How to make lemon sponge cake in the oven and the slow cooker. The subtleties of cooking lemon sponge cake with impregnation, on kefir, with poppy

How to make lemon sponge cake in the oven and the slow cooker. The subtleties of cooking lemon sponge cake with impregnation, on kefir, with poppy

A gentle slice of lemon sponge melting in your mouth is a wonderful idea for tea. Light sourness, thin lemon matte distinguish this pastry from the usual sponge cake.

Baked cooled sponge cake can be cut into strips and offered to milk drinks, coffee, green or black tea. And you can make a light and wonderfully tasty cake on the basis of lemon cake.

Lemon Sponge Cake - General Cooking Principles

To make a classic sponge cake, you need to carefully beat the eggs with sugar into an elastic stretching mass, and then mix the flour into it. Easier does not happen. When it comes to lemon sponge cake, lemon juice and zest are added to the sponge dough to flavor and enhance the flavor.

To get rid of the harmful film that covers the fruit during transportation, it is important to properly handle the lemon. Boil it with boiling water, rub with a brush or hard side of the sponge, wipe dry. Remove the rind fashionable ordinary grater or special tool. Then cut the fruit in half and squeeze the juice.

Bake biscuit in the form, preheating the oven to 180-200 ° C. Depending on the thickness of the dough in the form, baking will take from 40 to 50 minutes. They check the readiness by piercing a sponge cake with a thin wooden skewer or a simple match. Dry wood is a sign of readiness.

You can bake a biscuit and a slow cooker or bread maker. But for breadmaker, despite the mixing programs, you need to beat the eggs and knead the dough manually.

Lemon sponge cake soaked

A pleasant sourish-sweet crust and tender syrup make this lemon sponge cake delicious. Thanks to lemon impregnation, pastries turn out to be tender and very tasty.


• four large eggs;

• one hundred grams of flour;

• one hundred grams of starch;

• one hundred and fifty grams of sugar in the dough;

• eighty grams of sweet cream butter;

• a tablespoon of lemon zest;

• a tablespoon of baking powder;

• juice of one lemon (about fifty milliliters);

• fifty grams of sugar for impregnation.


Zaparite lemon for five minutes with boiling water to leave the characteristic bitterness. Wipe off and remove the zest. Melt butter in a water bath or in a microwave.

Prepare the form by brushing it with a piece of butter and sprinkling with flour.

Turn on the oven at 180 ° C.

In a bowl, beat the eggs, add sugar, stir.

Beat with a mixer so that the mass becomes light and “grows”, becomes volumetric.

Combine starch with flour, baking powder, be sure to sift.

Portions add the flour mixture to the egg foam, mix with a spatula. Movement should be directed upwards.

Add the zest to the biscuit dough, mix.

Gently pour the melted butter on the edge, stir it in the dough. It should turn out to be viscous, elastic.

Pour the biscuit dough into the form, put in the oven.

After 35 minutes, check the lemon sponge for readiness. As a rule, by this time the cake is ready: the middle has been baked, and the top has blushed.

Turn off the oven, let the baking stand, without lifting the door, for about five to seven minutes.

Squeeze juice out of lemon. It should make about fifty milliliters.

Pour the juice into a saucepan, add an equal amount of sugar by weight.

Heat on low heat, stir occasionally, otherwise it will burn.

The syrup is ready when all the grains of sugar have dissolved.

Remove the cake and, without removing it from the mold, often-often pierce it with a wooden skewer. This is necessary so that the lemon syrup soaked the cupcake better.

Spoon watering the cake with hot syrup, trying to soak evenly.

Leave the biscuit in shape until cool.

Syrup pouring, freezing, will cover the biscuit with a very tasty sweet and sour crust.

Lemon sponge cake classic

A simple sponge cake that can be baked quickly for morning tea on a day off. Simple recipe, which is great for the first acquaintance with the biscuit dough.


• four eggs;

• 180 grams of sugar;

• 180 grams of flour;

• large lemon;

• a pinch of salt;

• teaspoon of soda;

• Four tablespoons of vegetable oil.


Turn on the oven at 180 ° C.

Wash dried lemon cut into pieces along with the peel, remove the bones.

Grind to the state of gruel in a meat grinder or blender.

Separate the yolks, mix with half the sugar and whisk with a mixer. The mass should turn white. Add lemon gruel, salt, soda and vegetable oil to whipped yolks.

Mix all with a spoon. The mass will start to foam, this is normal.

Sift the flour.

In three steps, pour the flour into the yolk base, mix by hand.

Beat the whites with the rest of the sugar so that the mass becomes taut and keeps its shape well.

Enter the proteins in the dough, mix gently.

Cover the form with baking paper, oil grease the bottom.

Pour the dough, distribute over the entire volume of the form.

Wrap the form in foil, bake for 35 minutes, then reduce the heat to 150 ° C and cook the biscuit for about ten minutes.

Open the door and let the biscuit cool completely. Only then remove the foil and put the cake in the dish.

