Delicious tomato salads for the winter: vitamins in jars for the whole family. The best recipes of delicious salads for the winter of tomatoes

Delicious tomato salads for the winter: vitamins in jars for the whole family. The best recipes of delicious salads for the winter of tomatoes

Canned salads from some tomatoes or with herbs and other vegetables will be a great addition to the everyday winter menu.

This dish can be used as a side dish, dressing for borscht or pickle, as well as additives to chakhokhbili, casseroles with meat and fish.

Delicious tomato salads for the winter - general cooking

The basic composition of ingredients for canned salads with tomatoes: ripe or green tomatoes, vinegar, salt, sugar, onions.

When choosing these ingredients, follow the rules:

1. Canned best tomatoes late varieties of ripening, with thick flesh and peel. The best will be elongated fruit, the so-called cream. They have the most dry matter. Buy medium sized tomatoes to make them easier to cut into a salad.

2. Onions are usually cut into half rings or finely shred. Therefore it is necessary to choose medium or small onions. Tomatoes fit white or purple variety. Delicious salads for the winter from tomatoes are obtained with a large “Crimean” onion.

3. Carrots choose not very large. In large roots very hard core.

4. In the delicious salads for the winter of tomatoes is usually vinegar 9% and salt. Optionally, you can add bay leaf, sweet or black pepper, cloves.

Preservation process:

1. Jars (half a liter), washed with hot water and soda, rinsed.

2. Then they are filled “by the shoulders” with tomatoes and other components according to the recipe.

3. Lids should be boiled for several minutes in a separate container and left in water.

4. Filled jars are covered with sterile lids, put in a large saucepan and filled with water, not reaching the level of lids by 1.5 centimeters.

5. Add water and boil (sterilize) depending on the recipe for 15-20 minutes.

6. Then the cans are removed, the lids are rolled up.

7. Finished salads are flipped up and down and wrapped with a blanket until completely cooled.

Delicious salads for the winter of tomatoes (traditional)

Classic tomato salad, which can be used as a supplement to the main meat or fish dish, borscht dressings or as a basis for adzhika. Even an inexperienced hostess can cook tasty winter salads from tomatoes in a classic version.


The foundation:

1. Thick tomatoes - 1.3 kg.

2. Refined sunflower oil - 70 ml per one half-liter jar.

3. Vinegar - 2 and a half Art. l

4. A pound of onion.

5. Rosemary.

Marinade for salad:

1. Normal water - 1 l.

2. Salt - to taste 10-15 grams.

3. Sugar - 90 grams.

Method of preparation

Prepare vegetables:

1. Onions peel off and rinse.

2. With a tomato remove the stem, rinse.

3. Slice the tomatoes and onions into half rings.

4. Put in jars layers of tomatoes, herbs, onions to the top.

5. Pour in the vinegar, then the oil.

Delicious salads for the winter from tomatoes poured marinade:

1. Boil water.

2. Next, add sugar, salt.

3. Stir one complete dissolution.

4. Pour the cans to the top.

5. Then the salad is rolled and wrapped. You can store it in the pantry or cellar.

Delicious tomato salads for the winter (with peppers and carrots)

This salad is called "Ukrainian". Prepared with a lot of seasoning, it turns out fragrant and very fragrant. Delicious salads for the winter of tomatoes and butter are completely ready to eat.


1. Dense tomatoes - 2 kilograms.

2. White onion bulb - 750 grams.

3. Yellow pepper - one and a half kg.

4. Sweet carrots - 800 grams.

5. Carnation - 12 buds.

6. Allspice - 12 peas.

7. Bay leaves - 5-10 pieces.

8. Sunflower oil - 220 ml.

9. Vinegar 9 percent - 100 milliliters.

10. Sugar - 125 gr.

11. Salt - 65 grams.


1. Grind vegetables: pepper - straws, tomatoes - quarters, onions - rings. Grate carrots on a medium or large grater.

2. Next, mix the oil and vinegar with salt and sugar.

3. Add the marinade to the mixed vegetables.

4. Spread the mass in a couple of heated jars (0.5 liters), at the bottom of which are placed spices. 5. Cover with lids (boiled), sterilize and roll up as described at the beginning.

6. Cool the salads under the blanket, then turn them over and out into the cold.

Delicious tomato salads for the winter (with mustard)

Spicy salad for lovers of savory snacks. The pickle turns cloudy, but the tomato slices themselves are very rich, spicy-sweet. The recipe uses a large amount of spicy spices, which makes delicious tomato salads for the winter very fragrant.

