Tomatoes in tomato paste - interesting recipes for an interesting preparation. How to cook delicious tomatoes in tomato paste

Tomatoes in tomato paste - interesting recipes for an interesting preparation. How to cook delicious tomatoes in tomato paste

Tomatoes in tomato paste - preparation, suitable for all life situations.

Feast - please, a vase with delicious tomatoes in a tomato pot; unexpected guests - and here, on the table, a plate with tomatoes in tomato paste will fall into place; Family dinner - a bowl with fragrant tomatoes will set the mood and turn the standard meal into a cozy and warm get-together with relatives.

So, if you have succeeded in harvesting tomatoes, or you know where to get beautiful juicy fruits, go ahead to the kitchen - create a miracle preparation: tomatoes in tomato paste.

Tomatoes in Tomato Paste - General Cooking Principles

For the preparation of this preservation will require ripe pretty tomatoes and tomato paste, as well as additional ingredients such as salt, sugar, pepper, herbs, laurel and other spices to taste.

You can buy pasta or make it yourself using this simple recipe.

Recipe for Homemade Tomato Paste

Ingredients: three kilograms of ripe, fleshy, hard tomatoes (preferably a grade of “Cream”); two large onions; 120 grams of sugar; half a cup 6% vinegar; salt.


Purely washed tomatoes are cut into two parts, put in a large enameled pan. We lay out the cleaned onion, pour half a glass of water. We close the container with a lid, bring it to a boil, and then reduce the gas, simmer for a quarter of an hour - during this time the tomatoes soften and let the juice run. The resulting mass is ground through a fine sieve - all the juicy flesh of the fruit should come out, only the stalks, skin and seeds that are no longer needed will remain. Tomato mass is mixed with salt and pepper and boiled until such time as it decreases five to six times. In the finished tomato paste pour vinegar, mix and roll.

Such homemade tomato paste can be stored in a cool place for up to one and a half years. Tomatoes in homemade tomato paste are especially tasty and juicy.

Recipe 1: Tomatoes in Tomato Paste


• three kilograms of small, elastic tomatoes;

• about 20 pieces of large tomatoes;

• 100 grams of salt;

• 50 grams of sugar sand;

• allspice;

• 100 grams of tomato paste.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse and dry small tomatoes. Pierce in two or three places with a toothpick, put it tightly in a sterile container. Sprinkle with several peppercorns on top.

2. Large tomatoes blanch, chop and mash.

3. Put the tomato puree in a saucepan, add the paste, salt and sugar. Mix everything thoroughly.

4. Bring the mass to a boil. Simmer, stirring for five minutes.

5. Pour the tomatoes in a container of fragrant mashed potatoes with tomato paste.

6. Sterilize the billet for 25 minutes in the oven, roll up.

Recipe 2: Tomatoes in Spicy Tomato Paste


• 100 grams of tomato paste;

• eight cloves of garlic;

• several clove buds;

• peppercorns;

• 50 grams of salt;

• 25 grams of sugar;

• bay leaves;

• 50 ml of oil;

• dried dill;

• small tomatoes.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour a liter of water into a saucepan, warm it up, add spices: pepper, laurel, cloves.

2. Bring the liquid to a boil, put in tomato paste, salt, and granulated sugar. Boil, stirring ten minutes.

3. Pour in about 50 ml of oil, mix. Tomato paste sauce for tomatoes ready.

4. Rinse small tomatoes, put in a jar.

5. Add peeled garlic cloves, sprinkle with dill, if desired, you can also put currant leaves and cherry leaves.

6. Pour the ingredients in jars with hot tomato sauce, roll up.

7. After the preform has cooled under a blanket, put it away for storage.

Recipe 3: Tomato salad in tomato paste with garlic and sweet pepper


• 500 grams of tomatoes;

• garlic head;

• a bunch of dill;

• salt;

• two peppers;

• 50 grams of tomato paste.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the dill, shake to get rid of excess moisture, chop.

