Not compote and jelly - sweet soup for the joy of everyone! Cold and hot sweet soups - recipes for kids and adults

Not compote and jelly - sweet soup for the joy of everyone! Cold and hot sweet soups - recipes for kids and adults

Sweet soups are not as common as filling, or, say, mashed soups.

And if they are absent from your menu, then perhaps it is worth trying at least a couple.

Cold, sweet, perfectly suited in the hot season and just as an afternoon snack.

Soups from frozen fruits and berries and ask for a table in late spring to fill the diet with vitamins.

Children, especially capricious, you can cook this soup, decorating it with whole berries, but the “Hungarian” and “Latvian” will suit more adults.

Sweet Soups - General Cooking Principles

• Sweet soups are made not only from fresh ripe fruits - fruits and berries; dried fruits and even pumpkins are also used.

• Milk soups cooked on whole or diluted milk with added sugar and flavored with vanilla or cinnamon can be attributed to sweet soups.

• “Broth” in berry and fruit sweet soups can consist not only of compotes, cold sweet soups are prepared directly from the pulp of fruits and berries and diluted with ryazhenka, which can be replaced with liquid, drinking yogurt, cream or kefir, if desired.

• Compote for dessert sweet soups can be prepared not only on water, but also on the bases of clarified juices and even in wine diluted with water. In the process of cooking, alcohol evaporates, and the soup is saturated only with the taste of the wine. Of course, the amount of wine in soups is minimal and it is used solely for the sake of giving distinctive, characteristic notes.

• Into the broth, both fruits and berries are injected in small slices, diced or grated. In this form, the pumpkin is usually added.

• In soups, you can add separately boiled cereals, most often it is rice. The recipe for a sweet Latvian-style soup involves adding croutons from rye bread, which are boiled together with berry juice.

• Fruit and berry sweet soups are often diluted with cream or a mixture of cream and sour cream. • Sweet soups of any kind are served both chilled and hot. When serving dessert (fruit and berry) served with cream, which can be whipped by yourself or use whipped cream in a can. In the dairy put honey or butter.

Sweet Latvian recipe “Latvian”, dried fruit


• 400 gram loaf of rye bread;

• 100 grams of high-quality, recruited raisins;

• 100 ml of black currant juice;

• 70 grams of dried apricots (dried apricots);

• 80 grams of pitted prunes;

• 50 grams of cranberries;

• 150 grams of sugar;

• A small pinch of ground cinnamon powder.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the upper crust from the loaf of bread, cut the crumb neatly and shape it into cubes. Dry the bread in the oven at the minimum temperature.

2. Enumerate the dried fruits, selecting unsuitable berries damaged by rot, and be sure to remove the tails from the raisins. Well wash and fill with boiling water, completely covering the berries.

3. Stir two tablespoons of sugar with a teaspoon of water, boil a thick syrup for candy and immediately coat it with a loaf from the inside. To avoid getting burned, use a cooking silicone brush.

4. Pour the dried bread with currant juice and bring to a boil with moderate heat. Add the cranberries with sugar, add cinnamon to your taste, and stir well, put to cool.

5. Drain the water from the dried fruit and dry slightly, spreading the berries on a linen towel. If there are bones in prunes, remove them. Dried fruits are desirable to cut into small equal pieces, but can be used whole.

6. Blend the chilled soup with a blender until a smooth mash is obtained, add dried fruits, stir and transfer the soup to a bread loaf.

7. Serve with whipped cream.

Recipe for sweet rice puree soup with apples and plums


• 150 grams of round grain rice;

• 350 grams of apples of any non-acidic variety;

• 200 grams of frozen or fresh plums; • sugar, sand - 60-70 grams;

• 40 grams of “Peasant” oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Apples and plums rinse well. Remove the peel from the apples, cut each into two parts and remove the core with the seeds, remove the bones from the plums.

2. Put the apples cut in small pieces into a thick-walled deep pan or a small pot, pour in one liter of cold water and quickly bring the compote to a boil.

3. Add plums and stew, covered with a lid until the apples are tender. Frozen plums do not need to thaw.

4. Put the washed rice cereal into boiling, slightly salted water (2.5-3 cups, depending on the desired thickness of the dish) and boil until ready. Do not decant broth.

5. Grind the apples stewed with plums along with rice broth and rice through a sieve. Prometite the ground soup on low heat for no more than 5 minutes. and adjust to your liking the taste of the soup with sugar and salt. Add oil and serve.

Recipe for rice sweet soup with vanilla


• pasteurized milk, whole milk - 600 ml;

• half a cup of rice cereal;

• a pinch of vanilla;

• one tablespoon of sugar, sand;

• homemade heavy cream or butter 72% - 1 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the rice several times, changing water, or just under running water. Pour the cereal 250 ml of purified water and put on a moderate heat, boil until half cooked. So that the rice grains do not clump up and stick to the bottom of the pan, stir it occasionally.

2. Bring milk to a boil with sugar and vanillin diluted in it. Instead of vanillin, vanilla sugar is suitable, which you need to put a little more.

3. Dip the uncooked rice into the milk, without broth, and boil it until ready. In a ready-made sweet soup, place a spoonful of melted butter.

