Currant Pie - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook currant pie.

Currant Pie - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook currant pie.

Currant Pie - general principles and methods of cooking

Remember the fun puzzle: “Red? Or black? Why white? Yes because green! What do you think about what I mean? That's right, this currant is one of the most useful, nutritious and tasty berries on Earth. By the way, she got this name from the word “currants”, which translated from Slavic means “strong smell”. And indeed, it is this type of berry that has perhaps the most pronounced flavor. Can you imagine what kind of baking it will turn out with, what kind of pies !? Its “strong” aroma literally permeates everything from the inside, and a sweet and sour gamma gives the dish an unsurpassed taste.

Currant pie ... from just one phrase blew home warmth and comfort. In Russia, such products were an indicator of the culinary skills of girls. It seems to be nothing complicated at first glance - to bake a currant pie, but no! Each hostess had their own secrets of cooking delicious desserts. Most of the recipes, of course, did not survive, but thanks to the ingenuity of modern housewives, increasing the list of ingredients and the development of communication tools, practically everyone can now “blind” the culinary masterpiece.

Currant cakes can be made from any dough: yeast, fresh, flaky, sour cream, shortbread, etc. Some of them, for example, cheesecake or cake with biscuits, cheese cream do not need baking at all - it is enough just to cool them. Some products can take several hours to prepare, and others only a few minutes. It all depends, of course, on the recipe, the number of ingredients and culinary skill.

Many housewives will always find a way to get good recipes for currant pies, but this is usually not enough. The main thing is that the baking of any baking must be approached with the desire, mood and love for those people for whom you are trying so hard.

Currant Pie - Food Preparation

Most often in cooking use red and black currants. Which one to choose for you - decide for yourself. Moreover, there are lots of recipes for pies from both types of berries. It does not matter in principle. Red currant contains less sucrose, so a little more sugar should be put into the stuffing from this type.

Whatever berry you prefer, be sure to free it from brushes and stalks, rinse, allow to drain and dry. Frozen fruits first fill with cold water before thawing, and then - overturn in a colander.

In addition, the test will need eggs, butter, sugar and a good flour finely ground. If you are cooking a pie with the addition of cottage cheese, choose fatty and non-dry varieties.

Currant Pie - Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Cheesecake with Currants

According to the classic recipe, the cheesecake is made from cream cheese. The “cheesecake” is either baked or cooled in the fridge. We will use the second option, so we take the chopped cookies, mixed with soft butter, as its basis. And instead of cheese, take a gentle curd with cream. We assure you that the result will be no worse than the original.


- 170 gr. ground cookies “Jubilee”

- 50 gr. flooded butter

For filling:

- gelatin - 7-8 plates

- a little water (for gelatin)

- 150 gr. currants

- 250 gr. cottage cheese

- 150 gr. Sahara

- 100 ml of currant juice

- vanillin

- 300 gr. cream

For jelly:

- gelatin - 2 plates

- 100 gr. currant juice

- 50 ml. liqueur (preferably currant)

Cooking method:

1. Mix with a mixer chopped cookies with butter until soft and smooth. The detachable form, with a diameter of 21-24 cm, we grease with oil and spread the mass into it, smoothing it with our hands, leaving low sides.

2. Soak gelatin in a small amount of water. Currant wipe through a sieve or skip through a meat grinder, with cottage cheese do the same way to eliminate grains. Stir the currants and cottage cheese, add to the mix the juice, whipped cream with sugar and gelatin. All mix. 3. We spread the curd mass on the basis of biscuits with butter. Level and clean in the cold for a couple of hours. After this time, pour our jelly cheesecake with gelatin jelly (prepared according to the recipe), currant juice and liqueur, decorate the cake with cream and berries on top. Again, we remove the dessert in the cold for a few hours. We get and enjoy.

Recipe 2: Curd Pie “Lazy”

A lazy currant pie is made in a matter of minutes: preparation and baking itself take about forty minutes. Surely, this is why dessert was endowed with such a “name”. The cake is usually served hot or warm.


