Secrets of juiciness of turkey fillet dishes. Soups, pies, rolls and other turkey fillet dishes - simple and complex recipes

Secrets of juiciness of turkey fillet dishes. Soups, pies, rolls and other turkey fillet dishes - simple and complex recipes

Turkey is a great dietary meat.

In terms of taste and nutritional qualities, it compares favorably with chicken and in many ways surpasses it.

Turkey meat is recommended to include in the diet of pregnant and lactating women.

It is easily absorbed by the body and is ideal for feeding babies.

Many types of mashed potatoes and canned turkey for kids - not a tribute to fashion.

The mass of an average bird approximately corresponds to the weight of a baby From here and similar balance of proteins and microelements.

Simply replacing chicken with turkey, in most cases, achieve a good weight gain from the child. Children become more energetic, easier to master new movements.

This is not surprising, dishes from turkey meat - in the diet of athletes, swimmers, all those involved in dynamic sports. And it's just delicious!

Dishes of turkey fillet - the basic principles of cooking

• It is easy to cook turkey fillet dishes and, most importantly, quickly. Processing meat does not take much time. All that is required is to wash the fillets under the tap and dry them a little so that it is easier to chop later.

• To prepare turkey fillet dishes a very modest set of products is required. Usually these are the simplest vegetables, commonly available spices, less often cheese and wine, lemons, mushrooms, and peas.

• Whole fillet cooked first courses. For the preparation of main courses, turkey fillets are cut into pieces or scrolled in a meat grinder.

• Turkey fillet is used in national cuisines as a filling for pies.

• Main dishes are cooked on a regular plate. You can cook turkey fillet dishes in a slow cooker.

• Turkey meat refers to dietary meats. But, unlike chicken, it cooks longer, contains more beneficial trace elements. Dishes from it have a stronger taste, they add less seasoning and salt.

“Lemon Soup” - Dietary First Turkey Meal: Recipe


• 400 gr. chilled breast turkey (fillet);

• onion;

• two large lemons;

• 2 medium carrots;

• a pair of celery stalks;

• 100 ml “Rkatsiteli” or other white wine;

• 200 gr. green peas (canned or frozen);

• black pepper - 7 peas;

• one leaf of lavrushka.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the turkey under running water. Put in a saucepan and pour 1.8 liters of cold drinking water. Boil quickly and remove the foam. Lower the broth into the broth and peas, and continue to cook until ready - about 45 minutes.

2. Lemon dipped in boiling water for a minute. Dry wipe and cut off the zest with a thin layer. Cut the lemon into two parts and squeeze the juice from each half, strain.

3. Cut onion, celery and carrot into small cubes. In the heated vegetable oil, fry the vegetables, seeking a juicy golden color.

4. Pour lemon juice and wine into the vegetable mass. Add lemon zest. Stir and leave to simmer covered for 3 minutes.

5. Remove the turkey from the broth and lower the stewed vegetables. Salt the soup and pepper to taste.

6. Cut the cooled meat into slices and return to the broth. Add the peas and boil for another 15 minutes.

7. Remove the zest from the prepared soup. When serving, place a thin circle of lemon in each plate.

Meatballs from turkey fillet “Swedish”


• chilled turkey fillet - 600 gr .;

• large salad onion;

• two cloves of garlic;

• a tablespoon of hot sauce;

• one chicken egg;

• half a cup of white bread crumbs;

• allspice - 1 tsp;

• a quarter tsp. nutmeg powders;

• chopped fresh parsley to taste.


• 450 ml of broth (can be decoction or water);

• a quarter cup 15% sour cream;

• three tablespoons of flour;

• 0.5 Art. l chopped parsley;

• a tablespoon of hot sauce.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour some olive oil into the pan, or just good refined oil and heat it up. Add chopped onion, skip garlic through a press and fry for 2 minutes, cool. 2. Rinse the turkey meat, cut into small pieces and twist in a meat grinder.

3. Combine roasted garlic with onions. Add the bread crumbs and chopped parsley. Pour in hot sauce, loose egg. Season with nutmeg, allspice and lightly salt. Knead the minced meat well, lightly beating it on the bowl.

4. Moisten hands with water and form small balls of minced meat. Put the semi-finished products in a refractory form and bake for 25 minutes, maintaining the 180 degree mode.

5. In the broth (water, decoction), add flour and stir with a whisk until smooth. Pour the flour mass into a wide thick-walled frying pan.

6. Add hot sauce, parsley. Salt, pepper to taste and bring to a simmer until boiling. Stir the sauce often.

7. Reduce heat to medium and boil until thick (2-3 minutes). Stir occasionally.

8. Fill with cooked meatball sauce, cover the dishes tightly and simmer for 15 minutes.

9. Serve the finished meatballs with freshly prepared mashed potatoes, very well and with boiled pasta.

Mini rolls of turkey fillet with cheese


• 500 gr. turkey breast;

• 200 gr. “Russian”, or similar cheese;

• 1 egg;

• breading (light, wheat) crackers;

• lean oil - 50 ml.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the turkey breast well and lightly dry it with a napkin. Cut the meat lengthways into strips and repel. The layers of chipped fillet must be very thin.

2. Wrap a small slice of cheese in each piece of meat. Form the rolls and fix their edges with toothpicks. You can simply drag the thread in several places.

