Chicken soup with potatoes: an appetizing and nutritious dish. Proper preparation of chicken soup with potatoes

Chicken soup with potatoes: an appetizing and nutritious dish. Proper preparation of chicken soup with potatoes

Soups bring variety to our menu. They are easy to prepare, and therefore have become an everyday dish.

Various vegetables, cereals, croutons, mushrooms, herbs, pasta, spices and spices make the soup attractive and healthy. And if you cook a dish with fresh chicken, potatoes and eat it, then a bright and cheerful mood will decorate the day and attract good luck.

Chicken and Potato Soup - General Cooking Principles

First you need to choose a chicken. Someone will do it on the market, but most people buy products from supermarkets. Buy where you want, but remember that only homemade chicken will give a rich meaty taste to the dish.

So, first cooked broth. If the bird shop, then the first water must be drained to get rid of harmful substances.

Broth can not be left unattended. It is necessary to periodically remove the foam - coagulated protein.

Vegetables are thoroughly washed and cleaned. As a rule, they are sent to the soup in a stew.

Salt the broth at the end of cooking, that is, when it turns into soup.

You will need a knife for cutting meat and scissors for cutting bones.

We use for the preparation of chicken soup with potatoes clean bottled water.

In the process of cooking, we boldly experiment with spices and spices, in the ready dish we generously add fresh greens.

1. Chicken Soup with Homemade Potatoes

Fatty soup will feed your whole family. Vegetables, sautéed in butter, give it a pleasant creamy taste, and seasonings - spicy aroma.


• One and a half kilograms of chicken.

• Three liters of water.

• Three potatoes.

• Carrot.

• Medium onion.

• 20 grams of butter.

• A bunch of thyme, parsley.

• Lavrushka.

• Leek leaf.

• Two teaspoons of salt.

• Culinary thread.

Cooking Method:

Wash chicken carcass under running water. Remove fat, lungs and tailbone.

Carefully remove the brisket and divide the rest into pieces.

In a saucepan with cold water, load the meat and cover tightly with a lid. Reduce the heat after boiling the broth.

We remove skimmer foam - coagulated protein - which is necessarily formed during the processing of chicken meat. Cook the broth until tender, leaving the lid ajar.

Spread parsley stalks, thyme a few sprigs, bay leaves on a leaf of leeks, wrap and tie them with a culinary thread. The resulting fragrant bouquet is loaded into the broth by placing the tip of the thread near the handle of the saucepan.

We clean the potato tubers, wash and cut into cubes. Loaded into soup.

Carrots cut into small pieces.

Chop the onion and pour it into the pan with butter. We add carrots and we pass vegetables. Add them to the soup a few minutes before the chicken is ready. Salt to taste.

When the soup is cooked, remove it from the heat and remove the seasoning. Crush the leaves of fresh parsley, pour them into the saucepan. Soup should stand under tightly closed lid for a short time.

2. Chicken soup with “Dietetic” potatoes

Light soup with lean meat and healthy vegetables will suit lovers of low-calorie, but delicious dishes.


• Three hundred grams of chicken fillet.

• Two potatoes.

• One carrot.

• Onion head.

• Lavrushka.

• A mixture of peppers.

• Salt.

• Dill.

Cooking Method:

Wash meat cut into large chunks.

Chop the peeled onion.

Cut the carrots into circles and divide them into four parts.

Cut the peeled potatoes into nice cubes.

Pour the bowl with cold water and pour the meat pieces. Drain the first broth, boil the second broth and be sure to remove the foam formed by the ladle. Meat is cooked over moderate heat until half cooked.

Pour the prepared vegetables into the saucepan: potatoes, carrots and onions. Salt soup to taste, pepper, add lavrushka.

Cook the dish under a well-closed lid on a low heat at low boil for about half an hour, until potatoes and carrots are cooked.

Finely chop the dill and fall asleep in the already prepared soup.

3. Chicken soup with potatoes “Flight of Fantasy”

With a thick and rich soup with a pleasant tomato flavor, you can feed your friends to their fill and surprise them with an unusual component (eggs). Ingredients:

• Three chicken thighs.

• Seven cherry tomatoes.

• Two potatoes.

• Three eggs.

• Carrot.

• A bunch of green onions and bulb head.

• Three bay leaves.

• Salt.

Cooking Method:

Using a sharp knife, remove the chicken skin, separate the meat from the bone.

Bone load in cold water and cook broth. Lay the bay leaves.

Cut the flesh into small pieces.

Peel the potatoes and turn them into cubes with a knife.

Cut the carrot and onion into strips and fry until soft.

Green onions shred.

When the broth has cooked for half an hour, remove the meat with bone and bay leaf from the saucepan. We load pieces of raw chicken pulp and potatoes.

Ten minutes later, pour out the stewed carrots with onions. Soup salt.

Cut the tomatoes into four parts and add to the saucepan.

Break eggs into a deep plate and beat a little. Fill them with a thin stream in the soup and at the same time mix with a whisk to distribute evenly.

Pour green onions into the finished dish.

4. Chicken soup with potatoes “Quick and easy”

The soup is light and quick to prepare. The pieces of meat melt in the mouth, the juice of finely grated carrots gives off a delicate aftertaste, and the vegetable seasoning with sharpness and aroma.


• 0.400 kg of chicken breast.

• Three potatoes.

• Onion.

• Carrot is medium and small.

• Bunch of parsley.

• Salt.

• Vegetable seasoning.

Cooking method:

Cut arbitrary, but small pieces of chicken breast, move to saucepan. Fill with cold water and start the cooking process. Chicken broth foam should be removed continuously.

When the meat is half ready, you need to start loading the prepared vegetables.

