Pizza with cheese and tomatoes is different and very tasty! Recipes quick and original pizza with cheese and tomatoes

Pizza with cheese and tomatoes is different and very tasty! Recipes quick and original pizza with cheese and tomatoes

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Easily and quickly cook a pizza with cheese and tomatoes!

Pizza with cheese and tomatoes - the general principles of cooking

The process of making pizza with cheese and tomatoes is quick and easy, even if there are no blanks, as is done in pizzerias. On average, cooking pizza with cheese and tomatoes will take no more than 40 minutes.

The main ingredients of the cheese and tomato pizza are:

  • Korzh;
  • Sauce;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Cheese.

Pizza Cake with Cheese and Tomatoes

There are countless ways to make dough for a pizza base with cheese and tomatoes. Ideal when the dough is cooked in a special way. When the cake is flaking and bubbling when baking. It depends on the ratio of certain ingredients.

Four main ingredients in dough:

o Flour - the bulk of the cake;

o Vegetable (or butter) oil - contributes to the separation of the dough during baking;

o Salt - improves taste;

o Sugar - helps the dough fermentation process.

Other ingredients may be replaced. For example:

o Water or kefir;

o Yeast or extinguished soda.

Different chefs have made a variety of tastes of pizza with cheese and tomatoes. The use of eggs was added to the basic principle, thereby making the dough for pizza rich, with the exception of cooking techniques in a pan or without yeast.

Yeast dough - this is not always rich. Yeast can always be changed to hydrated soda. Soda can be quenched in two known ways or simply stirred in flour after sieving, soda with citric acid. Citric acid soda needs to take three times the amount of yeast.

Dough made with soda should be baked immediately.

When using yeast dough must be allowed to rest.

Sometimes use the recipe for pizza dough with cheese and tomatoes, as for thin pita. For faster cooking, you can buy ready-made pita bread. Basic sauces for pizza with cheese and tomatoes.

A variety of sauces rolls over. In different countries prepare their own unique recipes. But the main thing is one common ingredient. There are exceptions, in the form of white sauces.

Storage of sauces is allowed up to seven days in the refrigerator. It is possible to use for other culinary dishes.

If you do not want to use the sauce in the near future, then divide the number of ingredients by the required amount of sauce.

A few examples of sauces that will be perfectly combined in pizza with cheese and tomatoes:

Salsa Rose Sauce is a classic pizza with cheese and tomatoes

Cooking time not more than 5 minutes.


• Dalfi (canned, blanched tomatoes in tomato sauce) - 0.195 kg;

• Tomato paste - 0,012 kg;

• Dry basil - 0,005 kg;

• Sugar - 0,003 kg;

• Dry garlic - 0.001 kg;

• White pepper - 0,001 kg;

• Tomato juice - 0.120 ml;

• Olive oil - 0,013 ml;

Exit weight: 0.350 ml.


Measure out the required amount of all the ingredients, put them in a blender and grind. It is advisable to let the sauce infuse in the refrigerator.

White “Bianca” sauce for pizza with cheese and tomatoes


• Olive oil - 0.025 ml;

• Onion - 0.150 kg;

• Fresh garlic - 0.015 kg;

• Fat cottage cheese - 0.150 kg;

• Fatty homemade cream - 0.100 ml;

• A bunch of fresh parsley - 0.050 kg;

• Thyme, ground - 0,010 kg;

Weight at the exit: 0,500 kg.


Cream mix with cottage cheese in a blender until a homogeneous, smooth creamy mass. We shift in a suitable dish and set aside.

Put the oil on medium heat. It is advisable to use unrefined vegetable oil. If not, neither one nor the other, then take the usual vegetable oil.

Crush the onions and sauté in a frying pan with hot oil for up to 5 minutes, until it becomes soft and transparent. Add crushed garlic, and pass a few minutes. Minimize the fire and add a creamy paste. When boiling remove from heat. Add chopped parsley and other spices. Stir. The sauce is ready for use.

Red “Universal” sauce for pizza with cheese and tomatoes

Maximum cooking time 22 minutes.