Recipe for Sweet Pumpkin Soup with Milk


• pasteurized milk, 3.2% fat - 1 liter;

• a pound of meaty pumpkin;

• semolina - 50 g (2 tablespoons);

• 30 grams of butter “Traditional”; • sugar, cinnamon powder and salt to taste.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut off the peel from the pumpkin with a thick layer to capture the hard part of the flesh underneath it, and cut the fleshy part into small pieces.

2. Place the pumpkin slices on the bottom of the thick-walled dishes, cover with water so that it covers them only slightly, and put the stew. Be sure to add a small piece of butter, half the amount indicated.

3. When the pumpkin is well cooked, grind it in a mash using a strainer or whisk with a kitchen processor.

4. Dissolve pumpkin puree in hot boiled milk and set on fire. In boiling pumpkin-milk mixture, gradually introduce semolina, intensively stirring at the same time boiling mass. Try to make it so that no lumps form.

5. Sweeten to your taste, season the soup with cinnamon, add salt and be sure to put the remaining butter. Boil 7 min. on low heat.

Recipe for Cherry Sweet Soup with Rice and Cream


• 100 grams of rice, polished;

• 400 grams of frozen pitted cherries;

• 100 grams of white granulated sugar;

• starch (potato) - 1 tbsp. l with a small slide;

• heavy cream.

Cooking Method:

1. Boil rice separately until fully cooked, in lightly salted water. Do not overcook strongly, it should remain crumbly. Rinse and flush it thoroughly in a colander so that all excess moisture will drain.

2. From the frozen cherries in one liter of filtered water, cook compote with the addition of sugar.

3. Cool boiled water and dilute the starch well in it so that there are no lumps left, pour the mixture into the compote boiling over high heat. When pouring in the starch mixture, quickly stir the boiling liquid.

4. Place four spoons of boiled rice in the prepared portion plate, pour cherry soup on top and garnish with cream. Whip the cream together. You can also put a few unfrozen cherries in the soup.

Hungarian cherry sweet soup recipe


• one kilogram of cherry in its own juice;

• 350 ml of red dry wine “Cabernet”, dilute 550-650 ml of water;

• 250 ml low-fat 11% cream;

• sour cream of moderate fat content - 200 ml;

• 200 grams of sugar;

• cinnamon - 2 small sticks;

• 1 tsp. almond essence;

• whipped cream in a can for serving.

Cooking Method:

1. Put cherries in a jar diluted with water from a jar with juice, add sugar, put cinnamon sticks and bring to a boil. Slightly reduce the heat and boil the cherries in the wine syrup for half an hour.

2. Remove from heat and add almond essence to hot soup.

3. Separately mix sour cream with cream with a spoon or a whisk, not beating.

4. Gently put the creamy mass into the hot soup, mix thoroughly until smooth and cool.

5. Serve the cooled soup in a transparent dish with whipped cream from a can. You can put a small pod of vanilla next to the cream.

Recipe for Sweet Pumpkin Soup with Cream and Cinnamon


• pumpkin, pulp - 600 grams;

• 80 ml of cream of 22%;

• granulated sugar - 2 tbsp. l .;

• half a teaspoon of fine salt;

• 10 grams of butter, sweet cream;

• 20 grams (incomplete tablespoon) of white flour;

• 1 tsp. cinnamon, ground.

Cooking Method:

1. Pumpkin pulp, cleared of seeds and peel, cut into cubes of one and a half, two centimeters. Fill with water so that the cubes are only slightly covered and boil the pulp until completely softened under a lid over low heat.

2. Mix the flour in a pan with melted butter and fry, stirring constantly, for seven minutes. At the end of the frying flour will become a delicate cream color.

3. Drain the finished pumpkin without broth or whisk the processor into a puree. Enter a thin stream of cream, add sugar with salt and, having mixed well, put to boil.

4. Add ground cinnamon, mix the soup well again and, without boiling, heat it on the stove for about three minutes.

Recipe for cold sweet soup with ryazhenka with caramel banana


• celery stalk - 1 small;

• one juicy, honey pear;

• small sour apple;

• 100 ml of ryazhenka medium-rich;

• a tablespoon of liquid light honey;

• half a lemon;

• ripe, better even slightly overripe, banana;

• two tablespoons of pomegranate seeds.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the banana without the peel into small centimeter squares, as an option - with thin half-shells and gently saute in butter (1 tsp) with some water. It should be a little, just one tablespoon. After 3 minutes add honey to the bananas, stir quickly and remove from the heat to cool.

2. In the bowl of the blender, place the flesh of the pear, apple and root celery cut in small half-centimeter slices. In a pear with an apple, be sure to remove the core with the seeds. Pour in ryazhenka and whisk.

3. Pour cold soup into a plate, garnish with boiled banana in honey and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds.

Sweet Soups - Tricks and Tips

• The soup cooked on compote of frozen cherries will turn out to have a richer flavor, if you first grind the thawed berries and then cook the base for the soup.

• Raisins in sweet soups need to take a small light, it is these varieties do not contain seeds. But it should be noted that light varieties are less sweet.

• Instead of sugar, put sweet honey in the dairy sweet soups when serving, the dish will be much healthier.

• If it was not possible to find prunes without stones, an ordinary one will do, but only remove the stones after the berries swell after soaking.

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