Sweet whip up: sooner or later you will need it. Useful recipes for a quick whip

Sweet whip up: sooner or later you will need it. Useful recipes for a quick whip

Most of us love pies, although they are too high in calories.

But sometimes there is such a great desire to eat flour, that simply no strength is enough to hold on.

Do not run to the nearest store or pastry shop, because you can quickly make a cake.

A suitable recipe should be in stock for each hostess.

He will help out even when he wants to treat his friends or loved ones with a dish that is not only tasty, but also useful.

Responsible hostess (or owner) adds only high-quality and fresh products to homemade cakes.

Sweet whip pie - general cooking principles

In many dishes there is one very good quality: quick cooking. And this is very important, because not everyone has enough patience for culinary delights.

Cooking up a sweet pie is usually half an hour or a little longer. The savings are due to the fact that you do not need to knead the dough for a long time and then keep it for almost an hour.

Most pies are baked in the oven, but there are recipes that allow you to do without it. The dish can be prepared using the freezer.

The main ingredients of the cake are sugar, flour, eggs, butter or margarine. Milk, kefir, cottage cheese, cocoa, and cinnamon are also added. Sugar can be replaced with honey or bake a dish of jam.

Pie suitable for any fruits and berries. The dish acquires an unusual taste, if you add dates and nuts to it.

To bake a cake, the dough should not be hard. The necessary ingredients are simply mixed, whipped a little, and the resulting liquid is poured into a mold.

It, as always, must be coated with butter and sprinkled with semolina or flour. It is desirable to lay the bottom of the form with baking paper: the cake will easily lag behind it.

The oven should be preheated. The standard temperature is 180 degrees. A blender, mixer, measuring cups or cups, a whisk and a brush are useful for making the cake.

Recipe 1. A quick quickie with dates and apples

There is no flour and sugar in this dessert. There is also no oil and vegetable fats. There is no need to bake a pie. He comes to readiness in the freezer.

Preparing the cake is simple, but provided that the necessary ingredients do not need to run to the store.


• three apples;

• 250 gr. dates;

• 200 gr. nuts;

• two l. Art. honey liquid;

• half a glass of water;

• salt pinch;

• lemon juice.

Cooking Method:

Prepare dates. They need to be freed from the pits, and then pour water.

Pour nuts in a blender. Add half of the dates there and turn everything into a puree.

Prepare a cake pan. Cover it with baking paper.

Nut-date mass spread out on the form in the form of a cake, make the sides. Place the workpiece in the freezer. Do not forget to cover up the form of food film.

In the meantime, you need to clean the apples and cut them into small pieces in the form of cubes. Spray a little lemon juice.

Pour into the blender the remaining dates and chop. Pour over honey and salt. Turn on the kitchen assistant for another minute.

Stir the mashed potatoes with apple slices. You need to do this very carefully.

From the freezer remove the cooled cake. Lay out the top of the stuffing. Properly align it and again send it in the fridge for freezing.

After half an hour or a maximum of an hour, you can enjoy a quick whip up pie.

Recipe 2. A quick whip "Tea"

In just forty minutes, you can make a very good pie and offer it to friends who have suddenly appeared suddenly.

Perfectly complements the treats with apricot jam or plums.


• 400 gr. flour;

• one egg;

• 10 pieces of dried apricots;

• a cup of kefir and granulated sugar; • 75 gr. baking margarine;

• one teaspoonful of dry mustard and soda;

• 1/4 tsp. salt.

Cooking Method:

Baking margarine in a small scoop and melt.

Dried apricots cut into small pieces.

Egg break into the mixer cup and pour the granulated sugar. Beat well. Pour the mixture into a large bowl.

Add kefir, dried apricots and melted margarine. All ingredients mix.

Salt the resulting mass and gradually begin adding flour. Knead the dough in the form of thick cream.

In another small bowl, mix the soda and mustard. Pour three spoons of water (tea). Add the mixture to the dough and mix as follows.

Move the flour blanks to the form and send to bake. Cooking time will be no more than half an hour.

Recipe 3. Sweet quickie with pears

The process of making the cake is very simple. Even an inexperienced hostess can handle such a dish.


• three eggs;

• a glass of incomplete flour and sugar;

• tsp. baking powder;

• two pears.

Cooking Method:

Pour sugar, flour and baking powder into a deep bowl. Stir them together.

Add the eggs here and using a whisk to cook a thin dough.

Cut the pears into small pieces. Pour them to the bottom of the form.

Pour the fruit dough.

Move the cake to the oven for about twenty-five minutes (180 degrees).

Recipe 4. Sweet quick chocolate cake

As long as the plate with the pieces of cake is empty, none of the guests will stop drinking tea.


• two eggs;

• 11/2 glasses of flour;

• a glass of kefir and sugar;

• three l. Art. cocoa powder;

• 60 grams of raisins;

• tsp. without baking powder;

• 100 grams of nuts and chocolate;

Cooking Method:

Pour sugar in a bowl, add eggs and beat until frothy.

