Roll of chicken legs will decorate and diversify any table. Cooking chicken rolls: a process worth learning

Roll of chicken legs will decorate and diversify any table. Cooking chicken rolls: a process worth learning

Chicken thigh roll is not the easiest dish to prepare, therefore it occupies a worthy place in the art of cooking.

A variety of fillings allow you to cook from one type of meat a lot of different and delicious dishes.

Rolls with many types of fillings are equally appetizing, juicy and tasty.

Chicken thigh roll - general principles of cooking

Meat must be fresh. It is better if it is not frozen, but chilled.

The bone must be carefully removed using a sharp knife.

Removing the skin from the legs, cut the meat, so that the skin itself is not torn.

Wash the flesh, dry with a paper towel or napkin and discard.

Cooking roll of chicken legs most often occurs in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees. Cooking time: forty minutes to an hour.

Baked roll in foil, special sleeve and even in the fabric of flax or chintz.

Depending on the recipe, the dish is prepared in a griddle.

To roll not decay, it must be secured with culinary thread or wooden skewers. They are removed when the dish is cooked and cool slightly.

Served roll with fresh vegetables. They can be simply cut into pieces or make a salad. Perfect and grilled vegetables.

1. Roll of chicken legs with creamy filling and black olives

Soft creamy filling and olives turn ordinary chicken into a gourmet dish with a rather original taste.


• Two chicken legs.

• Eggs - two pieces.

• One and a half tea spoons of low-fat sour cream.

• Two teaspoons soft cheese.

• For a spoonful of butter and fragrant oil.

• Garlic clove.

• Spoon dry oregano.

• 0.100 kg pitted olives.

• Three Art. spoons of crackers and flour.

• Pepper, salt.

Cooking Method:

Separate the meat from the bone, remove the skin and excess fat. Beat off the inside. Oil soften.

Beat one egg in a bowl, blab. Put the butter, sour cream and cheese, mix. Pour the fragrant oil and add chopped garlic. Salt and pepper to taste.

Put the stuffing and two or three olives on the meat. Sprinkle with oregano.

Wrap the rolls, fasten with skewers.

Semi-finished product first roll in flour, then dip in a scrambled egg, then - to coat with breadcrumbs. Repeat this procedure twice.

Fry in a skillet until meat is completely cooked. After letting go a little, remove the skewers.

Serve with fresh tomatoes and peppers.

2. Chicken thigh roll with scrambled eggs

This dish can be prepared from meat and peel, which remained after frying meatballs. It is usually served as a snack.


• Four chicken legs.

• 200 grams of mushrooms.

• Two eggs.

• Two garlic cloves.

• Pot and ground pepper, salt.

• Two teaspoons of gelatin.

• Lavrushka.

Cooking Method:

Carefully release the thigh from the skin. Separate the meat from the bone. Cut into small pieces. Set aside half for making cutlets, the rest for rolls.

Fry the mushrooms until tender.

The skin is laid out on a linen or calico towel (piece of cloth) so that it is one piece.

Beat eggs and fry in a skillet like pancake.

Spread the meat on the skin. Salt, pepper, squeeze garlic.

Place the mushrooms on top. All properly align and sprinkle with gelatin.

Then put the pancake from eggs.

Wrap the roll so that all its edges are closed. Slightly flatten the inner contents. Then wrap in cloth and tie a culinary thread.

Fill a deep pan by three quarters with water and bring it to a boil. Put pepper pepper, salt and Lavrushka.

Immerse the roll in the water and cook on medium heat for forty minutes.

Remove from the pan and leave to cool on the table. After twenty minutes, put in the refrigerator. When the dish has cooled completely, you need to remove the thread and fabric. Now you can do slicing roll with legs. Serve with fresh herbs.

3. Chicken thigh roll with oyster mushrooms


The dish is nourishing and appetizing. Contains meat and vegetables. Therefore, it can be served without a side dish. Although vegetables do not happen much.

• Four chicken legs.

• Four carrots.

• Four garlic cloves.

• Four Art. spoons of mayonnaise and dutch cheese.

• Bunch of parsley.

• Two hundred grams of oyster mushrooms.

• Ground pepper, salt.

Cooking Method:

Thoroughly wash the chicken legs and dry with a napkin. Take out the bones.

The soft part to deploy and put down the skin. Beat off so as not to damage the skin.

Cut carrots and mushrooms into straws.

Crush garlic with a knife and further cut. Finely chop the green beam.

Pour the chicken flesh and place the garlic on top with a flat layer.

Lubricate half of mayonnaise, pepper.

Layered carrots, cheese, mushrooms.

Parsley sprinkle on the narrow edge of a chicken leg. From the same edge roll roll.

Tie with thread, smear with mayonnaise residues.

Bake in the oven in the usual way.

Cool ready meal. Then remove the thread and cut into centimeter slices. Serve with boiled vegetables, for example, with cauliflower and broccoli.

4. Chicken thigh roll with potatoes

Good lunch filling: satisfying and healthy. Cook no longer than any meat dish


• Two chicken legs.

• Pepper, salt to taste.

• Flour.

• Four potatoes.

• Onion.

• Lavrushka.

Cooking Method:

Separate the meat from the bone and discard it without damaging the chicken skin.

