Yeast and apricot pie will give odds to any cake. Recipes for open and closed yeast pies with apricots

Yeast and apricot pie will give odds to any cake. Recipes for open and closed yeast pies with apricots

A wonderful cake with apricot filling in many families replaces any cakes on the table.

On holidays mistresses try, knead sumptuous dough and secretly try stuffing with spoons.

Do the most demanding sweeteners slam the doors - kids, how long is it, and is it enough for everyone?

We declare decisively - enough for everyone, bake and eat for health!

Yeast apricot tart - general principles of cooking

• From yeast dough with apricots in the oven bake closed, open or half-open pies. Yeast dough mixed in milk, fatty yogurt or with the addition of sour cream. Yeast is used fresh (pressed), or dry high-speed. And those and others in the recipes are interchangeable.

• Apricot yeast pies - rich pastries. Therefore, eggs, quality margarine or natural butter, sour cream and granulated sugar are always added to the dough for such pies. Also, it may be necessary to introduce sour cream or cottage cheese. Flavor cakes with cinnamon, vanilla sugar or vanilla. So that yeast pies are not stale for a long time, starch is often added to it when kneading dough.

• Apricots for filling the pies take pitted, both fresh and frozen. They are cut into slices, slices or simply divided into halves. Slices of apricot pulp are mixed with sugar and starch. Fruit filling spread on the dough immediately after cooking or stew in a pan with butter, then cooled. In addition to apricots, the filling is very good to use and cottage cheese.

• The surface of closed and half-closed pies must be lubricated with a beaten egg, and then “washed” with water from a spray bottle.

Yeast tart with apricots and apples


• a pack of 9% cottage cheese;

• 450-500 gr. white baking flour; • 3.2% kefir - 100 ml;

• two Art. l sugar;

• 50 gr. thickened cream, or butter;

• fresh spirit yeast - 12 gr .;

• 2 tbsp. spoons of refined vegetable oil;

• 0.5 tsp. evaporated salt;

• one egg.

In the filling:

• three large apples;

• ripe apricots - 16 pieces;

• two spoons of dry potato starch;

• one and a half tablespoons of sugar.

Cooking Method:

1. Grind the curd through a sieve and mix with kefir into a homogeneous creamy mass. Pour into a mixture of 1.5 tablespoons of sugar and stir well.

2. In a half-liter jar pour half a glass of warm water. Add half a tablespoon of sugar, crumbled yeast. Pour a spoonful of sifted flour and stir well. The yeast and sugar should be completely dissolved, and the flour should be spread evenly, leaving no lumps. Put the yeast mixture close to the heat.

3. Separately whip the egg with salt, melt in a water bath or at the very least heated oil and cool it well.

4. In a bowl with curd mass, pour the egg, add the frothy yeast and mix thoroughly.

5. After that, add one cup of flour, and, without disturbing the homogeneity of the mass, mix.

6. Then pour in the vegetable and butter after it. Without ceasing to stir, pour in small parts all remained flour and knead the gentle, not sticking to hands dough.

7. Close the dough bowl with the lid and put in the fridge for two hours, not in the freezer.

8. Remove the pits from the washed apricots. Quarter chop the pulp, add a spoonful of sugar and the same amount of starch, mix.

9. Apples, without peel and seeds, chop into thin strips and transfer to a separate bowl. Pour a spoonful of sugar and starch, mix.

10. Pasture the dough several times and divide in two unequal parts. Roll out a large one and transfer the formation gently to an oiled brazier.

11. Place apples on top of dough, and apricots on them. Spread the filling so that it does not reach the sides of about three centimeters from all sides. 12. Thinly roll the remaining dough. Cut the knife in a staggered manner along the entire surface of the reservoir. The length of each should not be less than one and a half centimeters. Then gently stretch the formation in such a way as to make a grid. Transfer it to the cake and close the side seams tightly.

13. Lubricate the surface with a freshly beaten egg and send for about forty minutes to bake at 180 degrees until a gentle blush.

Original Yeast Pie with Apricots - “Flower Bouquet”


• 350-400 grams of wheat flour / s .;

• sweet creamy natural butter - 80 gr .;

• two raw yolks;

• 12 gr. pressed yeast;

• pasteurized milk - 15 tbsp. l .;

• icing sugar - 3-4 spoons;

• potato starch;

• a small bag of vanilla sugar;

• pitted mature apricots.

Cooking Method:

1. Crumble the yeast and rub well with a spoonful of sugar. Pour in the milk slightly warmed in the microwave, stir and leave for ten minutes.

