Recipes for fried and baked cabbage cutlets with fresh white, sauerkraut and cauliflower minced meat

Recipes for fried and baked cabbage cutlets with fresh white, sauerkraut and cauliflower minced meat

Cabbage is valued for its many beneficial properties and ease of preparation. This vegetable goes well with any type of meat, rice, carrots, onions, and other vegetables. Cabbage dishes are not considered. For example, the lungs for the body, nutritious, flavorful cabbage cutlets with minced meat can be cooked in different ways. And all this is incredibly tasty!

Cabbage patties with minced meat: general rules

The first of the two main ingredients - cabbage - can be combined with minced meat in one dish, raw and cooked. Fresh vegetable for softness fray with salt. In other recipes, it is boiled until half cooked in salted water.

Methods for cutting cabbage for meatballs can be different: dice, straw, chips. The main thing is to cut the vegetable as small as possible. In order not to suffer from cutting, cabbage leaves are cut into strips and passed through a meat grinder along with meat, onions, carrots.

Minced cabbage cutlets can be made from any kind of meat. However, experienced chefs recommend choosing a low-fat pork, young beef or veal, turkey for such a dish. Good in cabbage patties and mixed minced meat from different types of meat.

The principle of making cabbage cutlets with minced meat is simple:

1. All ingredients are mixed until the mass is homogeneous:

2. Hands make round or traditional oval cutlets.

3. Dump in flour (breadcrumbs).

4. Roast on both sides in a small amount of vegetable oil in a pan or bake in the oven with sauce.

Serve a dish with side dishes of rice, potatoes, vegetables, cereals.

Classic cabbage patties with minced meat

The recipe suggests 2 cooking options. In the first cutlets just fried in a pan. In the second - first fry, and then stew in tomato sauce. What feed to choose - a matter of taste.

Take: · 500 g white cabbage;

· 500 g of pork and ground beef;

· Onion;

· 2 tbsp. l tomato paste;

· Pepper, salt.

How to cook:

1. Cabbage and onions are cut into small cubes or scrolled in a meat grinder.

2. Mixed with minced meat, salt, pepper, add bay leaf.

3. Form an oval flat patty. Fry in a pan, put in a cauldron.

4. Tomato paste is diluted with water, seasoned with spices to taste.

Cabbage cutlets are poured with minced meat with an improvised sauce and stewed in a closed cauldron on a quiet fire for 40 minutes.

Savory cabbage patties with minced meat in the oven

A slightly modified recipe with a wide variety of ingredients. Fragrant seasonings and herbs give the finished dish an original taste and delicious aroma.


700 g chicken fillet;

· 100 g fat;

· 400 g of white cabbage;

· 250 g of onions;

· 300 g carrots;

· 1 egg;

· 100 g of semolina;

· 40 g of flour;

· 20 g of tomato paste;

· 85 g butter;

· 300 ml of water;

· 2 bay leaves;

· Asterisk clove;

· Salt;

· Ground pepper;

· Greens - dill, basil, parsley.

How to cook:

1. Fillet, lard, cabbage, peeled onions and carrots are ground in chopper sludge passed through a meat grinder.

2. Egg, semolina, pepper, salt are hammered into the minced meat cutlet. Stir for 5 minutes.

3. Form the patties. Spread on a baking sheet, sprinkled with vegetable oil, at a short distance from each other. Bake at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

4. In melted butter in a frying pan fry the flour (5 minutes). Tomato paste is diluted with water and poured into the pan. Add all the spices, mix. Cook for 2 minutes.

5. Hot sauce is poured on baked cabbage patties with minced meat. Bake in the same mode for another 7 minutes.

The ready, slightly cooled dish is sprinkled with a mix of chopped greens.

Lazy cabbage rolls or cabbage patties with minced meat and rice in the oven

To taste, these cabbage rolls are obtained even better than in the traditional version. In addition, they prepare much easier and faster. Take:

· 750 g of white cabbage;

· 200 g of veal minced meat;

· 0.5 Art. rice;

· Carrot;

· Onion;

· Egg

· 250 ml of tomato juice;

· 50 ml of kefir or sour cream;

· 250 ml of water;

· 1 tsp. mustard;

· 40 ml of vegetable oil;

· salt pepper.

How to cook:

1. Rice washed, boiled until tender. Throw back in a colander and washed again.

2. Onion, diced, and grated carrots are fried in a pan for 23 minutes.

3. Add chopped cabbage to vegetables. Stir, cover with a lid. Stew, stirring occasionally, for 10 minutes.

4. Stewed, slightly cooled vegetables combine with rice and minced meat. Hammer in an egg, salt, and pepper. Knead minced meat.

5. Shape small patties and spread them in a baking dish.

6. For the sauce, mix tomato juice, sour cream, mustard, and water.

Lazy cabbage rolls are poured over the sauce and baked for 40 minutes at 200 degrees.

“Sly” cabbage patties stuffed with minced meat

The original recipe, reminiscent of the technique of cooking Belarusian sorcerers or potato zraz. But the taste is completely different.


· 500 g white cabbage;

· 500 grams of minced pork;

· Onion;

· 250 g of ready mashed potatoes;

· clove of garlic;

· salt pepper;

· vegetable oil;

· Breadcrumbs.

How to cook:

1. Cabbage finely chopped. Salt and crush your hands so that it becomes soft.

2. Diced onion and mashed potatoes are added to cabbage. Salt, season with spices, and pepper. Knead the dough for cabbage patties with meat filling.