Ingredients per liter jar:

1. Garlic - 1 large tooth.

2. Dried dill - 20 gr.

3. Medium bay leaf - 3 things.

4. Carnation - 2 sticks.

5. Black (pea) pepper - 2 pieces.

6. Hot red pepper - half a large pod.

7. Tomatoes - 0.8 kilograms.

8. Dry mustard powder - 20 grams.

9. Vinegar -75 ml.

10. Water - 1 liter.

11. Sugar - 65 gr.

12. Salt - one article. spoon.

Method of preparation

In the washed and heated over the steam banks lay out layers:

• garlic;

• bay leaf;

• ground pepper;

• cloves;

• finely chopped hot peppers;

• cream tomatoes cut in halves or quarters.

Fill with boiling water and leave for about 5 minutes. Delicious salads for the winter from tomatoes poured brine:

1. Boil water.

2. Add salt and sugar to it. Dissolve while stirring.

3. Pour dried chopped dill.

We roll banks:

1. Drain clean water from cans.

2. Sprinkle with mustard.

3. Fill with brine.

4. Add vinegar and roll lid.

5. Sterilize for at least 15 minutes.

6. Carefully remove the jars and turn them down with the lids, then wrap them to full cooling.

Delicious tomato salads for the winter (with rice)

This salad is considered a completely independent dish. Thanks to boiled rice, delicious salads for the winter from tomatoes are nourishing and high-calorie. The recipe uses a lot of sunflower oil, so you can store the workpiece for a maximum of 1-2 years so that the oil does not start to taste bitter.


1. Solid small tomatoes - 3 kg.

2. White onions - 1 kg.

3. Bulgarian sweet pepper - 1.2 kg.

4. Carrots are not very large - 1 kg. 5. Boiled long grain rice - 250 gr.

6. Vegetable oil (odorless) - half a liter.

7. Sugar - 250 gr.

8. Vinegar 9% - 110 ml.

9. Salt - 90 gr.


1. Wash rice, boil until half ready.

2. Next, peel the onions, chop or half rings, or into quarters.

3. Pour oil into a thick-walled pot and boil. Put chopped onion in it and fry for 15 minutes, constantly stirring.

4. Peel and grate carrots. Add to the onions and fry for another 15 minutes.

5. Rinse the tomatoes, cut into slices, pour into the oil, mix.

6. Pour vinegar, sugar, salt, pepper and boil for another 20 minutes.

7. Add boiled rice at the end and boil 30 more minutes on the smallest fire.

8. Sterilize the salad is not necessary. Spread it in a couple of heated jars and roll up the previously boiled lids.

9. Ready and rolled up salad can be lowered into the cold immediately, without wrapping a blanket beforehand.

Delicious tomato salads for the winter (with grapes)

The original snack of tomatoes with grapes has an interesting taste - sweet and sour, with the aroma of cherries. This interesting dish can be safely served as a side dish to grilled meat, chicken or fish. Grapes can be used light, not very sweet.

Ingredients per jar (1 liter):

1. Tomatoes are small, slightly unripe - 0.6 kg.

2. Grapes - 100 gr.

3. Dill - 1 medium bunch (about 30 gr.).

4. Cherry, red, black currant leaves - 3 pcs.

5. Sheet horseradish.

6. To 10 grams. sugar and salt.

7. 300 milliliters of water.

8. Citric acid - 2-3 gr.


1. Rinse dense tomatoes and dry, cut along or into quarters.

2. Separate the grapes from the bunch and rinse.

3. Sterilize the liter jars for a couple of 5 minutes, boil the lids.

4. Place a layer of tomato in the jar, then grapes, leaves and dill. Alternate to the top banks.

5. Put salt and sugar in boiling water (300 milliliters), dissolve. Add citric acid at the end.

6. Zatezat salad and sterilize, covered with lids, 15 minutes. Then roll up and cover with a blanket.

Delicious salads for the winter of tomatoes (with cabbage)

This salad can be served at the table as a snack, side dish, or used to make borscht.


1. On 1 kilogram of carrots, ripe tomatoes and cabbages of late varieties.

2. Vinegar - 90 ml.

3. Refined sunflower oil - 500 ml.

4. Ground black pepper - 15 gr.

5. Salt large - 45 gr.

6. Sugar - 90 gr.


1. Chop the cabbage, removing the thickening of the stump too dense.

2. Rub carrots on a coarse grater or cut into small strips.

3. Rinse the tomatoes, cut into cubes.

4. Pour sugar, salt and pepper into vegetables. Stir.

5. Stew the salad in vegetable oil for an hour and a half. 6-7 minutes until ready, pour in the vinegar.

6. Rinse half-liter jars, sterilize for a couple of 10 minutes and place the hot salad in them.

7. Roll covers.

8. Rolled cans with salad can not wrap.

Delicious tomato salads for the winter (with apples and cucumbers without vinegar)

Spicy assorted without excess acid can be used even in the children's diet. Very tender tasty salads for the winter of tomatoes with cucumbers, green apples, bell peppers and tomatoes.

