The spite of fast food is a quick afternoon snack from an omelette with flour. Hearty - classic, dessert - diet omelets with flour

The spite of fast food is a quick afternoon snack from an omelette with flour. Hearty - classic, dessert - diet omelets with flour

Flour omelets are high and beautiful, not so different from other recipes in taste, they allow you to use a slightly larger range of products as fillers. Better keeping their shape, they may contain a greater amount of filling - greens, sausage or meat products, seafood.

Omelet with Flour - General Cooking Principles

• The egg mass for the omelet with flour is prepared according to the same principles as the omelet “dough” without it. Eggs are mixed with other ingredients, flour and whipped until a homogeneous mixture. The main point in this procedure is the addition of flour. It is introduced in order to cook an omelet cooked in a pan after putting it on a plate is not a donkey.

• Flour should not be much, otherwise the dish will not turn out lush, and the taste of flour will be felt in it. The optimal amount depends on how many eggs will be used. For 4-5 eggs, it is recommended to add no more than a teaspoon.

• In order not to disturb the porosity of the finished dish, milk, cream or sour cream must be introduced into the egg mass. Often added in small quantities of burnt soda.

• All omelets with flour are baked in a deep pan with a thickened bottom and walls, on vegetable or creamy fat. So that the dish rises well and does not burn, cook over low heat and be sure to cover the pan with a lid.

• Flour omelet recipes include a variety of ingredients: cheeses, seafood, mushrooms, vegetables, sausages, and even fruits.

Dessert fruit omelet with flour


• pasteurized cow's milk - 40 ml;

• teaspoon white flour;

• 50 ml of liquid, low-fat cream;

• 30 grams of butter;

• three eggs;

• sour cream 15% fat - 50 gr .;

• small ripe pear;

• two rings of canned pineapple.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the pear peeled. Cut in half, remove the middle and cut the flesh into thin slices. Chop pineapples in small cubes.

2. Add the cream mixed with milk, sour cream and flour to the broken eggs in a bowl, lightly salt them. Beating with a mixer, mix all the ingredients of the omelet "dough", bringing it to homogeneity. 3. In a thick-walled frying pan with a removable handle, melt the butter and put the chopped pear and pineapple in it.

4. Soak the fruits for a couple of minutes on low heat, then quickly pour the egg mixture onto them, immediately place the pan in a hot oven and leave the omelet to bake for a quarter of an hour.

A simple omelet with flour and a filling of tomatoes, mushrooms and sausage


• a small slice of salted brynza;

• fresh, large eggs - 6 pcs .;

• small fresh champignon;

• one mid-size tomato;

• 40 gr. “Dutch” cheese;

• two thin ringlets of boiled sausage;

• wheat flour - 10 gr. (1 tsp.);

• two sprigs of fresh parsley greens;

• 50 gr. cream "farm" oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Slowly melt a large spoonful of butter in a frying pan and dip the diced tomato into it. With a little heat, fry the tomato slices, but not for long. As soon as they give the juice, immediately put in a clean plate.

2. Add some more oil to the fat left in the pan. Add the champignon cut into small slices and stew on low heat for a couple of minutes and transfer to the tomatoes.

3. Add cheese, chopped on a medium grater, mix well and divide in half.

4. To the eggs broken in a bowl, add flour and whisk well. Add a little salt, half the mushroom mixture, stir.

5. In a frying pan, melt some butter, and when it warms up well, pour the omelette “dough” and turn on the intense heat.

6. Stirring occasionally, wait until the omelet thickens in the center and immediately place the deferred part of the mushroom filling on it. Following - the sausage cut by thin strips and, having lowered fire, bring to readiness.

7. Fold the hot omelette in half and shift to serve on a warm plate. Serve sprinkled with chopped dill.

Recipe for classic omelet with flour on milk


• any refined oil of the highest purity - 35 ml;

• five eggs;

• 1/2 large spoonful of flour;

• one third of a teaspoon of fine salt;

• half a cup of medium-fat pasteurized milk.

Cooking Method:

1. Release the eggs into a bowl of suitable size. 2. Add flour, milk and salt. Well blabbing everything with a fork, bring the mixture to homogeneity. You can add a little sugar, but this is an amateur.

3. Pour the egg mass into a frying pan heated with vegetable fat. Cover and cook over low heat for about 1/4 hour.

4. The finished omelet should bake well in the center. If desired, a well-raised, but still damp omelet can be brought to readiness by turning to the other side.

Omelette with flour on cream with shrimp


• peeled frozen shrimp - 150 gr .;

• 100 ml of 22% cream;

• half a teaspoon dried thyme;

• a pair of garlic cloves;

• Spoon of refined corn oil;

• full teaspoon of flour;

• eggs - 4 pcs.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour a glass of cooled boiled water in a small saucepan, add a pinch of salt and boil with moderate heat.