• Olive oil - 0.050 ml;

• Tomatoes - 0.350 kg;

• Fresh garlic - 0.020 kg;

• Paprika - 0.150 kg;

• A bunch of fresh basil - 0.050 kg;

• A bunch of fresh parsley - 0.050 kg;

• Thyme, ground - 0,010 kg;

• Oregano dry - 0,010 kg;

• Black pepper, ground - 0.005 kg;

• Sugar - 0,005 kg;

Weight at the exit: 0,870 kg.


Preheat oven to 1900. Pour the pan with high sides to fill with oil.

Cut tomatoes into large slices. Peeled paprika also cut into large chunks. Put everything on a baking sheet. Add finely chopped garlic, season with pepper, thyme, oregano. All the ingredients are mixed. Turn the tomatoes and paprika skins to the top. We put in the oven for 5 - 7 minutes.

Grind greens. Take out the baking sheet. Add greens and set for another 10 minutes. Then grind all the blender. Place in a saucepan, add sugar and heat to boil.

Sometimes use other sauces bought in the store. For a better taste, it is advisable to prepare the sauce yourself.

Tomatoes in pizza

It is recommended to cut tomatoes into thin slices, because the taste qualities can be harmoniously distributed throughout the cake, they will not fall down from the cake when eating pizza with cheese and tomatoes. If you prefer coarsely chopped tomato slices, then use “Cherry”. Sliced ​​tomato slices give juiciness to a somewhat dry crust. You can not use sliced ​​tomatoes, as most will choose a sauce with tomatoes.

Cheese in pizza with tomatoes

It's hard to imagine pizza without cheese. Different types of cheeses give a variety of flavors. Cheese is usually distributed on a pizza base immediately after the distribution of the sauce.

Cheese harmoniously combines all the ingredients in various recipes.

Recipe 1. Pizza with cheese and “Paperoni” tomatoes


For the test:

• Water - 0.080 ml;

• Dry yeast - 0.003 kg;

• Sugar - 0.007 kg;

• Salt - 0,003 kg;

• Olive oil - 0,008 ml;

• Flour - 0.156 kg;

Weight at the exit: 0,256 grams.

For filling:

• Sauce “Universal” - 0.050 kg;

• Tomatoes - 0.120 kg;

• Cold-smoked sausage - 0.100 kg;

• Cheese - 0.150 kg.

The total weight of the semi-finished product: 0.676 kg.


The foundation.

Turn on to warm up the oven to 2200.

We take the appropriate capacity. In the water stir the yeast, sugar, salt and olive oil. 1/2 tablespoons leave on the subfire and a few grams per baking pan. Sift the flour, add to the container in small portions, gradually kneading the dough. After form the ball, put in a small bowl, cover with wet gauze and let stand in the refrigerator for 40 minutes.

The baking mold should be taken as large as possible. Optionally, round, square or rectangular. Lightly crush the mold with flour.

After we get the dough, flush the table with flour, stretch it into a thin layer, less than 1 cm. Carefully place the base on the form.


We rub cheese on a fine grater. Cut into tomatoes and sausage as thin as possible.

We form and bake.

Basis evenly grease sauce, richly grease around the edge. Part of the cheese evenly distribute. We try to well tuck the edges of the pizza with cheese. Top with thin slices of tomato, then distribute slices of sausage.

Set to bake for 5 minutes. During baking, the cake will bubble, so from time to time, look and pierce the bubbles that form.

Recipe 2. Vegetarian pizza with cheese and tomatoes “Sambrero”


For the test:

• Flour - 0,300 kg (plus 0,100 kg for subfield);

• Water - 0.125 ml;

• Vegetable oil - 0,050 ml; • Dry yeast - 0,005 kg;

• Butter - 0.075 kg;

• Sugar - 0.015 kg;

• Salt - 0,010 kg;

Weight at the exit: 0,580 kg.

For filling:

• Sauce “Bianca” - 0.050 ml;

• Cheese - 0.120 kg;

• Cherry Tomatoes - 0.100 kg;

• Peking cabbage - 0.050 kg;

• Fried champignons - 0.050 kg;

• Mix of herbs - 0,010 kg;

• Soy sauce - 0,050 ml;

• Olives - 0.050 kg;

• Asafoetida at will;

Total weight of semi-finished product: 1.060 kg.


The foundation.

In water we dissolve yeast, sugar, salt. Pour in vegetable oil, sift half the flour. Stir until smooth and let stand 15 - 20 minutes under the food film in a warm place.