2. Peel and chop the garlic.

3. Wash tomatoes, cut the stem, cut into not too large slices. 4. Pepper to remove seeds, cut into half rings.

5. Dissolve tomato paste in 120 ml of water. Salt to taste.

6. Put tomatoes, garlic, pepper, and dill in a sterile jar in several layers.

7. Pour the vegetables with diluted pasta.

8. Put a lid on a jar of tomatoes for fifteen minutes in a saucepan of boiling water.

9. At the end of time, the workpiece roll up, cool and put in the fridge.

Recipe 4: Tomatoes in horseradish tomato paste


• two kilograms of medium-sized tomatoes;

• two celery stalks;

• 300 grams of sweet pepper;

• two kilograms of overripe tomatoes;

• 100 grams of chopped horseradish;

• 60-70 grams of salt;

• 100 grams of sugar;

• 80 grams of tomato paste.

Cooking Method:

1. Put in a sterile container carefully washed small tomatoes.

2. Rinse overripe tomatoes, cut into cubes and put in a saucepan.

3. Bring the tomato slices to a boil, cook until softened.

4. Cool, grind through a sieve.

5. To the resulting tomato puree add salt, paste and granulated sugar.

6. Thoroughly mix the mass, put it on fire again.

7. As soon as the tomatoes in the pasta begin to boil, add pepper, cut into slices, chopped horseradish. Boil for 10 minutes.

8. Pour the tomatoes, placed in jars, tomato paste with vegetables.

9. Sterilize covered jars with billet in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes.

10. Screw the cap on and cool.

Recipe 5: Tomatoes with Vegetables in Tomato Paste


• ten medium tomatoes;

• one eggplant;

• several cauliflower blossoms;

• one young zucchini;

• onion;

• 50 grams of salt;

• 50 grams of sugar;

• 20 ml of vinegar;

• 300 grams of tomato paste;

• about a liter of water;

• laurel;

• chilli pod;

• peppercorns;

• currant leaves.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse all vegetables.

2. Cut squash and eggplants into cubes, make cuts in the tomatoes, cut onions into half rings.

3. Put currant leaves, bitter pepper, laurel leaves in a sterile container.

4. Put zucchini, tomatoes, eggplants, onions, and cabbage on top of each other. 5. Cook from water, tomato paste, salt, sugar and marinade vinegar.

6. Pour hot marinade all the ingredients in the bank.

7. Roll up the lid, cool and store.

Recipe 6: Peeled Tomatoes in Tomato Paste


• 800 ml of water;

• 250 grams of tomato paste;

• two and a half kilograms of dense tomatoes of medium size;

• one third cup of sugar;

• 30 grams of salt.

Cooking Method:

1. Banks wash and sterilize.

2. Rinse the tomatoes thoroughly, make an incision crosswise in the area of ​​the stem. Pour boiling water for five minutes, then dip in the cold at the same time.

3. Carefully pick up the skin at the cut, pull down without damaging the pulp of the tomatoes.

4. Put the peeled tomatoes in prepared jars.

5. Dilute water and tomato paste in a saucepan, add granulated sugar and salt.

6. Let the tomato mass boil and immediately pour the tomatoes in the jar.

7. Cover the blanks with lids and cool under a blanket, turning upside down.

Recipe 7: Tomatoes in Brazilian Tomato Paste


• 750 ml of water;

• 300 grams of tomato paste;

• 2.3 kg of tomatoes;

• ten black peppercorns;

• 35 grams of salt;

• a small bunch of dill;

• bay leaves (10-12 pieces);

• 20 grams of curry.

