Cake "Firewood in the Snow" - chic and simple at the same time! Cake "Firewood under the snow" on sour cream, beer, pancakes and puff pastry


The firewood under the snow is unusually tasty, tender and can strike at the very heart. This is a delicious cake that can be cooked in many different ways, for some of the options you don’t even need to make dough.

Firewood under Snow Cake - General Cooking Principles

At the heart of the cake is “firewood”, that is, tubes with filling. Cherry is most often used for the filling, but this is optional, you can take cherries and other berries. The dough for logs can be kneaded shortbread, as in the classic version, but there are also recipes from puff pastry and even pancakes. They are also very tasty, have the right to exist, the most interesting ones can be found a little lower.

What kind of cream is usually used:

· On sour cream;

· Sour cream with cream;

· Sour cream and condensed milk.

No chocolate, cocoa, juice is added to it. Sour cream is used fat and thick, which will not flow. Good to take the product 30% fat. The cream must have a white color, imitate the snow. Sweet firewood is laid on a hill, promazyvaetsya. Next, the dessert is removed for several hours in the refrigerator, where it is soaked and slightly precipitates. It is better to let stand for a day, get better.

Firewood under snow cake on sour cream

One of the recipes, which can be called a classic. The dough for such a cake “Firewood under the Snow” is prepared with sour cream, it turns out rather crumbly, tender. Ideal with cream and cherries.


· 0,24 kg of oil;

· 0.2 kg sour cream;

· 0.45 kg of flour;

· 0.22 kg of sugar;

· 5 grams of ripper.

For cream:

· 0.7 liters of sour cream;

· 0.2 kg of icing sugar.

For the filling you need about a kilogram of berries and an incomplete glass of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. We are engaged in berries. We take out seeds from cherries, leave in a colander, let the juice drain.

2. Whip the softened butter and granulated sugar, gradually add sour cream and a couple of pinch of salt, pour the flour with the ripper. Knead dough, it will turn out sticky. We clean the refrigerator for an hour. Cover with a package. 3. Divide the dough into fifteen balls, round each one, roll out into a long strip of about 20 centimeters, width about 7 centimeters. We spread a row of cherries, sprinkle with sugar, pinch, to get a straw. Transfer to baking sheet.

4. We sculpt all the rest “firewood”. We spread on sheets, bake at 200 degrees until ready. Cool well. The berries inside must also be cold.

5. Mix sour cream and icing sugar. Optionally, you can add a little vanilla.

6. Spread firewood with cherries on a flat dish. First, 5 pieces, we coat with the second layer 4, then 3, 2 and 1. We smear all the dessert with the leftovers of the cream, leave the cake in the refrigerator for at least seven hours, let it soak.

Cake “Firewood under the snow” puff pastry

It does not matter if there is no time to prepare the dough. This is a simplified version of the “Firewood under the Snow” cake. We take puff pastry for it and without yeast, otherwise the logs will be too thick. The cream is again on sour cream with sugar, for the filling you need cherry in its own juice or syrup.


· 800 g of dough;

· 0.9 liters of sour cream;

· Cherry in its juice;

· 3 spoons of brandy;

· 180 g sugar.

Method of preparation

1. We take out the cherry from the juice of the syrup, let it drain, then mix it with brandy. If the berries are sour, then it will be possible to add a bit of granulated sugar during the assembly of logs.

2. Roll out the puff pastry, cut 15 strips, make a width of about seven centimeters, the length is arbitrary, but the same between the pieces. Spread cherries, sprinkle with sugar, if necessary. We glue the edges of the strips to make logs.

3. We transfer the dough with cherries to the baking sheet, be sure to leave a distance, as after baking the wood will increase in size. Cooking at 220 degrees to ruddy color.

4. Cool the base of the cake and during this time make a cream of sour cream and granulated sugar, you can use powder.

5. We collect the cake, stacking and kneading the dough, as in the recipe above. We give soak, but we keep “Firewood under the snow” exclusively in the refrigerator. Cake “Firewood under the snow” on beer

The dough for this cake is prepared on beer, it turns out very tasty and is somewhat similar to the cake cakes for “Napoleon” cake. Cream of fat sour cream. The number of cherries is not indicated, take fresh or canned berries, as long as it goes.


· 0.5 kg butter;

· 0.5 kg of beer;

· Flour;

· Cherry

· 1 l of fat sour cream;

· 210 g of sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Beat the softened butter, gradually adding the beer, and then pour in the flour. We add it until we get a pretty cool dough.

2. Immediately divide the cooked mass into fifteen parts, then cool for an hour in the refrigerator or twenty minutes in the freezer.