The rest of the flour mixed with softened butter. Then roll into the reservoir. Distribute dough mixture on top. Carefully mix, form a ball. Give rest 10 - 15 minutes.

Roll the ball into the round layer, very thin. Cut into four parts. We arrange everything in layers, form the ball again. Repeat this manipulation four more times.

After the last time we form the basis for pizza.


The filling is better to cook between the two stages of preparation of the base. So you can save time.

Rub cheese and cut the "Cherry" in half. Beijing cabbage cut in the form of cubes of medium size.

In the soy sauce, stir the spices. We put all ingredients in the container with soy sauce except cheese and olives. Leave to marinate for 15 minutes.

We form and bake.

We bake the baking mold with any fat and sprinkle lightly with flour. We spread the basis. Lubricate it with sauce. Optionally pickled ingredients. Sprinkle with cheese, spread olives on top.

In a preheated oven to two hundred degrees, set to bake for 20-25 minutes.

Recipe 3. Pizza with cheese and tomatoes “Maskarpone”


For the test:

• Honey - 0,030 kg;

• Water - 0.050 ml;

• Butter - 0.050 kg;

• Flour - 0.150 kg;

• Dry yeast - 0,005 kg;

• Salt - 0.005 kg.

Weight at the exit: 0,290 kg. For filling:

• Chicken fillet (boiled) - 0.100 kg;

• Cheese - 0.150 kg;

• Tomatoes - 0.100 kg;

• Fried champignons - 0.100 kg;

• Sauce “Universal” - 0,050 ml;

Total weight of semi-finished product: 0.790 kg.


The foundation.

Heat up to two hundred degrees oven.

Honey is dissolved in water and add yeast. Leave for 5 minutes to yeast "played."

Sift flour, stir the salt and vegetable oil. Knead the dough to an elastic consistency.

We attach the required size of the form and put it there.


Chop chicken fillet, cut tomatoes into slices. Cheese rub.

We form and bake.

Lubricate with sauce, distribute chicken fillet and mushrooms. Sprinkle evenly with cheese, then bake for 10 - 15 minutes.

Recipe 4. Quick pizza with cheese and tomatoes “UFO”


For the test:

• Flour - 0.200 kg (plus 50 grams per subfield);

• Salt - 0,005 kg;

• Vegetable oil - 0,050;

• Water - 0.050 ml;

Weight at the exit: 0,305 kg.

For filling:

• Sauce “Universal” - 0,050 ml;

• Hard cheese - 0.120 kg;

• Bacon - 0.100 kg;

• Tomato - 0.100 kg;

• Eggs - 1 pc .;

Total weight of semi-finished product: 0.725 kg.


The foundation.

In the sifted flour, stir the salt and vegetable oil, then gradually pour in the water and knead the dough. Depending on the flour, it may be necessary to add a little more water. It depends on the gluten free flour.

Give “rest” 5 - 10 minutes under the food film.

To form a layer of circular shape, not more than 0.5 cm.


Cut bacon and tomato into thin slices. Finely grate cheese.

We form and bake.

On the prepared layer evenly distribute the sauce, then the cheese. In a circle lay out the slices of tomato, and on top of them lay bacon. After we place it in the oven heated to two hundred degrees, on the grate. Quickly and accurately break an egg in the middle. We bake, not forgetting to pierce the forming bubbles. Five minutes later, the pizza is ready.

Recipe 5. Pizza with cheese and tomatoes closed and fast “Santi”


For the test:

• Flour - 0.250 kg;

• Kefir - 0.100 ml;

• Hard cheese - 0.100 kg;

• Eggs - 1 pc .;

• Sugar - 0,010 kg;

• Salt - 0,005 kg;

• Soda - 0,005 kg;

Weight at the exit: 0,510 kg.

For filling:

• Ham - 0.100 kg;

• Cheese - 0.100 kg;

• Tomato - 0.100 kg;

Total weight of semi-finished product: 0.810 kg.


The foundation.

Stir in kefir egg, soda, salt and sugar. Add a hundred grams of grated cheese and flour. Carefully stir, divide into two parts. Roll out in the form of a large pan.


Three cheese, tomatoes and ham cut the most thin slices.

We form and bake.

