Homemade pork ham in ham with mushrooms, prunes and nuts. Baked and boiled pork ham in ham

Homemade pork ham in ham with mushrooms, prunes and nuts. Baked and boiled pork ham in ham

Ham is the name of such a wide family of meat products that only a vegetarian can not find a favorite recipe among them. The basis of ham is meat, you can choose it at your discretion, but today we are preparing a classic pork ham. But all the other ingredients, seemingly not so significant, we will be the most diverse. Of all the possible technologies, the simplest, perhaps, is the use of collapsible ham for cooking, which is what we need.

Ham pork ham - the general principles of cooking

• Most often, pork ham is made from sliced ​​meat. Often, half a serving of pork is cut, and the rest is added, ground into minced meat. In the preparation of ham, it is desirable to use lean pieces of pulp that contain only a small amount of fat. Meat should not be frozen, should be taken only chilled or fresh. Chunks that have been frozen as they thaw lose most of their valuable juice.

• Before using, purchased pork must be rinsed with cold water to remove dirt that has come into contact with it. Unnecessary films and veins with flesh must be cut, and excess fat removed. After that, the pork is cut into pieces or ground into mincemeat, it all depends on the selected recipe.

• Meat mass for ham seasoned with spices at their discretion and be sure to salt, taking into account their taste preferences. To improve the taste characteristics it can be added to wine, milk powder, chopped garlic and fresh herbs.

• For better bonding of pieces use gelatin. It is added to the bulk dry. If they want to get a small layer of jelly in the ham, water is added along with the gelatin.

• Ham from pork in ham can be cooked in combination with beef, mushrooms, prunes, nuts or tongue. In the latter case, the pork by-product is pre-boiled with spices, then cut into small pieces and mixed with minced meat. • Prepare the mass, tightly tamping, fill the form. In order for the ham to retain all the juices, the veggie is pre-lined from the inside with a narrow roasting bag. After filling, the edges of the bag are tightly folded and fixed with a thick thread and the ham is harvested according to the instructions attached to it.

• Pork ham, cooked with ham, can be boiled in a pan or a slow cooker or baked in the oven. Regardless of the heat treatment method, the finished product is cooled directly in the ham, first placed on the table and then placed in the common chamber of the refrigerator.

A simple recipe for pork ham in ham for oven


• one and a half kilograms of chilled pork;

• a tablespoon of instant gelatin;

• one large carrot;

• a small head of garlic;

• hand-ground black pepper - a third of a teaspoon.

Cooking Method:

1. Mix together gelatin and pepper. Add about a teaspoon of salt and mix well again.

2. Cut the cold-washed pork into small pieces. Add the chopped carrot and the chopped garlic. Pour the previously prepared mixture and mix everything well again.

3. From the inside of the vetchinitsa wall, cover with foil and, tightly tamping, put the meat mass into it. Fasten the top cover, install the springs and place on a baking tray set in the middle level of the oven.

4. At 180 degrees bake the ham for one and a half hours. Then take it, wait until the form has cooled completely, then put it in the fridge for three hours.

5. Free the ham from the form, cut into thin slices.

Pork ham in ham with pork tongue


• pork tongue - 300 gr .;

• kilogram of pork pulp;

• 30 gr. dry milk;

• A spoon of nutmeg powder;

• 35 gr. small evaporated salt;

• small carrot;

• five black peppercorns;

• two large leaves of laurel;

• a sprig of fresh dill; • bitter onion head.

Cooking Method:

1. Soak the pork tongue in enough cold water. After three hours, remove, carefully scrape from all sides with a knife under running water. Transfer the by-product to the pan, pour in water and place on intense heat. Regularly collect the resulting foam from the surface. After boiling reduce heat and continue to cook the tongue under the lid for one and a half hours.

2. Cut the carrots into thinner ringlets, and cut the onion into medium-sized slices. Put the vegetables in a dry frying pan and fry with moderate heat to form brown scorch on pieces.

3. Approximately half an hour before the readiness of the language broth, add fried vegetables to it, lower the peas of pepper and Lavrushka, salt.

4. Ready boiled tongue lower for ten minutes in cold water. Then remove, peel, cut into centimeter cubes.

5. Wash the pork with cold water, cut into pieces and grind once with a meat grinder with a large grill, and then two more times, setting the smallest.

6. Add powdered milk to the cooked mince, sprinkle with nutmeg, salt and mix well. Beat the meat mixture with a blender. The more airy the meat mass will be, the more tender the ham will be. Carefully mix the cooked minced meat with pieces of boiled tongue.

7. Transfer the meat mass to the hamlet lined with a sleeve for baking, tamp it well, pressing it down with your hands. Collect the form and put it in the fridge for two hours.

8. After that, lower the form into the saucepan, fill with fresh boiling water and leave to cook at low heat for at least 40 minutes. At the end, remove, cool in air and leave for two hours in the refrigerator.

