Crimean chebureks at home - legendary pies! Recipes for juicy, Crimean chebureks with meat, cheese, vegetables, mushrooms

Crimean chebureks at home - legendary pies! Recipes for juicy, Crimean chebureks with meat, cheese, vegetables, mushrooms

To visit the Crimea and not try pasties? Well, it’s like not to swim in the sea - why was it to go? Classic - on icy water, stuffed with lamb, now almost not met, but all the rest - a dime a dozen! And with vegetables, and with cheese, and with a stuffing in various combinations. Well, if it is not far to the Crimea, as it is not so long before the holiday, and you want to crunch delicious cheburechkas - arm yourself with products and for the cause, they are not so complicated - Crimean pasties.

Crimean pasties - general principles of preparation

• The main feature of the Crimean chebureks - thin, layered on the inside and blister on the outside, the dough, soft golden color. To achieve this result, eggs, vegetable oil, cream margarine, and vodka are added to it. It is kneaded in different ways, varying the temperature of the mixed products.

• In the filling of classic Crimean chebureks put lean meat or chicken mince. To make the products juicy, many onions are added to the filling and water is poured. Onions are ground in a meat grinder or very finely chopped. On a pound of minced meat it is customary to add about 120 ml of cool, pre-boiled water. The meat filling should be slightly watery.

• Filling for the Crimean chebureks can be not only meat. Often they are cooked with cheese and tomatoes, other juicy vegetables, or they combine several toppings. For example: minced meat, fried mushrooms and cheese.

• The pastry dough is rolled out in small circles slightly thicker than a sheet of paper and sculpted into crescent-shaped products. Particular attention is paid to the seams and the filling, it should not be much.

• Crimean chebureks fry in a large amount of calcined vegetable oil. To prevent burnings on the sides, semi-finished products must freely “float” in the thickness of hot fat and not touch the bottom of the dish.

A simple recipe for Crimean chebureks with meat from dough on ice water


• three full glasses (250 ml) of flour; • one egg;

• one third cup of refined oil;

• half spoonful of fine salt;

• 3/4 cup drinking water.

In the filling:

• a pound of lean, preferably mixed, minced meat;

• four large heads of bitter onions;

• salt and black pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. Carefully break the egg, separate the protein, and pour the yolk into a glass with a capacity of 250 ml. Add ice water so that about three fourth glasses are out. If the liquid is warm, the dough will not turn out layered. Add salt and stir until its crystals completely dissolve. It is desirable to use fine salt, after dissolving it does not give a dark precipitate.

2. In a wide bowl, scatter all the flour, pour the yolk loose in the water to it, stir with a fork. Add vegetable oil and knead the tight, non-stick dough.

3. Shape it in a ball, wrap it in film and place it in the fridge. The minimum cooling time is half an hour.

4. Twist the three onions together with the minced meat in the meat grinder, the rest - chop into medium-sized slices and send in the mince.

5. Add a little salt, about half a teaspoon, pepper to your taste. For juiciness, pour a couple of tablespoons of water or milk into the meat mass, mix.

6. Divide the dough into cold into twelve pieces of the same size. Roll each thin, but not transparent, pancake. Lay the minced meat on one half, cover it with a free edge and tightly join the edges, lightly pressing them with the teeth of a fork.

7. Pour, without saving, vegetable oil into the pan. Crimean chebureks roast in a large amount of it. Put the pan on the intense heat and wait until the oil stops crackling.

8. Reduce heat to medium and fry in hot oil pasties on both sides until a bright golden color.

Crimean crispy pastries with boiled dough vegetables


• a fresh, large egg;

• a teaspoon of sugar;

• rock salt - 0.5 tsp;

• 300 ml of cool, but not ice water;

• a large spoon of unflavored vodka;

• a pound of white flour; • two spoons of non-aromatic oil.


• small-sized tomatoes, for example, cherry varieties - 6 pcs .;

• one Bulgarian pepper;

• medium-sized head of bitter onions;

• two teaspoons of light soy sauce;

• to taste - spicy, mild spices.

Cooking Method:

1. Cross over all flour, boil water.

2. In a small bowl, add 100 grams of flour, pour 200 ml of boiling water into it and stir vigorously. It should make a lush dough, mushy consistency.

3. In another bowl, to 300 grams of flour, add vodka, vegetable oil, break an egg. In the remaining hot water, dissolve the salt first, then the sugar and pour into the flour, mix.

4. Put together both types of cooked dough in a large bowl, add the remaining flour and knead well, slowly. The dough is obtained obedient, does not stick to the dishes and hands, when kneading on the table does not require adding flour.

5. Tighten the dough bowl and allow it to rest on the table.

6. Cut the tomatoes into thin slices. Cut the peppers in half and chop them with a transverse straw, cut the onion into thin half-rings.

7. Mix the vegetables, add some spices or ground pepper and season the filling with soy sauce.

8. Divide the caked dough into 20 balls, put them in a bowl and be sure to cover them so that they do not light up.

9. On a dusty table, alternately roll the balls around to the thickness of the paper sheet. Spread the vegetable filling on the half of the turned circle, leaving a place on the edge so that you can close up tightly and cover with the free half. Gently press the top layer of dough with your hands to release all the air and firmly press the edge of the pasties.

