Pumpkin jam - the most orange blank! Recipes of different pumpkin jam with citrus fruits, zucchini, dried apricots, apples

Pumpkin jam - the most orange blank! Recipes of different pumpkin jam with citrus fruits, zucchini, dried apricots, apples

Jam does not happen much, especially if it is from a pumpkin! An orange blank is sure to come in handy. It is ideal for a cup of tea, no less successfully fits into all sorts of desserts (for example, buns with jam). Make sure!

Pumpkin jam - general cooking principles

For jam, pumpkin pulp can be crushed immediately or after pre-steaming. The choice of method depends on the recipe, the presence of a meat grinder or blender, the amount of free time. Faster and easier to twist all the ingredients, combine and cook a delicacy on the stove. But it is not always possible.

What is added to the pumpkin:

• lemon juice or acid;

• granulated sugar;

• different fruits, fresh and dry;

• different vegetables (carrots, zucchini);

• water, juices.

To improve the taste and aroma delicacies use different spices: cinnamon, saffron, cloves, ginger, vanilla. The good smell of jam gives citrus peel, but it must be well crushed.

Pumpkin jam is usually prepared on a plate for about one hour. But there are recipes for oven or multicooker. If the delicacy is prepared in several stages, the total time may increase. For long-term storage, the pumpkin blank is laid out in sterile jars. If jam is used immediately, then clean enough and dry containers with lids. In this case, after cooling delicacy, it is desirable to put in the refrigerator.

Ordinary pumpkin jam

The recipe is simple and easy to prepare the pumpkin jam with natural taste and aroma. Some citric acid is added. The powder can be replaced with natural citrus juice, the amount to taste.


• 1.5 kg of pumpkin pulp;

• 0.3 tsp. lemon;

• 1 kg of sugar.


1. Cut the cleaned flesh into small cubes no more than 0.5 cm, fold into a saucepan with a thick bottom.

2. Immediately add sugar, leave for four hours or immediately for the whole night. You can periodically stir. 3. Pumpkin will produce a lot of juice, no need to add water. Put the saucepan on the stove.

4. Cook the jam under the lid for 40 minutes. You need to soften all the pieces.

5. Now you can remove the cover, add citric acid, you can knead the vegetable or beat with a blender.

6. Boil the jam to the desired thickness. It should be darker.

7. As soon as the mass becomes suitable, thick, a drop on the saucer stops flowing, we take a clean ladle and pour the treat into sterile jars. You can cool the pumpkin jam and just keep in the refrigerator.

Pumpkin jam with oranges

One of the most popular tastes of pumpkin jam. The taste of orange fits perfectly into the delicacy, makes it insanely fragrant. Choosing juicy medium-sized citrus.


• 2 oranges;

• kilogram of sugar;

• one and a half kg of pumpkin;

• 0.7 glasses of water.


1. Mix water and sugar in a large saucepan.

2. We cut oranges finely, we always throw out the bones. Add to sugar, put on a small fire.

3. While the mass slowly heats up, the sugar melts, we are engaged in pumpkin. Cut the flesh into small pieces, you can chop the combine. Add to the pot.

4. Mix everything together, cover and simmer on low heat until the pumpkin is soft.

5. As soon as the pulp of the main product starts to protrude easily, you can remove the pan from the heat.

6. Jam cooled slightly, shuffled with potato masher or whipped with an immersion blender to give mass to the homogeneity.

7. Again put on the stove.

8. Add the fire, boil the juice, which has already been allocated quite a lot.

9. Thick and fragrant jam can be immediately poured into banks, rolled up for long-term storage. Either cool and use immediately.

Twisted Pumpkin Jam

This method is ideal for happy owners of electric meat grinders. In this case, the preparation of jam does not take much time.


• one lemon;

• 3 kg of pumpkin;

• 0.1 liter of water;

• 1.6 kg of sugar.


1. Remove rind from washed citrus, squeeze out all the juice separately. 2. Cut pumpkin pulp into pieces, twist through a meat grinder together with the previously removed zest.

3. Add to the pumpkin a little water and sugar, stir. Let stand for an hour to stand out juice. He will not allow delicacy to stick to the walls of the pan.

4. Stir pumpkin mass, set to boil.

5. After boiling, we make the fire a little less than average, prepare for half an hour.

6. Now you can add lemon juice, add heat and reduce to the desired thickness. About another 20-25 minutes. But it all depends on the richness of the vegetable.

Pumpkin and apple jam

Option mixed jam with a popular taste. This delicacy is ideal for different desserts, can be used as a filling for pies and has a stunning flavor.


• 2 kg of pumpkin;

• 1 kg of apples;

• 1.7 kg of sugar;

• 1 tsp. cinnamon powder;

• 1 glass of water.