2. In a bowl, cross the flour and mix it with the remaining regular sugar and vanilla. Add half tsp. salt, raw yolks and approached yeast.

3. Then put slightly softened butter, chopped into small pieces, stir with a mixer at minimum speed for at least five minutes. Then increase the speed to medium and continue for another ten minutes.

4. Cover well-kneaded dough with a light cloth and leave to warm until doubled in volume.

5. Wash the apricots, break each, but not completely, and remove the stones.

6. Divide the dough in two parts and roll each separately, in layers of up to half a centimeter. Moisten with vegetable oil the middle of the round baking dish with high sides.

7. Along the contour of the saucer, with a diameter of at least 8 cm, cut the circles out of the rolled dough. Take three such circles and place them in rows, slightly covering each other. 8. Place 1/3 of a small spoon of sugar in apricots in place of the bones and close them. Then roll on all sides of the starch well. Put on the edge of the folded in a row of three circles a few of these apricots and tightly roll in the form of a roll. Cut each roll into two parts, close the cut well and put it vertically with the seam down into the prepared mold.

9. Cover the form with any cloth and let the cake rest for about half an hour.

10. Then place the roaster in the preheated oven. Bake when heated to 180 degrees for about 25 minutes until ready.

11. Spread the slightly cooled cake through the sieve with powdered sugar.

Open yeast cake with apricots and cottage cheese


• white baking flour - 700 gr .;

• half a cup of skim milk;

• “instant” yeast, high-speed - 8 gr .;

• refined sugar, granular - 1/2 tbsp .;

• half a cup of kefir;

• 5 gr. vanilla sugar;

• evaporated salt - 1/2 tsp;

• 100 gr. Creamy margarine or the like.

In the filling:

• a pound of low-fat cottage cheese (9%);

• two spoons of semolina;

• one egg;

• five grams of vanilla sugar;

• ripe apricots.

To fill:

• two raw yolks;

• two tablespoons of low fat sour cream.

Cooking Method:

1. Place the margarine in a small bowl and put on a small fire. When melted, remove and cool slightly. To 38-40 degrees heat the milk.

2. Pour ordinary white and vanilla sugar into the heated milk. Salt, stir in yeast and other ingredients until completely dissolved.

3. Mix slightly cooled margarine with kefir. Then pour the mixture to the yeast. Without ceasing to stir, gradually enter all portion of flour and without stopping knead dough. Put it in a bag or wrap it in film and leave it on the table for one hour.

4. Add semolina and granulated sugar, vanillin, in ground cottage cheese through a sieve. Carefully rub everything with a fork, do not forget to salt. 5. Cover a large baking sheet with baking paper and moisten with an odorless vegetable oil.

6. Separate a quarter of the dough and set aside for a while. Roll the remaining round cake with a thickness of 0.8 cm and transfer to a baking sheet. The dough will stretch slightly, so you will need to tweak it with your hands so that the cake was round.

7. From the separated dough, roll up the “sausage” and place it around on the dough, retreating from the edges of 1.5-2 cm. Shape low sides.

8. Cut the edges behind the rim. Then put the resulting strips through one on the side and press it harder to it, you can even stick it slightly inside the workpiece. Fold loose test strips.

9. Put the curd filling inside the workpiece, smooth it. Top evenly distribute halves of seedless apricots. Place the fruit with the rounded side up and lightly add it to the curd.

10. After that, cover the cake with yolks whipped with sour cream and bake for 45 minutes in a heating mode of 200 degrees until golden brown.

Yeast cake with apricots


• 300 ml non-skimmed milk;

• butter, unsalted butter - 100 g;

• four Art. l Sahara;

• a small spoonful of “instant” yeast;

• 2 spoons of 20% sour cream;

• 3 pinches of cinnamon powder;

• egg - 1 pc .;

• white baking flour / s. - 450-500 gr .;

• a small piece of orange peel.

In the filling:

• 400 gr. fresh (can and frozen) apricots;

• spoon of dry starch;

• 150 gr. granulated sugar;

• 20 gr. cream "Peasant" butter.

Cooking Method:

1. First of all, lightly heat the milk. Mix it with salt and sugar. Then thoroughly stir the yeast in it and leave it for 20 minutes. This is enough for the mixture to be covered with foam and increased in volume.

2. Divide the pure apricots into halves, remove the bones, and lower the flesh into butter, melted in a frying pan. 3. Simmer the apricots on low heat, stirring occasionally, until the flesh leaves out the juice. Then add sugar, add starch. Stir and continue to simmer without lid for at least 7 minutes. Remove from heat after filling thickens.