3. In a raw egg, add a little salt, pepper and chop with a fork.

4. In a frying pan, heat the fat well. Dip each roll into the egg and roll it well in breadcrumbs. Dip in a frying pan and fry over medium heat. Fry on each side until golden brown.

Layered turkey pastry pie: recipe


• 800 grams of turkey fillet (boiled);

• a pound of puff pastry;

• onion head;

• three chicken eggs;

• 1 sweet pepper;

• pitted olives - 3 tbsp. l .;

• 1 table each. a spoon of chopped dill and parsley;

• 60 gr. sweet cream butter;

• 50 ml of 20% cream.

Cooking Method:

1. At the pepper, cut the stem, together with the core, select seeds and wash.

2. Cut the onion into small slices, pepper - small straws.

3. Transfer the vegetables to the oil heated in a frying pan and fry. Heating is small, time - 6 minutes.

4. Smooth the eggs until smooth. Mix the mixture with cream and pour to the cooled roasted vegetables.

5. Add medium-sized fillet pieces, cut in two olives. Sprinkle with herbs, salt and mix well.

6. Roll each plate of thawed dough into a thin layer (0.3 cm). Cut two circles, a bit more in diameter.

7. Grease the form with oil and place one such circle in it. Lightly press the dough to the bottom and the edges of the container. Put the stuffing and, pinching the edges, cover the second layer.

8. Grease the top of the cake with melted but well-preserved butter. Bake 45 minutes without opening the oven and not exceeding 180 degrees.

Recipe from turkey fillet to any side dish - goulash with red gravy


• turkey (fillet) - 500 gr .;

• any wheat flour - 1 tbsp. l .;

• white onion;

• thick tomato - 1 tsp;

• table. spoon of sour cream;

• small carrot;

• leaf of laurel;

• 0.5 tsp. salt.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut fillets into small oblong pieces. Fry the meat in vegetable fat in a thick-walled pan, achieving a light reddening.

2. Add chopped onion, grated carrot. Under the lid, simmer on a light heat until the vegetables soften.

3. Add a glass of cold drinking water (boiled) to the meat. Stir and continue to simmer, focusing on the softness of the meat. It takes about 40 minutes. 4. Ten minutes before the readiness, lay salt, lavrushka. For spice - 3-4 black pepper peas.

5. Dissolve tomato paste and sour cream in half glass of slightly warm water. Carefully chatter enter flour. In the mixture should not be flour lumps.

6. Continuously stirring the contents of the pan, pour the mixture into it. Simmer the goulash on minimal heat for 10 minutes.

7. You can serve mashed potatoes, buckwheat, boiled rice or pasta for a side dish of turkey goulash.

Nourishing Ukrainian dish of turkey fillet “Grechanik”


• turkey fillet - 600 gr .;

• two raw eggs;

• tomato sauce (you can take a thick tomato juice) - a full glass;

• buckwheat - 150 gr .;

• some flour for breading.

Cooking Method:

1. Take a good buckwheat from garbage. Wash and boil until tender, let cool.

2. Twice in a meat grinder turkey fillet. When scrolling again, add one onion to the meat.

3. Salt the minced meat, slightly pepper. Add eggs, buckwheat and knead well.

4. Using moist hands, form oval patties of Greek mince. Roll them in flour and crinkle in vegetable oil with intense heat.

5. Cut the remaining onion into half rings. Pour one and a half tablespoons of vegetable oil into a thick-walled frying pan. Heat well and fry the onion in it until the color changes. Pour tomato sauce and warm it in a couple of minutes.

6. Transfer the greekies to the sauce. Cover and extinguish for 25-30 minutes with a minimum of heating.

Stuffed turkey fillet “Surprise” in a slow cooker


• two turkey fillets;

• 100 grams of boiled ham;

• fresh champignons - 150 grams;

• one cucumber (pickled);

• onions - 1 head;

• Ready thick mustard - 1 tsp;

• 50 ml of mayonnaise;

• 100 gr. cheese (any hard).

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the champignons well. Chop the mushrooms and onion into small pieces.

2. Set the multicooker processor to “Frying” mode. Pour two spoons of oil into the brew bowl and fry the onions and mushrooms in it until half cooked. 3. Cut the ham into small strips and the cucumber into small pieces. Hands, squeeze the extra moisture from the shredded cucumber.

4. Combine the fried mushrooms with onions, cucumber and ham. Add salt to taste, pepper slightly. Add mustard and mix well.

5. At the fillet on the side, from the side of the thicker edge, make a deep cut. Do not cut through the edges of the breast.

6. Fill the resulting pockets with mushroom stuffing and secure with wooden skewers.

7. Grease a clean bowl with grease and put in it the made blanks.

8. Spread the stuffed fillet with mayonnaise, sprinkle with grated cheese.

9. Set the “Baking” mode and cook for 40 minutes.

Dishes of turkey fillet - tips and cooking tips

• Be sure to remove lemon zest from the soup. If you leave, the soup will continue to taste bitter.

• It is better not to eat a bit of grain for the Greek inhabitants. Then “buckwheat cutlets” will be more crumbly.

• Beat the turkey fillet spread out well for cooking. Meat will roast better and faster.

• Mushrooms can be replaced with other mushrooms, even dried ones. Before use, dry mushrooms must be soaked for half an hour in warm drinking water.

• Turkey fillet, like chicken, does not like long heat treatment. If you overdo the meat, the dish will turn out dry.

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