Snacks from meat for every taste: salad, roll, aspic, pork, baked tenderloin. Recipes meat appetizers for the holiday table

Snacks from meat for every taste: salad, roll, aspic, pork, baked tenderloin. Recipes meat appetizers for the holiday table

You can’t surprise anyone with sausage cuts, and now it’s more difficult to find high-quality sausage products than to cook meat for a snack. If you need to supplement your culinary notebook with interesting and new dishes, read the recipes provided by experienced chefs.

Snacks from meat - the basic technological principles

Meat is a product from which you can cook anything from sausage and salad to cake for a snack table. It is difficult to spoil a meat dish if the meat is fresh. True, some rules for its preparation, however, you need to learn and remember:

Before cooking the meat, it is desirable to soak in cold water, especially if there is no confidence in its quality. Unfortunately, sellers often resort to various tricks to prolong the shelf life of a product, improve its presentation or increase its mass in order to sell water at the price of meat. Soaking helps to return the meat to its original properties, to remove unwanted additives. It is necessary to maintain meat in cold water, completely immersing the product, and put the container for the time of soaking in the refrigerator.

If boiled meat is intended for making salads, then when cooking it should be dipped in boiling water - so the meat will be more juicy.

Spicy roots and spices are added to boiling water after removing the foam. So that the broth is always transparent, boil the meat in the steaming mode - this will allow you to skim the foam in time. Carrots, onions, celery roots or parsley not only add flavor to the broth, but also ensure its transparency and beautiful color.

Pepper, coriander, other spices, and leafy spicy greens add to the broth twice: together with the roots and 7-10 minutes before the end of cooking. These spices contain essential oils that evaporate quickly, and since the meat is boiled for a long time, the first portion of the aroma will absorb the meat, and the second is for broth.

Garlic has not only a very strong smell, but also has the property to change it depending on the temperature and method of cooking. To smell it in the dish, but did not leave the aftertaste, combine it with lemon, parsley or dairy products. Meat is a difficult product for digestion, therefore vegetables, acidic and hot sauces should be served with meat snacks, contributing to its quick digestion.

Meat snacks are usually served with strong drinks. White meat (chicken breast, rabbit meat) is served with dry white wines, and red wine is combined with beef, duck, and mutton.

1. Meat entree - roll with liver and mushrooms


Pork tenderloin 600 g

Lemon 1 pc.

Black pepper

Ground nutmeg


Beef liver 1,5 kg

Garlic - to taste

Onion 0.5 kg

Carrots 300 g

Mushrooms (champignons) 1 kg

Butter 70g

Eggs 4 pcs.

Honey 80g

Mustard 50 g

Hard cheese 350 g

Vegetable oil 150 ml

Milk 200 ml

Nuts (to taste) 100 g


Wash the tenderloin, prepare the reservoir by making longitudinal cuts in the shape of the letter Z. The reservoir thickness is 1.0-1.5 cm. Put it on a cutting board, sprinkle with lemon juice, sprinkle with ground spices, but do not salt. Leave for half an hour, covered with foil. After a good beat.

Wash the liver, peel it off, remove bile ducts, cut into bars, season with pepper. Put in a bowl and cover with milk for half an hour, Cover and store in the refrigerator.

Peel the onions and carrots finely and then separately, until soft, warm the pan and add a little oil to it. Transfer to prepared dishes.

In the same pan, add a little oil, heat, and fry the prepared mushrooms. When the mushrooms are reddened, add spices to taste and butter. If you use champignons, then to enhance the mushroom flavor add powder of white dried mushrooms.

Mushrooms also put in a separate bowl. Fry the liver, also lightly seasoning it with spices. Put it in the pan with the milk in which it was soaked.

Grate the cheese.

Now proceed to the assembly of the roll:

Transfer the liver and carrots to a blender, add half the sauteed onion, 2 eggs and garlic. Carefully peel the mass to a puree state.

Broken off meat, rubbed with grated cheese (1/2 part), put liver paste on top of the cheese layer. Cover the layer with the rest of the cheese. Mix the mushrooms with a blender, adding the remaining browned onions and eggs. Spread the mushrooms on a layer of cheese.

All components of the roll should have a fairly dense consistency, so form a roll, after cooling the liver and mushroom pate.

Roll the roll. Fix the edge with skewers or toothpicks. Wrap in foil and bake in the oven at 200 ° C for about an hour.

10-15 minutes before readiness, remove the baking sheet, unfold the foil. Lubricate the surface of the roll with a mixture of mustard and honey, sprinkle with chopped nuts. Return the roll to the oven to brown.

When cool, cut into plates, 1.5 cm thick. Serve with sour cream sauce, garnished with boiled carrots, slices of boiled eggs, and greens.

2. Snack from meat - beef tenderloin with bacon, baked


Fillet of beef or veal (tenderloin or neck) 1.5 kg

Carrots, red 350-400 g

Salted pork fat 500 g



Red pepper

Mustard seeds

Maple syrup (can be replaced with honey)

Red wine, dry 300 ml

Bay leaf



Choose for roasting young meat, the ideal option is veal, it will cook faster. Wash the meat, strip the piece of film, dry with a napkin. Make deep cuts in the pulp, at the same distance.

Peeled carrots and bacon cut into long but thin bars, approximately 1x4 cm in size. Scoop the meat with the prepared ingredients. Put the meat on a pan lined with foil.