On one part lay out all the components. The other part is covered and fastened around the edges. Carefully place on a pre-heated pan, greased with vegetable oil. Fry on both sides. Turn off the fire, cover with a lid for 5 - 10 minutes.

Recipe 6. Pizza with cheese and tomatoes "Castiator"


For the test:

• Milk - 0.100 ml;

• Flour - 0.200 kg;

• Olive oil - 0,030 ml;

• Dry yeast - 0,004 kg;

• Salt - 0.015 kg;

• Sugar - 0,010 kg;

Weight at the exit: 0,359 kg.

For filling:

• Salsa Rose sauce - 0.050 kg;

• Cheese - 0.120 kg;

• Bacon - 0.050 kg;

• Ham - 0.050 kg;

• Tomato - 0.100 kg;

• Onion - 0,050;

• A mixture of herbs to taste;

Total weight of semi-finished product: 0.779 kg.


The foundation.

In warm milk, dissolve sugar, yeast, salt and butter. Sift flour. Knead the dough until elastic and smooth.

Form a ball and let it lie in a warm place for 10 minutes.

Then we form a cake, the required circumference is no more than 1 - 1.5 cm. We spread on a greased form.


Onions cut into rings, and tomatoes and bacon slices. We also cut slices and ham, and then cut the circles in half. We rub cheese.

We form and bake.

Formed base grease sauce. Then evenly distribute the cheese. Alternating bacon with ham, lay out in a circle. On each slice on top we put slices of tomato. Season with herbs and set to bake in a preheated cupboard up to 250 degrees for 15 minutes.

Recipe 7. Pizza with cheese and bolognese tomatoes


For the test:

• Flour - 0.250 kg;

• Butter - 0,100 kg;

• Soda - 0,010 kg;

• Vinegar - 0,010 ml;

Weight at the exit: 0,370 kg.

For filling:

• Sauce “Universal” - 0,050 ml;

• Cheese - 0.100 kg;

• Minced chicken (raw) - 0.100 kg;

• Tomatoes - 0.100 kg;

Total weight of semi-finished product: 0.720 kg.


The foundation.

Mix flour with soft butter. Add hydrated soda. Knead the dough thoroughly and form a base.


Minced to defrost. Slice tomatoes, grate cheese.

We form and bake.

Place the sauce, cheese, tomatoes, and then the stuffing on the finished layer in order. Put bake in a heated cabinet to 180 degrees for 15 minutes.

Pizza with cheese and tomatoes - tips and helpful tips

• It is advisable to roll the pizza dough no more than 0.5 - 2 cm;

• Dough for the base is ready when it does not stick to hands;

• When making a pizza base with cheese and tomatoes, use time in between to cook the filling;

• If it was not possible to purchase at the Dalfi supermarket, then you can prepare the required amount yourself. To do this, take: 2 - 3 medium-sized tomatoes of the “cream” variety, when blanching, remove the skin from them. Place them tightly in a small stainless steel bowl. Fill with tomato juice so that the tomatoes are barely covered. Add spices for tomato marinade. Bring to a boil, turn off and let cool to 30 - 40 degrees. Then add a half tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Cover tightly and leave for a day;

• To prepare a thick and rich sauce for pizza with cheese and tomatoes, try to use, if possible, “fleshy” varieties of tomatoes;

• One gram of dry garlic can replace 3-4 grams of fresh chopped, in such proportions you can replace fresh greens;

• To replace one gram of yeast, you need 3 grams of soda and 3 grams of citric acid; • If you often cook pizza with cheese and tomatoes, you can prepare its base in advance;

• Or by forming a pizza completely and putting it on thick parchment, you can keep it frozen for about a month;

• All ingredients for pizza with cheese and tomatoes cut into thin (no more than 1.5 - 2 cm), the same slices, so the taste of pizza with cheese and tomatoes will be more harmonious;

• It is better to put the semi-finished product in the freezer on baking paper and wrap in food film. It is convenient to use it when baking, without the use of extra flour;

• Put the pizza with cheese and tomatoes on a hot baking sheet, this will prevent the dough from rising and help to stay as thin as possible;

• Do not seek to add the maximum amount of stuffing to pizza - pizza is not a pie.

Optionally, you can interchange the method of cooking the pizza base as well as the filling. Using the basic rules to independently supplement or change various recipes.

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