Step-by-step recipes of jelly from chicken in a slow cooker, pressure cooker and saucepan. Chicken Chicken - step by step, in detail, for beginners

Step-by-step recipes of jelly from chicken in a slow cooker, pressure cooker and saucepan. Chicken Chicken - step by step, in detail, for beginners

Jelly, or, as it is called - jelly, can be cooked from any set of meat products. We offer to cook brawn from many beloved chicken.

Step-by-step recipes tell you how to cook jelly from domestic chicken, purchased broiler or separate parts of the bird without unnecessary trouble. In what cases it is necessary to introduce gelatin into chicken brawn or how to do without it.

In the selection of chicken aspic recipes step-by-step are painted three options for its preparation: in a saucepan, a slow cooker and a pressure cooker. Every way is good in its own way. Cooking in a slow cooker and saucepan is almost the same. The slow cooker frees the hostess from constant supervision of the brawn. When using a pressure cooker, cooking time is halved.

Chicken Chicken (Step by Step) - General Cooking Principles

• If the task is to cook a large portion of chicken aspic, a whole carcass is usually used. It is permissible to cook jelly from its individual parts that have a sufficient amount of cartilage and stones, which, during long-term cooking, emit the greatest amount of gelling (adhesive) substances.

• Of course, homemade laying hen, up to three years old, will be the best product for making delicious fast-food aspic. Stuffer from store boilers turns out to be less saturated and its preparation requires a special approach, as the jelly, even after long cooking, may not freeze. But here there are some subtleties. In such a jelly usually add gelatin or put pork shank.

• The pledge of a tasty, transparent, well-solidified jelly - properly cooked broth. Before cooking, the bird or its individual parts are washed with water, while removing remnants of feathers and carefully cleaning contaminated places. It is recommended that the chicken soak in water for some time in order to remove any coagulated blood in this way. To do this, the hacked bird should be placed in a wide saucepan, and, pour in cold water, leave it for at least an hour. After soaking the carcass is washed again. • Chicken is boiled in a spacious container, pouring only cold water. Before the boil, be sure to remove the coagulated protein. It periodically rises to the surface in the form of foam. It is important not to overfill the tank with meat, and pour water in such a way that it covers chicken for at least 4 cm.

• Salt broth for jelly should be slightly stronger than for soup or another dish and preferably at the end of the process. Vegetables and spices are added at the beginning, when laying the meat or after boiling. To make the broth transparent, do not let it boil intensely.

• It is not recommended to add a lot of spices to the chicken aspic. For two kilograms of meat pieces, it is enough to put four black peas and two allspice, plus two leaves of lavrushka. For the color and flavor of one carrot and no more than one bulb. You can add a small celery root.

• It is necessary to cook homemade chicken aspic in a saucepan or a slow cooker for at least five hours, only in this case it will harden well. Pressure cooker allows you to shorten the cooking time by half.

• The chicken is cooled in broth to a temperature that allows her to work comfortably with her hands. Meat and bones are taken out and cut, and the broth is filtered. Vegetables and spices are removed, carrots are left to decorate aspic.

• Chicken cut into small pieces or disassembled by fibers is laid out in a uniform layer along the bottom of the containers so that the meat takes up to one third of the volume. Next, lay out the additional components, such as eggs, canned peas and chopped carrots. After, everything is poured on well-cooled broth - it should be twice as much meat. For curing jelly placed in the cold. Cooked according to all recommendations in step-by-step recipes, chicken brass will harden no later than 4 hours later.

Chicken Chicken: Step from poultry without gelatin


• fresh homemade chicken - 2 kg carcass;

• large bulb onion;

• carrots - two small roots; • a small head of garlic;

• 100 gr. celery rootlets;

• three whole peas allspice;

• four hard-boiled eggs;

• two large bay leaves;

• for registration leaves of fresh parsley.