In a skillet, heat the wine to 35-40 ° C, put in it the prepared spices. Pour the marinade over the meat, cover with a second sheet of foil, put the baking sheet first cold for 2-3 hours or overnight. After preheating the oven to 180 ° C, move the pan, bake for 1.5 hours. A few minutes before readiness, remove the top sheet of foil, brown meat. To enhance the effect of golden brown, brush the surface with honey, sprinkle with seeds of coriander, mustard and cumin.

After cooling, cut into portions, served with tomato-garlic sauce or with spicy ketchup, tkemali sauce.

3. Snack from meat - aspic in glasses


Gelatin 30 g

Meat broth 2 l

Garlic 50g

Canned sugar 150g

Green peas, frozen 200 g

Salt 10 g

Sugar 20 g

Vinegar table 70 ml

Water 0.5 l

Boiled carrots 250 g

Chicken breast, boiled 600 g

Boiled beef and pork - 1 kg

Parsley, dill - to serve


Wet the gelatin. Heat the prepared broth to 40 ° C, add garlic to it, dissolve gelatin, strain after cooling. Put the peas in boiling water, add salt and sugar, vinegar, blanch for 5 minutes. Flip through the colander, let the marinade drain.

Boiled meat and chicken breast, carrot cut into cubes (1x1 cm). Combine the components, adding to them corn and peas, mix. Spread the mixture into plastic cups or other forms, filling them in 3/4 volume. Pour with cooled broth, transfer the jellied in the forms to the refrigerator to set.

When serving, lower the form for a few seconds in boiling water, turn it upside down to place the filler on the snack plate. Garnish with fresh dill or parsley.

4. Festive Meat Snack - jellied tongue


Beef tongue 1,2 kg

Parsley and celery roots 120 g

Onion 90g

Bay leaf 6 g

Pepper 10 g (sweet and black)

Garlic 30g

Coriander 5 g

Boiled eggs 4 pcs.

Fresh greens 90 g

Gelatin 30 g

Boiled carrots 200 g

Broth 1 l


Rinse tongue thoroughly with cold water. Put in a saucepan, cover with cold water, bring to a boil. Pour in water and wash tongue again. Water again, add spicy parsley roots, celery, put bay leaf, onion, carrot. Before the end of cooking add spicy spices.

When the pulp is easily punctured with a fork, remove the tongue from the boiling water, put it in ice water for a few minutes, peel off the skin.

Using a sharp knife, cut across the fibers with thin plates.

Broth strain, dissolve in it gelatin. Take a large serving dish with a high side. Roll the sliced ​​tongue into a bag, make each one of them with a decorative skewer. Place on a dish, a short distance from each other. Inside the “buns” put on a piece of boiled eggs. Decorate the dish with curly carrot pieces: cut into asterisks or flowers, using notches. Pour half-cooked broth. Transfer the dish to cold. When the broth hardens, put parsley or celery sprigs, refill with the remaining broth and set to freeze. Before serving, cut the jellied rhombus.

5. Snack from meat - boiled pork in the oven


Pork ham (with skin) 2.5 kg

Garlic 200 g

A mixture of herbs: thyme, rosemary, oregano

Vegetable oil 50 ml

A mixture of peppers and salt

Sugar 100 g

Lime 1 pc.

Dried paprika (pieces) 70 g

Mustard seeds 60 g

Sodium Nitrite 2.5 mg

Cooking Technology:

Wash the meat, dry with a napkin, scrape the skin thoroughly with a knife. In the presence of bristles, tar over the burner flame.

Place the prepared ham on the shiny side of the foil, skin down. Make deep, but short, longitudinal cuts in the pulp. Please note that if the cuts are made across the fibers, then when cutting, the finished baked ham will have an ugly look at the cut. So that the meat is not deformed when baking, you also need to make transverse notches on the pulp on the inner surface, no more than one centimeter deep.

Prepare the curing mixture: combine herbs (dry or fresh), a mixture of peppers, salt, sugar, mustard and sodium nitrite. Crush the garlic with a blender, add to it the vegetable oil, dry spicy mixture. Squeeze lime juice.

Carefully rub the surface of the meat, making sure the marinade hits the cuts. Wrap the prepared piece tightly in foil, in two layers. Hold the billet for a couple of hours on the table, at room temperature, so that the fermentation process begins, and then put it in the fridge overnight. Bake for 2 hours at 180 ° C. At the end of baking, turn the meat around, increase the temperature to 200 ° C, and lightly redden the surface.

Do the cutting, after cooling.

6. Meat snack - beef and boiled beetroot salad

The snack table does not do without salads, and nutritionists recommend eating meat with vegetables. Beet in combination with meat is an ideal option for healthy and rational nutrition, as this root vegetable is valued, including, for its high content of fiber. For the holidays and weekday recipe snack meat salad - quick and very simple. Ingredients:

Boiled beets


Lemon 1/2 pc.

Black pepper

Boiled beef or veal (fillet)



This salad will require beets and beef in equal proportions by weight, the remaining ingredients - to taste.

Separate the meat with your hands into fibers, cut them across. Length - 4-5 cm. The same straw cut the beets. Combine the ingredients in a salad bowl, mix, season with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Put a slide and decorate with mayonnaise.

Meat Snacks - Tips and Tricks

Salt pulls out juice from meat, making it dry and hard. Therefore, try to salt any dish at the final stage of cooking.

Do not forget that when using foil for baking, it should be laid with the shiny side up, and the matte side should remain outside.

It is better to grind black pepper and other spices immediately before cooking, because the aroma of freshly ground spices is the brightest and most intense. No matter how hard the hostesses try to seal the jars of ground peppers, the essential oils of them instantly evaporate.

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