Peking cabbage salad - the best recipes. Cooking salads with Chinese cabbage correctly.

Peking cabbage salad - the best recipes. Cooking salads with Chinese cabbage correctly.

Chinese cabbage salad - general principles and methods of cooking

Anyone who has ever tried Peking cabbage salad understands that there is a reason to love this vegetable. Even the price, which is several times higher than the cost of white cabbage, does not stop those who appreciate the delicate vitamin taste of peking (the original name is Petsai). Despite the fact that this is a relatively new vegetable for us, it has become indispensable on our tables, especially in the autumn-winter period, when the body needs sources of vitamins, minerals, ascorbic acid and other beneficial substances. All this in Beijing, especially in its raw form, is more than enough. Add more flavor, and a festive look of cabbage leaves - and it will become clear why Beijing cabbage makes gourmets happy.

Peking Cabbage Salad - Food Preparation

For salads and green sandwiches is exclusively fresh cabbage. Its most valuable part is not just green exotic leaves, but white thick bases and veins. They make the salad so juicy. In them the majority of useful substances of a plant is hidden. Peking cabbage is used in the same salads as white cabbage, plus many more original recipes. It has not very pronounced taste, you can enhance it with the help of soy sauce and spices - for example, white pepper. It's just the perfect salad dressing. You can use crushed dried basil leaves, ground coriander seeds, curry and of course fresh herbs - parsley, dill, celery.

Beijing cabbage salad - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Peking cabbage with sesame and cucumber

Beijing cabbage can replace two ingredients at once - white cabbage and fresh green salad. Nutritionists offer this simple salad for various diets, it has a small amount of calories, but at the same time quite tasty.

Ingredients: Chinese cabbage (1 kg), sweet pepper (3 pcs.), Cucumber (2 pcs.), Greens.

Method of preparation

Remove the top leaves of cabbage, finely cut half of the fork. Cut the cucumber into strips; it is better to peel hard and hard peels. Finely chop the washed and dried parsley. Fry sesame seeds in a frying pan. Mix all ingredients, add golden sesame and soy sauce. Season with olive oil, mix.

Recipe 2: Peking Cabbage Salad - Stuffed “Mozayka”

If you want a holiday, you need to put something extraordinary on the table. Peking cabbage, stuffed with cheese mass - exactly what you need.

Ingredients: Peking cabbage (1 medium piece), bell peppers of different colors (3 pcs.), Olives (1 can), garlic, greens, leek, suluguni (or mozzarella), processed cheese (3 piece), mayonnaise.

Method of preparation

Cut the cabbage in half, cut the remaining ingredients into pieces and mix in a salad bowl with mayonnaise. Add olives, greens. Stuff the cabbage. We wrap the stuffing in sheets and tightly wrap with cling film. Sent in the fridge for 2 hours. Then cut as roll. It turns out amazingly stuffed rolls. Beautifully lay them on a plate, decorate with greens and olives.

Recipe 3: Kimcha - Korean national dish

There are about 100 recipes for this dish. The basis is always Peking cabbage, the only difference is in seasonings, additives and refueling. Korean kimcha is almost the main dish, without it you can’t imagine a real Korean table. It is no wonder that the Korean old people are so vigorous and hardy - after all, they almost daily eat a dish rich in various biological components released during fermentation.

Ingredients: Chinese cabbage (1 well), hot pepper (1 pc.), Vegetable oil (1 tablespoon), chili pepper (1 pc.), Ginger (fresh), coriander, salt, garlic , (halfheads).

Method of preparation

Brine: 2 tablespoons of salt per liter of water.

In boiled water, dilute the salt and leave to cool. Pour the cabbage should only be cold pickle. Cut the cabbage into 14 pieces and salt. Tightly laid in a pan or large bowl. Fill with brine so as to cover the upper leaves. From above, you can press down the inverted saucer so that the cabbage leaves do not emerge. Leave for 2 days in a warm place for salting.

Dressing: chop seedless pepper, chop garlic and add chili pepper. Mince the coriander in a mortar, rub the ginger and add the vegetable oil, add a little salt. Wash the cabbage, squeeze. Cut into small squares, pour dressing, cut into sesame seeds and fresh herbs.

Recipe 4: Crab Salad with Peking Cabbage

Crab sticks, although they became available, remained in our minds a delicacy. Together with Chinese cabbage and canned corn - this is a real festive salad.

Ingredients: sour cream, (200 ml), Chinese cabbage (200 grams), garlic (1-2 cloves), fresh and dried dill, canned corn (200 grams), salt, pepper.

Method of preparation

The most interesting thing in the preparation of salad is that you can tear the green leaves of cabbage with your hands. That's the reason to attract home to cooking salad. So, we tear or chop the cabbage, but not very finely. A little fresh dill (can be dried), garlic passed through garlic pudding - mix everything and fill with sour cream. Salt, pepper, add to taste. A slightly different taste can be obtained by adding a new ingredient - grated hard cheese. In this case, you can fill with mayonnaise. Little croutons from black bread with spices will add even more satisfying taste. In the microwave. For example, they prepare exactly 1 minute.

Beijing cabbage salad - useful tips from experienced chefs

Beijing cabbage is a practically universal product, combined with many ingredients. You can add boiled sausage, chicken, various cheeses, tomatoes, even pomegranate to salads. Refueling can also be different. In addition to ordinary mayonnaise and sour cream, you can think of a lot of options: sweet lemon-honey pouring, soy sauce, mustard sauce with olive oil, pomegranate juice with vegetable oil, and so on. Beijing cabbage can be used for salad with fish fillets - for pouring, we use vegetable oil with juice of half a lemon. List all the options of salads is simply impossible. We turn on the imagination - and forward to tasty and healthy food!

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