How to cook delicious chicken stomachs in a pan, in a slow cooker, in an oven, in sour cream, in pots

How to cook delicious chicken stomachs in a pan, in a slow cooker, in an oven, in sour cream, in pots

One of the most delicious and inexpensive by-products is chicken gizzards, a very useful product, how to make them tasty today, we will make out.

Dishes from the stomachs, in simple terms, navels, are varied. We stew them in sour cream, cook in the oven, a slow cooker, cook soups, even smart barbecues are obtained.

How to cook navels tasty and easy, preparation

In the store, they are more often sold already finished and packaged in substrates. But, you still need to wash them, remove the remnants of coarse skin and cut into pieces.

There are on sale untreated stomachs, such need to be incised on one side in order to open the navel in half. You need to do this over some dishes, because inside is everything that the chicken, grain, pebbles, and grass have been eating. All this should be cleaned with a knife, then pry off the rough skin and remove it, then rinse well.

The chicken ventricle is muscle fibers that are somewhat coarser than the rest of the meat. To make them a tasty dish, you need to spend an hour on boiling. If the navels from older chickens or cocks, then the cooking will take all two hours.

How to cook chicken stomachs, my grandmother showed me in my childhood, so that they were softer, you only need to salt them at the very end of cooking, for ten minutes.

Ventricles are very useful, contain iron, many vitamins, including vitamin E, even have selenium. In dishes they are often combined with chicken hearts and liver.

Delicious chicken navels fried with onions in a frying pan

The recipe is very simple, but when cooking you can use a lot of spices, sauces, and when serving a variety of side dishes.

We'll take:

  • A kilo of cooled chicken navels
  • Three medium-sized onion heads
  • A half glass of sunflower oil
  • Liter of raw water
  • Turmeric
  • Dried herbs
  • Two Lavrushki
  • Salt
  • Black ground pepper

Cooking process:

We clean the ventricles, cut off the fat and the film, rinse and pour water in a saucepan, set to boil. After boiling we set the fire to minimum and cook for two hours under the lid. Ten minutes before the end we add some salt.

Onions cut a thin feather, boiled navels cubes. We heat the butter in the pan so as not to overheat, first fry the onions, after we lay out the stomach pieces, immediately add all the spices and fry at medium temperature for fifteen minutes.

You can serve bechamel sauce and mashed potatoes to the ready-made navels, as well as giving buckwheat with a spicy tomato sauce to a garnish.

Recipe for chicken stomachs with sour cream

The navels prepared in sour cream are softer and juicier. There are a lot of recipe options, this can be called classic.

We'll take:

  • Half a kilo of navels, you can frozen
  • One hundred grams of sour cream
  • Medium Bulb
  • Half a cup of chicken broth (can be replaced with water)
  • Three tablespoons of sunflower oil
  • Salt, pepper, seasonings

Cooking process:

Clean and rinse the navels, add water and boil for an hour. Allow to drain completely and cut into cubes.

Chop onion thinner, fry with navels. Then pour broth, add salt, season and add sour cream, in this form, stew for fifteen minutes under the lid. Can be served with boiled rice and vegetables.

How to cook delicious chicken stomachs in a pan, in a slow cooker, in an oven, in sour cream, in pots

Chicken navels with vegetables in the oven

My favorite recipe is because it is fast and tasty. There is no need to boil offal, and I also mix the stomachs with chicken hearts, it turns out very useful and tasty, hearty dish. We'll take:

  • Half a kilo of chicken navels
  • Half a kilo of chicken hearts
  • Six large potatoes
  • One carrot
  • Medium Bulb
  • Three cloves of garlic
  • Cook salt
  • Freshly ground pepper
  • Turmeric
  • Provencal herbs
  • Fresh Thyme Leaf
  • One and a half glass of cream

Cooking process:

Navels clean and wash, cut into four parts. Hearts are cleaned from foil and sukrovitsy, cut in half each.

Cut the potatoes into medium-sized cubes or cubes, and carrots with beautiful patches. Onion cut into half rings. Garlic we press with a knife or cut into strips.

We spread vegetables and offal, spice up spices, salt, mix and pour cream. Top baking sheet tightly covered with foil and send for forty minutes in the oven. After we remove the foil and give another ten minutes to burn.

How to cook delicious chicken stomachs in a pan, in a slow cooker, in an oven, in sour cream, in pots

A simple recipe for cooking chicken stomachs in a slow cooker

In a slow cooker, as you know, everything is much easier and faster to cook. In addition, the aromas of spices remain inside and the dish is much more appetizing.

We'll take:

  • Eight hundred grams of navels
  • One small carrot
  • A big spoon of sunflower oil
  • Medium sized onion
  • Glass of water
  • Salt, white pepper, seasoning for chicken

Cooking process:

Prepare the stomachs and cut them into pieces, cut the onion into a thin feather, and carrots are just three. We lay out everything at once in a multi-cooker bowl and add spices. Under the lid in the mode of extinguishing prepare forty minutes. Tasty served with buckwheat or mashed potatoes.

Chicken gible soup

Mix in one pot the stomachs, liver and hearts, add fresh herbs and get excellent soup, and very budget. We'll take:

  • Two hundred grams of chicken navels
  • Two hundred grams of hearts
  • Two hundred grams of chicken liver
  • Three liters of water
  • Three medium potatoes
  • Medium Bulb
  • Carrot
  • Little Lavrushka
  • Half a glass of gossamer gossamer
  • A big spoon of sunflower oil
  • Common salt
  • Condiments
  • Fresh greens
  • Hops-suneli

Cooking process:

Wash the giblets and prepare for cooking. Pour cold water and boil for about forty minutes. While boiling we chop the onion with carrots into cubes and pass in oil.

