Onion omelet - savory breakfast for the whole family. The best recipes for scrambled eggs with onions in a pan, in a slow cooker and oven

Onion omelet - savory breakfast for the whole family. The best recipes for scrambled eggs with onions in a pan, in a slow cooker and oven

Omelette with onions is spicy and very tender. There is no sharp smell or taste of onions. This dish will be especially relevant in the fall and winter, when vitamin C is especially needed.

Onion omelette - the basic principles of cooking

You can use bulb, green, lettuce or leek to make an omelet. You can not regret it, this is the case when a lot of onions do not happen. The more you put onions, the tastier you get an omelet.

First of all, onions are cleaned, washed and chopped with thin feathers or half rings. Then it is fried to a golden hue in hot vegetable oil. Green onions do not fry, and spread in a frying pan and simmer for a couple of minutes so that it becomes soft.

While preparing the onions, prepare an omelet mixture. For this, milk and eggs are combined in a deep container. Season everything with spices and salt. Shake to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Fried onions pour the resulting mixture and cook for about ten minutes.

Omelet can be varied, if you add vegetables, sausage, cheese, etc.

Prepare an omelet not only in the pan, but also in the oven or the slow cooker.

Recipe 1. Onion omelette


chicken eggs - six pcs .;

olive oil - 50 ml;

milk - 150 ml;

three sprigs of cilantro;

four onions;

a mixture of peppers;

sea ​​salt.

Method of preparation

1. Peel off the bulbs, wash them and chop them with thin feathers or half rings.

2. Beat the cooled eggs with a whisk until a light foam appears. Season the egg mixture with salt and pepper mixture, pour in the milk and whisk again until smooth.

3. Heat olive oil in a pan. Put the onion in it and fry, stirring regularly, until golden. Salt the onions and season with spices. Make sure that it does not burn, otherwise the dish will be spoiled.

4. Stir the omelette mixture again and carefully pour the fried onion with it. Cover and cook for another four minutes. 5. Remove the lid, sprinkle with omelet chopped cilantro and turn off the heat. Put on a plate, cut into segments and serve with ketchup or sour cream.

Recipe 2. Omelet with onions and sausages


chicken eggs - five pieces;


150 g sausages;

freshly ground pepper;

five fresh tomatoes;

sea ​​salt;

onion head;

vegetable oil;

flour - 30 g

Method of preparation

1. Peel, wash and crumble the onion head in small pieces.

2. Free sausages from the film and cut into slices.

3. Heat the pan with oil. Put the onion in it and fry until transparent. Add the sausages and cook for another five minutes.

4. Wash tomatoes, wipe and cut into small cubes.

5. In a deep bowl, combine the milk with the eggs and flour. Whisk together until smooth. Season with salt and spices. Stir. Transfer the resulting mass into a heat-resistant form, top with tomatoes and fried onions with sausages.

6. Bake an omelet at 200 ° C for 25 minutes. Then cool the omelet slightly, cut it into portions and serve with pita bread or fresh loaf.

Recipe 3. Double-sided omelet with onions


30 ml of olive oil;

chicken eggs - three pcs .;

a mixture of peppers;

two onions;


150 ml of milk;

cheese - 100 g

Method of preparation

1. Peel and finely chop the onion.

2. Pour olive oil into a hot frying pan, put chopped onion and fry it until light brown.

3. Beat eggs with olive oil and milk. Salt and mix.

4. Carefully pour the mixture onto the fried onions, adding a little more oil before.

5. When the omelet is slightly grabbed, move the edge away with a spatula and wait until the liquid layer fills the void that has formed. Lift the pan by the handle and move it from side to side. Omelet should move freely along the bottom. After a couple of minutes, turn the omelet over, sprinkle with grated cheese, pepper and cook for another couple of minutes.

Recipe 4. Omelet with onions and mushrooms


eggs - four pcs .;


cream - 50 ml;

cheese - 50 g;

ground black pepper;

two onions;

dry aromatic herbs;

a few sprigs of parsley;

baking soda;

ten champignons;

a piece of butter.

Method of preparation

1. Peeled my bulbs under the tap and chop thin feathers or half rings.

2. Dissolve a piece of butter in the pan and fry the onion in it until soft.

3. Carefully hammer the eggs into a bowl, add cream, chopped parsley and finely grated cheese. Salt, pepper and put on the tip of the knife baking soda to make the omelette lush. Shake with a fork until smooth.