Pour the kefir and mix.

Take turns putting cocoa in a bowl, flour, baking powder and raisins. After each ingredient, mix everything with a whisk. Put the nuts in kulechek and chop with a knife or rocking chair. Pour into the dough and stir everything again.

Prepare a baking sheet and pour the dough on it. Put in the oven for half an hour at standard temperature.

Put the finished cake on a plate. Grate a bar of chocolate and sprinkle with a crumb sweet dessert.

Recipe 5. Banana cottage cheese sweet cake

A cake with a delicate banana-cottage cheese filling will want to be prepared by everyone who tastes even a small piece of it.


• 0.8 kg of flour;

• 0.25 kg margarine;

• tsp. soda;

• 0.2 kg of sugar and cottage cheese;

• two eggs;

• banana.

Cooking Method:

Mix eggs until a large foam. Pour almost all the sugar (about 80%) and continue to beat with a mixer until the sweet ingredient dissolves.

In a large container pour the flour. Add the softened margarine and mix.

Use vinegar to quench the soda, pour into the flour and mix.

In the future, pour the dough a little bit of eggs with sugar.

Stir first with a spoon, and then knead the dough with your hands.

Put the cottage cheese, banana slices and the remaining sugar in the blender bowl. All very carefully interrupted.

We cut off about a fifth of the piece of dough. Roll out into a thin layer and set aside.

Put the remaining dough into the mold and flatten it on the bottom. We make a side.

Pour banana with cottage cheese with curd on the dough, level the filling on the surface.

Cover the cake with the previously rolled layer and combine it with the bottom piece.

Cooking time for a quick pie is no more than half an hour (180 degrees).

The finished dish can be spread with raspberry or strawberry jam.

Recipe 6. A quick quick-cake “Pleasant tea drinking”

In this cake, any jam will be in place. The main thing is to keep the proportions. And still need to take into account that if the jam is very too sweet, you need to add less sugar.


• a glass of milk, jam and sugar; • egg;

• h. Spoon of soda;

• two cups of flour.

Cooking Method:

Add sugar to the bowl and add the egg. Beat with a whisk or mixer.

Fill the milk and continue to beat. When everything is well mixed, add a glass of jam. A little more work as a mixer.

Quench the soda with vinegar and add to the bowl.

Now it is the turn of flour. Pour it in small portions in our dishes and gradually mix.

Pour the finished dough on a baking sheet. We load it for fifty minutes in the oven.

Recipe 7. Sweet-and-quick orange pie

The taste and smell of orange make the cake a little miracle.


• a glass of milk, flour and sugar;

• two oranges and eggs;

• 10 gr. baking powder.

Cooking Method:

We start the preparation of the cake with a standard procedure: whip until a homogeneous mass of egg with sugar.

Add milk and sift flour. Pour baking powder.

Rub a very small orange zest and pour it into the future pie.

Begin the process of mixing with a whisk.

Pour the dough into the form in which we bake the cake.

We release orange slices from white lintels and stones. Cut into small pieces. Put them on the dough.

Move the cake into the oven for forty minutes.

Recipe 8. Loose sweet whip

Gentle and airy dough with a sweet filling inside ... Such a cake, the preparation of which is simple and quick, should rightfully become a home favorite.


• two kg of apples;

• cinnamon;

• a cup of flour, semolina and sugar;

• 180 gr. butter;

• two spoons of h. Baking powder.

Cooking Method:

Fill a large bowl with semolina and sugar. Mix the baking powder and flour and pour into the same container.

With a tablespoon we mix the dry ingredients of the future sweet pie in a hurry.

All apples cleaned and rubbed on a large grated. We clean the core into the garbage bag. Rub the grated apples with plenty of cinnamon and mix. Form parchment paper at the bottom fall asleep dry compound. It takes about a quarter of the mixture.

We put a layer of apples. There will be three such layers, so we take this into account in the process.

Next, pour a layer of dry ingredients. Then:

  • apples;
  • dry compound;
  • apples;
  • dry compound.

Thus, at the bottom of the cake and at the very top of it is a mixture of semolina, flour and sugar. And between her - three apple layers.

Chilled butter rubbed on a grater larger. Spread it evenly on the cake.

We bake for about ten minutes at 200 degrees and then another twenty minutes at standard temperature.

Sweet whip up - tips and useful tips

  • The ready dish can be eaten both in a warm, and in cold. Wait until the cake has cooled completely, there is no need.
  • Flour must be soaked with oxygen, so it must be sieved.
  • If the pie is cooked with apples, then fruit that is sweet and sour to the taste is more suitable.
  • To make the butter or margarine rub lightly, sprinkle them with flour.
  • Egg yolks are ground with sugar only in earthenware or porcelain dishes and preferably in a warm place.
  • To prevent the surface of the cake from burning, it should be covered with a piece of foil.
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