Cut the potatoes into small cubes and pour them into the broth, ten minutes later add stir fry and spices, pour the noodles. At the very end, add the crumbled greens, let them boil and immediately turn off the soup. If desired, greens can be sprinkled directly into the plates.

How to cook delicious chicken stomachs in a pan, in a slow cooker, in an oven, in sour cream, in pots

Chicken stomachs with champignons

The recipe is simple, but amazingly delicious. Champignons can be replaced by forest mushrooms, even frozen ones, but the taste will change a little. Very tasty is obtained with porcini mushrooms.

We'll take:

  • Eight hundred grams of chicken navels
  • Three hundred grams of champignons
  • Half a liter of sour cream
  • Two large spoons of butter, can be melted
  • Two medium bulb bulbs
  • Dried greens, salt and pepper

Cooking process:

Clean, rinse and cut the stomachs into three parts, chop the onions in quarters, mushrooms with plastics. Fry the onions and onions, add a little water, reduce the temperature and stew for an hour under the lid. After adding mushrooms, spices, sour cream, stew for another twenty minutes.

Roast in pots of chicken ventricles

This is a festive recipe, although all products are very simple. For the sake of this taste, not too lazy to tinker, try. We take:

  • Kilo chicken navels
  • Kilo of potatoes
  • Kilo of fresh champignons
  • Two medium carrots
  • Two large bulbs
  • Two glasses of raw water
  • A glass of 20% cream
  • Two Lavrushki
  • Fresh greens of your choice
  • Peppers, plain salt, a mixture of herbs for roast

Cooking process:

Ventricles are washed and let drain water, cut into four parts, cut onions into half rings, fry everything together in a pan, then reduce the temperature and stew for half an hour under the lid.

Separately, fry the champignons cut by plastics. Potatoes cut like a soup, carrots just three.

Soak the pots in advance for half an hour in cold water. Put the ventricles with onions on the bottom, then mushrooms and carrots, put potatoes on top, season each of them and spread spices, fill them with cream and send them to the oven for half an hour.

How to cook delicious chicken stomachs in a pan, in a slow cooker, in an oven, in sour cream, in pots

Chicken navels with cheese gravy

We take:

  • Kilo of chicken stomachs
  • A glass of sour cream
  • Large onion
  • One hundred grams of hard cheese, any
  • Two and a half liters of water
  • Two large spoons of sunflower oil
  • Common salt, pepper, turmeric, paprika

Cooking process:

The stomachs are cleaned, washed and cut into three pieces each. Cook in pan for half an hour. Onions cut into cubes, spread together with boiled navels on a preheated frying pan, fry. Add all the spices and half a glass of broth, after cooking the stomachs. Next, add sour cream and simmer on low heat for 10 minutes. After adding the grated cheese, stir, wait until it melts and turn off the stove.

Korean Chicken Navels

We'll take:

  • Half a kilo of navels
  • Large carrot
  • Seasoning for funchozy
  • Small onion
  • Half a cup of soy sauce
  • Olive Oil
  • Big spoonful of sesame seeds
  • Salt

Cooking process:

Ventricles prepare and boil for an hour, cut into cubes. Carrots rubbed on a Korean grater, chop the onion into cubes.

Marinate vegetables seasoning for funchozy for twenty minutes. Then fry in the pan with the navels, for ten minutes, at the end add soy sauce. The dish can be served cold as a salad.

Chicken navel cutlets with pumpkin

You heard right, it is the pumpkin I add to the stuffing. This is instead of bread or potatoes. Try, really tasty. Cutlets, by the way, turn out to be of delicate consistency, spread them on the pan like pancakes, with a spoon.

We take:

  • Half a kilo of chicken stomachs
  • Two hundred grams of pumpkin pulp
  • One raw egg
  • Salt
  • Medium Bulb
  • Ground pepper
  • Two cloves of garlic
  • Vegetable oil

Cooking process:

The navels need to be peeled off the film and rinsed, the fat at will, and you can leave. Twist them in a combine and lay out the stuffing in a bowl. Just grind the pumpkin, mix, add the egg and all the spices. Onions with garlic is also better to twist, so as not to be felt. But you can chop the onions and spasserovat, then add to the stuffing.

Heat oil and fry patties on medium heat for seven minutes on each side. To them you can cook tomato sauce and serve with any side dish.

How to cook delicious chicken stomachs in a pan, in a slow cooker, in an oven, in sour cream, in pots

Chicken navels, baked in the oven in kefir sauce

We'll take:

  • Kilo chicken navels
  • Liter of kefir 2, 5%
  • One average carrot
  • Medium Bulb
  • One hundred grams of hard cheese
  • A big spoon of sunflower oil
  • Salt
  • Red and black pepper
  • Turmeric
  • Hops-suneli

Cooking process:

Wash navels, cut into pieces. Three carrots, onion crumble with a knife, fry everything in a well heated pan and lay out in a form.

In kefir, stir the spices, pour the sauce into the mold, sprinkle with grated cheese on top and bake for forty minutes.

Chicken stomach salad

Here is the last answer to the question, what else tasty can be cooked from chicken stomachs? Simple and tasty salad.

We take:

  • Half a kilo of navels
  • Two small cucumbers
  • Average carrot
  • Medium Bulb
  • One hundred grams of any hard cheese
  • A half glass of walnut kernels
  • Two cloves of garlic
  • Laurel
  • Mayonnaise
  • Greens
  • Salt, pepper

Cooking process:

Peeled and washed the ventricles boil for half an hour along with a whole onion, laurel and carrots, cut into cubes. Just cut the cheese and cucumbers. Garlic crumbled with a sharp knife.

Mix everything in a bowl, add mayonnaise, sprinkle with herbs and season. Once again, mix, give a little brew.

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