Original kebab appetizers: marinated plums, stuffed tomatoes, baked champignons. Kebab appetizers

Original kebab appetizers: marinated plums, stuffed tomatoes, baked champignons. Kebab appetizers

Grilled meat is a heavy meal, therefore it is preferable to serve it with sauces, greens, fresh vegetables, and bread. This presentation is good for the usual attacks on nature, but the kebabs are prepared on special occasions, and such a table will be incomplete. We offer several options of appetizers for kebabs that will complement any table.

General principles of cooking snacks for kebabs

Snacks served to kebabs should not be too hot, as such it is better to make sauces - ketchup, adjika, but aromatic spices are required. The Caucasian cuisine, to which it is customary to refer the meat fried on coals, is renowned for its spiciness and spiciness, as a result, cilantro, garlic, and black pepper are indispensable in our recipes. Cumin and coriander are obligatory even in those cases when they are not on the list of seasonings.

Barbecue, in theory, should be hot and juicy, in practice it sometimes does not work out, and in such cases they can help out barbecue snacks, they can brighten up a failed main course. Of course, appetizers should contain a lot of sauce or marinade, if the meat was fat, then the spice should be added.

Meat does not like a large amount of salt in the marinade, respectively, its amount can be increased in snacks - immediately, during cooking, or to provide for this possibility during the meal.

Barbecue snacks are good if you manage to make them contrasting in taste - crispy meat is in perfect harmony with sweetish snacks. We specifically included in the selection of a recipe for snacks from plums.

Spicy kebab appetizer: a recipe for warm vegetable salad

Delicious traditional barbecue snack consists of vegetables baked over coals. This salad can be prepared at home, in this case, use the oven or fry in a grill pan. The snack will not have the characteristic smell of smoke, but this will not make it any less tasty. Ingredients:

one eggplant;

three bell peppers;

four small tomatoes;

fresh cilantro, parsley, dill;

hot peppers;

non-aromatic vegetable oil;

ground coriander;


Cooking Method:

We wash the greens and vegetables, lay on a towel to dry. Vegetables, without peeling, are laid on a brazier grill and baked, turning over periodically. When they become soft enough, and black scorches appear on the skin, remove them. If you use a grill without a grill, string vegetables on the skewers, at home, you can use the stove or grill pan.

With hot peppers, eggplant and tomatoes carefully remove the peel, from the peppers choose seeds with a spoon. We spread the pulp in a bowl, and right there divide it into pieces using a fork. Shallow is not necessary, the chunks should be large.

Add coriander and garlic. It can be finely chopped, chopped with a float or pushed through a press. The quantity is not limited, for a light garlic aroma you will need two small teeth, who like a pronounced flavor, can put more.

Grind the greens, send to the salad, add a little oil and mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

Original appetizer for pita kebab with greens and cheese

A hearty snack that can be served to any kebab instead of bread. It is advisable to prepare the blanks at home and put them in a bag. Serve pita bread should be warm, so spread the convolutions on the grid should be a few minutes before the kebab.


two sheets of pita;

bunch of parsley;

300 grams of light-melting cheese of any solid grade.

Cooking method:

We unfold the pita breads, cut the sheets into rectangles measuring 15 * 30 cm.

After washing the parsley, we remove the stems and dry the leaves well, spreading them on a towel. Diluted greens are chopped with a knife.

Cheese cut into small cubes, mix with parsley. You can add a little chopped garlic, but this is a matter of taste. Not necessarily limited to hard cheese, it can be cheese, mozzarella, suluguni. For each piece of pita bread from the narrower side, closer to the edge, lay out a little filling and roll it up in the form of a roll.

The appetizer is ready, it remains to lay out the "rolls" on the grill and fry on each side to a blush.

Appetizer for kebabs on the brazier of champignons

Such a snack can be quickly prepared in nature. Mushrooms make two dishes at once: stuffed caps and mushroom legs baked with bacon. Mushrooms are pre-marinated, this can be done in advance.


a pound of fresh champignons;

smoked chicken legs or chicken breast - 150 gr .;

soy sauce - 30 ml;

50 gr. fresh bacon;

spoon of spicy homemade mustard;

cheese - 70 grams;

teaspoon of lemon juice;

mix of spices at your discretion.

Cooking Method:

Preparing mushrooms, we clean the polluted places with a knife, wash with water. Separating the legs from the caps, dry them well.

Mix lemon juice, soy sauce and mustard. Add some spices and put mushrooms in marinade. Gently shake the container several times, leave the mushrooms in the marinade for at least 20 minutes. Stir periodically.

We cut in small cubes and combine cheese with chicken, mix.

We take out the caps, wipe off the remains of the marinade with a disposable towel, and then spread them on the grill with the open side down. Once lightly browned, fill the caps with slices of cheese and chicken filling.

Salo cut into thin slices and sit on the skewers, alternating the legs of mushrooms.