Lemon sponge cake in a multicooker

Biscuits in a slow cooker are baked very simply. They do not burn, turn out soft, magnificent, well hold a form.


• four large eggs;

• two hundred grams of sugar;

• two hundred grams of flour;

• two tablespoons of lemon juice;

• a tablespoon of lemon zest;

• a teaspoon of baking powder;

• a little butter to lubricate the form.


Remove dried zest from the prepared dried lemon.

Squeeze the juice, throwing out the bones.

In a deep bowl, mix the eggs with the sugar, beat with a mixer for about ten minutes. The mass should get thick and not fall out of the inverted container.

Add lemon ingredients to the egg base, mix.

Sift flour with baking powder.

In three or four doses, pour the sifted flour into the beaten eggs, kneading the sponge dough. Make sure that the foam does not collapse in the beaten eggs.

Smear the bowl of the multicooker, pour out the sponge cake.

Snap the lid on, turn the appliance on to baking mode. If it is not, the soup cooking mode will do.

After shutting down the program, let the lemon biscuit stand for five to seven minutes without opening the lid.

Then use the steak grate to remove the cake and cool it on the grate.

Transfer to a dish, decorate with powdered sugar and serve.

Lemon poppy seed cake

For lovers of poppy - a recipe for lush lemon sponge cake with poppy seeds. Baking turns out deliciously lush and tasty. Be sure to try. Ingredients:

• three large eggs;

• one hundred and eighty grams of flour;

• seventy grams of dry pastry poppy;

• three lemons;

• a pack of butter (180 grams);

• one hundred and eighty grams of flour;

• bag of baking powder (1.5 teaspoons);

• a pinch of salt.


Remove the oil, cut into pieces so that it softens at room temperature.

Poppy steam with boiling water. When the water has cooled, strain through a gauze filter.

Start reheating the oven to 170 ° C.

Mix flour with baking powder and sift.

From one lemon, remove the chips, squeeze out about 50 ml of fresh juice.

In a bowl of sifted flour, beat the eggs, put the softened poppy seeds, soft butter, and salt.

Knead dough on slower rotations with a mixer. You can add 2-3 spoons of milk, if it turns out too thick.

Pour the dough into the oiled form, send to bake, but for now, get soaked.

Squeeze out the remaining lemon juice, pour into a small saucepan or saucepan.

Add three to four spoons of sugar.

Dissolve sugar in the juice over low heat. When the sugar grains dissolve, the syrup is ready.

Pierce the finished sponge cake, not cooling, with a wooden toothpick.

Spoon water the cake with hot syrup.

Leave to cool on the grate.

Lemon Blueberry Sponge Cake

If you like to experiment with baking, prepare a lemon sponge cake using this recipe. Berries in combination with lemon will give baking a special flavor. Blueberries can be replaced by any other berries, including frozen.


• five large eggs;

• one hundred and thirty grams of sugar;

• two hundred and ten grams of flour;

• big lemon;

• one hundred grams of blueberries;

• some form oil.


Rinse the berries with cold water, dry on a paper towel, scattering in a single layer.

Let the frozen berries melt at room temperature without washing with water.

Peel off the lemon zest.

Squeeze out some lemon juice (2-3 tables. Spoons).

Beat the eggs well, ensuring that the mass becomes airy, increases in volume.

Without turning off the device, pour the sugar in four to five doses. Beat another five minutes.

The result is a thick, beautiful mass that does not fall out when you turn the form. In portions, enter the sifted flour into it, kneading the biscuit dough.

Add lemon chips and juice to the dough.

Bake until tender, cool and serve.

Lemon sponge cake on kefir

Loose structure and distinct creamy note - this is the difference between sponge cake, mixed with kefir and butter.


• three eggs;

• a glass of kefir;

• one hundred grams of butter;

• two glasses of flour;

• a glass of sugar;

• a teaspoon of baking powder;

• two tablespoons of lemon juice;

• zest from one lemon;

• bag of vanilla sugar.


Soften the oil, an hour before cooking, removing from the refrigerator.

Mix butter with regular sugar and vanilla, rub with white spatula.

Beat eggs into the oil mixture, whisk together.

The flour, sifted together with baking powder, gradually add to the mixture.

Add the cut peel and fresh lemon juice, stir well.

Pour kefir into the dough, beat with a mixer.

The result should be a sticky biscuit dough, consistency resembling sour cream.

Bake in shape, let cool on a wire rack.

Lemon Sponge Cake - Tips and Tips

In the first half hour, do not open the oven door, otherwise the biscuit will fall.

Do not lubricate the tights of the form with oil. The test has nothing to cling on when lifting, and the biscuit will not rise.

In order not to form a little hill on the finished sponge cake, form the dough vigorously scroll clockwise 3-4 times.

If the top of the sponge cake is ready, and the middle one is not baked (the cake trembles when wiggling), you need to cover it with foil and bake it. Temperature reduce degrees by thirty. And so that the cake does not burn from below, put a bowl of water at the bottom of the stove.

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