Vitamin carrot salad: the taste and benefits of a simple meal. Recipes for vitamin carrot salad: dessert or snack bar

Vitamin carrot salad: the taste and benefits of a simple meal. Recipes for vitamin carrot salad: dessert or snack bar

Of course, vegetables and fruits are the main suppliers of vitamins.

But, often caring about wholesome food, and, even with constant care about the presence in the diet of vitamin products, people do not always think about cooking methods, for example, vitamin carrot salad or other vegetable dishes.

How many beneficial vitamins remain in the same apple after it has been peeled and chopped?

What benefits will it bring, having lain on a plate, half a day after it has been cleaned and sliced?

Everyone knows that carrots contain a large amount of β - carotene, and that provitamin A is badly needed by the body. Taking care of the saturation of the blood with this vitamin, people literally chew a carrot, in its pure form. Meanwhile, thanks to modern technical capabilities, it is not difficult to know that vitamin A is a fat soluble element, like some other vitamins. You can eat carrots, even every day for a whole kilogram, but if her eating is not accompanied by the necessary oil and fermented milk medium for maximum absorption, then such health care becomes for the body, if not painful, then visibly meaningless.

Cooking is not only the art of cooking delicious food. Food is generally necessary for people not only for the sake of pleasure, but first and foremost, for life support. Sometimes you can afford to eat something tasty for pleasure, without worrying about the benefits. But such an approach to nutrition should be, rather than the rule, but the exception.

Salads are intended, first of all, to improve the function of digestion, increase appetite and provide the body with a useful vitamin and mineral complex.

This is the right approach to nutrition. Such a statement of the problem should be present in the kitchen, while preparing a vitamin salad of carrots, and not only from it.

Vitamin Carrot Salad - General Technological Principles

Of course, most vitamins are stored in salads from raw vegetables. But such salads should be eaten immediately, not leaving for later. It is important to remember at least some of the main groups of vitamins that require the correct method of preparation, so as not to turn them in the process of cooking and eating in a waste of time, money for their acquisition and effort in the kitchen. For example, vitamin C is destroyed completely at a temperature above the normal temperature of the human body. Vegetables and fruits, which it contains, should not be stored in a peeled or sliced ​​form for more than 20-40 minutes. In order to preserve this vitamin in the process of preparing ingredients for a dish, try products containing vitamin C, prepare the very last thing so that the vitamin “reaches the table” before it can evaporate in the air.

Vitamin A is not only a means of health, and beauty, presented by nature. But this vitamin, like a diamond, needs a decent setting. Carrots without lactic acid and fat do not work for our health. If you cook dishes from it, then be sure to think about what “solvent” will accompany it in a dish: sour cream, butter or cream?

You can, of course, use mayonnaise - there are also fats in it. But if you count every calorie that has fallen into the body, then at least do not consume it daily, but alternate with other sauces. With mayonnaise, any salad will be tastier, and with sour cream, even the fattest, there will be fewer calories.

And so you need to do with every product that falls on the table.

In the proposed recipes, in addition to describing the process of cooking salads, there are equally useful recommendations regarding their use.

Recipe 1. Vitamin carrot salad with walnut kernels and spicy dressing


Carrots, raw (grated) 200 g

For refueling:

Mayonnaise or sour cream

Garlic (grated) 5-10 g

Walnut (peeled kernels) 50 g

Salad Preparation:

Everything is very simple: prepared kernels of nuts should be carefully crushed in a mortar, together with a small clove of garlic and add them to sour cream or mayonnaise. Season grated carrots with this sauce. For salad dressing mayonnaise with a fat content of 30% is the best option. You can also choose low-fat sour cream for the sauce.

Garlic and nuts can add as much as you like. Salad preferably cooked before direct use. If you do not like the smell of garlic, add a few drops of fresh lemon juice to the salad. And remember that the smell of garlic easily eliminate dairy products. So sour cream in this business - the assistant. Completely exclude garlic from use is not worth it. It is no less useful than carrots, especially during a flu epidemic.

Recipe 2. Vitamin salad of carrots “Winter Rainbow”

All the ingredients for the salad are taken in the same quantity, 50 g per serving, cleaned and prepared. Everything is cut quite small, cubes.