3. Add chopped garlic, salt and pepper to the pork headlights. Knead and knock out well.

4. From the cabbage-potato dough make small cakes. Wrap them in a teaspoon of minced meat.

Cutlets are rolled in breadcrumbs. Fry on both sides in well heated vegetable oil for 2 minutes. The crust on the cutlets should turn out to be ruddy with a golden sheen - you should not overcook vegetable dough.

Cauliflower Cutlets with “Original” Stuffing

It is necessary to change only one ingredient of the recipe - it turns out a completely new dish. An experiment with cauliflower in minced meat patties confirms this theory.


· A head (about 1 kg) of cauliflower;

· 700 g of minced chicken;

· Crimean onion - 1 pc .;

· 2 eggs;

· 3 cloves of garlic;

· 1/2 Art. unsalted pistachios;

· 2 tbsp. l chopped parsley;

· Breadcrumbs;

· Vegetable oil;

· Salt, nutmeg, pepper mix, sage - to taste.

How to cook:

1. Cauliflower is divided into small inflorescences. Boil until half ready in salted water (15 minutes). Cool, drain the water. Syrup in a blender.

2. The onion and pistachios are ground by a blender. Mixed with parsley and sage.

3. All components of the dish are combined together. Knead homogeneous meat cutlet.

4. Hands form round patties, roll in breading and fry in vegetable oil on both sides.

Served cauliflower patties with minced meat with a side of mashed potatoes, salads from fresh vegetables. For completeness of tastes, the dish can be poured with sour cream or cream sauce.

Cabbage patties with minced raw cauliflower and oatmeal

Another interesting recipe for cabbage cutlets. At this time, the cauliflower is not boiled, but used raw.


· 600 g of cauliflower;

· 300 g of pork and ground beef;

· 2 bulbs;

· 2 eggs;

· 4 cloves of garlic;

· 4 tbsp. l oatmeal;

· Fresh dill and basil (to taste);

· Salt, ground pepper.


· 2 tbsp. l Greek yogurt;

· 1 tsp. finely chopped dill;

· salt pepper.

How to cook:

1. Wash cabbage, divided into florets and finely cut. Syrup in a blender.

2. Oatmeal grind in a coffee grinder.

3. Onions rubbed on a grater.

4. Vegetables, oatmeal flour, ground beef, eggs, chopped greens, seasonings and spices are combined in one container. Knead minced meat. 5. Cutlets are formed by hand and fried in vegetable oil in the usual way.

When serving, pour the sauce, made from Greek yogurt, dill, pepper and a pinch of salt.

“Pickled” cabbage patties with minced meat

Who has not tried such an unusual dish, will be surprised how well sauerkraut is combined with minced meat. The taste of the original cutlets, but very pleasant. The dish is fragrant, juicy, hearty.


· 250 g sauerkraut;

· 550 g ground beef;

· 35 ml of soy sauce;

· 1 tsp. ground ginger;

· 120 g onions;

· 3 cloves of garlic;

· 75 g of mayonnaise;

· 25 ml of sesame and sunflower oil.

How to cook:

1. Cabbage thoroughly squeezed from brine, finely chopped.

2. Onions cut into small cubes. Garlic is squeezed through the garlic.

3. Sauerkraut combine with ground beef, garlic, onions, ground ginger, half of soy sauce. Knead homogeneous meat cutlet.

4. Form and fry small patties in vegetable oil. You need to fry for 3-4 minutes on each side - so the sauerkraut will remain crispy, and the meat will be juicy.

From the second part of soy sauce, mayonnaise and sesame oil make the sauce. Hot cabbage patties are poured over them when served.

Baked sauerkraut burgers with minced chicken

This recipe will appeal to those who prefer low-calorie diet meals. Cutlets in the oven are cooked simply and very quickly.


· 250 g sauerkraut;

· 500 grams of minced chicken;

· Onion;

· 3 slices of white bread;

· Egg;

· 2 tbsp. l sour cream;

· salt pepper;

· Vegetable oil.

How to cook:

1. Bread soaked in water.

2. Sauerkraut, onions and soaked bread scroll in a meat grinder.

3. Mix the resulting vegetable and chicken mince. Hammer in an egg, pepper and salt to taste. Stir until smooth.

4. Baking dish sprinkled with vegetable oil. Spread into it formed from cooked mince meatballs. 5. Bake in an oven heated to 200 degrees for 20 minutes.

After sauerkraut cutlets with minced meat are taken out of the oven, smeared with sour cream and returned back. Bake until done (7 minutes) in the same mode.

Good advice

To make cabbage cutlets even more tasty, you can add crushed nuts, an apple, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, and cumin to the mince. The taste of the dish will become richer and richer if the cabbage with minced meat is combined with sweet pepper, kohlrabi, red sweet onions.

Fragrant herbs, seasonings and spices will give cabbage cutlets a delicious flavor.

For breading, you can use not only ground crackers, but also flour - wheat, corn, buckwheat.

A side dish of cabbage patties with minced meat serves fresh vegetable salads, stewed or baked vegetables, mashed potatoes, cereal porridge, rice. If the dish is presented as an independent one, different sauces are offered to cabbage cutlets - creamy, tomato, sour cream, mushroom, cheese.

Important! Cabbage patties with minced meat are served warm. Therefore, after frying (baking, stewing), the dish should rest for about 10 minutes in the container in which it was cooked.

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