Potato casserole with minced meat and tomatoes - a juicy dish! Cooking simple potato casseroles with minced meat and tomatoes

Potato casserole with minced meat and tomatoes - a juicy dish! Cooking simple potato casseroles with minced meat and tomatoes

Casseroles can be made from different products. If you want to cook a hearty meal, then the potato is perfect. It is combined with any fillings, especially with minced meat and tomatoes. This trio will help make a delicious dinner.

Potato casserole with minced meat and tomatoes - the general principles of cooking

Quiches can be made from raw potatoes or mashed, boiled potatoes. Below you can find different versions of this dish. With raw tubers, roasting time is longer, but it is saved on pre-cooking. When using mashed potatoes or simply boiled vegetables in the oven, the dish will be much smaller, again, you will first need to make a base.

What stuffing can be used for the filling:

· Meat;

· Chicken;

· Fish;

· Mushroom.

Some of these types can be mixed. Stuffing is laid raw or slightly pre-fried. Spices in the dish add a variety with regard to their taste preferences.

Tomatoes in casseroles usually add fresh, rarely put frozen tomatoes, sometimes use dried vegetable. Usually tomatoes spread on top of or on the meat stuffing. It is often sprinkled with grated cheese, which gives the dish a pretty crust.

Simple potato casserole with minced meat and tomatoes

For such a casserole used raw potatoes and the same stuffing. None of the products listed in the list require pre-processing, so you can put everything in shape very quickly. The oven once set to warm up to 190 degrees.


· 750 g of potatoes;

· 500 grams of minced meat;

· 2 bulbs;

· 70 g of mayonnaise;

· 120 grams of cheese;

· 2 tomatoes;

· Spices.

Method of preparation

1. Chop the onion finely, add to the stuffing. Or scroll these ingredients together using a meat grinder. Add salt, you can other spices, stir.

2. Peel potatoes and crumble into thin slices. Salt, divide approximately into two parts, one of which is immediately shifted to the form. 3. Spread raw minced meat with onions, which have been cooked before this, and again covered with a layer of potatoes. We level and unfold carefully, so that the thickness is approximately the same.

4. Cut tomatoes into circles, spread over the cooked potatoes and grease everything with mayonnaise. Bake until the potatoes are soft for about 35 minutes.

5. We take out and sprinkle with cheese. Now it is possible to add twenty degrees to the temperature so that the top cheese layer will brown to a beautiful crust.

Potato casserole with minced meat and tomato mashed potatoes

Option delicious potato casserole with minced meat and tomatoes from a simple mashed potatoes. Cook it on purpose, do not add many other ingredients that are usually present in the side dish. The stuffing for the filling will be a little roast, we use for this oil of any kind.


· 1 kg of potatoes;

· 400 g minced meat;

· 2 eggs;

· 2 tomatoes;

· 2 bulbs;

· Oil and spices;

· 3 spoons of crackers.

Method of preparation

1. Immediately send the peeled and cut pieces of potatoes to boil on the stove. We don’t add much water, just barely cover the vegetable, so the taste will not be lost. After cooking, drain the liquid, prisolit and mash. Cooling down.

2. Peel the onions, take a couple of big heads, it's better not to save on this vegetable, it turns out very tasty. Put it in the pan and fry a little. Add the minced meat, then cook for about five minutes, season with spices.

3. Cut the tomatoes thinly. If the diameter of the tomatoes is large, then you can first in half, and then the plates.

4. In the mashed potatoes, which have already cooled to a warm state, lay the eggs and mix.

5. In the form of pour a little oil, smear and sprinkle with croutons. We spread the potato layer of mashed potatoes with eggs.

6. Next is the meat filling. Align and lay out the tomatoes, which we cut into slices.

7. Finish the potatoes. First, smooth it, then sprinkle with croutons.

8. We put in the oven and cook until golden brown, it is not necessary to keep such a casserole for a long time, you also should not make a low temperature. Enough 20-30 minutes at 200-210 degrees.

Puff potato casserole with minced meat and tomatoes

This is a variant of a layered potato casserole, which is also prepared from raw vegetables and products. Here for an example of a recipe with two repetitions. But at will, we increase the number of ingredients, make an unlimited number of layers.


· 6 potatoes;

· 2 tomatoes;

· 3 spoons of mayonnaise;

· 4 tablespoons of grated cheese;

· 500 g of minced meat (you can take with onions, garlic).

Method of preparation

1. Cut three potatoes thinly, pour into the form, straighten. We spread on them a layer of half of the minced meat, cover thinly. Cut one tomato and cover. Mince can be taken with onions, garlic, greens and even rice, as for meatballs.

2. Grease slices of tomatoes thinly with mayonnaise. Then repeat again: potatoes, minced meat, tomatoes and mayonnaise. Bake for half an hour.

