Yeast pie with apples in the oven - airy! Closed and open yeast pies with apples in the oven

Yeast pie with apples in the oven - airy! Closed and open yeast pies with apples in the oven

Apple pie is not only a charlotte that has become nagging in the literal and figurative sense. Gorgeous apple cakes are made from puffed or puff yeast dough. The filling is juicy, even if you use jam, well, and when you have fresh apples, you will need angelic patience to pull young sweethearts away from the dish with the cake.

Yeast Pie with Apples in the Oven - General Cooking Principles

• When kneading dough, in most cases dry, high-speed yeast is used. They are unpretentious in storage and less capricious in work. Yeast is pre-diluted in liquid with the addition of sugar and a small amount of flour, or fall asleep to the other components undiluted. If the yeast is diluted, the mixture will surely allow some time to stand warm, so that it rises with foam.

• Yeast dough is kneaded not only from flour. Often it is made from boiled potato grated in a small grater or with cottage cheese. Flour must be sown several times to make the baking more airy.

• Knead yeast dough necessarily give time to rise. For this, a bowl of dough is covered with a cloth and placed in heat. To the formation of the pie start only after it has doubled in volume.

• Apples for the filling are ground on a grater or cut into thin slices. Sour varieties must be sprinkled with sugar or mixed with it. Sometimes apple stuffing before putting it in the cake is stewed over low heat, before evaporation of apple juice.

• Yeast apple pie baked in the oven can be open or closed. Sometimes their top is covered with a yeast dough mesh, covered with specially prepared powders or meringues.

Airy yeast pie with apples in the oven

Ingredients: • white baking flour - 2 glasses;

• 80 gr. sugar;

• 70 gr. quality margarine;

• an egg and another yolk;

• fine salt - 1/2 tsp;

• a teaspoon of granulated yeast;

• 150 ml of cow's milk;

• 700 gr. apples;

• granulated sugar for the filling - to taste.

Cooking Method:

1. Pour the yeast into a small bowl or a half-liter jar. Add sugar to them, add six tablespoons of flour without a slide and mix well. Then pour warm milk and mix well again, trying to break all the lumps into which the flour has gone.

2. Cover the prepared yeast mixture with a clean cloth and set aside for about 20 minutes. In order to activate the yeast better, it is advisable to place the bowl with brew closer to heat. Put the sliced ​​margarine into a large bowl and let it stand for a while. When the pieces of fat become soft, pour the foam which has risen with a frothy cap, add the yolk, add two spoons of sugar and carefully, without haste, stir.

3. Then, adding half a cup of flour to the flour, knead the dough that is not very tight and lags well behind the bowl and hands. Cover the container with a wet thin towel and place in the heat to rise.

4. After about an hour and a half, double the dough, put it on the table covered with flour and wipe it well with your hands. After that, form a ball out of it, put it in a bowl, and again remove it closer to heat, cover it with a towel.

5. When the dough rises well, again crush it and proceed to the formation of the cake.

6. Apply vegetable oil on the walls and bottom of a round shape with a diameter of 25 cm in a thin layer.

7. Divide the yeast dough in two equal parts. Roll one of them round and round, one and a half centimeters in diameter more than the cooked form and put it into it. The result is a bottom cake with low sides.

8. Peeled and coreless apples cut into thin slices. Add sugar to apple slices, mix gently and put the filling on the bottom cake. 9. Rolled, the second part of the dough, cut into thin strips and lay them on top of the apple filling, intertwining with each other in the form of a grid. You can cut leaves or flowers from dough and spread them evenly on the surface of the cake, fixing them with toothpicks. Wooden sticks after baking must be removed.

10. In a small bowl, break the egg, add a spoonful of vegetable oil, the same amount of water and whisk well. Prepare the mixture to grease the dough on the surface of the cake and put the mold in the oven.

11. Cooking time depends on the type of oven and on average takes from half to 3/4 hours, when heated, 180 degrees.

Open yeast pie with apples in the oven (with meringue)


• butter, preferably homemade - 50 g;

• 200 ml low-fat pasteurized milk;

• high-speed dry yeast - 7 gr .;

• 50 gr. plain white sugar;

• three yolks;

• Wheat flour / s. - 375 g;

• 8 gr. vanilla sugar or 4 gr. vanilla powder.

In the filling:

• one and a half kilograms of sweet apples;

• granulated sugar - 20 g .;

• pudding with creamy flavor - 20 gr. packaging;

• pasteurized 3.4% milk - 250 ml.

