Summer salad - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare a summer salad.

Summer salad - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty to prepare a summer salad.

All those dishes that we usually say “satisfying, tasty and healthy” are called summer salads. Fresh summer salads are fruit and vegetable, and they all have a light taste, pleasant aroma, and a great aftertaste. It is really impossible to give up summer salad, especially in late spring, when the first fresh vegetables appear on the shelves, and our body already begins to feel a lack of vitamins and minerals.

Cooking summer salads always provokes us to create culinary masterpieces, we always try to combine the incompatible in them, and always get a great result, getting more and more new taste qualities. Moreover, sometimes it is enough to change the recipe of the dressing or sauce to the same salad, and get a completely different taste. Let us now take a look at some recipes for preparing summer salads, especially since spring is already in full swing and the long-awaited summer is just around the corner, which will give us countless fresh vegetables and fruits.

Recipe 1. Lettuce summer

Ingredients Required:

- fresh leaves - 0.5 bunches,

- Tofu cheese - 150 g;

- fresh fragrant dill and parsley - 1 each,

- green onion - 50 g;

- sunflower seeds - 2 tablespoons l .;

- olive butter - 4 tbsp.

- balsamic vinegar - 2 tbsp. l .;

- marinated mushrooms - 200 g;

- young garlic - a couple of cloves and ground black pepper.


We rinse the lettuce leaves under cold water and put them in ice water for a couple of minutes. Then quickly dry them in a vegetable dryer or with a towel and cut into large pieces or tear them into flakes. Grind with a knife all cooked greens. Lettuce leaves spread on a wide and flat dish. To the chopped greens add chopped 4 pieces of pickled caps of mushrooms. If you have small mushrooms in your jar, then it’s not even necessary to cut them. Fresh garlic grate and add to the greens with mushrooms. Mix all 3 ingredients and place on the lettuce leaves in a plate.

Now prepare the juice. Take a whisk and a deep glass bowl. Pour in olive oil, balsamic vinegar and ground black pepper. Whisk in intensively with a whisk for about 5 minutes. We wet the knife blade under the tap and cut Tofu cheese into cubes. Put it on top of the salad and pour the sauce. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds on top and serve our guests a home-made summer salad with Tofu cheese.

Recipe 2. Summer salad with orange

This salad is for those who like to eat tasty food, but cares a lot about their figure.

Ingredients Required:

- white cabbage - 250-300 g;

- big orange,

- carrot and a handful of cranberries;

- A bunch of dill and parsley, salt and grape seed oil.


So, take a shredder, roll up our sleeves and rub the cabbage and carrot with thin stripes. Put in a bowl. We take an orange, separate the white part from the pulp and cut it into chaotic pieces right into the salad, so as not to lose the juice. There are many vitamins in orange juice, so every drop in price. Finally, chop the greens and add to the bowl to the salad. Stir with a flat blade upwards and remove the salad for half an hour in a cold place.

Then put it in a beautiful salad bowl, garnish with cranberries and pour with grape seed oil. If you do not accidentally find grape seed oil, you can safely replace it with olive oil.

Recipe 3. Summer salad with apples

Ingredients Required:

- dried apricots - 16 pcs .;

- apples - 2 fruits;

- 2 celery stalks;

- grapes or blueberries - 200 g;

- Kiwi - 2 pcs .;

- peaches or nectarines - 2 pcs .;

- orange - 1 pc .;

- May natural honey - 1 tbsp .;

- sesame seeds - 4 tsp;

- egg whites - 3 pcs .;

- powdered sugar - 100 g;

- butter - 60 g;

- flour - 100 g


Prepare original baskets. Whip whisk chilled egg whites and slowly introduce the icing sugar. Then pour the flour and continue to beat until smooth. At the end add a little melted butter, cover the dough with a film and hold it for 30 minutes.

Lay out parchment cooking paper on a baking sheet and lay out the dough with a tablespoon. Observe the distance between the cake. Then we smear each “blob” of dough with a tablespoon or a wide knife, trying to move the dough from the center to the edges in the form of petals. We will heat the oven to 180 degrees and send for 5-8 minutes our beautiful biscuits for browning. Immediately hot, not allowing them to cool, form a soft dough in the form of a beautiful basket. You can pick up some kind of mold and use it to make a recess in the center of the shortcake. When the dough cools it will remain in this form.

Now we are preparing a salad. First, dice the apple. Finely chop celery stalks and dried apricots. Cut nectarines and kiwi into slices, and fry sesame seeds in a dry skillet. Now in our prepared baskets lay out fruits, celery and vegetables. Top with a sprinkle of orange juice and pour honey in May and sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds.

Recipe 4. Summer salad with pears

Ingredients Required:

- apples - 400 g;

- pears - 400 g;

- lemon and orange - on a piece;

- a pinch of cinnamon;

- limoncello - 4 tbsp.

- strawberry or raspberry - 100 g.


First, we will prepare a uniquely delicious dressing for this salad. Take a lemon and orange zest and rub them on a grater. Pour limoncello and add a little ground cinnamon. Here we also squeeze the juice from half an orange and half a lemon.

Now clean the pears and apples and cut them into cubes. Then combine the cubes with the dressing, add the berries and you can still add the cubes of yellow sweet melon (if you have one). We must understand that sweet yellow ripens in late summer, so keep in mind that the salad turns out tasty and without melon, so we did not include it in the list of necessary ingredients. Let the salad stand for 20 minutes, after which we will shift it over the files. From above, you can lay out the biscuit cubes and serve to the table. For these 20 minutes, the salad will give out a delicious juice, which you can pour biscuit cubes on top, which will give them a delicious vanilla flavor.

Summer salad - secrets and tips from the best chefs

- If you prepare a fruit salad for yourself, be sure to give it some time to insist. Then, if you wish, you can drain the selected fruit juice, pour it into a saucepan and boil down until thick.

- Fresh mint will give a special flavor to summer fruit salad. Add it to the salad need only before you set aside for tincture.

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