Pancakes on water with eggs: a step-by-step recipe for a traditional Russian dish. Cooking classic and stuffed pancakes on water with eggs (step by step)

Pancakes on water with eggs: a step-by-step recipe for a traditional Russian dish. Cooking classic and stuffed pancakes on water with eggs (step by step)

Baking pancakes is a delicate matter, like pancakes themselves! Although the amount of flour added can vary the thickness of the pancakes at the exit.

Pancakes on water with eggs for these step-by-step recipes are thin and delicate. They can be served with a sweet filling or stuffed. And you can hot smear them with butter and sprinkle with sugar. Butter and sugar are melted and absorbed into baked dough. Such pancakes should be served immediately. They are amazingly tasty and juicy!

Pancakes on water with eggs (step-by-step recipe) - general principles of cooking

Water for pancakes is better to take boiled. But you can not pour hot water, it should be slightly warm.

Eggs for pancakes should be fresh, at room temperature. Before you start kneading the dough, they need to be well knocked down using a whisk, a mixer or a blender.

To make pancakes very fluffy and airy, you need to knead yeast dough for pancakes. This dough can not be mixed. It should be left for an hour “fit” and only then it will be possible to cook pancakes.

Flour can take the highest grade or special for pancakes. Before adding to the dough you should sift it charmingly. It is advisable to pour in small portions to eliminate the appearance of lumps. But, if they appear, then you need to beat well or stir the dough until all the clumps disperse.

The dough for thin pancakes should turn out semi-liquid. The finished dough should be allowed to stand at room temperature for half an hour. For airy pancakes, the dough should be slightly thicker.

Serve such pancakes can be smeared with butter. Or simply with jam, condensed milk or jam. Thin pancakes are also perfect for wrapping them with stuffing in an envelope or a straw.

Pancakes on water with classic eggs: a step-by-step recipe


• 310 ml of warm water;

• two raw chicken eggs;

• 50 g semolina; • 210 g of wheat flour;

• 13 g of baking soda;

• 10 ml of lemon juice;

• a pinch of salt;

• 30 g of sugar;

• 65 ml of vegetable oil.


1. In a bowl for pancake dough pour warm water.

2. We break there into one egg.

3. Mix everything so that the eggs become a homogeneous mass with water.

4. Fall asleep in the bowl semolina.

5. Salt, sweeten and mix.

6. Leave the bowl alone for 7-10 minutes. This is done so that the grains of semolina swollen and were not damp.

7. In the meantime, sift the flour through a sieve.

8. Then sprinkle flour in a bowl with liquid ingredients.

9. Simultaneously with this, mix the resulting dough with a whisk.

10. When all the flour is poured, and the dough is turned into a homogeneous mass by mixing with a whisk, you can add soda.

11. To do this, take a soda with a spoon and pour lemon juice into it. The mixture will actively sizzle. It is this hissing that provides rise of pancake dough and porous pancakes at the exit.

12. Then add vegetable oil to the dough.

13. Quickly and actively stir the dough so that the soda foam and butter disperse over it.

14. We set aside the bowl with the finished dough aside.

15. Take the pan and grease it with vegetable oil. It is necessary to cover the surface with a very thin oil layer. This will be enough, since there is enough oil in the dough.

16. Put the frying pan to warm up on moderate heat of the burner.

17. Then with a small cook we scoop a portion of dough.

18. Pour the dough into the pan.

19. Take the griddle by the handle and smoothly move your hand in a circular rotation.

20. So we achieve that the dough covers the hot surface evenly.

21. Put the pan back on the stove.

22. We wait until the dough grabs on the upper side of the first pancake.

23. When this happens, we start a wooden spatula under the pancake.

24. By a quick movement we turn the pancake to the other side.

25. Fry for half a minute. During this time, the downside will have time to get ready and acquire the desired ruddy shade.

26. Remove the first pancake.

27. We spread it on a plate prepared in advance. 28. And in the pan, pour the second batch of pancake dough.

29. Continue to bake pancakes in the order established by this step-by-step recipe.

30. When all the pancakes with eggs in the water are ready, you can arrange them. For example, wrap the stuffing in them or smear them with jam to your own taste.

Oat pancakes on water with eggs are sweet: a step by step recipe


• 320 ml of warm water;

• a couple of chicken eggs;

• 2 tbsp. l oatmeal;

• 180-210 g of wheat flour;

• 10 g baking powder for the test;

• pinch of salt;

• 100 g of sugar;

• 110 g of butter;

• 60 ml of vegetable oil.