In meringue:

• a teaspoon of cinnamon powder;

• 100 gr. white cane sugar;

• three proteins;

• 50 gr. crushed hazelnuts.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut butter into small cubes or thin cubes. Dip the pieces of butter into hot, but not boiling milk, and mix well, until they are completely dissolved.

2. In a large bowl, sprinkle the flour several times. Add yeast, vanilla and plain white sugar, mix.

3. Carefully break the eggs. Drain the whites in a cup and set aside temporarily, and add the yolks to the flour.

4. Pour warm milk with melted butter into a bowl of flour mixture. Mixer with a nozzle for a firm dough, at the very minimum speed, whisk everything until a homogeneous dough. Cover the bowl with a cloth towel and put in the heat for an hour. 5. Remove the peel from the apples and cut the fruits into slices. Remove the remnants of the boll and cut into thin plates, lengthwise.

6. As recommended on the package, make a creamy pudding with added milk.

7. Mark up the dough well on the surface covered with flour. Then shift to the roaster, wetted with vegetable oil, and roll out so that small sides can be formed on the sides.

8. In order for the cake not to be thin, for a given amount of products it is better to take a baking tray measuring 30 * 40 cm

9. On the surface of the rolled yeast dough, apply a thin layer of cooked pudding and carefully lay apple slices on it in a “cascade”.

10. Place the baking tray in the preheated oven and bake for 25 minutes, keeping the temperature at about 180 degrees.

11. While the cake is baked, cook the meringues. Pour the whites left in the bowl, add the sugar mixed with the cinnamon powder, and whisk well. As soon as the protein mass becomes dense, stop beating and put it in the pastry bag, setting the nozzle in the form of a large asterisk.

12. Remove the baked cake from the oven and quickly apply strips of protein mass to its surface. Sprinkle nuts on top and place the cake back in the oven for a quarter of an hour.

Delicate yeast cake with apples in the oven of cottage cheese dough


• fat cottage cheese - 150 gr .;

• two eggs;

• 10 gr. granulated “instant” yeast;

• 100 gr. thick sour cream;

• 170 gr. “Creamy” margarine;

• baking white flour - 200 gr .;

• 200 gr. sugar;

• 2 gr. baking powder;

• four large ripe apples.

Cooking Method:

1. Remove the margarine (150 grams) in advance from the refrigerator compartment and place in a bowl. When it is well softened, add sugar 150 grams and whisk. Pour the yeast, add the yolks, stir thoroughly. 2. Enter the cottage cheese, add the flour that has been sown with the baking powder, and mix until a pasty mass is obtained.

3. In a separate bowl, whip the whites intensively and transfer the resulting thick foam to a bowl of dough. Carefully, but not for long, in upward motions, stir in the whipped squirrels into it and remove the bowl in heat for half an hour. Be sure to cover the container with a linen cloth so that during this time the surface of the dough does not become covered with a hard crust.

4. Cut the halves of apples into very thin slices. It is not necessary to peel the fruit.

5. At the bottom of the form lubricated with margarine or vegetable oil, place half of the dough rolled out in a layer. On it a thin layer, laying tightly, to each other, put the apples.

6. Roll out the remaining dough and lay the layer on the apple layer. Top with whipped sour cream with sugar and place the remaining apples on it, slightly pressing the slices into the pot.

7. Melt the remaining margarine, brush them with apples and place the cake for up to 45 minutes. in the hot oven. Optimum heating - 180 degrees.

8. Cool the prepared cake well right in the form and remove from it.

Yeast pie with apples in the oven under the crumb


• two spoons of thick natural cream:

• a glass of pasteurized milk;

• 100 gr. thickened cream;

• 50 gr. white sugar;

• fresh yeast - 50 gr .;

• 600 gr. white flour;

• 700 gr. apples, preferably varieties Antonovka.

For a crumb:

• 250 gr. wheat flour;

• small size lemon;

• “Peasant” oil - 150 gr .;

• 150 gr. sugar sand.

Cooking Method:

1. Heat the milk. Do not boil, just bring the liquid to a temperature of 38-40 degrees.

2. In a small bowl, crush the yeast with your hands, sprinkle with sugar and mix. Then pour warm milk (half a cup), add a couple of full spoons of flour and mix. Smash the crumbled flour with a whisk. 3. Put the prepared yeast mixture in the heat and wait until it rises by the cap.