- one egg

- one stack. flour

- one stack. frozen or fresh currants

- two apples

- 90 gr. butter

- eight art. spoons of fine sugar

Cooking method:

1. Cut the apples into cubes, not peeling them off. Put a frying pan on the stove, melt the butter and put currants into it, as well as diced apples. Sprinkle the ingredients with sugar and fry for about five minutes.

2. Lubricate the baking dish, lay in it the browned stuffing along with the juice. Pound butter with sugar, egg and mix with flour until flour crumbs form. For best results, ingredients can be sent to the combine and grind in the “Pulse” mode. Remember, we just need a baby.

3. Sprinkle with crumb filling and distribute it evenly. Next, we heat up the oven to 170C and send a lazy cake for half an hour. Served hot.

Recipe 3: Princely Blackcurrant Pie

Unexpected combinations used in this recipe result in a very luxurious product. A shiny ruddy crust on top, and inside the tender flesh interspersed with black berries. After all, no wonder the cake - "Princely"!


- 250 gr. butter

- two stacks. powdered sugar

- four eggs

- 400 gr. flour - five or six table. lie medium fat cream

- 300 gr. currants

- 150 gr. chopped walnuts

- orange peel

- baking powder bag


- orange juice - half a cup

- vanilla bag

- 100-150 gr. powdered sugar (on taste)

Cooking method:

1. Beat the eggs with powdered sugar. Add melted butter and cream to the foam, gently mix. Next, add the zest, flour, mixed with baking powder, and well beat the mixture with a mixer. Pour whole currant berries and chopped walnuts. We bring mass to a homogeneous state.

2. Lubricate the form with oil and lay out in it the resulting creamy mixture. Heat the oven to 190C and bake the cake for one hour. We check readiness with the help of a long match.

3. While the cake is baked, orange juice is mixed with powder and vanilla. With this mixture, we pour the finished hot cake, after about an hour, remove it from the mold and enjoy.

Recipe 4: Cake with red currants “Autumn”

The cake is very bright, colorful and fragrant (thanks to vanilla, ginger and cinnamon). We will cook it on the basis of milk, green apples, red currants and sour cream.


For the test:

- 85 gr. of milk

- 100 gr. butter

- 90 gr. Sahara

- vanilla

- a pinch of salt

- two eggs

- 300 gr. flour

- tea lodges. soda

- lemon juice

For filling:

- 300 gr. green apples

- 300 gr. currant red

- three table. l Sahara

To fill:

- four spoons (table) sour cream

- two spoons of sugar

- a pinch of ginger

- a pinch of cinnamon

Cooking method:

1. In the microwave or on the water bath, melt the butter. We add sugar, vanilla, a pinch of salt, milk and eggs to it. Stir until smooth and sprinkle with lemon juice. Next, pour the soda and portions of flour. Knead the sticky dough. Lubricate the form and lay out a layer of dough on it. Leveling hands, leaving bumpers.

2. Peel the apples, cut them into cubes. Then mix it with red currant (if it is frozen - leave it in this condition) and sprinkle with fine sugar. Put the stuffing on the dough and send the cake to the oven at 170-175C. Bake 40-50 minutes. Ready hot dessert pour a mixture of sour cream, sugar, ginger and cinnamon, cool to a warm state and eat with tea or coffee. Enjoy your meal!

Currant Pie - tips from experienced chefs

- All ingredients (eggs, currants, butter, flour, etc.) for currant pie, as for any product, must have the same room temperature before processing, so take care of this in advance;

- To keep the currant juice in the baking process not to go beyond the cake, add a small amount of starch to the filling, and grease the “sides” of the product with egg white;

- Currant pie perfectly with whipped cream or sour cream. It is better to serve it hot (warm);

- For confectionery purposes, culinary experts advise using such varieties as:

1. Blackcurrant - Exotic, Dobrynya, Raisin, Perun, Venus.

2. Red currant - Red Cross, Vorzhevich, Hero.

It is these species that have the most pronounced aroma and taste, as well as are optimal in the ratio of sucrose and ascorbic acid.

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