Squash in a slow cooker - fast and tasty! A selection of different recipes for quick and tasty zucchini dishes for multicooker

Squash in a slow cooker - fast and tasty! A selection of different recipes for quick and tasty zucchini dishes for multicooker

In the squash season, the hostesses agree to cook dishes from them every day.

Squashes are readily available - they grow quickly and are inexpensive if purchased.

They are quite large, one medium will make a dish for several people. Squashes are versatile - not having a bright taste, with skillful addition they become the basis for a variety of dishes, and even for sweet ones.

However, more often from zucchini prepare stews, caviar, casseroles, just fried or baked with cheese or meat.

There are many recipes for zucchini dishes.

Many of them are adapted to the slow cooker - thanks to her, recipes from zucchini are quick and tasty.

Basic principles of cooking zucchini in a slow cooker quickly and tasty

Zucchini can be used entirely if it is young. Older fruits need to remove seeds and peel. Too overripe zucchini, with fibrous pulp, suitable only for stewing, but it is better to choose vegetables younger.

For cooking of courgettes in a slow cooker, fast and tasty dishes use the Frying, Stewing, Baking and various other modes.

Squash in a slow cooker can be cooked without anything - for example, fry or steam. But more often they are cooked in combination with other vegetables - onions, carrots, potatoes, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes.

There are many dishes in which zucchini are combined with meat, which is used in pieces or in the form of minced meat.

Seasoning for zucchini dishes are garlic, dill, parsley, black and allspice and other spices to taste.

Zucchini for cooking in a slow cooker is cut into cubes of different sizes, circles, halves, boats - if you make stuffed, as well as cut along on thin layers.

Stewed courgettes in a slow cooker - fast, tasty, just

Traditionally, the stewed zucchini is understood as a dish not only from the zucchini, but also a lot of other vegetables. All together it turns out delicious, delicate, and fragrant thanks to spices. And very, very useful!


• Small pound weighing zucchini

• Two medium carrots

• Large onion

• A pair of sweet pepper or one, if very large • Three medium tomatoes

• A pair of garlic cloves

• A handful of chopped dill

• Ground black pepper

• salt

• Fresh hot chilli pepper - optional

• Vegetable oil, it is possible with a smell.

Method of preparation

Peel and dice the onions.

Carrots chop.

Onions and carrots put in a slow cooker with two spoons of oil, turn on the mode of roasting for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, dice zucchini.

From peppers - sweet and hot - remove seeds, shred.

Put the vegetables to the onions and carrots and send for 10 minutes to the Quenching mode.

Diced tomatoes, you can pre-clean the skin.

At the signal of the multicooker, open, add tomatoes, salt and pepper, mix well and put stew for another 10 minutes, assessing the condition of the vegetables. If they are too hard, then for 20 minutes.

Chop the garlic finely.

At the end of the quenching, pour the garlic and greens, hold under the lid for 10 minutes.

Serve hot, cold, as a side dish, appetizer or a separate dish.

Stewed meat and zucchini in a slow cooker: simple and tasty

Adding some meat to the usual stewed vegetables recipe, we get a completely new dish. Hearty and easy at the same time. Meat, you can choose any - from tender pork to lean chicken. Well-chosen spices complement the picture of tastes.


• 300 grams of meat - in this case, pork ribs, but any other

• One small zucchini

• Quarter of a small head of cabbage

• Large onion

• Two potatoes

• Two spoons of tomato paste

• Bay leaf

• Allspice - five peas

• Ground black pepper

• Dill, basil

• Oil for frying

• Salt to taste

• On request - spices like hops-suneli.

Method of preparation

Divide the meat into small parts, put in a slow cooker with a spoon of oil and put on the Frying mode for 10 minutes.

Cut into cubes zucchini.

Chop cabbage.

Onion cut into half rings.

Turn the meat in a slow cooker, lay the onion on top of it, zucchini and cabbage on top. Turn on Cooking mode for another 10 minutes.

Peel and dice the potatoes.

At the signal of the multicooker, open it, add salt, add tomato paste, spices, mix vegetables and meat, if there is no juice at all - add half a glass of water. Turn on quenching mode for 20 minutes.

After the deadline, check the readiness of the potatoes. If everything is in order, cover the greens and cover. If necessary, put another extinguish.

Serve with sour cream or spicy sauce.

We bake quickly and tasty: squash casserole in a slow cooker

Zucchini makes an excellent casserole - the vegetable rubs easily on the grater, is well impregnated with the aromas of other products and spices, gives the volume and shape to the dish. Enough a pair of eggs and some at least one ingredient with a bright taste - and the casserole will be a success!


• Zucchini weighing about a kilogram

• 300 grams of hard cheese

• Two spoons of sour cream

• A pair of garlic cloves

• Greens to taste

• Three eggs

• Two spoons of semolina

• Vegetable oil

• Salt.

