Homemade french fries are tastier, more natural and cheaper than at McDonalds. How to cook french fries at home.

Homemade french fries are tastier, more natural and cheaper than at McDonalds. How to cook french fries at home.

It would seem that one of us never tried fries in our lives? But who came up with such an appetizing dish - not everyone knows! It will be more accurate to say that few people know, and even they are confused in the veracity of their information!

Although this in no way affects the popularity of this dish - in every restaurant or cafe you will see it in the menu in the “Garnishes” section. Fried fries - looks great on the table both on a weekday and during holidays. This crunchy dish with roasted crust and soft core is loved by both adults and children! In addition, it is so quickly and efficiently prepared that it won the love of all the cooks in the world. The only negative dishes - its high calorie! But this will not prevent us from enjoying a portion of excellent French fries!

At home, cooking french fries is not at all difficult. After peeling potatoes, they cut them into medium-sized bars, wash (or rather soak, especially starchy varieties) in cold water and dry with a paper towel.

Then the vegetable oil is poured into a deep frying pan or fryer, in such quantity that the potatoes during the frying are free to swim in it, and potato slices are fried in portions in it. Catching ready potatoes with a skimmer, it is laid out in a plate. It should be first laid out with napkins that will collect fat from the potatoes. Salt the french fries directly on the plate, before serving.

French fries - food preparation

To get tasty and crispy french fries, it is important to choose the right potatoes. These should be rather large ripe potatoes. From a young potato dish will not work, because it does not have the desired flavor or density. Also, you should not take for cooking french fries of a variety that contains a lot of starch, as it will soften quickly after roasting. Preparation of potatoes for frying begins with the selection of potato tubers of the desired shape, free from defects and damage. Then we wash them thoroughly, peel them, and cut them into long sticks having a cross section of 1x1 cm. After washing the resulting sticks of potatoes in running water, carefully dry them with a paper towel or napkins. Our potatoes are ready for roasting!

At 4 servings of crisp you will need:

- 4 large potatoes;

- 3-4 pinches of salt;

- 150 g of flour;

- 200 ml of vegetable oil.

Homemade french fries are tastier, more natural and cheaper than at McDonalds. How to cook french fries at home.

Agree, the list of necessary ingredients is present in almost every home! In a recipe, french fries are breaded in flour, and then only fried in boiling oil. Thus, the potato will always have a crispy crust and an appetizing golden color after roasting! He will succeed even for inexperienced cooks or beginners taking their first steps in this field.

Peel the potato tubers and rinse them in water. If necessary, cut out all black dots and dirt. In order to cut the potatoes in a neat straw - there are many devices, but if you do not have those, then cut the potatoes into layers, and they are already cut into strips.

Homemade french fries are tastier, more natural and cheaper than at McDonalds. How to cook french fries at home.

Put the sliced ​​potatoes in a container with high sides, add salt and wheat flour on it. mix everything so that each straw of potatoes is breaded in salt and flour.

Homemade french fries are tastier, more natural and cheaper than at McDonalds. How to cook french fries at home.

In a deep saucepan or frying pan, heat the vegetable oil and put the potato straw into it, trying to lower it in portions so that the whole portion of the potato is covered with boiling oil. You should not immediately add to the skillet all the potato masses - the straws will simply stick together and will not fry. In the process of heat treatment, you will see how the slices of french fries will start to acquire a golden color - at this stage they need to be mixed with a spatula, trying not to be damaged, and fry for about 1 more minute. Then, using a skimmer, the fried potatoes must be pulled out of the container onto a paper towel or napkin so that it gives up all the excess fat, and a second portion of potatoes is added to the boiling oil. Keep in mind that in 1 serving of butter it is possible to fry only 1-2 servings of potatoes in breading, since then carcinogenic substances accumulate in it, which also get into the potato. Do not save on your health!

Homemade french fries are tastier, more natural and cheaper than at McDonalds. How to cook french fries at home.

Serve hot, but slightly fat-free fries with any sauces - they will perfectly complement it and give piquancy to the taste! Good appetite!