Chop the middle carrot on a coarse grater. Small - grate on small.

Onion cut into half rings.

Grate medium carrots and fry until soft. Add onion and simmer for a few minutes.

Potatoes cut into medium cubes and lay in the soup. Salt to taste. Sprinkle finely grated carrot.

Fall asleep in the soup toasted mixture of vegetables.

When the soup is almost ready, you need to put a teaspoon of vegetable seasoning. Dish need to try on the salt and add it, if necessary. Cook the soup until cooked meat and potatoes. Before the end of cooking add the sliced ​​leaves of fresh parsley. The pot should be covered and turned off the stove.

5. Chicken soup with potatoes and noodles

Simple soup is indispensable for a delicious lunch. The presence of noodles in it will relieve the hostess from cooking the second dish.


• Medium chicken breast with bone.

• Three potatoes.

• Half a glass of vermicelli.

• Carrot.

• Onion.

• Two Art. spoons of butter.

• Salt, pepper mix.

• Seasoning for chicken soup.

• A bunch of dill and parsley.

Cooking Method:

Thoroughly wash the meat, put a whole piece in a bowl with cold clean water and cook the broth in the usual way.

Grate carrots and chopped onion fry in butter until soft vegetables and golden brown. Pour onto a separate plate and let cool.

Prepared potatoes cut into as small as possible.

When the meat is cooked, remove it and cut the pulp with a knife into small pieces. Pour back into the broth along with the potatoes.

Soup salt, pepper and add seasoning to taste.

Pour the fried vegetables.

Download noodles, waiting for the soup to boil, mix everything well.

Chop the dill and parsley, add to the soup at the end of cooking.

6. Chicken Soup with Scotch Potato

The combination of unusual ingredients gives the chicken soup with potatoes an unexpectedly pleasant sweet-salty taste. It should be noted that in the original dish only rooster meat is used.


• Chicken carcass.

• Two potatoes.

• Leek.

• Two Art. spoons of rice.

• 0,300 kg of prunes.

• Dill with parsley - fragrant greens.

• Salt.

Cooking Method:

We divide the chicken carcass: remove the fat, tailbone, fenders, filet. Chop the remaining meat into pieces.

Throw the chicken in a bowl with hot water and cook the broth.

Separate the white part of the leek and cut it lengthwise. Then cut diagonally wide strips. Sent in broth.

Remove the finished meat, and when it cools a little, release it from the bones. The resulting flesh cut into small pieces. Cover rice and stir. Add chopped potatoes to the soup. Next, pour out the meat pulp.

Prune cut into four pieces. Pour it into the soup when the rice and potatoes are almost cooked.

Chopped fragrant greens add to the plate with the finished soup.

7. Chicken soup with potatoes in a Caucasian way

Moderately fatty, thick soup has a pleasant taste and light spiciness.


• Five chicken wings.

• Four small potatoes.

• Bow.

• Half a cup of boiled chickpeas.

• Green cilantro.

• A tomato.

• Half of Bulgarian pepper.

• Art. spoon of ghee.

• Black spoonful of salt.

• A mixture of fragrant peppers.

• Ground red paprika.

Cooking Method:

Load the meat into the dishes and boil the broth, once changing the water. Remove the foam. Remove the meat, strain the broth.

Chop smaller onions and peppers.

Peel the tomato and chop into small pieces.

Pour onion, salt and melted butter into the pan. Extinguish a little and add the tomato with pepper. Give the vegetables to fry well, then pour them into the pan and pour the broth. Add cut in half potatoes and chickpeas, mix everything.

When the potatoes are almost cooked, add chicken. Pepper well and pour a spoonful of red paprika.

Cook the dish over low heat. The lid must be closed.

Add cilantro to soup that is already turned off.

8. Chicken Soup with Potatoes, Cucumbers and Melted Cheese

The soup is thick, rich and nourishing. The combination of cucumbers with mustard adds spice to the soup and a bitter-salty flavor. Melted cheese forms on the surface of golden fat rings


• Three potatoes.

• Two chicken legs.

• Two onion heads.

• Carrot.

• Black spoon mustard.

• Two processed cheese.

• Four pickled cucumbers.

• Vegetable seasoning with salt.

• Fresh greens.

Cooking Method:

The legs are well washed, cut and cook the broth.

Cut the potatoes into small pieces and send them to the saucepan with the soup.

Shred the onion and pour it into the pan. Add the carrot, cut into strips. Fry vegetables in vegetable oil, constantly stirring. Cut the cucumbers into rings and pour them into the pan. Put a spoon of mustard and continue to simmer the vegetable mixture. Then move the contents of the pan to the saucepan.

Cut the processed cheese cubes into cubes and send them into the soup for five minutes until cooked. Add to taste vegetable seasoning.

Greens poured into a bowl of soup.

Chicken Soup with Potatoes - Tips and Tips

  • If you make preparations for soup in advance, you can make it very quickly.
  • The optimal ratio of chicken and water for rich broth is 1: 3, that is, one pound of poultry will require three liters of liquid. Then it will not be too fat and will not turn into a decoction.
  • So that the broth does not become cloudy during cooking, it is necessary to reduce fire as much as possible after boiling.
  • If you stew vegetables and roots before putting them into the soup, it will acquire a beautiful amber color.
  • To cook the “right” broth, first you need to pour water, then load chicken into it.
  • Ghee gives the soup a creamy taste.
  • For rich broth, chicken is poured with cold water, and to get juicy meat - hot.
  • Excess fat spoils the taste of the soup, so it should be removed.
  • It is better to use meat on a bone. Be sure to remove the oil glands because they give the broth the smell of wet feathers.
  • It is important to know that there are approximately 450-500 grams of fillet in one kilogram of chicken.
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