Pickled Onions

I have always been fascinated by the autumn fairs in English villages, when lovely old women lay out their crops and pickles on festively decorated wooden tables. Their pickled onions look especially, not like my grandmother cooked. In her cellar, the cans with onions were huge, white onions, and he did not cause me any appetite in my childhood.

In this recipe, I share my best practices - how to turn a banal vegetable into a delicacy. Billets with light brown marinade and small onion look appetizing and very homely. Especially like jars with pickled onions for men - a real male snack.

Pickled Onions

It is recommended to pickle sweet onion varieties, but unfortunately it is growing more and more in southern latitudes. So that the northerners do not feel left off, and do not rush in search of exotic varieties, I advise you to add a little more sugar to the marinade, this compensates for the sharpness of the onion, balances the taste. Petty sevok is more often used for pickling, but to clean it you need to involve a lot of participants in the harvesting process, so I advise lazy to cut into large bulbs.

  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Quantity: 2 liters

Ingredients for Pickled Onions:

  • 2 kg of the finest onions;
  • allspice, cloves;

Marinade Fill (1 liter):

  • 0.6 l of water;
  • 0.4 l of vinegar 6%;
  • 30 g of salt;
  • 45 g sugar;

A way of cooking pickled onions.

Marinate is usually very fine onion sweet (Spanish orange, Polish Kutnovska, Dutch hybrids) and semi-sweet varieties. Small onions always look nice in a jar and are convenient to eat, therefore often sevok is used for pickling. But if you have a large onion, you can always cut it in half or in four. Pre-soaking onions in cold water (about 40 minutes) will make it easier to remove the husk.

We remove the husks from the onions, leaving the best part of it (we need bright scales without damage). We cut the neck and root lobe of the onion, carefully wash both the onion and a small amount of husk to prevent sand from entering the marinade.

Pickled Onions Pickled Onions Pickled Onions

Blanch the onion in boiling saline (3%) for 2 minutes. Then we put in ice water, we recline on a sieve, let it drain.

Pickled Onions

Put the washed onion peel into the water, boil until the water has the desired color, add allspice of pepper and cloves.

Pickled Onions

The bulbs are laid very tightly in sterile jars. We decorate the decoction of the husk through a fine sieve or thick cloth, measure the required amount for the marinade (0.6 l).

Pickled Onions

Based on the decoction, we prepare the marinade for onions: add sugar, salt, and when the water boils, pour in vinegar and bring the marinade to a boil again. Vinegar will clarify the color of the liquid, so it is best to use wine vinegar in the recipe. Add cloves and allspice to the jars of onions boiled in the marinade, pour the onions with the marinade.

Pickled Onions

Close the jars and sterilize in boiling water. A liter jar needs to be sterilized for about 7-8 minutes, that's enough. If you overdo it, the onion will lose its crispness. Store the onions marinated according to this recipe at room temperature.

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