Homemade french fries are tastier, more natural and cheaper than at McDonalds. How to cook french fries at home.

4 servings of crisp french fries - these are elementary savings! And, although the lion's share of the cost of the recipe in it is occupied by vegetable oil, the cost of the dish is still quite low:

- 4 potatoes - 12 rubles;

- 150 g of flour - 3 rub .;

- 200 ml of vegetable oil - 12 rubles.

Total: the cost of four servings equals 27 rubles, and the cost of one - 7 rubles. Is it not a budget? Even as you have just clearly seen this. Moreover, potatoes cooked at home will be much more beneficial than french fries cooked in fast-food establishments - there you will not be able to regulate the “purity” and change of vegetable oil!

Cook with us delicious recipes and spend the money saved for your pleasure!

Other French Fries Recipes

Recipe 1: Classical French Fries

If you are a lover of fast food french fries, then this recipe is for you. Potatoes cooked according to this recipe, it turns out exactly what you are served, for example, in McDonalds. Therefore, with our recipe you can enjoy your favorite dish at home.


7 medium potatoes;

300 gr. vegetable oils;

to taste the salt.


1. After cleaning and washing the potatoes, cut it into cubes and dry with a napkin.

2. Pouring any vegetable oil to your taste in a saucepan or other deep form, heat it.

3. Placing small portions of potatoes in a frying pan, fry it until golden brown and spread it with a skimmer in a colander. When the oil is drained, lay it on a plate. Only after that we salt and serve hot.

Recipe 2: Fried Potatoes with Egg White

If you love french fries, but limit yourself to fried foods, then you will probably have such a recipe by the way. This potato can be safely given even to children, and it turns out to be very ruddy and crispy, in a word, such that we love french fries for. Ingredients:

7 potatoes;

squirrels 2 eggs;

to taste salt and paprika.


1. After washing the potatoes and peeling, cut them into 1 cm thick sticks.

2. Lightly beat egg whites with salt. Pour them into prepared potatoes and mix well so that each bar is covered with protein.

3. Heat the oven well. Cover the baking tray with baking paper, spread the potatoes on it and sprinkle it with the paprika. Putting a baking sheet in the oven, bake until golden brown. Serve hot.

Recipe 3: Dietary French Fries

Another recipe for french fries for those who love it, but terrified at the thought of how many calories and harm to health it gets with a serving of such a desired dish. This method of preparation provides for a minimum amount of fat, but it contains spices, which give the fries a little spiciness.


1 kg of potatoes;

50 gr. rast. oils;

50 gr. breadcrumbs;

1 tsp. sweet paprika powder with ground cumin;

a pinch of red pepper

to taste the salt with black pepper.


1. After washing and peeling potatoes, cut it into 8 parts and dry well with a napkin or paper towel. Put prepared potatoes in a large bowl, sprinkle with oil and mix thoroughly so that the butter evenly covers all the slices.

2. In another bowl, mix the breadcrumbs with paprika powder, red and black pepper, cumin and salt. Roll the potatoes in the resulting spicy breaded.

3. Having warmed up the oven well and made a baking sheet with baking paper, spread the potato slices on it in one layer, put it in the oven. Turning over periodically, bake in a preheated oven for about half an hour, until it becomes golden and crispy. Serve hot.

French fries - tips from experienced chefs

It is important that the potatoes are thoroughly dried with a paper towel or napkins before being dipped in butter. Otherwise, the oil coming into contact with wet potatoes, can begin to spray and burn you.

When cooking french fries, refined oils (preferably deodorized) should be preferred. Moreover, the oil can be sunflower or olive, cotton or corn - in a word, according to your desire, and the shade of its taste will have a ready dish.

How to determine that the oil in the pan is heated to the desired temperature? Very simple - carefully dropping a small piece of potato into it and watching it. If the potatoes immediately surfaced, surrounded by bubbles of boiling oil - it means that it is time to lay prepared potatoes for frying. If not, then it is necessary to continue heating.

Salt fries should be ready, otherwise it will not turn out crispy. The best option would be to make it already when you put the potatoes out of the pan on a dish, before serving.

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