4. Pour the yeast mixture into a large bowl. Add the cinnamon, rub the orange peel finely and pour in the diluted, but not hot, oil in a water bath. Put sour cream, break the egg. Mix well.

5. Knead the dough, introducing the whole measure of flour in small portions. Move it to the table and knead it vigorously with your hands. You can smear your hands with odorless oil.

6. Put the dough in a bowl and put in heat for 2/3 hours.

7. After that, roll out 2/3 of the dough volume and place it in a round shape, forming the sides. Be sure to lubricate the form in advance with oil.

8. Lay out the filling and even it evenly.

9. Roll out the remaining third of the dough, the thickness of the layer should be about 0.5 cm. With a special mold for cookies in the form of hearts, squeeze the blanks.

10. Put the “hearts” on the filling as tightly as possible, you can even slightly lay the workpiece on each other.

11. Grease the cake with whipped egg mass with a little water and bake.

12. Baking time 40 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

Closed yeast apricot tart


• two chicken eggs;

• 60 gr. potato starch;

• spoon of “instant” yeast;

• 50 gr. natural “Farmers” or “Peasant” oils;

• 100 gr. 20% cream;

• two tablespoons of sugar;

• 550 gr. wheat, high-quality flour;

• one third of a spoonful of salt;

• half cup 3.2% pasteurized milk;

• ripper for dough - 2 tsp.

In the filling:

• fresh or frozen apricots 400-500 gr .;

• a small pinch of vanilla;

• granulated sugar, refined - 3 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

1. Dissolve the yeast in preheated milk. Pour sugar and salt there, stir and place in heat for 20 minutes. 2. In scrambled eggs, enter sour cream and melted in a water bath, slightly cooled butter. Add brew, and, having mixed, leave to approach in heat.

3. After about 7 minutes, knead the dough by adding the flour, which has been peresevane with starch and ripper. Cover the bowl with a lid and place the container closer to the heat for one hour.

4. After that, well crush and set aside, once again for 20 minutes.

5. Cut apricot pulp into slices and place in butter melted in a pan. Warm the pieces on a slight heat for about two minutes. Then add sugar with vanilla, add starch. Stir and continue cooking until thick.

6. Punch up the dough and divide the two unequal parts. Place a large share on the roaster and distribute evenly with your hands. You can roll out with a rolling pin.

7. Put the apricot filling and close it with the second, rolled part of the dough.

8. Close the seams tightly and cover the surface of the cake with an egg. Send in a hot oven (200 degrees) and cook for about half an hour.

Quick yeast pie with apricots on yogurt


• 600 gr. white baking flour;

• 120 gr. cream margarine;

• a glass (250 ml) of fatty, sour kefir;

• half a cup of granulated sugar, white;

• 1 gr. vanilla;

• one fresh egg;

• a small pinch of salt;

• 2.5 tsp. dry, “fast” yeast.

In the filling:

• a pound of fresh ripe apricots;

• dry starch, potato - 2 tbsp. l .;

• sugar - 4 full, large spoons.

Cooking Method:

1. Pre-lay the margarine out of the fridge or soften it in the microwave. Margarine should be soft, almost liquid.

2. Warm the kefir and stir the yeast in it, soak for five minutes.

3. Carefully rub the eggs with a spoon, add sugar and salt a little later. Add kefir mixture, vanilla, softened margarine.

4. Knead the dough, gradually introducing flour. It should be quite soft and elastic. 5. Place the dough on a well-sprinkled table and divide it into two unequal parts.

6. Roll a large piece of arbitrary shape and put in a form or a small brazier with bumpers.

7. Slice apricots into small pieces, mix with sugar, starch and place on the dough, smooth them.

8. Roll the remaining dough with a rolling pin into a thin layer and cut it with a figure knife into strips. On the filling of the strips weave a grid and secure the edges.

9. Grease the cake with whipped yolk on top and put in a warm oven. Bake 45-50 minutes at 200 degrees.

Yeast apricot tart - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Be sure to add starch to the apricot filling. It envelops pieces of pulp, thereby delaying the intense release of juice from them.

• To make the dough under baking filling not sticky, sprinkle it first with a small amount of ground crackers, and only then spread the apricots.

• If the dough is not smeared with an egg before baking, it will not redden and will be pale. The egg will replace the concentrated sugar syrup. In this case, the top of the cake will also be sweet.

• Do not ignore the procedure of “washing” cakes. It is after this that the products baked from yeast dough become softer.

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