Soaked apples at home - fortification has begun! The best recipes for roasted apples at home in barrels and cans

Soaked apples at home - fortification has begun! The best recipes for roasted apples at home in barrels and cans

Soaked apples - incredibly tasty and healthy product!

In addition, it is very cheap if you cook in season and on your own.

At one time, our ancestors laid fruits in huge barrels, poured them with well water, and savored with pickled apples until the very spring.

No barrels? No problem! You can even soak apples in glass jars!

Home-cooked apples at home - general principles of cooking

The ideal grade apples for urinating - Antonovka. But other late varieties are also suitable. It is important to choose fruits that are clean, undamaged and rotten, preferably small. Large apples are prepared for a long time, do not fall tight, it is better to use them for other purposes.

What can be added to apples:

• different leaves and greens (horseradish, currants, cherries, raspberries, dill, mint);

• vegetables (mainly cabbage, carrots);

• berries (grapes, lingonberries, mountain ash).

Urination is sour, sweet, salty. But more often, salt and sugar are simply added to the pot; a mixed version is made. Be sure to use clean water, preferably spring or well. You can find recipes with boiled pickles.

Home-cooked apples at home in a barrel of malt

The traditional method of harvesting peeled apples at home in barrels. You can use jars or other dishes. For the brine will need a little malt.


• 10 kg of apples;

• 80 g of salt;

• 200 g of sugar;

• 300 g of straw;

• 60 g rye malt;

• 5 liters of water.


1. Wash, dry the apples, laying out on a clean cloth.

2. The barrel should be scalded with boiling water, rinsed with water and baking soda and rinsed thoroughly. There should be no foreign smell in the container, otherwise they will all go to the apples. If necessary, the tank must be ventilated for several days.

3. At the bottom of the barrel you need to pour some straw and lay out a layer of apples. Then again some straw and apples, finish with the remnants of straw, just pour it on top, the quantity does not matter. 4. Malt must be mixed with half a liter of water, boil for a quarter of an hour, drain.

5. For brine, you need to mix the remaining water with sugar and salt, add strained malt.

6. Fill the prepared apples with a cool pickle.

7. Close the barrel, store in a warm and cool place. Every 2 weeks it is recommended to remove the foam that forms mold. Ready soaked apples will be no earlier than two months.

Boiled apples in a jar of rye flour

Simplified method of cooking peeled apples in a jar. Glass packaging does not need such a painstaking processing as barrels. This is the number of products for one can of 3 liters.


• 2 kg of apples;

• 30 g flour;

• 1.5 liters of water;

• 0.3 tablespoons of salt.


1. Boil some of the water, about 300 ml, add flour, stir quickly, rub all lumps. Cool it down.

2. Strain the rye water, squeeze through gauze, add the remaining liquid and salt.

3. Fold in the jar washed, dried apples. It is advisable to use the smallest.

4. Pour the cooked brine with rye flour.

5. Now you need to come up with a bank for oppression. A small bottle of water that goes down the neck will do. Install.

6. Leave the workpiece in a cool place. The apples will be moistened after 1.5 months.

Home-cooked apples at home in a barrel with mustard

Mustard is a wonderful ingredient that does not allow home-grown apples to mold. For this recipe, you can make the preparation, both in barrels and in large jars.


• currant leaves or cherry;

• 7-8 kg of apples;

• 10 liters of water;

• 4 spoons of mustard;

• 100 g of salt;

• 200 g sugar.


1. For this recipe is required to prepare boiled pickle. Therefore, water can be used any. Pour the liquid into a convenient bowl, boil with salt and sugar.

2. Put the brine to cool. It should be at room temperature or be colder.

3. Wash the apples, dry, do the same with the leaves, there should be a lot of them. 4. Put a layer of leaves on the bottom of a clean barrel.

5. Alternate the apples and leaves until the fruit runs out.

6. In the cooled brine add mustard, stir.

7. Fill the apples with the prepared mixture, put a yoke and cover the top with a cloth, you can throw a piece of Lenka so that the midges do not start.

8. It is advisable to stand a week barrel at room temperature or just warm, then lower for a month in the basement.

Boiled apples in a jar of cabbage

Many of your favorite recipe for roasted apples in a jar of cabbage, you can use a bucket or pan. The advantage is that straw or leaves are not needed for shifting fruit.


• 4 kg of cabbage;

• 3 pcs. carrots;

• 3 tablespoons of salt;

• 2.5-3 kg of small apples;

• 2 spoons of sugar.


