Chicken cutlets in the microwave

Chicken meatballs cooked according to this recipe in the microwave will never fall apart, and at the same time they will turn out juicy and tasty. Microwave saves you from such troublesome activities like frying on the stove. The recipe for chicken cutlets in the microwave is simple; it can be done by inexperienced cooks. The set of ingredients is minimal - in these cutlets only meat, onions and seasonings. Bread, semolina and other increasing the volume of servings (and waist!) Supplements, leave for other recipes.

Chicken cutlets in the microwave

Leek leaves wrapped in burgers are edible in principle, but their main function is to preserve the juice and not let it stick!

A little secret that will help you prepare mincemeat patties. Chop well and knead minced meat, while protein is released from the meat, it helps the ingredients to stick together. The result will be dense patties, juicy inside.

  • Cooking time: 25 minutes
  • Servings: 2

Ingredients for Chicken Cutlets

  • 300 g of minced chicken;
  • 110 g onions;
  • 30 grams of leek;
  • 3 g ground red pepper;
  • 1/3 of nutmeg;
  • 3 g of sea salt;
  • 1 pod of chili;
  • cooking oil for frying, butter.

Method of cooking chicken cutlets in the microwave

Of course, the easiest way to use ready-made chicken meat for meatballs. However, keep in mind that on an industrial scale everything that mistresses send to the garbage can - chicken skin, fat, tendons - falls into it.

Grind chicken meat in a meat grinder or food processor can be a couple of minutes, and chicken fillet is quite enough to chop with a sharpened knife on the board.

In general, we measure the right amount of stuffing, put in a bowl.

Chicken cutlets in the microwave

We chop a large head of onion finely. In a pan with a non-stick coating, heat the refined vegetable oil, add a piece of butter. Put the chopped onion in the melted butter, sprinkle with a pinch of salt, pass to a transparent state for 5 minutes.

When the onions have cooled slightly, add it to the bowl.

Chicken cutlets in the microwave

From the stem of a leek we remove two wide green leaves. Cut the light green part of the leek into thin ringlets, add to the minced meat and browned onions.

Chicken cutlets in the microwave

Cut a small pod of red chili in half, remove the seeds and partitions. Chop finely half chili. 1 \ 3 nutmeg three on a fine grater. Season with minced ground red pepper, chopped chili, nutmeg, pour sea salt.

Chicken cutlets in the microwave

Mix the ingredients thoroughly. You can put them on a cutting board and chop with a knife.

Then we make two large oblong cutlets, put them in the fridge for a few minutes.

Chicken cutlets in the microwave

In boiling water, we put green leek leaves for half a minute. As soon as they become soft and pliable, we shift it to a bowl of cold water.

We get the cutlets out of the refrigerator, wrap the leek.

Then you can use a special grill for steaming in the microwave or simply pour some water into the mold and cover it with a special cap for the microwave oven.

Put the form in the microwave, turn on the power of 750-800 W, prepare for 11 minutes.

Chicken cutlets in the microwave

Ready chicken patties sprinkled with leek rings and red chili, served on the table with a salad of fresh vegetables.

Chicken cutlets in the microwave

Chicken cutlets cooked in the microwave are ready. Enjoy your meal!

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