1. Before butchering poultry, the carcass needs to be seared and this can be done over the hob. We turn on intense fire, holding the chicken by the legs, bring the carcass over the fire. Slowly moving and turning, singe every large area of ​​skin. After this, we wash the skin well with warm water and chop it into four parts. Carefully wash the pieces with cool water, removing the kidneys and lungs. Prepared chicken laid in a spacious enamel pot, pour the filtered water 4 cm above the chicken.

2. Put the pan on the stove, turn on the maximum fire. Before boiling we collect squirrel coagulated into foam from the broth. Having waited for intensive boiling, we immediately set the minimum heating, dip laurel and allspice into broth. Tightly close the pan, wait a couple of minutes, then check the intensity of the boil. So that most of the broth does not evaporate during the long cooking, and the meat is completely boiled, the surface of the broth must be “worried” evenly and barely noticeable. The presence of air bubbles rising from the bottom of the pan is obligatory, their absence indicates insufficient heating. Making sure that the heating temperature is set correctly, we leave the future jelly slowly languishing under the lid.

3. In the bulb, cut off the remnants of the roots, not clearing the husk, well wash it with warm water. We clean carrots and celery root, cut carrots into pieces. Dip the prepared vegetables and roots in the broth after four hours from the moment of boiling. Add 1.5 spoons of salt to it and cook another half hour.

4. Ready broth for jelly, after switching off, leave without a lid. It must be brought to room temperature or slightly higher so that the chicken that has cooled in it is comfortable to disassemble by hand. 5. Carefully remove a chicken with a slotted spoon. Meat, as a rule, is well separated from the bones, and pieces can easily fall apart. We disassemble the chicken into fibers or finely cut with a knife. Fold in the bowl.

6. From a well-cooled broth extract onions, carrots and roots. Onion and celery throw away, leave the carrot for decoration. Broth skipped through the folded two layers of cheesecloth.

7. Wash with warm water serving dishes: plastic containers, sudochki or deep plates. Carefully wipe them with a towel and evenly spread on the bottom of the containers pieces of chicken meat.

8. We cut boiled carrots with ringlets. Jelly will look more spectacular if you cut out carrot or flower figures from carrots. Hard-boiled eggs are cut lengthwise into six pieces.

9. Prepared design elements are asymmetrically laid out on the meat, complement the design with parsley leaves. In each container, passing through the press, add garlic, add the cooled broth.

10. After complete cooling, move the container with the aspic to the fridge, and let it cool down well. It may take up to five hours. Be sure to cover the dishes with lids or tighten the food film so that the jelly does not absorb foreign odors.

Chicken Chicken: Step by step in a slow cooker (with gelatin)


• chilled chicken - 1.8 kg;

• 20 gr. instant gelatin granules;

• large onion;

• one carrot;

• two laurel leaves;

• canned green peas;

• two boiled eggs;

• 5 peppercorns;

• one and a half liters of drinking water.


1. Inspect the skin of birds. Carefully clean the contaminated places with a knife, remove the remaining feathers with tweezers. We chop the carcass into pieces - into four parts is enough, carefully rinse with cool water and immerse the multicooker in the bowl.

2. Peel the onions and carrots. Onion cut in half, if the carrot is large, cut in two and her. Omit the vegetables to the bird. 3. Fill the bowl with one and a half liters of cold drinking water. Activate the option "Baking". Bringing to a boil, regularly remove from the surface of the future jelly coagulated squirrel. We clean the foam thoroughly, do not touch the contents of the bowl.

4. After boiling, we will reprogram the slow cooker into the “Quenching” mode and lower the broth with the peas into the broth. We set the time on the timer to 5 hours, set the temperature to 100 degrees. We close the lid and calmly do other things.

5. Twenty minutes before the jelly is ready, you need to prepare the gelatin. Pour his granules into a small bowl, pour some water and leave. The granules must swell well, otherwise the gelatin will not spread well in the aspic and its addition will be meaningless.