Apples, fresh (winter variety)

Fresh cucumber

Pickled carrots

Green onions

Canned Peas

Baked Potatoes

Boiled eggs


Lemon juice (for marinade) 50 ml

Red salad pepper

Greens and leaves of lettuce (for registration)


Prepared, chopped carrots soak in a solution of juice and water, in a 1: 1 ratio, for at least half an hour. Do not pour out the acidic water. After the carrots, put in it chopped green onions, about 10 minutes. Start cutting ingredients for the salad with eggs and baked potatoes. Then chop the cucumbers and peppers. Add canned peas (you can boil it pre-frozen - there are more vitamins preserved in it). Apples, so as not to stale on the table and not darkened by exposure to air, cut into the last, and immediately seasoned the salad, serve to the table. Transfer the salad to the prepared dish, covering it with large leaves of fresh leaf lettuce; garnish with parsley.

Recipe 3. Vitamin salad from carrots, dessert

Carrots have a bright color, and it contains enough sugars, which makes it possible to include this root vegetable in the composition of dessert dishes. In this recipe, all ingredients are balanced to taste. They can be added in any quantity. If you do not like the slightly smoked taste of dried prunes, replace it with dried apricots or, for example, figs, dates. But remember that figs and dates - more calories, contain more sugar. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the number of sweetening components - honey or powder.


Apple (solid)

Raisin, dark

Prunes (or dried apricots)


Sour cream

Honey, liquid (or powdered sugar)



Zaparete dried fruit in boiling water, and then cut them into strips. Peeled apples also cut into strips and rub carrots on a large grater. Mix honey or icing sugar with sour cream using a blender. Season fruit salad with carrots and sprinkle with fresh or frozen lingon berries when serving (you can substitute lingonberries with any other bright berries with a sour taste).

Recipe 4. Vitamin salad from carrots - creamy cocktail “Kaleidoscope”


• Carrots, grated (fresh) 120 g (net)

• Sesame, roasted (for registration)

• Icing sugar 20 g

• Cinnamon (or vanilla) 1 g

• Pumpkin, caramelized 50 g

• Apple 75g (net)

• Cream, pastry 180 ml

• Orange 120 g (net)

• “Ricotta” (or fat cottage cheese) 150 g

• Currant, black 80 g


“Ricotta” or another cream cheese, unsalted (you can take a fat cottage cheese), smash with a blender, adding cinnamon or vanilla, powdered sugar. Whip the cream into a creamy mass and combine them with the cheese, adding the cheese mass, gently, one spoon to the whipped cream. Cut the peeled pumpkin into medium-sized cubes and, sprinkling it with sugar, bake in the oven at high temperature. Precoat the bottom of the baking mold with foil and spread with butter. Cool pumpkin before adding to salad. Slices of peeled oranges, free from membrane partitions, break into two or three parts. Enumerate the berries, removing dry stalks and inflorescences, wash and dry. Apples cut into cubes, the same size with oranges and pumpkin, carrot grate coarsely. Carefully combine all the prepared fruits with butter cream and put them in cocktail glasses (for martini). Garnish with berries, sesame, slices of apples and oranges.

Recipe 5. Vitamin salad from carrots, poultry meat, with broccoli and green peas - warm salad

Despite the fact that carrots are present in the salad, the leading ingredient is the fillet of poultry. Therefore, it should be two times more than all the other components together.




Green pea


Chicken fillet

Red pepper, salad



Sour cream, garlic, chopped dill, hot pepper (ground).


In salted water, with the addition of a spoon of olive oil, boil rice. Also boil all the vegetables, after clearing them and cut into large (cubes). The flesh of the chicken, without the skin, cut, season with spices and fry in butter. To the ready-made pieces of poultry, add boiled vegetables until ready, season with spices. Serve sour cream separately.

Recipe 6. Vitamin salad of carrots and red cabbage with pickled lingonberries

This salad may well serve as an excellent snack and addition to meat. Very simple salad.


Red cabbage 250 g

Marinated lingonberry 100 g

Carrot Salad, Korean Style 150 g

Dressing (salt, vinegar, oil, pepper, sugar, garlic)


Shred red cabbage very thinly, slightly remember it, season, and hold it for a while (no more than half an hour) separately. Then add Korean carrot salad and pickled cranberries. Place the cooked vegetables in a salad bowl, garnish to taste.

Vitamin Carrot Salad - Tips and Tricks

• Thinking about saving time on trips to the supermarket, do not pick fruits and vegetables with a large margin if you are unable to provide them with proper storage. Take vitamin reserves in quantities that do not have time to deteriorate and lose the benefit.

• Never think that decorating a dish is a waste of time. A good mood at the table, which is created by bright colors and beautiful presentation, is as important as the taste and the healthy composition of the products.

Do not forget about the deep sense of culinary science - not only taste and beauty, but also benefit!

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