaned and boiled (if required), after which they can be cut.

Favorite salad recipes:

Recipe 1: Salad “Favorite”

This very tasty and savory salad will surely please the home and guests. A beautiful design will create a festive atmosphere and make the dish even more appetizing.

Ingredients Required:

  • Ham - 300 g;
  • 2 sharp processed cheese;
  • Bank of pickled champignons;
  • 1 medium carrot;
  • 1 onion;
  • 2 apples;
  • Lemon juice;
  • 4 chicken eggs;
  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  • Walnuts;
  • Mayonnaise.

Preparation Method:

Ham cut into small cubes. Peel the onion and finely chop it (you can pour it with boiling water if you wish). Boil eggs hard-boiled, pour with cold water, after they cool down - grate on a coarse grater. Wash carrots, peel and grate (no need to boil beforehand). Cheese grate to rub on a coarse grater (so that they are not smeared, it is recommended to cool them in the refrigerator). With mushrooms, drain the liquid, cut them into small pieces. Peel apples, finely chop (or grate) and sprinkle with lemon juice (so as not to darken). Prepare the garlic sauce: mix the mayonnaise and garlic passed through the press. Now you can begin to lay out layers of salad “Favorite”: 1 layer - sliced ​​ham; 2 layer - onions; 3 layer - apples; 4 layer - pickled mushrooms; 5 layer - processed cheese; 6 layer - carrot; 7 layer - eggs. Each layer is thoroughly smeared with garlic sauce. Sprinkle the top of the salad with chopped walnuts. The dish needs to be put on for several hours in the fridge so that all the layers can soak in time.

Recipe 2: “Favorite” Salad with Smoked Chicken and Beets

Incredibly beautiful and tasty dish. All components are ideally combined with each other, and a special way of giving will surely please your loved one! Ingredients Required:

  • Beets - 250 g;
  • Durum cheese - 200 g;
  • 2 cloves of garlic;
  • Pomegranate - 0.4 pcs .;
  • Smoked chicken ham - 200 g;
  • Salt and black ground pepper - 1 pinch each;
  • Prunes - 65 g;
  • 4 chicken eggs;
  • Mayonnaise - 400 g.

Preparation Method:

Cook hard-boiled eggs, cool, peel and cool. Boil beets until cooked, let cool and grate on a coarse grater. Take a wide flat dish and lay out the first layer of lettuce - beets in the shape of a big heart. On a beetroot, make a mayonnaise net and sprinkle with finely chopped garlic. Stew prunes for 5 minutes, remove from the water, cool and cut into small pieces. Put the prunes in the second layer. Smoked meat finely chopped and put on prunes third layer. Salt a little, pepper and make a grid and mayonnaise. The next layer is grated eggs. Cheese grate on a coarse grater and lay out the final layer. Put the pomegranate grains on the border of the heart, decorate the salad in random order with the remaining grains. Let the dish stand for 2-3 hours.

Recipe 3: Favorite Salad with Sausage and Corn

This salad is easy to make, but it doesn’t make it any less tasty and loved. All components are easy to find at home or in the nearest store, so this snack is a good option for a quick meal.

Ingredients Required:

  • 2 fresh cucumbers;
  • Half-smoked sausage - 120 g;
  • Bank of canned corn;
  • 4 chicken eggs;
  • A bunch of green onions;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Salt.

Preparation Method:

Break eggs into a small bowl, add salt and beat well. Fry pancakes from this egg mixture, cool. Wash cucumbers, cut into strips. Smoked sausage and pancakes also cut into thin strips. With the corn, drain the liquid, finely chop the onion. Mix all the ingredients in a salad bowl with mayonnaise.

Recipe 4: Favorite Salad with Crab Sticks and Chicken

Another easy version of the salad “Favorite”. The dish is prepared for half an hour, designed for 5 servings.

Ingredients Required:

  • Chicken fillet - 200 g;
  • Crab sticks (pack) - 200 g;
  • 100 g marinated champignons;
  • 1 carrot;
  • Canned corn - 100 g;
  • 3 chicken eggs;
  • 1 onion;
  • Salt;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Sunflower oil (refined).

Preparation Method:

Boil the chicken fillet in salted water, cool and chop finely. Put in a salad bowl. From the corn, drain the water, put it to the chicken. Crab sticks finely chopped and add to salad. Cook hard-boiled eggs, cool, finely chop and put in a salad bowl. Drain water from mushrooms, cut each into 2-3 parts (large champignons can be cut into 4-5 parts), add to salad. Peel the onions and carrots, finely chop the onions, and grate the carrots. Put the vegetables into a frying pan heated with oil and simmer for about 8 minutes. Cool and put in a salad bowl. Season the salad with mayonnaise and mix thoroughly, you can add a little salt. If you want a more delicate flavor, you can mix mayonnaise with sour cream.

Recipe 5: Salad “Favorite” with tongue and tomatoes

Very spectacular snack! The salad will be very popular for men, due to the content of meat, and women - because of the fragrant strawberry sauce.

Ingredients Required:

  • Boiled beef tongue - 400 g;
  • Fresh mushrooms (champignons) - 600 g;
  • 1 onion;
  • A handful of peeled walnuts;
  • 4 tomatoes;
  • Cress - a small bunch;
  • Strawberries - 7-8 pcs .;
  • Olive oil - 6 tbsp. l .;
  • Grain mustard - 2 tsp;
  • Honey - 1 tsp;
  • 3 tbsp. l lime juice;
  • 3 tbsp. l sour cream;
  • Salt - to taste;
  • Black pepper powder - to taste.

Preparation Method: Prepare marinade for onion: mix 1 tbsp. l olive oil, 3 tbsp. l lime juice, a teaspoon of mustard and a teaspoon of honey. All as it should be mixed. Marinate in a mixture of finely chopped onions. Wash the mushrooms, cut into small slices and fry in oil until ready, salt and cool. Boiled tongue cut into thin cubes. Put tongue, mushrooms, pickled onions and finely chopped nuts in a salad bowl. Add sour cream with mustard. Tomatoes cut into small cubes. Put tomatoes and watercress for portions of salad (you can substitute another salad). Prepare strawberry sauce: puree 5 strawberries in a blender, pepper, salt and add a spoonful of olive oil. All as it should be whipped and put next to a portion of salad. Cut the remaining strawberries into thin slices and garnish the dish.

Salad “Favorite” - secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

The main secret of the salad “Favorite” is carefully selected products and careful preparation. This is especially true for layered recipes. Unevenly distributed foods or large amounts of mayonnaise can ruin a dish. Puffy salad options "Favorite" is recommended to insist a few hours - so the dish is better soaked and becomes even tastier.

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