1. Clean the pumpkin, chop, you can not shallow. We shift the pieces into the pot and add water, put on the stove.

2. Steam the pumpkin under the lid until soft. Remove from heat, knead with a spatula or any other device, no need to drain the juice.

3. While the pumpkin was boiling, it was necessary to wash the apples, twist through a meat grinder. The skin is not removed.

4. Add twisted apples to the pumpkin, immediately pour sugar.

5. Carefully stir the mass put on the stove. We proceed directly to the cooking jam.

6. Prepare a delicacy to the desired thickness, stir it regularly from the bottom.

7. Twenty minutes after boiling, you can add cinnamon powder.

8. Boil delicacy for about the same amount of time, as soon as the jam is arranged, you can turn off the stove.

Pumpkin jam in a slow cooker

Recipe pumpkin jam, adapted to the slow cooker. In it, the delicacy will not exactly burn, it will boil down and it will turn out exactly as needed.


• 1.4 kg pumpkin pulp;

• 2.5 multistacks of water;

• 400 g of sugar;

• 4 g citric acid.


1. Cut the pumpkin pulp into pieces, add to the slow cooker, add prescription water. 2. Cooking on baking mode for half an hour.

3. Now the pieces need to remove, grind, rubbing through a sieve. You can kill the kitchen blender.

4. Return the pumpkin mass in the cup from the multicooker.

5. Now add sugar and citric acid, stir.

6. Put the baking mode again.

7. Now prepare the jam for 40-45 minutes.

8. Cool and enjoy! Optionally, you can add to it any aromatic substances: saffron, cinnamon, zest.

Pumpkin jam with dried apricots

At the time of ripening pumpkin no longer apricots. But dried apricots are available all year round. Together with it you can cook a very fragrant and sunny jam. For the cause!


• 3 kg of pumpkin;

• 500 grams of dried apricots;

• 1 tsp. without slides;

• 2 kg of sugar;

• water for dried apricots.


1. Dried apricots should be washed, preferably several times. Then dried fruits are poured hot, but not boiling water. Leave them to swell for at least 1.5 hours.

2. We take out dried apricots, we are out.

3. Cut the pumpkin into pieces, twist through a meat grinder.

4. Dried apricots are also twisted or used for the main ingredients of a powerful blender.

5. Add sugar, stir.

6. Cover the pot with a lid, leave it all together for an hour. Pumpkin juice should appear, most of the sugar will dissolve.

7. Put the pan on the stove. Cook for 20-30 minutes on low heat. As soon as the pumpkin grains become soft, we increase the intensity of the boil.

8. Cook the jam to the desired thickness.

Jam from pumpkin, zucchini and citrus

Recipe for vegetable jam with amazing taste and aroma of citrus. Wonderful way out if the season is not pampered with a harvest of fruits and berries.


• 1 kg of pumpkin;

• 1 lemon;

• 1 kg of zucchini;

• 1 orange.


1. Cut the pumpkin in arbitrary pieces, throw it into the pan, add a glass of water and set it on the stove.

2. Squashes can be used any. In old vegetables, remove the skin, remove the seeds. The recipe lists the weight of pure pulp. Cut into pieces.

3. Add zucchini to boiled pumpkin. Cook all together until soft. 4. Remove the pan from the heat, cool the vegetables, pour out all the juice from them.

5. Pour washed lemons and oranges with boiling water to remove wax from them. Remove the zest from lemon and one orange.

6. Squeeze out the juice from all citruses, mix with the juice from boiled vegetables, add sugar, put on the stove.

7. Grind zest and pumpkin with zucchini with a blender, transfer to syrup.

8. Cook the jam on medium heat for about an hour, do not cover the pan with a lid.

9. Once the delicacy reaches the desired thickness, jam can be spread out in jars, close the lids. For long-term storage, the workpiece is hermetically sealed.

Pumpkin jam - tips and tricks

• Determine the thickness of the jam easily with a wooden spatula. Take it along the bottom of the pan from one side to the other. If the edges of the formed grooves flow slowly, the trail is visible for 10 seconds, then the treat is ready.

• Another way to check thickness is a plate from the freezer. It is necessary to drop a little jam on a cold saucer, the mass should not spread.

• Cinnamon sticks are much more fragrant than ground spices from sachets. Therefore, personally ground product can be added less than goes on the recipe.

• Jam will not be covered with mold if a treat in an open jar is dusted with powdered sugar.

• If the pumpkin is not orange enough, the jam turns light or greenish, then you can always tint it. Ideal - juices, for example, cherry or beetroot. Black chokeberry has good coloring properties.

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