3. Roll out the dough strips, arrange the cherries, sprinkle with sugar if desired. We sculpt closed logs. We spread on a baking sheet and bake at 200 degrees.

4. Whip sour cream with sugar, but it is important not to overdo it. If suddenly there are small grains, once we stop, it is (most likely) already oil. Add vanilla or some essence to the cream.

5. From the cooled logs and cream slide we collect an appetizing cake, let it stand and soak.

Firewood under snow cake made of pancakes

The recipe for the lazy cake “Firewood under the snow”, which is made from simple thin pancakes. Bake them for any favorite recipe. The cream is prepared on the basis of sour cream and cream, it turns out very gentle, airy, well-impregnated. For such a cake is not necessary to take a cherry, strawberry, too, everything turns out.


· 15 pancakes;

· 500-600 g of berries;

· 300 g sour cream;

· 200 g of cream;

· 1 g vanilla;

· 180 g Sakh. powder

Method of preparation

1. Mix sour cream with powdered sugar and vanilla. We set aside. Whip cream, gradually introduce sour cream. The cream should get thick. You can use sand instead of powder, but it will need to be thoroughly dissolved in sour cream.

2. Wash berries and dry. If cherry is used, then remove the bones. When using strawberries, we cut larger berries. 3. Lightly grease each pancake with cream, just make a strip, spread berries in a row, twist the tubes.

4. We put the cake in a slide, coating all the tubules with butter cream. Soaked pancakes quickly, leave them for half an hour.

Coconut Cake “Firewood under the Snow” puff pastry

Very delicate and amazingly delicious version of the cake, which is made from puff pastry. You can of course knead it yourself, but it's easier and faster to buy in the store. In total, it will take about half a kilogram, but we see for ourselves. If it fails to roll out the formation thinly, then more or less logs may turn out. Coconut chips are used without fail white.


· 500 g of dough;

· 380 g of cream;

· 150 g of condensed milk;

· 650 g cherries;

· 50 g coconut chips;

· 150 g sugar.

Method of preparation

1. We release the cherries from the bones, add sugar and put them on the stove, boil them for about three minutes, then throw them in a colander. We use the sling for any other purposes, you can just make compote out of it, cool the berries. Optionally, when cooking, add a little brandy, literally one tablespoon.

2. Roll out the dough thinly, cut into strips, lay out the cherries, sculpt the logs. We bake at 220 degrees, cool.

3. Whip the cream. As soon as they turn into a cool foam, pour in a little condensed milk. In the cream add a spoonful of coconut chips, stir. If the mass is watery, then you can add more.

4. Putting the cake. Top we coat with the remnants of the cream and cover the firewood with snow from coconut chips. Leave to soak for 8 hours.

Firewood Under Snow Cake with Prunes and Nuts

Another version of homemade shortcake cake with prunes and walnuts. Not the easiest, but amazingly delicious dessert. Optionally, add a little alcohol to the filling, you can simply sprinkle prunes with brandy.


· 2.5 Art. flour;

· 0.25 kg margarine;

· 0.25 kg sour cream;

· 400 g of prunes;

· 1 tbsp. nuts;

· 700 g sour cream; · 180 g sugar.

Method of preparation

1. Prune wash. If it is very dry, it is best to soak it. But do not use too hot water. Then cut the dried fruits, mix with chopped walnuts.

2. Cooking dough. Mix whipped margarine with sour cream, add flour. Nothing more is needed. Put the whole lump in the bag, remove the cool.

3. We take out the dough, give it a rectangle shape and roll it out about the same layer. Cut into strips, lay on each path of prunes with nuts. Sculpt logs, send to the baking sheet.

4. We bake firewood with a filling for about 20 minutes at 200 degrees, then cool.

5. Beat the sour cream with sugar until it is completely dissolved. We collect a slide from the baked tubules. We set soak for a few hours, and better all night.

Cake “under the snow” - useful tips and tricks

· If Firewood is too sour, you can mix it with slices of sweet fruit or canned pineapples. They are also perfect for making a wonderful cake.

· In many types of dough, butter is used and it goes a lot. You can replace the product with regular margarine, the cake will be much cheaper. Also found on sale cooking oil, which is also suitable.

· If it is not possible to buy sour cream over 25%, then you can simply weigh any product on the dense fabric. The excess serum is sure to drain, but it will take several hours.

· It is impossible to grease with sour cream hot, and even warm cakes. Sour cream from them will simply merge into a dish, nothing will soak, the cake will be hopelessly spoiled.

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