Chicken salad with cabbage - the best recipes. Cooking properly salad of chicken and cabbage.

Chicken salad with cabbage - the best recipes. Cooking properly salad of chicken and cabbage.

It's no secret that of all types of cabbage, white cabbage is the most popular on our table. And this is not surprising! It is inexpensive, available at any time of the year, tasty and very useful. In addition, it goes well with many products, including chicken, which makes cabbage a very “convenient” vegetable in cooking.

Chicken and white cabbage perfectly complement each other in salads. Thanks to the easily digestible protein, fiber and other beneficial substances contained in these two ingredients, chicken and cabbage salads form the whole “vitamin bomb” that nourishes our body. They are very nourishing, but low-calorie at the same time, therefore, ideal for those who follow a diet and lead a healthy lifestyle.

To make a light salad with chicken and cabbage, chop the vegetable with straws, mix it with grated carrots, chopped onions and chicken meat, then season with greens, garlic, salt and sprinkle with vegetable oil. In general, there is an indescribable number of salads based on white cabbage and boiled chicken.

Recipe for such a salad can be developed independently: chicken and cabbage are perfectly combined with vegetables, cheeses, green peas, pickled corn, garlic, lemon juice, eggs, crab sticks, ham, greens and many other products.

Chicken and Cabbage Salad - Food Preparation

First and foremost, boil and cool the chicken. By the way, chicken fillet is quite possible and fry in a frying pan or use in smoked form - this will make the taste of the salad “fuller” and richer. In no case do not mix the salad with hot meat, otherwise the dish will be spoiled. As for cabbage, it does not require much preparation. It is enough to remove the coarse leaves from the vegetable, wash it in running water and cut it into thin salts, or cubes, then wring it with hands (or using a pestle) to make the cabbage softer and give juice. Well, then the recipe! We will introduce you to some of them below. Chicken and cabbage salad recipes

Recipe 1: Salad with Chicken, Cabbage and Apple

One of the most simple, easy, but at the same time nourishing and delicious salads. Useful combination of vegetables and easily digestible white meat. This salad is best seasoned with fresh non-acidic sour cream, and those who are very keen on can add some grated garlic to it - it will not lose in the taste of this.

Ingredients Required:

- half a piece of white cabbage

- 500 gr. tofu

- onion 1 pc.

- one boiled chicken leg

- 3 cf. cucumber

- 4 cf. tomatoes

- two sweet-sour apples

- half a cup of soybean oil

- sour cream 150 gr.

- green onion and salt

- optional garlic


1. To begin, boil, cool and take away the chicken leg from the bones. Then shred the cabbage with a thin salt shaker. Scald the tomatoes with boiling water and peel them off.

2. Cut vegetables into small pieces and onions into half rings. Scrape the apples off the apples, remove the core with the seeds and cut them very finely, sprinkling them with lemon.

3. Grate tofu, mix it with sour cream and soybean oil, add grated garlic to taste. Combine all the vegetables and meat in a salad bowl, sprinkle with sauce, add salt and add chopped greens. Stir and serve the dish to the table.

Recipe 2: Salad with Chicken, Cabbage and Corn

For salad, we use juicy white cabbage without coarse veins on the leaves and stalk. All the ingredients in the dish, grind to the maximum. Smoked chicken breast can be cut into larger ones, after removing the skin from it.

Ingredients Required:

- cabbage 400 gr.

- smoked breast 1 pc.

- one jar of canned sweet corn

- two small cucumbers (fresh or pickled)

- greens (choice and taste)

- for dressing mayonnaise - hot pepper and salt


1. Chop the cabbage finely, add a little pestle or hands to make juice (but not a lot). Cut the cucumbers into small cubes. Sort smoked meat and mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

2. Add corn, drain the jars with liquid, season the salad with greens, herbs, pepper and salt. Fill it with mayonnaise and mix gently. The dish is ready to eat.

Recipe 3: Salad with Chicken, Cabbage and Cheese Balls

A dish that is quite unusual and bright in taste. Fits perfectly into any feast. As the name implies, for the salad we have to make cheese balls. Do not be afraid of unnecessary trouble, these balls are made very quickly and simply. And crackers with the taste of cheese can be bought in the store or, if you have free time, dry them yourself in the oven.

Ingredients Required:

- 200 gr. smoked chicken (with leg)

- half a small head of white cabbage

- 2 tsp. sesame

- one Bulgarian pepper

- half cans of canned corn

- half red onion

- two cloves of garlic (for balls)

- any cream cheese (you can replace the feta)

- to taste parsley leaves (for balls)

- 0.5 tsp. dried basil (for balls)

- crackers 1 pack

For refueling:

- 4 tbsp. Of sour cream

- garlic 2 cloves

- 15 gr. soy sauce

- to taste spices (pepper, salt, herbs)

- juice 1/2 tangerine


1. Cut chicken smoked meat into straws (use the thigh of the chicken, it is more juicy), removing the skin and fat from the thigh. Pour the pieces into a salad bowl and sprinkle them with sesame.

2. Separately chop the cabbage into strips, knead it well (if it is not young), mix the cabbage with the Bulgarian pepper in the same way (thin slices). Do not forget to pre-clear his box of seeds. Throw a little sugar and salt. Stir. 3. Cooking cheese balls. To do this, put the cheese into a convenient bowl, add to it finely chopped parsley leaves, garlic, dried basil. Mash the contents of the bowl with a fork. Next, from the resulting mass, form small balls.

4. Prepare the dressing by mixing sour cream, soy sauce, tangerine juice, garlic, salt and spices.

5. In the salad bowl with chicken lay out all the ingredients, including onion sliced ​​into half rings and corn. Dress the salad, mix, add cheese balls and crackers. Mix again and serve.

Do not forget that the croutons must be added to the dish strictly before serving, otherwise they will soften greatly and may spoil the dish.

Chicken and Cabbage Salad - Secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

1. For salads, it is better to choose young, juicy and dense (not friable) cabbages weighing no more than 1-1.3 kg, without large and rigid veins on the leaves.

2. Fill and salt any salad with chicken and cabbage should be just before serving on the table, otherwise the dish will very quickly sit down, “exhale” and become unappetizing.

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