3. Take out the casserole, sprinkle with cheese and cook another quarter of an hour.

Potato casserole with minced meat (fish) and tomatoes

It is not necessary to cook the casserole with minced meat, with fish, too, it turns out very well and quite tasty. This is another option with boiled potatoes, but not mashed. The fish must first be twisted, this ingredient will not be fried.


· Half a kilo of minced fish;

· 8-9 potatoes;

· 0.5 bunch of dill;

· 1 tomato;

· soy sauce;

· 4 tbsp. l sour cream;

· Spices;

· Egg.

Method of preparation

1. Put the boil potatoes. You can prepare the tubers in purified form or in uniforms. Then cool, clean if necessary.

2. In the minced fish enter a couple of spoons of soy sauce and chopped dill. Cut the tomato into cubes and add. If the vegetable is small, then take a couple of pieces. Add salt, stir the filling.

3. We immediately divide the peeled potatoes in half. Coarsely rub one part, put it into a form, salt, smooth and coat with a layer of fish mince with tomatoes.

4. Fill the filling with the second part of the potato, grated in the same way, leveling, but not tamping.

5. Mix the sour cream with the egg, pour the casserole on top, level it and send it to the oven. Cook for about 35 minutes, the top should be browned, and the fish should be ready.

Mushroom potato casserole with minced meat and tomatoes

The option is amazingly delicious, juicy and nourishing casserole with the addition of not only tomatoes but also mushrooms. Here are the champignons. But the same dish can be cooked with mushrooms and other mushrooms. It is not necessary to take a fresh version, with salty mushrooms, too, everything is fine. Potatoes raw, do not need to cook.


· 500 grams of minced meat;

· 200 g of mushrooms;

· 8 potatoes;

· 2 bulbs;

· 1 sweet pepper;

· 3 tomatoes;

· 150 g of mayonnaise (sour cream);

· 150 grams of cheese.

Method of preparation

1. All vegetables are peeled. Chop the bulbs and add them to the minced meat. There, crumble the sweet Bulgarian pepper, add salt and mix.

2. We will use the champignons raw. If it is other mushrooms, then boil, then cut into neat plates.

3. Cut the peeled potatoes into circles and also tomatoes.

4. In the form we send about 4 potatoes, that is, half. But do not just pour out, and spread. Then a layer of minced meat, and mushrooms on it. We grease them with mayonnaise or sour cream. We spread the mugs of tomatoes on the mushrooms.

5. Close all of this with potatoes, salt, and fall asleep with cheese and gloss over the remaining mayonnaise.

6. Cooking without foil for 45 minutes. The temperature for such a casserole is 180 degrees.

Fasting potato casserole with minced meat and tomatoes

Another option is casserole with mushrooms, but they will be made into mincemeat. This is a lean recipe, all ingredients are prepared in vegetable oil. To keep the layers together, add a small amount of flour to the potatoes.


· 1 kg of potatoes;

· 800 g of mushrooms;

· Vegetable oil;

· 2-3 bulbs;

· 2 tomatoes;

· Spices, crackers (white);

· 3 tablespoons flour;

· 3 cloves of garlic;

· Greens at will;

· 1 carrot.

Method of preparation

1. Put the potatoes to boil, clean and cut the tubers, as for the preparation of the usual mashed potatoes. After cooking the liquid is drained with a pestle of pieces of mime. Then we introduce flour, spices to taste.

2. Boil the mushrooms in another saucepan until cooked. Then take out and twist. If you do not want to soil the meat grinder or just don’t, you can chop it. 3. Onion cut into small cubes, rub the carrot. Fry vegetables in vegetable oil, but not very long. Add to them the mushrooms, simmer together, at the end lay out crushed garlic, do not forget to salt and pepper the mushroom stuffing.

4. Tomatoes cut into cubes, but you can and plates. Dill finely chopped.

5. Put the potato mass with flour and then a layer of mushroom stuffing, tomatoes and sprinkle with dill. Completes all this layer of mashed potatoes.

6. Lubricate the potatoes with vegetable oil. Sprinkle with small crackers, but a little.

7. Put the dish in the oven. The readiness of the casserole is determined “by eye”, on average, the process will take from 15 to 25 minutes. We make the temperature high at least 200 degrees.

Potato casserole with minced meat and tomatoes - tips and tricks

· No need to sprinkle tomatoes with salt, otherwise they will flow very quickly, they will begin to emit a lot of juice.

· Any casserole will get tastier under a layer of grated cheese, but it is important to add it at the right moment. If you immediately fall asleep raw potatoes, the crust will turn out dry, not very tasty, it can burn. It is better to add 15 minutes to the end. You can also sprinkle immediately, but top with mayonnaise or sour cream. Then the cheese won't burn.

· It is advisable to sprinkle croutons or flour over the casserole of grated boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes, then a crispy and very pleasant crust will appear on the bottom and sides of the dish.

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