Put the skewers and caps on the grill, bake, occasionally turning the skewers about 10 minutes. Cook hats until cheese is melted.

Kebab Snack: A Simple Recipe for Pickled Onions

Serving onions to shish kebab is a tradition. Most lovers of roasted meat without such additions and kebabs are not kebabs. We offer a simple recipe for marinated onion appetizers, which will emphasize the taste of kebabs. Marinade is made from lemon juice, which gives a light acidity and, unlike vinegar, does not have a pungent smell. Ingredients:

large lemon;

large onion;

teaspoon vegetable oil;

a quarter cup of water;

two sprigs of parsley;

half a spoonful of fine salt and twice as much sugar.

Cooking Method:

Lemon wash, squeeze the juice. To facilitate the task, it is recommended to pour boiling water on citrus for two minutes. The resulting juice is filtered through gauze to isolate the remnants of the pulp and bones.

We clean the onion, cut it in half and a thin shred. You can cut and rings, it is important that they are not thick.

Bringing water to a boil, dissolve the sugar and then salt. Pour in the oil, boil no more than 30 seconds, remove from heat and mix with lemon juice.

Put the shredded onions in a bowl, pour the hot marinade. Cover with a lid, leave on the table for at least an hour.

When serving, we supplement the onion appetizer with finely chopped parsley.

Two spicy snacks with tomato and cheese and garlic

Who does not like spicy salad of melted or hard cheese with mayonnaise and garlic? With fresh tomatoes from such a salad make two options of bright snacks for kebabs: stuffed tomatoes with cheese filling, or spread on tomato ringlets.


three small fresh tomatoes;

100 grams of any cheese;


mayonnaise for refueling.

Cooking Method:

Grind the cheese, it can be rubbed both large and small. Melted curds, if they stick to the surface of the grater, it is recommended to place them in the freezer for a quarter of an hour.

We clean three small or two large teeth of garlic, push them with garlic press to the cheese.

Add the mayonnaise and stir thoroughly so that the chopped garlic spreads evenly over the snack. First mix one and a half spoons of sauce, if it turns out to be rather dry, add more.

There are two options for snacks. The first one is when tomatoes are filled with cheese filling, the second one is smeared on sliced ​​tomatoes. To lay a cheese snack inside, from the fruit with a spoon choose all the seeds and a little pulp. Then dry the walls with disposable towels and stuffed. For stability, the bottom of the tomatoes a little cut. Such a snack can be prepared even before going out into the countryside, it is convenient to transport. Stuffed tomatoes can be placed in a plastic container, where they will not lose their shape and appearance until the desired moment.

The second version of this snack is more suitable for a picnic in the country. Tomatoes are cut in circles, centimeter thick, put a little cheese salad on each one and spread evenly over the entire surface. Appetizer spread on a dish in neat rows. Such a method is unsuitable for transportation; sliced ​​tomatoes may leave a juice during long-term storage.

Kebab Snacks: Canned Pickled Plums

Good with kebabs and pickled plums, such a snack easily prepare for future use. Conserved in this recipe cream obtained with a spicy taste, in no way inferior to olives. They can be served as a complete snack or added to fresh vegetable salads. Marinade also fit, you can marinate meat or onions.


dark plum - 800 gr .;

vegetable non-aromatic oil;

eight tablespoons of sugar;

5 tablespoons of food vinegar;

10 carnations umbrellas;

four small leaves of laurel;

fine salt - 5 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

Carefully wash the half-liter jars of soda in hot water. Then rinse well and steam sterilize. Spread on the banks of spices.

Bay plums cool water, let stand for half an hour, then wash, removing the tails left on the berries.

In several places puncture each plum with a toothpick, fill the jars. Fill plums with boiling water, cover with boiled lid and leave for 20 minutes. Repeat.

After the second time, pour all the water into a large saucepan and set on intensive fire. In each jar pour in a spoonful of oil. After adding sugar and salt, stir well before boiling so that the bulk components dissolve completely. Pour vinegar into boiling marinade, stir well and pour immediately into containers filled with plums. Roll up. Turning the preservation on the lid, wrapped.

Tips for cooking kebabs - useful tips and tricks

We got to nature, and suddenly the weather turned bad? It does not matter if you manage to make even a small fire - brown the vegetables on it and take the shish kebab roasted in a pan to be much tastier with such a snack!

Onions, if it is required to marinate separately for snacks, cut thinner than for marinating meat. Pour boiling water with the addition of lemon juice or acid, but not vinegar!

Do you want to have a feast with smoke not in nature, but in a high-rise building? Nothing is impossible! Rescue a few dry branches from deciduous, better fruit, trees. Ignite one, observing all precautions, let it burn for a few seconds and, having quickly blown, dip it with a scorched end in the vegetable marinade and leave it for half an hour. Do not worry about soot, in a kebab grilled over coals it is much more, but this marinade tastes much better cooked with “liquid smoke”.

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