4. Mix the remaining milk with melted butter. Add the yeast that came up, add all the flour and knead the dough. Cover it with a cloth and place it in the heat to about twice the volume.

5. Put the well-prepared dough into the roasting pan, rubbing it in front of this swab with vegetable oil, and gently level it with your hands into the layer of centimeter thickness. Cover the canvas and leave for half an hour so that it rises well.

6. On the raised layer of dough, rub the peeled apples through a coarse grater and evenly distribute the chips over the entire surface.

7. Dab boiling water over the lemon and peel it off, removing it with a thin layer using a fine grater.

8. Mix the crushed zest with flour and gently rub with your hands to the state of small crumb with softened butter.

9. Sprinkle the apple layer with the oily crumb and place the cake to bake when heated at 180 degrees for half an hour.

Yeast pie with apples in the oven - “Strudel” made from potato dough


• a pound of potatoes;

• two eggs;

• low-fat cow's milk - 200 ml;

• chopped orange peel - a teaspoon;

• 30 gr. fresh, “normal” yeast;

• two spoons of oil, odorless;

• one and a half kilograms of apples;

• a pound of wheat flour;

• 200 gr. sugar sand;

• a small handful of nut hearts;

• a spoon of crushed cinnamon in a mortar;

• bread crumbs, white, coarse.

Cooking Method:

1. Wash the potatoes from the mud in warm water and cook until ready, without peeling. Then drain the broth, and cool the tubers well, laying on a plate. With the potatoes cooled, peel and rub the tubers in a bowl on a fine grater.

2. Add orange zest, raw eggs, and sugar. Salt a little, pour in vegetable oil and mix. 3. In warm milk, dissolve the crushed yeast. Pour the yeast mixture to the potato mass, add all the flour and knead the medium-thick dough. Shape it into a ball and leave on a floured table for one hour to rise. Do not forget to cover with a towel, otherwise it will be defaced.

4. Peel off apples, grate fruits on a large grater. Mix the resulting fruit mass with cinnamon and sugar and put the stew over low heat. When all the juice is boiled out of the apples, remove the filling from the stove.

5. Rising potato yeast dough, roll out directly on the table with a not too thin layer of a rectangular shape. Sprinkle its surface with breadcrumbs and spread the apple stew over it evenly.

6. Sprinkle the apples with finely chopped nuts and wrap everything in a roll.

7. Gently transfer the cake to a parchment-laid baking sheet, grease its surface with vegetable oil and set to bake at 180 degrees for 25 minutes.

A simple, closed yeast cake with apples in a puff pastry oven


• half a kilo of purchased puff yeast dough;

• 100 gr. peeled nut kernels;

• a quarter of a teaspoon of crushed ground;

• one egg;

• 50 gr. refined sugar;

• 150 gr. apricot jam;

• three large apples.

Cooking Method:

1. Thaw frozen dough in advance by removing its layer from its packaging to the surface, which is sprinkled with flour.

2. Cut the peeled apples, remove the seed part and chop into cubes.

3. Chop the kernels of nuts with a knife. Mix the chopped apples with nuts, sugar and cinnamon.

4. Thawed semi-finished puff pastry split in half. Roll one of the pieces into a rectangular crust, 0.8 cm thick. After wrapping on the rolling pin, transfer the dough layer to the baking sheet and evenly spread the prepared filling over it.

5. Roll the second piece of dough in the same layer and make cuts on it in a staggered pattern, about 4 cm long. Spread slightly so that the holes slightly open and cover the top of the cake with a net. Carefully fasten, pinching with your fingers, the lower and upper layer of dough and tuck the seam under the cake. 6. Culinary brush lubricate the surface with a beaten egg and for a distance, place in heat for 20 minutes.

7. Place a baking tray with apple pie in the oven and bake for the next 20 minutes, until a smooth golden crust forms on its surface.

8. Brush the hot, uncooked cake with hot apricot jam and serve to the table when it has cooled slightly.

Yeast Pie with Apples in the Oven - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• Dissolve yeast only in warm liquid. Yeast divorced in an overly hot or cold liquid will not act, the dough will not rise, and the baking will be spoiled.

• Do not put kneaded yeast dough in a draft, it does not like it. To ensure the fastest possible ascent, the room must be warm.

• It is not necessary to use egg to lubricate the cake, its surface is well browned if it is smeared with sugar syrup. If the cake is not smeared before baking, you can walk along the surface of the hot dough with butter.

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