Classic, with smoked meat and vegetables, pea porridge (step-by-step recipes). Cooking in a crock-pot and on a plate pea porridge according to recipes step by step

Classic, with smoked meat and vegetables, pea porridge (step-by-step recipes). Cooking in a crock-pot and on a plate pea porridge according to recipes step by step

A traditional dish of Russian cuisine - pea. Economical, satisfying, nutritious food, necessarily present on the tables of the peasants and nobility. Even the festive feasts of the kings could not do without it. The classic pea porridge was boiled in water and dressed with browned vegetables. In wealthy families, it was supplemented with meat, delicacies or smoked meats. They baked pies with her and even cooked burgers. Poured with water, dry peas were long tormented in pottery in a Russian stove, so it was well boiled soft and turned into puree.

We offer to cook a traditional pea porridge according to a step-by-step recipe in a saucepan on the stove, add a dish of smoked meat or vegetables.

Step-by-step recipes for pea porridge - general principles of cooking

• To get tasty and nutritious peas, you need to choose the right grits. First of all, the pea must be well ripened, as evidenced by its rich orange color. The surface of the grains should be smooth and well polished. Try to figure out one of them, if for this you do not need to make an effort - the croup will boil over quickly. Often when choosing a question arises, which pea is better to take, crushed or whole. Of course, the time it takes to shredded shreds will be less, and there is no need to soak it, but from whole peas porridge is obtained with a richer taste.

• Peas can be cooked with a pre-soak or dispense with such a procedure. For proper soaking for one part of whole or crushed peas, you need to take three parts of water. The optimal time for soaking peas from two to six hours, no more. With a long stay in the water, the peas often sour and not boiled soft. If you decide to soak in the evening, put in the refrigerator and be sure to rinse and change the water at least twice. It is worth noting that even after a long soaking, porridge will be cooked from forty minutes to an hour. • Do not soak, and especially cook peas in running water. Often, it contains impurities that prevent the peas from boiling soft even during long cooking. It is best to take bottled water, and flow through the filter beforehand through the filter, and then defend well.

• There are a lot of options for cooking peas, and they are all based on the recipe for classic pea porridge, a step-by-step recipe of which is given in the article. It is usually not supplemented with anything, but only slightly flavored with butter. Peanut can be ennobled by roasting vegetables, often the dish is prepared with meat: pork, beef, chicken and even with minced meat. Often it is cooked with smoked meats. Fragrant pea does not require an excess of spices, but a richer taste can be obtained by adding a little ground coriander.

• It is advisable to cook pea porridge in an un-enameled saucepan with a thick bottom, but in case of its absence, you can easily do with a simple aluminum saucepan. Water is recommended to add, respecting the proportion of 1: 3 or visually navigate the level. The liquid should cover a layer of peas for at least two centimeters. After boiling, pea porridge is cooked on a small fire, trying to stir as often as possible so as not to burn. Significantly simplifies the process of having a multicooker. In it the pea does not stick to the bottom, but it is desirable to glance at it at least occasionally, until the peas absorb water so that it does not run out.

• To determine the readiness, it is enough to look at the dish itself - the peas should practically be boiled soft. But this is a matter of personal taste, someone prefers and not boiled pea porridge. In this case, be sure to try the peas for softness.

Pea Porridge: A Step-by-Step Recipe for the Classic Pea

The easiest, you can say, the basic version of cooking pea porridge. Step-by-step recipe - the basis for fantasy. Instead of butter, you can add cracklings, pre-fried meat in the form of minced meat or slices, smoked meat or mushrooms. After that, the porridge should be allowed to warm up a little and brew. Ingredients:

• one and a half glasses of peas;

• three glasses of filtered or bottled water;

• half spoonful of fine salt;

• 1/3 pack of “Farmer” oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Thoroughly wash the moved peas under the tap. Put in a saucepan and add three glasses of filtered water to it. It is recommended that one part of the pea take two parts of the liquid. Whether enough water is poured, it can be determined by its level, the liquid should cover a centimeter pea by 2, no less and no more.

2. On an intense fire, bring the contents of the pan to a boil, then set the average heat. By this time a lot of foam will accumulate on the surface, it needs to be removed. We do it with a spoon or skimmer - we carefully remove, leaving no small share. Next, cook peas with the lowest heat, not letting the porridge boil intensely.

3. Cook porridge, slightly covering the pan with a lid. Constantly stir so that the peas settled to the bottom are not burnt and closely monitor the water level, if necessary add.

4. When the peas begin to melt, become soft, add salt. Mix thoroughly and continue cooking until we get the right consistency and thickness. Someone likes homogeneous pea porridge, and someone likes to feel some peas. It must be remembered that a homogeneous pea when it cools is very thick.