1. Chop the cabbage with a knife or rub the straw using a special grater. Fold in a large basin.

2. Grate carrots, it is better to use a Korean grater to make a straw, it will be much more beautiful.

3. Add salt and sugar to the cabbage and carrot, finely rub with your hands so that the juice comes out. Put in a bucket or in a saucepan, put the oppression, cover with a cloth and leave for a day warm.

4. After one day, stir to release carbon dioxide from below. Leave one more day.

5. Rinse, dry the apples.

6. Take clean and dry jars. Put a layer of cabbage on the bottom, then a few apples, cover with cabbage, then fruit again. Alternate until the end, press.

7. Fill in with cabbage pickle, which will remain in a common pot.

8. If the brine is not enough, you can dilute a little brine. In a glass of purified water, add a spoonful of salt and sugar, dissolve and pour into the cabbage.

9. Top with whole leaves of cabbage, put a small oppression, for example, a bottle of water.

10. Leave the cabbage and apples to boil for 2 weeks in the heat, then you need to transfer to the basement or put in the refrigerator.

Roasted apples at home in a barrel with honey

Option stunning peeled apples with honey, which are also prepared in a barrel or in any other bulk container. You will also need a mixture of leaves of cherry, currant and a few sprigs of mint. Ingredients

• 10 liters of water;

• 150 g of salt;

• 300 g of honey;

• leaves;

• 100 g of malt.


1. Boil malt in a liter of water, boil for 20 minutes, cool and strain.

2. Add the rest of the water and salt, boil the brine, cool.

3. Apples need to be washed, dried, use as much fruit as brine will cover.

4. Narvite cherry leaves, currants, 3-4 sprigs of mint, wash and dry.

5. Put the leaves and mint on the bottom of the barrel.

6. Fold the apples, alternating each layer with currant and cherry leaves.

7. In the cooled or slightly warm brine, add honey, stir until dissolved.

8. Add honey pour, put the oppression.

9. Keep apples at a temperature of 15 to 18 degrees for 4-6 weeks.

Boiled apples in a can of rowan

Recipe for sour peeled apples in jars, which are stored under the capron lid and do not require pressure. Rowan need a little handful enough. Similarly, you can use Kalina.


• 5 liters of water;

• 60 g of salt;

• 60 g of sugar;

• rowan and apples.


1. Boil the brine with sugar, water and salt, be sure to cool well.

2. Fold apples into clean and dry jars, sprinkle with some rowan or viburnum. Berries must also be dry.

3. Fill the jars with the cooled brine.

4. Close the capron covers, keep warm for three days, then you can take it to the cellar.

Wet apples at home in a barrel with horseradish

This recipe uses horseradish leaves, you will need a lot of them. See that they are fresh and green. If horseradish is not enough, you can add a little currant, grape, cherry or raspberry leaves.


• 5 liters of water;

• 8-10 kg of apples;

• 250 g of sugar;

• 2 tablespoons of salt;

• horseradish leaves.


1. Add salt and sugar to purified water, stir until dissolved.

2. Lay out the bottom of the barrel with leaves of horseradish, which must be washed and dried in advance.

3. Now a row of clean apples, leaflets again. 4. Fill the barrel to the top or until the food runs out.

5. On top of this, be sure to place blank leaflets.

6. Fill with cooled brine, it is important that all the grains in it are separated.

7. It remains only to put pressure on the barrel and wait for the apples. On average, it will take about a month.

Wet apples at home - tips and tricks

• To make apples cook faster, you can pierce the fruit in several places with a toothpick. If the harvesting is done in banks, then you can prepare some of the fruit in this way, let the rest urinate longer.

• You can shift the apples in barrels not only with straw or currant leaves, but also horseradish. Sometimes at the bottom of the barrel spread the branches of dill.

• If the barrel has an unpleasant smell, then before use, the container should be thoroughly washed with a solution of vinegar, then ventilated. Also, to neutralize unpleasant odors, you can use a decoction of citrus peels.

• Has mold appeared in the barrel? Be sure to remove it along with the top leaves. You can add new leaves, but they must be clean and dry. Mustard powder also helps prevent mold. It is necessary to powder the top layer of apples.

• Want to get apples faster? Keep the stock warm for longer. If, on the contrary, you plan to feast on soaked fruit closer to spring, then keep the apples warm for a couple of days to start the process, and then drain into a cool room with a temperature of 10 to 15 degrees.

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