Ham from pork in ham, sliced, with a layer of jelly - "Tsar"


• kilogram of pork (pulp or neck);

• 4 gr. ground nutmeg;

• garlic;

• a spoonful of finely ground salt;

• 200 ml of drinking water;

• a small pinch of ground pepper;

• granulated instant gelatin - 15 gr. Cooking Method:

1. Cut the pork, dried after being washed in cold water, into 3 * 3 cm cubes. Finely chop the peeled garlic cloves with a knife.

2. Mix the meat with garlic. Add gelatin, season the mixture with ground pepper mixed with nutmeg and salt. Add cold water to the meat and stir slowly.

3. Transfer the cooked meat mass to ham, covered with foil or sleeve from the inside. Tamp the meat, pressing it with your hands or a spoon, and, having collected the form, put it in the pan. Fill with hot, almost boiling, water and put on intense heat.

4. When the water in the pan boils, lower the heating level so that the minimum boil remains. Cover the pot with the lid and boil the ham for one and a half hours.

5. Cool the form, drain the water from the pan and put in the cold for three hours.

Pork ham in ham salad with mushrooms


• fresh young champignons - 200 gr .;

• six spoons of dry semolina;

• two spoons of granulated gelatin;

• 50 ml of wine, Cabernet or similar;

• one kilogram of pork chilled or fresh;

• spices for meat;

• A small bunch of fresh dill.

Cooking Method:

1. Dry the mushrooms washed in cold water with a towel and cut into thin longitudinal plates.

2. Wash the pork, cut off all the films and strands. Pieces of bacon can be left, but a little. Dab dry the pulp with a towel and cut into thin pieces.

3. Season the cupped pieces with your favorite spices, add salt to your taste. Pour gelatin mixed with semolina, mix and pour wine over the top. Add finely chopped dill, mix thoroughly and set aside. After ten minutes, mix with the crushed mushrooms.

4. Place a narrow roasting bag in the ham and place the meat mixture tightly tamping. Twist the edges of the bag and fix, tightly tied with thread. Assemble the form, pulling the springs well, and lower it into the pan with hot water. 5. After boiling, lightly reduce the heat and continue cooking under the lid, with a slight bubbling for two and a half hours.

6. Cool the prepared pork ham with mushrooms straight in the form. First, on the table, taking out of the water, and then in the refrigerator.

Pork ham in ham with walnuts and prunes - “Spicy”


• pork neck with a low fat content - 800 grams;

• garlic;

• 130 gr. walnut kernels;

• prunes without stones - 180 gr .;

• spoon of vegetable oil;

• ground black pepper.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse a piece of the neck and cut it into transverse slices up to 2 cm thick. Beat the pieces of pork with a culinary hammer through the bag, rub them with a mixture of salt, chopped garlic and ground pepper. Put it in a bag, tie it tightly and put it in the cold for two hours.

2. Rinse prunes with water, scald with boiling water, then dry and cut into small, medium-sized straws. Grate the walnut kernels on a fine grater, grind with a blender.

3. Spread the marinated pieces of pork over the table on the cling film so that there is no free space between them. Sprinkle a layer of meat with chopped nuts with prunes and wrap roll. Wrap it tightly with a film and transfer it to the vetchinitsa, tamp.

4. Place the assembled form, putting it on its side, in a saucepan, pour boiling water on it and leave to boil on low heat for about two hours. Then cool in the usual way, putting it out of the pan, and when completely cooled - in the refrigerator.

Recipe for pork ham in ham with beef and minced meat for the slow cooker


• mixed pork and beef mince - 300 gr .;

• pork and beef, flesh of the highest grade - 400 gr. Each;

• granulated gelatin - 15 g .;

• egg;

• meat seasoning - to taste;

• dry milk - 10 gr .;

• garlic.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse all meat under running water. Cut off excess films, tendons and fat from pieces of flesh. Cut into small pieces of approximately the same size and fold into a large bowl. 2. Break an egg into meat, place minced meat, add dry milk, add a little salt, finely chopped garlic, season with pepper and mix thoroughly and slowly.

3. Place one of the lids on the ham and line it from the inside with a roasting sleeve. Wrap free edges of the sleeve on the outer surface of the “form”.

4. Put the cooked meat mixture into the ham and press it tightly. Unscrew the outer edges of the sleeve, and, carefully releasing the air, tightly tie them up with a thick string or fasten with a special clip.

5. From above fix the second cover and carefully, in order not to break the sleeves, insert the springs. Place the “shape” in the multicooker bowl, put it on its side, fill it with water.

6. Set the time for one and a half hours and start the device in the “Soup” mode. After stopping the program, remove the ham from the multicooker, let it cool until it is completely cool, then place it in the cold for three to four hours.

Ham pork ham - cooking tips and good advice

• Add brewed mustard, and the ham will be fragrant. Just a teaspoon of seasoning will give not only a delicate flavor, but also a special savory taste.

• Do not use fresh meat for cooking ham, be sure to cool it. If a piece of pulp is required to be cut into pieces, lightly freeze it. This will facilitate the process, and the pieces will be more accurate.

• Cut the meat into slices, beat off a little, then cut into smaller pieces, this will speed up the cooking and make the ham softer and more tender.

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