Ingredients for a three-liter jar:

1. Ripe tomatoes - 1.3 kg.

2. Cucumbers - 1 kg.

3. Apples green - 2 pcs.

4. Big sweet pepper - 1 pc.

5. Bitter pepper - 1 small pod.

6. Garlic - 5 teeth.

7. Salt - 2 tbsp. l

8. Sugar - 3 tbsp. l with riding.

9. Apple juice (packaged) - 200 ml.

10. Parsley and dill - 3 branches each.

11. Bay leaves - 4 pcs.

12. Water - 1.25 liters.


1. Greens, vegetables, rinse.

2. Pour cucumbers with water for 3 hours.

3. Remove seeds from peppers and apples.

4. Tomatoes cut in half, apples - slices, pepper - straws, cucumbers - slices.

5. Peel the garlic and cut the lobules in half if they are large enough.

6. Boil the water.

7. At the bottom of the washed jars, lay a layer of vegetables and spices.

8. Fill the contents with boiling water “on the hanger” banks.

9. Cover with a lid, leave for 25 minutes.

10. Then pour the water, pour 1 cup of boiling water, apple juice, salt and sugar into the pan separately. Boil. 11. Pour the pickle into the jar, roll up.

12. Wrap the ready salad until it is completely cool.

Delicious salads for the winter from tomatoes (Georgian style with nuts)

This colorful Georgian salad made from green tomatoes, walnuts, vegetables and lots of spicy seasonings has a rich flavor and a very appetizing look. Delicious salads for the winter from tomatoes are obtained quite spicy and savory snack.


1. Green medium-sized tomatoes - 10 kg.

2. White onion and carrots - 2 kg each.

3. Sweet pepper - 5 kg.

4. Walnuts (kernels) - 1 kg.

5. Garlic - 2 heads.

6. Refined vegetable oil - 1 l.

7. Ground red pepper - 2 tbsp. l

8. Hops-suneli - 2 tbsp. l

9. Saffron - 2 tbsp. l

10. Fenugreek - 1.5 tsp.

11. Aspirin - 10 tablets.

12. Salt to taste.


1. Rinse the tomatoes and cut into cubes. Sprinkle with salt and leave for 2.5 hours.

2. Peel onions, cut into half rings and fry in oil.

3. Wash the carrots and cut into strips.

4. Remove the onion and put the roasted carrot into the same butter.

5. Remove the golden carrot to the onion, and in the pan, put the peeled and chopped rings of Bulgarian pepper. Fry until cooked. Pour together with the oil to the rest of the vegetables and mix.

6. Drain the tomato juice and squeeze it out a little.

7. Mix them with vegetables, chopped nuts and seasonings.

8. Salt so that the salad is slightly salted.

9. Dissolve aspirin in warm water (about 500 ml), pour over lettuce and put on small fire to stew for 15 minutes. Stir regularly.

10. Sterilize jars and lids, fill with hot salad and roll up.

Delicious tomato salads for the winter - tips and helpful tips

Ingredient selection:

1. Tomatoes, select those that are not ripe, without cracks and rot.

2. Garlic, if it is very large, can be cut in half or chopped with a toothpick so that it “gives away” the flavor.

3. Bulgarian pepper for the preservation of delicious salads for the winter of tomatoes, you can use yellow or red. Yellow is less sweet.

4. Spice dried spices before using a little rub in hands or in a mortar so that they begin to exude a smell. 5. Use fresh greens without stems; be sure to rinse them under running water.

6. Walnuts should be cleaned, if possible, from the husk - it is slightly bitter. To do this, warm them in a dry frying pan, and then rub between your palms.


1. If fresh vegetables are rolled up, they must be sterilized in a saucepan with boiling water. Minimum boiling time: 0.5-liter jar - 15 minutes, liter - 20 minutes.

2. Hot tomato salad can be not sterilized, but can be lowered into a jar aged above steam and rolled up immediately.

3. Put the salad in the jars should be “on the shoulders” so that vegetables do not fall into the gap between the lid and neck.

4. Banks after rolling it is desirable to wrap a warm blanket from all sides and leave them until complete cooling (up to three days).


1. Store canned salads in a cool place at a temperature of 0-20 ° C.

2. The edges of the covers can be smeared with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil so that they do not rust, especially if there is high humidity in the storage area.

3. The maximum shelf life of delicious salads for the winter of tomatoes is 2 years, and preservation with vegetable oil is 1 year.

4. The best place to store conservation is the cellar or cold storeroom. In a city apartment this place can be a balcony. In the first 30-40 days, watch the banks: if the roof is swollen and a hissing sound comes from the can, the salad is spoiled and you cannot eat it.

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