5. In the finished porridge add a piece of butter and mix well. For greater homogeneity, you can kill peas with a blender.

Pea Porridge: A Step-by-Step Recipe with Vegetable Roasting for a Multivarki

Cooking pea porridge for step-by-step recipe for the multicooker is simplified by the uselessness of constant stirring and supervision. Attention is required only the first time, until the water is absorbed into the peas. The recipe differs from the classic version of a different sequence of actions.

Ingredients: • peeled peas - 400 gr .;

• two medium carrots;

• large onion;

• two spoons of vegetable oil;

• coriander.

Cooking Method:

1. If, in the first recipe, preparation begins with peas, in this variant, we first prepare roasting. Peel vegetables, grind carrots with the largest grater, diced onion into small cubes. Pour about two spoons of butter into the bowl and warm it a little. We spread the vegetables, cook on any frying option, until golden. Stir as often as possible, it is important not to dry and fry the vegetables, it is enough to bring them to softness.

2. Enumerate the peas. We rinse, lay out the vegetables and fill it with water so that it covers peas for two centimeters. It is undesirable to fill the hob more than half, otherwise the water will run out of it.

3. Making sure that there is enough liquid, close the lid and run the “Quenching” or “Multipovar” option for one hour. Be sure to at least occasionally monitor the process. Make sure that the pea does not run away, check the water - pour it as needed.

4. After the end of the program, check readiness. If the peas are badly boiled soft and still hard, increase the time. After receiving the porridge of the desired consistency, add salt, stir and leave for another quarter of an hour to heat.

5. Prepared pea porridge, as in the step-by-step recipe above, can be supplemented with any products. But this must be done before you put on the heating.

Pea Porridge: Step-by-step recipe with smoked ribs without carrots

A large cast-iron cauldron or a separate thick-walled pan will be required. Thanks to smoked meat, pea is made not only tasty, more nutritious, but also fragrant, “with smoke”. Pea porridge, in this step-by-step recipe is prepared without carrots, the lack of characteristic sweetness is compensated by sugar.


• half a kilo of crushed peas;

• large onion; • 700 gr. smoked pork ribs;

• a teaspoon of sugar;

• three tablespoons of corn oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Choose from the peas all the garbage, washed and put it in a bowl. Fill with water so that it completely covers it, add a teaspoon of soda and mix well. Set aside the bowl to the side for at least half an hour.

2. Cut the “ribbon” of smoked ribs into pieces, divide the large ones in half or cut them into even smaller pieces.

3. Put the cauldron on the stove, pour oil into it, turn on the middle fire. Warming up the fat well, put the meat pieces into it. Fry, stirring, for five minutes. Smoked ribs are ready to eat, we just need to make a light blush appear on their surface.

4. Clean the onion. Cut in half and thin shred. We shift to the ribs, evenly distributing into all the pieces, sprinkle with sugar. We simmer on low heat until the stripes acquire a pleasant amber shade.

5. Carefully washing the peas, lay it in the cauldron. Fill with boiling water, observing the recommended proportions or focusing on the water level. All mix well, cover cauldron lid. Cooking peas with a minimum boil for about an hour and a half. After the peas soak up the water, it can begin to burn. Try to stir porridge more often, raising its lower layer upward so that the peas steamed evenly.

6. Ready peas we put salt and remove from the stove. Do not overdo it, smoked ribs have already been salted.

Tricks of cooking pea porridge for step-by-step recipes - tips

• Not all step-by-step recipes for pea porridge described above suggest soaking peas. If there is enough time, still soak - the cooking time will be significantly reduced.

• There is no filtered or bottled water; cook peas on unsalted mineral water. Suitable even carbonated.

• Bring to a boil, systematically remove the foam that has risen to the surface and mix as often as possible, especially the first five minutes. When stirring, try to reach the bottom of the pan with a spoon and separate the settled peas from it. If this is not done, they will stick to it and may burn in the future. • It happens and the water taken is not flowing and the peas seem to be picked up correctly and how much not cooking the porridge does not work out homogeneous. Try the loose peas, if it is soft, smash the peas to the desired state with a blender.

• Using crushed peas or soaking them is not the only way to save time. Using a pressure cooker will cut it in half, but the pea porridge in it must be cooked with extreme caution. First of all, you can not fill the pan above the recommended level. It is necessary to strictly observe the proportions of peas to water and to prevent the intense release of steam through the valve. This indicates a strong boiling inside, and this can literally be dangerous: the water will evaporate quickly, the valve may be clogged with pea puree spray and the pressure cooker will “explode”.

• The classic version of pea porridge, the step-by-step recipe of which is described in detail above, is not only the basic one for all its species cooked in a saucepan. He is also truly universal! They make chops from such peas, it can become the basis for fritters, pea cutlets and even stuffing for delicious pies.

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