10. In a thick-walled pan of small diameter, add about a glass of oil and warm it well on an intense fire. Then reduce heat to medium and fry the pasties until golden brown, first on one side and then on the other side.

Crimean pasties with cheese: a recipe from choux pastry


• wheat flour - 650 gr .;

• one egg;

• 40 ml of vodka or diluted 1: 2 with water alcohol; • full glass of water (250 ml);

• non-aromatic sunflower oil - 35 ml;

• low-melting hard cheese for the filling - 150 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour water into a small saucepan. Add some salt, pour in vegetable oil and put on a small fire.

2. When the liquid boils, remove the pan from the stove and stir half of the overdone flour into the liquid. In a slightly cooled choux dough, break an egg, pour in vodka, mix and gradually stir in the remaining flour. It may need less, focus on the density of the test. It should be cool, but not tight.

3. Allow the choux pastry to stand warm for at least half an hour. Then cut it into small balls. Roll out each thin circle, shape the pasties, sprinkling one half with finely grated cheese.

4. Fry like regular pasties, in sufficient volume of hot oil. Put finished products on disposable towels so that they absorb excess fat.

Juicy Crimean chebureks with minced meat and greens from dough without eggs, on margarine


• one glass of drinking water;

• 125 gr. quality margarine;

• three glasses (about 500 gr.) Of wheat flour;

• rock salt - 1/2 tsp.


• a pound of any lean ground beef;

• two medium onions;

• Dill greens - 40 gr., Or to taste;

• ground pepper, you can other spices.

Cooking Method:

1. In a bowl of suitable volume, mix the flour and salt. Pour in cold water, stir vigorously with a fork, you need to ensure that the dough is collected in lumps.

2. On medium heat, dissolve the margarine, bring to a boil and thinly pour it into the cooked lumpy dough, knead. Then put it on the table, if necessary, add flour, wipe it well with your hands. Shape a ball and put in the cold for half an hour. The cooled dough will be elastic, easy to roll.

3. Finely chop the peeled onion and shift it to the mince. Add spices, finely chopped dill, add to your taste. Pour in half a cup of cold boiled water and mix thoroughly. In this case, the minced meat should be slightly watery. Water makes the meat filling more juicy and speeds up its preparation. Cover the bowl with minced lid, temporarily clean in the cold. 4. After about an hour and a half, remove the dough and minced meat containers from the refrigerator and mold the classic pasties, shaped like a crescent moon. From the specified number of products out at least sixteen pieces.

5. Fry the billet on both sides, dipping in a large amount of hot vegetable oil, setting the fire a little less than the average.

Crimean pasties filled with chicken, mushrooms and cheese - “Special”


• any pasta dough prepared according to the above recipes.

In the filling:

• a pound of chilled chicken fillet;

• large onion;

• two large tomatoes;

• 120 ml of cold water;

• 200 gr. fresh champignons;

• one and a half tablespoons of vegetable oil;

• hard low-melting cheese - 200 gr.

Cooking Method:

1. To the minced meat add chopped smaller onion. Season to your taste with pepper, lightly salt, pour in water and mix.

2. Cut the champignons washed with cold water into small slices. Put the mushrooms in the pan with warm vegetable oil. The filling should be juicy, so do not scorch mushrooms. Warm them up a couple of minutes after evaporation of moisture, over medium heat and remove from heat, cool.

3. On a medium grater, chop the cheese. Roll out thin circles from homemade pastry dough. On half of each, first put the chicken mince, fried mushrooms on it and sprinkle with chopped cheese on top.

4. Cover the filling with the opposite part of the dough, tightly fasten its edges. Forming pasties, fold the blanks on a floured table. When all the products are ready, fry them alternately in the pan, guided by the principle common to all recipes - a large amount of strongly heated oil.

Crimean chebureks without meat with tomatoes and cheese


• portion of homemade pastry for chebureks

In the filling:

• 150 gr. hard cheese;

• three small tomatoes;

• dried ground basil, dry garlic and black pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. Prepare the dough for pasties, using one of the above recipes. 2. Rinse the tomatoes, dry and cut into thin half-rings. For chebureks better to take fleshy varieties of tomatoes.

3. Hard, low-melting cheese for the filling, grate on a medium grater. Add dried garlic, ground basil. Season everything with a small amount of ground pepper and mix.

4. Put a couple of tomato slices on the dough rolled out in thin circles, sprinkle them with chopped cheese and mold the blanks, slightly bending them down into a crescent shape. Cover the loose edges tightly, otherwise the whole juice will flow out when roasting.

5. Fry meatless pasties, as well as classic, dipping the billet in hot oil. Keep in mind, it takes less time to fry. As soon as one side takes a delicate golden crust, turn the cheburek over and fry the bottom side as well.

Crimean Chebureks - cooking tricks and useful tips

• Can't roll the dough in a neat circle? Roll it out in a large layer and cut circles of the desired diameter out of it, using a plate or saucer as a stencil of various diameters.

• To prevent the seams from peeling off, walk over them with a fork, slightly pressing down the teeth. Do not press hard, otherwise cut through the edge of the product.

• To save oil, use deep pans of small diameter and fry products one by one.

• Crimean pasties with cheese filling, preferably served with piping hot, without waiting for the cheese to harden. Do not fry immediately many pasties with cheese, freeze excess semi-finished products. Frozen semi-finished products before frying do not require complete defrosting, they will only need to be thawed slightly.

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