Cooking Method:

1. Dill finely chopped.

2. Wash tomatoes, cut into slices, removing the stem and, if necessary, rotted places.

3. Lay dill and bay leaves on the bottom of sterile jars. Top tamp sliced ​​tomatoes.

4. Mix the water with the tomato paste, add salt and peppercorns.

5. Bring the mixture to a boil, pour tomato slices into it.

6. Sterilize the billet for 7-9 minutes, then roll up immediately.

Recipe 8: Green Tomatoes in “Spark” Tomato Paste


• two kilograms of small green tomatoes;

• six cloves of garlic;

• five to six pieces of currant leaves and cherries;

• one sheet of horseradish;

• three dill umbrellas;

• ten leaves of laurel;

• Fifteen peppercorns;

• kilogram of red tomatoes;

• 320 grams of tomato paste; • mixed garlic and horseradish (minced);

• 50 grams of sugar;

• 100 grams of salt.

Cooking Method:

1. Put in a sterile jar, thoroughly washed green tomatoes.

2. Add garlic cloves, laurel leaves, currants, horseradish, cherries, dill umbrellas and peas.

3. Wash red tomatoes and mince.

4. Mix tomato puree with tomato paste, chopped garlic and horseradish, salt and granulated sugar.

5. Prepared mashed potatoes boil and pour them green tomatoes with spices.

6. Sterilize the jars in the oven for 20 minutes, roll up.

Recipe 9: Stuffed Tomatoes in Tomato Paste


• two heads of garlic;

• medium sized tomatoes (2 kg);

• five to six whole grains of sweet and black pepper;

• two sweet peppers;

• one bitter pepper;

• small onion;

• bay leaves, root and leaves of horseradish;

• 60 grams of salt and sugar;

• parsley and dill leaves.

• dill umbrellas;

• 450 grams of tomato paste;

• litere of water.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse tomatoes, cut into two parts, but not until the very end, i.e. half is not necessary to disconnect.

2. Cut half of the peeled garlic into thin slices.

3. Rinse the greens thoroughly.

4. Stuff each tomato with garlic and greens.

5. Chop the root of horseradish and bitter pepper.

6. Put chopped horseradish root, horseradish leaf, dill umbrellas, garlic, onion half rings, bitter pepper on the bottom of sterile jars.

7. Lay stuffed tomatoes in a tight row.

8. Cut the peppers into strips and place them in the space between the tomatoes.

9. Top with the remaining greens.

10. Boil tomato paste diluted in water, add salt and sugar. Fill the appetizing mass stuffed tomatoes and other ingredients.

11. Roll up, cool.

Tomatoes in Tomato Paste - Tips & Tricks

• Fresh currant, oak, and cherry leaves can be added to any tomato preparation in tomato paste. They will give the conservation a special flavor. The main thing before washing them thoroughly. You can even pour boiling water for five minutes, then rinse in cold water and shake off moisture. • Do not be lazy and disregard the sterilization process - your stock will last much longer. Rinse container thoroughly before sterilizing.

• If the recipe of tomatoes in tomato paste implies cutting vegetables, it is best to choose fleshy tomatoes with elastic and thick skins. Cutting them will be much easier and the likelihood of juice flow during cutting is minimal.

• Tomatoes in tomato juice are good cold, so before serving they are best put in a refrigerator for a couple of hours.

• Marinade from tomatoes can be used for making soups, goulash.

• Tomatoes grown in vegetable gardens produce especially delicious tomatoes in tomato paste. Imported vegetables lose to garden tomatoes and taste and duration of storage.

• In order for tomatoes to be soaked with the aromas of herbs, spices and spices better, you should make a couple of cuts at the base.

• Punctures with a toothpick will help keep tomatoes intact.

• Tomatoes in tomato paste are stored, as well as any other blanks, in a darkened cool place. You can also store the workpiece on the top shelf of the refrigerator.

• The billet is necessarily cooled in a windless room or, wrapped in a blanket, turned upside down. Turning over the container, you can make sure that the conservation is closed tightly and does not leak, which means it will stay for a long time. A blanket is necessary in order to avoid sudden changes in temperature, and so that the preservation is cooled slowly, so the tomatoes do not burst and get more tasty.

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