Onion cut into rings and fry.

Cut potatoes into thin slices. Most of its half mixed with onion, salt and pepper.

Put the minced meat on the chicken flesh and roll the roll. Tie a culinary thread.

Roll the roll in flour and fry in a hot frying pan until golden brown.

Transfer to a deep saucepan, overlay with leftover potatoes. Pour two glasses of water, prisolit and add laurea. Stew over low heat until the potatoes are ready. Release the saucepan. Remove the thread from the roll after it has cooled slightly.

It can be cut into pieces, can be served whole, but always in the form of heat.

Add potatoes and tomatoes to the garnish.

5. Chicken thigh roll with sausage and cheese

It would seem a somewhat strange combination: meat and sausage. But the one who tries the finished dish will be pleased with its pleasant and original taste.


• Two chicken legs.

• 0,300 kg of dairy sausage.

• Sweet pepper.

• 0.100 kg of Dutch cheese.

• Greenery.

• Spiced butter.

• Ground pepper and salt.

Cooking Method:

Remove the large bone from the legs, discard the meat, without removing the skin.

Finely chop the sausage and Dutch cheese.

Bulgarian pepper also finely chop.

Mix all ingredients, salt and pepper.

Fill the chicken legs with the filling and roll them. Tie culinary thread.

Grate the rolls with salt and sprinkle with some spicy butter.

Bake in the oven in the usual way.

Cool the finished dish a little, remove the thread and sprinkle liberally with greens of parsley and dill.

6. Roll of chicken legs with dried fruits

The dish can be prepared for lunch or dinner. In the process of roasting, the meat is filled with the aroma of dried fruits and becomes sourish and at the same time sweet in taste. With such a roll of legs, you need to please your relatives more often.


• Two chicken legs.

• 100 grams of prunes and dried apricots.

• 200 grams of butter.

• 100 grams of pine nuts.

• Two teaspoons of turmeric.

• Pepper, salt.

Cooking Method:

Dried fruits thoroughly washed and dried.

Cut the prunes and dried apricots into small cubes.

Heat the pan, melt half the butter and lightly fry the dried fruit.

Add pine nuts and turmeric. Fry a little more.

Free the meat from the bone and repel it well, putting the skin down.

Salt and pepper. Put the stuffing and roll roll. Fold cooking string. Grease each roll with butter and place in foil. Send to oven for baking.

Cut the chicken legs into slices and serve with fresh peppers and tomatoes.

7. Marinated chicken roll

The cheese will melt inside the roll, and its spicy, sweetish taste will make the dish piquant and very fragrant.


• Two chicken legs.

• Four slices of hard cheese.

• 150 grams of champignons.

• Flour.

• 200 ml of milk.

• Pepper, salt.


• Two Art. spoons sour cream 21% and corn oil.

• Black spoon ground bay leaf.

• 1/2 teaspoonful of salt, turmeric and allspice.

• 30 grams of lemon juice.

Cooking Method:

Free the meat from the seed and marinate for half an hour.

Marinade: mix sour cream and corn oil. Pour lemon juice and fill in half a teaspoon of salt, turmeric and allspice. Pour the minced lavrushka. Mix everything well. Place the meat in the marinade.

Cut the champignons in centimeter cubes. Fry over medium heat for a few minutes and transfer to a bowl to cool.

Spread the meat and put on it a slice of hard cheese. Pour the mushrooms on top and cover them with another slice of cheese.

Roll up rolls and fasten them with thread.

Roll in flour and fry in a skillet for several minutes.

Transfer to deep baking dish.

Pour milk into a bowl and add two pinches of salt and ground pepper, mix.

Pour milk into rolls. Put in the oven for twenty-five minutes.

Slightly cooled rolls of legs cut diagonally into two or three parts.

Serve with lettuce and tomatoes.

8. Leg of chicken roll with almette cheese

The dish can be prepared for a weekend lunch. The filling of the roll is tender and fragrant with a slight garlic flavor. The dish is nourishing and appetizing.


• Two chicken legs.

• 200 grams of Almette cheese.

• Four pinches of thyme.

• Three cloves of garlic.

• Half a dill and parsley. • Allspice.

• Salt.

• Spicy oil.

Cooking Method:

Free the meat from the bones and discourage a little.

Chop garlic, chop greens.

For the filling, mix the almette cheese with herbs and garlic. Add salt and pepper. Pour two pinches of thyme. Stir once more.

Put the stuffing on the meat, gently roll it. Secure with thread.

Place the rolls on a baking sheet. Pour three or four tablespoons of spiced oil on top, season with pepper and salt. Pour two pinches of thyme.

Bake in the oven.

Ready rolls give a little cool. Cut into three pieces. Serve with grilled vegetables.

Chicken thigh roll - tricks and tips

  • In order not to damage the meat, taking out the bone, you need to press it with your palm and cut it like a book, going from the center to the edges.
  • The roll is tightly tied with a culinary thread. According to the rules, it must first be tied up vertically and then horizontally.
  • A very sharp knife is used to cut the roll.
  • A dish can be put on the table both chilled and hot.
  • The remaining bones can be used to make broth and soup.
  • When the roll is baked in the sleeve, it is necessary to make several punctures in its upper part so that the film does not burst.
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