2. Dip frozen shrimps in boiling liquid and boil them at minimum boiling for about five minutes. Set aside from the heat and leave the shrimp in the broth for another couple of minutes.

3. Whip eggs with cream. To them add a pinch of ground pepper and salt. Pour the sifted flour and mix well. Omelette mass should not contain flour clumps.

4. Pour the egg mass into the pan with the butter melted in it and immediately push it through the garlic press.

5. Bake the omelet over medium heat under a lid for three minutes, then place the shrimps dried with broth from the broth. Sprinkle with thyme on top, stir and stand on the same heat under the lid for another three minutes.

Recipe for Italian omelet with flour


• medium sized tomato;

• four eggs;

• a teaspoon of sifted flour;

• a little basil;

• 100 gr. black bread;

• pasteurized milk, low fat - 100 ml;

• high quality olive oil and balsamic vinegar - for serving.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the black bread into small-sized cubes, tomatoes into thin slices.

2. Rinse the fresh basil under cold water, put the twigs on a cloth towel and dry well from moisture droplets. Dry basil cut into thin short strips or finely chop. 3. Break the eggs, add flour to them, gently pour in the milk. Sprinkle with a pinch of ground pepper and whisk everything until homogeneous. Pour chopped basil into the omelet mass, mix well.

4. In hot oil, fry the bread cubes until crispy, add slices of tomatoes and lightly fry them together with the bread.

5. Fill the croutons with tomatoes with egg mass and cook for seven minutes under the lid.

6. Cut the hot omelette into slices that are sprinkled with oil and vinegar before serving.

Omelet with flour and soda: recipe for omelette sandwiches


• 100 ml of cow's milk;

• one and a half large spoons of flour;

• three eggs;

• food, not extinguished soda - 1/2 tsp;

• half bell pepper;

• pitted black olives - 50 g;

• vegetable, highly purified oil;

• 50 gr. Cheese "Kostroma" or similar;

• 100 gr. boiled "Milk" sausage.

Cooking Method:

1. Break eggs into a bowl and lightly whip them with a whisk or fork. Add flour mixed with soda, pour in milk. Salt lightly, season with ground pepper and lightly whip until smooth.

2. Separate them in three equal parts and, alternately pouring a ladle into the vegetable oil heated in a pan, bake three pancakes, frying them on both sides.

3. Cut the sausage into small cubes. Wash the peppers, remove the seeds and cut into small pieces. In the middle crumb rub cheese, cut the olives into thin ringlets.

4. Combine all the products in one bowl, mix well and divide into three parts.

5. Spread the prepared stuffing evenly on half of the surface of each pancake and cover it with the free half of the product.

6. Tightly wrap each piece with foil and place in an oven with a temperature of 180 degrees for exactly 12 minutes.

7. Then gently release the omelet sandwiches from the foil and serve.

Mushroom omelet with flour on sour cream


• 200 gr. small champignons;

• onion head;

• two spoons of 20% sour cream;

• 1 tsp. baking sifted flour;

• blend “Italian herbs” - to taste;

• for frying - 30 gr. creamy fat. Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the mushrooms with running water and gently wipe the mushrooms dry with a towel, then cut into plates. Onion cut into thin half-rings.

2. In the butter melted in a pan, add the onions until soft and add the crushed mushrooms to it. Fry everything together on medium heat, ensuring evaporation of all the liquid released from the mushrooms.

3. To the eggs released in the bowl, add a little fine salt and lightly whisk. Pour the flour, put the sour cream. Intensively whisk everything to get a homogeneous mass and fill it with mushrooms, fried with onions.

4. Top season the omelet with ground pepper, sprinkle with herbs on your taste. Mix everything well and leave to bake under the lid for five minutes.

Omelette with flour - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Omelet with flour will turn out to be more lush if the whites are whipped separately with salt until fluffy foam and gently introduce it into the yolks mixed with other ingredients.

• Pour the omelette mixture into an unheated pan and the dish is guaranteed not to burn.

• The added soda gives the omelet extra splendor, but very often the finished dish has an unpleasant taste and specific smell. To avoid this, extinguish the soda with a small amount of vinegar or lemon juice.

• Add vegetables or mushrooms to the omelet and be sure to pre-fry them, otherwise they will not be baked and will remain raw.

• When preparing an omelet mass of more than five eggs, it is not necessary to beat the whites separately. Omelet and so it will turn out quite lush.

• The most delicious flour omelets are obtained if you bake them in butter or mix it with vegetable.

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