Method of preparation

Grate zucchini, salt, put in a colander and leave to stack extra juice.

Grate cheese, finely chop garlic or skip through a press.

Add the semolina, eggs, sour cream, cheese, garlic, and greens to the squash, placed in a bowl.

Add salt, if required - it is better to taste the mass, do not forget that the cheese is salty.

Let stand 15 minutes to semolina semolina.

Must be thick mass, without standing liquid.

If a lot of juice, add another spoon of semolina.

Multicooker grease with vegetable oil.

Put the resulting mass, gently level.

Set the Baking mode and cook the casserole for about an hour.

Serve with sour cream, sauces, you can cool and eat with milk.

Squash in a crock-pot in a creamy sauce

Of the dishes that are prepared in a slow cooker from zucchini quickly and simply - vegetables in a creamy sauce. This treat is practically from one product: zucchini plus delicious tender sauce. But you can use it in a variety of ways. Serve for breakfast or dinner as a separate dish. Put a chop to it and use as a side dish. You can put on the table as a snack. Even put on the bread a juicy circle of zucchini and eat like a sandwich in hot or cold. Suitable for baby and diet food.


• Medium squash within a kilogram of weight - preferably young • Onion

• A glass of cream - if not, you can take half the sour cream and half the milk

• salt

• Nutmeg, black ground pepper, if desired, turmeric - it will give a nice color

• Oil for frying.

Method of preparation

Zucchini cut into slices as thick as a centimeter. If the zucchini is old, you can peel and cut it into slices, but the taste of the dish will be slightly different, and it will not turn out so tender. Not to mention the appearance - steamed vegetables will be made from slices.

Finely chop the onion.

Pour a spoonful of oil into the slow cooker and fry the onion in the Frying or Baking mode for 10 minutes.

Onions choose zucchini dipped in flour and put in a bowl.

Hold on Frying mode for another five minutes.

Flip, spread onion on top, sprinkle with salt and spices, pour the cream.

Send to Quenching mode for half an hour.

After the multicooker signal, let stand 10 minutes and serve if you plan to eat the dish hot. Or shift to another dish and cool.

Zucchini in a multicooker with chicken and mushrooms - nourishing, simple and tasty

Zucchini stew is the perfect combination for taste, consistency and beneficial qualities. Supplemented with mushrooms, the dish gets new notes of taste and aroma. It is quite satisfying, and at the same time easy. Instead of chicken, you can take a turkey or other meat.


• Large squash - no less than half a kilo of weight or two small

• Half a kilo of chicken is best breast

• Onion

• Carrot

• Two hundred grams of mushrooms - champignons or forest

• Bay leaf

• Salt, black pepper

• Vegetable oil.

Method of preparation

Cut chicken into slices.

Bow shred arbitrarily.

Pour a spoonful of butter into the bowl of the slow cooker, put the meat, onion and put it on the Baking mode for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, mushrooms cut into plastics, if forest - boil for 15 minutes.

Carrots cut into strips or cubes.

Zucchini cut into cubes.

Add mushrooms and carrots to the contents of the multicooker and turn on another 10 minutes for baking.

The final operation: put zucchini, salt, add seasonings, pour half a glass of water - if you want a thick dish, such as goulash, or a glass, if you need more sauce. Turn on for half an hour to the mode of extinguishing.

A low-fat dish of meat, mushrooms and vegetables is delicious and cold.

Steamed Zucchini in a Multicooker

The most dietary option to quickly and easily cook a zucchini in a slow cooker is to steam it. An excellent side dish or component of a complex side dish, and possibly the main course for those who want to lose weight. Use seasonings to help brighten the taste.


• Zucchini of any size - the young will be tastier and more tender

• A pinch of salt

• Provencal herbs or any other set of spices to taste

• Water.

Method of preparation

Zucchini cut into cubes. If very young, then not much shallow, can in the process of cooking razvaritsya mashed potatoes. The old zucchini can be cut smaller, cleared of seeds and skins.

Mix with salt and spices.

Place on a steaming plate.

Pour water into the bowl.

Set the cooking program for a couple for 20 minutes.

Tricks and secrets of simple and quick cooking of the zucchini in the slow cooker

  • If you want the zucchini to retain a better shape in the form of cubes or slices, you can slightly salt it before cooking and let it lie.
  • If frozen zucchini or vegetable mixtures are used, it is not necessary to thaw them completely before frying or stewing.
  • If desired, it is possible not to use oil at all for extinguishing. Just put the ingredients, including zucchini in the bowl, salt - there will already be a lot of juice. And if you add milk, cream, sour cream, water, you get quite a lot of sauce.
  • All preliminary operations - roasting vegetables - can be done in a frying pan, then put the food in a slow cooker and there it is ready.
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