4. Clean the champignons, wipe with a damp cloth and cut into thin plates. Add the mushrooms to the onions and fry, stirring regularly, until all the liquid evaporates.

5. Spread the onions and mushrooms on the bottom of the pan and pour the omelette mixture. Reduce the fire, making it slightly above average. Fry until ready. Do not cover the pan with a lid.

Recipe 5. Omelet with leek and olives


50 ml butter;

eggs - four pcs .;

leek stem;

several olives;

50 grams of cheese.

Method of preparation

1. Leek rinsed, shred the ringlets and fry in butter until transparent.

2. Beat the eggs into a deep bowl and whisk them with a whisk. Salt and add chopped greens. Stir.

3. Pour the fried onion with the resulting mixture and cook the omelet for about five minutes.

4. Slice the cheese. Grind olives in thin rings. Spread cheese and olives over the entire surface of the omelet. Sent for ten minutes in the oven.

5. Take out the finished omelet, cut it into slices and serve with ketchup or sauce.

Recipe 6. Omelet with onion and soy sauce


two onions;

five eggs;

100 ml of soy sauce.

Method of preparation

1. Peel the onion, rinse it, cut it into four pieces and chop into thin slices.

2. Put the onion on a heated frying pan with vegetable oil and fry until golden brown. 3. Pour into the roasted onion soy sauce and simmer, stirring, over low heat until part of the liquid is evaporated. Put the finished onion on the plate.

4. We break eggs into a hot frying pan and fry over high heat, constantly stirring with a spatula. It should make a kind of egg crumb.

5. Add the onions fried in soy sauce to the eggs and mix. Served with pickles or vegetable salad.

Recipe 7. Omelet with onions, carrots and bell peppers


onion head;

50 ml of milk;


paprika pod;

three eggs;



Method of preparation

1. Chop the peeled onion head with thin quarter rings and fry in olive oil until transparent.

2. Clean and chop the carrots into large chips. Add to the onion and cook for about five minutes, stirring regularly.

3. Free of Bulgarian pepper from the stem and seeds. Cut into thin strips, add to the rest of the vegetables and fry all together for another couple of minutes.

4. Beat eggs with milk and spices. Fill the mixture with vegetables and sprinkle with fresh chopped greens.

Recipe 8. Omelet with spring onions and cheese


green onions - 50 g;

sea ​​salt;

eggs - three pcs .;

two tablespoons of milk;

vegetable oil - 30 ml;

white bread - a slice.

Method of preparation

1. White bread soaked in milk to a mushy state. Add eggs to the mixture and beat with a fork.

2. Rinse the onions and dry them on a paper towel. Crumbled ringlets. Three cheese on a medium grater. Add cheese, green onions to the egg mixture and mix.

3. We shift the omelet mass to heat-resistant form and put it in the oven. Bake at 180C until cooked.

Recipe 9. Omelet with onions and chicken


chicken breast;


four chicken eggs;

Bay leaf;

onion head;


three tablespoons of milk;

ground black pepper;

40 g butter.

Method of preparation

1. Wash chicken breast under the tap, dry it with paper towels. If there is skin and bones, remove them. Put the chicken breast in a saucepan with water and set on fire. When the contents begin to boil, remove the foam and put the allspice and bay leaf. Salt and cook for 25 minutes. We take out the finished chicken breast from the broth, cool and tear hands on the fiber. 2. Peel the onion from the husks, wash and chop into thin half-rings.

3. Break eggs into a deep plate, pour in milk, salt, season with spices and whisk until a light foam appears.

4. Melt the butter in the pan. We put onions in it and pass over low heat until transparency. Add chicken and cook another literally minute. Salt and season with pepper. We spread roasted onions with chicken in the egg mixture and mix.

5. Wipe the pan with a paper towel and send to the fire again. Put a piece of butter and wait until it melts. Then we put omelet mass into it. As soon as the scrambled eggs grab, gently turn it over and continue to cook on the other side.

Onion Omelet - Tips and Tricks

Pour the beaten eggs to the onions when it is only lightly browned so as not to overcook.

You can cook an omelet in butter, olive oil or any other vegetable oil.

If whites are whipped into the fluffy foam and enter them at the very end, the omelette is guaranteed to be fluffy.

Add a little sour cream or mayonnaise to the omelette mixture, so that the finished omelette will have a soft, creamy taste.

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