1. Pour water into any bowl or saucepan.

2. We break there two chicken eggs.

3. Mix the mixture with a mixer or whisk.

4. Add oatmeal.

5. Re-mix and leave to infuse for 10-14 minutes.

6. Then add a pinch of salt and a tablespoon of sugar.

7. Stir.

8. Straight into the bowl, sift the wheat flour together with the baking powder through a fine sieve.

9. Then mix the resulting dough with a mixer.

10. Pour vegetable oil into the dough.

11. Mix again so that the dough is homogeneous in structure.

12. Take a special pan for pancakes.

13. Lubricate its surface with a drop of any oil.

14. Put the pan on the included hob.

15. When heated, pour on the surface of a hot frying pan a little dough. If you pour quite a bit, get pancakes.

16. Spread pancake dough on a hot surface with a special wooden stick. This should be done quickly, as the dough seizes immediately.

17. When the bottom side of the pancake is cooked, turn it over with a spatula to the other side.

18. Cook until browned.

19. Remove the pancake and put it on the dish.

20. Pour the next batch of cooked dough into the pan.

21. Spread the dough on the surface of the pan.

22. In the meantime, the second pancake is baked, lubricate the first piece of butter, strung on a fork. It is more comfortable.

23. Sprinkle greased pancake with sugar to your liking.

24. And here it is time to turn the second pancake. 25. Thus, we bake pancakes until the cooked dough is over.

26. It turned out delicious oat pancakes on the water with eggs. Step-by-step recipe ends with the filing of this yummy to the table!

Stuffed pancakes on water with eggs: a step-by-step recipe

Dough Ingredients:

• one glass of warm water;

• one raw chicken egg;

• a glass of wheat flour;

• 10 g of baking soda;

• 9 ml of vinegar 9%;

• a pinch of salt;

• 40 g sugar;

• 60 ml of vegetable oil.

For filling:

• two chicken eggs;

• 50 g rice cereal;

• a bunch of fresh greens;

• salt to taste.


1. Since the preparation of the filling will take more time, let's start with it.

2. We wash rice groats in cold water.

3. Fill it in the pan with water and set to cook. Rice is better to take a round, it cooks softer and faster.

4. In another bowl or pot set boil eggs for 10-15 minutes.

5. Greens carefully sorted out.

6. Fill the herbs in a bowl with cool water.

7. Hand mix and remove green leaves.

8. Put them on a towel to dry.

9. And then finely chop with a knife on a cutting board.

10. When the rice is soft, remove it from the stove.

11. Wash the rice cereal with running water. To do this, close the pan with risok lid is not tight.

12. We lean it over the sink, holding both the handle of the pan and its cover at the same time. In order not to be hot, you can first pour cold water into the rice.

13. When the decoction has merged, pour cold water into the rice again.

14. Mix and drain all the water again.

15. Boiled eggs, cooled in cold water.

16. Clean the eggs.

17. Chop the boiled eggs on the cutting board with a sharp knife.

18. In a bowl, mix eggs, rice and herbs. This is a filling.

19. Salt the filling to your liking.

20. Stir to salt was sold.

21. In another clean bowl, start kneading dough. Pour water into it.

22. Add eggs, sugar and salt.

23. Mix well until smooth.

24. Then add the sifted flour.

25. Stir again with a whisk, so that there are no lumps of not mixed flour.

26. In a separate glass bowl, mix the baking soda and vinegar. 27. Quickly pour the hissing vinegar into the dough.

28. Add vegetable oil.

29. Stir the dough with a whisk.

30. Put the pan for pancakes on the included plate.

31. When it warms up, pour a small portion of the dough onto its surface.

32. Level the dough over the entire surface of the pan.

33. We bake. Pancakes on water with eggs turn out to be tender and thin.

34. After a moment turn over the pancake with a spatula.

35. When the underside is cooked, remove the first pancake on a plate.

36. Pour the next batch of dough into the pan.

37. Level the dough again.

38. In the meantime, the second pancake is baked, we stuff the first one.

39. On the top of the first pancake we put a tablespoon of the filling.

40. Just close it on top.

41. Wrap the sides.

42. Starting from the top, roll the top part down, wrapping the filling in a pancake.

43. Wrapped pancake stacked on another dish.

44. In the meantime, turn over the next pancake.

45. We continue the specified algorithm until the dough is over.

Pancakes on water with eggs (step-by-step recipe) - Tricks and tips

• Sugar and salt are always added to the dough to your taste.

• Vegetable or olive oil should be added to the dough only at the end of kneading.

• After cooking the first pancake, you can immediately see if the dough has been cooked properly.

• If the pancake is too thick, the dough should be diluted with a small amount of water.

• If the pancake broke during cooking, then add another egg to the dough.

• Butter pancakes should be lubricated immediately while they are hot. Or you can just melt the butter in a pan and dip the ready-made pancakes in turn.

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