6. After the signal, signifying the completion of the program, remove the cooking bowl from the body.

7. After cooling to the desired temperature (slightly above room temperature), we reach the chicken and disassemble it along the fibers in small pieces. Strain the broth into a clean pan. We throw away the onions, laurel and pepper, put the carrot aside.

8. Dissolve the swollen granules of gelatin in a water bath. Stir the gelatinous mass until smooth, combine with the still warm broth and mix thoroughly.

9. Put some green peas on the bottom of the containers prepared for bottling of the jelly of the jelly. Cut the eggs in half or divide along into six parts and gently place them between the peas. Top with a uniform layer lay chicken. Boiled carrots cut rings, put them on the meat. Optionally, this step can be skipped.

10. Spill the cooled broth in a bowl and put them in the “common” section of the refrigerator. Aspic from chicken with gelatin will harden in about 4 hours.

Chicken Chicken: Step by Step in a Pressure Cooker with Pork Shank


• pork knuckle, weighing up to a kilogram;

• two small chicken legs;

• three liters of drinking water;

• onion head;

• two laurel leaves;

• garlic head; • two sweet peas and five black peppercorns;

• large carrot, unsweetened variety.


1. Carefully scraping the shank skin with a knife, in the presence of ink prints, be sure to remove them. We rinse with warm (not hot) water, put it in a pressure cooker. We wash the legs, remove the remnants of feathers and be sure to cut out the gland from the rump (tail). From the lower cartilage of the legs we remove the yellow, keratinized skin, re-wash and put to the knuckle.

2. We clean carrots, we wash, we cut into three parts. We clean the onions, wash the laurel leaves with water. Without disassembling the teeth, remove the upper thin husks from garlic, wash them. We lower the prepared components to the meat, add sweet and black pepper peas, add some salt.

3. Fill the pressure cooker with two liters of water, put it on an intense fire. Without closing the lid, bring to a boil. In the process, as it is formed, we remove all the foam from the broth. Having waited for intensive boiling, we set the average heating and, according to the instructions, we install a cover on the pressure cooker. The main point - the first five minutes do not move away from the pressure cooker. You have to wait until the characteristic “hissing” comes out of the valve - it should not be strong.

4. Cooking jelly in a pressure cooker for two hours. Turn off the stove, do not open the lid until the pressure drops in the pressure cooker. It is possible to raise the valve in a quarter of an hour to release the remaining hot steam, and then open it. Immediately after turning it off, it is not worth doing, along with hot broth can run out along with the steam.

5. Put the pressure cooker with broth in a bowl of cold water. After cooling to the desired temperature, we take out the meat pieces and select bones from them. The broth is filtered through cheesecloth.

6. Meat is disassembled on the fibers, the skin from the shank and all the conductors are ground with a meat grinder into a separate plate.

7. Place the jelly on the table, lay the meat, and then distribute the ground mass evenly over it. Spill the broth, carefully stir the contents of each plate. At this stage, for the aroma, you can add a bit of crushed garlic to the jelly. 8. Cover the containers with the jelly lids and place them in the refrigerator.

Chicken Chicken (step by step) - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• During cooking, do not pour water into the jelly; you should immediately determine the right amount of water and avoid evaporation of the liquid (cook only under the lid).

• Following the above recipes of chicken aspic, step by step, you can cook and diet jelly. To do this, carving the bird, remove the skin from it - this is the most high-calorie part of it. Also cut off all the fat and be sure to remove the wedge-shaped tail. In this way, you can not only reduce the calorie content of the dish, but also improve its appearance - there will be practically no fat layer on the surface of the frozen jelly.

• Chicken from any chicken hardens well and without gelatin, if together with the bird or its individual parts cook about a kilogram of chicken legs. Their cartilage tissue contains a variety of substances gelling broth.

• Most cooks prefer to drain the first broth to get clear jelly. In this case, the chicken is poured with water, the broth is brought to a boil, without removing the foam. Then it is drained, the chicken is thoroughly washed and put into a clean pan. After poured and cooked aspic from the very beginning.

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