Stuffed chicken - the best recipes. How to cook stuffed chicken in the oven.

Stuffed chicken - the best recipes. How to cook stuffed chicken in the oven.

Stuffed Chicken - General Description

When they first met, a stuffed chicken could plunge even the most experienced gourmet into a gastronomic shock. Whatever recipe you use, it will be crisp and brutally beautiful, so much so that you can’t even imagine what a miracle you can do with your own hands.

The halo of complexity and almost impossibility of its preparation by simple human action will disappear immediately, as soon as you decide, finally, to prepare it. There are so many recipes for filling for stuffing that a person who first picked up a cooking knife and an experienced chef could find a suitable option for themselves.

And it’s not worth arguing about the benefits of chicken meat - this is a well-known fact for a long time, it successfully replaces pork, lamb and, partly, beef. With a small amount of calories in it there is a sufficient amount of protein and amino acids, iron, potassium, phosphorus, glutamic acid, essential oils. Namely, nitrogen-containing substances give the chicken such a pleasant chicken smell, which is impossible to confuse with anything.

Stuffed Chicken - Cooking

For cutting chicken, first of all, you need well-ground knives, so try to take care of this before the procedure begins. Cutting board today we need a big one to cut a whole carcass. In any case, we will prepare a large frying pan or utyatnitsa, a pan for boiling the components of the filling, a skimmer and another - a thread with a needle for sewing and holding the contents.

Stuffed Chicken - Food Preparation

Without a doubt, the most delicious is the meat of young chickens, no other meat can compare with it because of its tenderness and saturation with minerals and vitamins. Especially it is perfectly combined with vegetables, so you can find so many recipes for stuffed chicken vegetables, they facilitate the digestion and assimilation of meat and even normalize acidity.

Let's try to prepare a chicken for a recipe without bones, for this we need to lay it on the board and cut it correctly on the ridge. First, on the left side of the breast, then on the right side, we separate the meat from the skin. Pry off the skin gently with a knife, and with some little effort it separates from the chicken fillet. Legs and wings can not touch, split the meat in the joints. Try, as if to turn the chicken inside out and spread it on the table.

Recipe 1: Stuffed boneless chicken

They say that for cooking chicken without bones requires strong nerves, like a real Jewish servant. Russian enthusiasts immediately responded in their own way and altered this recipe so that it could be used for a whole chicken or, if necessary, for individual parts that have skin.


Chicken, 1-2 slices of white stale bread, milk (300 g), semolina (2-3 tbsp. L.), 4 eggs, seasonings (nutmeg, dill, salt, black pepper).

Method of preparation:

Remove parts of the skin and cut off the wings. Meat, removed from the bones is required to skip through a meat grinder and add ingredients. Pre-soak the bread in milk, whip the whites separately and pour in the stuffing. In an oval cake pan, pre-covered with a film for roasting meat, lay out the skin, then the stuffing, and finish again with the skin. Cover the entire structure with a film and put it in the oven. (220C). Do not forget to put in the oven a baking sheet with water, roasting time 90 minutes. The same recipe is quite applicable to chicken legs.

The chicken can be stored in the refrigerator, for several days it will only infuse, while its taste will increase, so you will only have to lick your fingers and roll your eyes up from pleasure.

Recipe 2: Festive Stuffed Chicken

This chicken will be a real decoration of the festive table, your family and guests will simply be very pleased. First you need to wash it, dry with a towel and sprinkle with salt.


Medium-sized chicken, rice (200 grams), butter (100 grams), chicken giblets, eggs (2 pieces), sweet and sour apples (2 pieces), a jar of champignons, salt, spices.

Method of preparation:

Boil chicken soup with seasoning in a small amount of water and skip through a meat grinder. Separately, cook rice until semi-ready, add butter to it. Diced apples and mushrooms mixed with rice and minced giblets, add seasonings and a little broth (you can stay from cooking giblets). Our stuffing is ready! We start the chicken, sew up the hole and put it in a deep pan or uatnitsu. The stuffed beauty will have to spend an hour and a half in the oven, and all this time we have to pay attention to it - turn it over, water it periodically with juice, grease it at the end with fat and at the end cover it from above to make it well roasted. We will serve it to the table, decorating it with greens. Our chicken will be the real nail of the program, to eat it without a glass of red wine would be just a crime.

Recipe 3: Stuffed Chicken with Cognac

Fans of thrills can cook this chicken on the grill, if desired, you can change the way of cooking and bake it in the sleeve.


Chicken - 1.5 kg, minced pork 600 g, cream 70 ml, dried apricots 100 g, brandy 4 tablespoons, salt pepper, nutmeg, 3 chicken eggs, 2 tbsp. l sour cream.

Method of preparation:

Dried apricots soaked in water, and in the meantime separate the chicken from the bone.

For minced meat, mix chicken and pork, add eggs, cream and brandy, nutmeg and pepper. We stuff the chicken with minced meat so that it looks like a fat turkey. Spoon brandy mixed with sour cream, add spices - it turned out a wonderful sauce. We spread the chicken on the rack, cover it with sauce and send it to the oven.

Stuffed Chicken - tips from experienced chefs

- Baked potatoes can be cooked as a side dish for chicken. For this, peeled tubers are coated with the same sauce and sprinkled with sesame. Bake in the oven.

- If you do not have enough chicken skin for stuffing, you can use thin slices of bacon or bacon - it will also be nice and tasty.

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