Cannelloni with minced meat - Italy on a plate! Cooking cannelloni with minced meat and cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach sauce

Cannelloni with minced meat - Italy on a plate! Cooking cannelloni with minced meat and cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach sauce

It is prepared simply, it looks spectacular, it turns out delicious. Cannelloni stuffed with minced meat is such a dish. This type of Italian pasta is easy to find in the supermarket. And then it remains only to fill them with delicious filling and bake with a fragrant sauce.

General principles of cooking cannelloni with minced meat

To distinguish these pasta from others is not difficult. These are rather large and long tubes, their diameter is two to three centimeters, length is ten centimeters. Very convenient size for stuffing. This is how cannelloni is cooked. They are filled with minced meat (you can take beef, pork, turkey or chicken), to which is also added in different variations:

· Cheese;

· Greens, often spinach;

· Mushrooms;

· Tomatoes.

The stuffed tubules are then put into a mold and baked in a cheese crust sauce. Classic options for sauces are bechamel or tomato. To bake cannelloni, the sauce must cover the edges of the pasta.

Cannelloni with minced beefamel in the oven

The traditional cooking option is cannelloni. Some tomatoes are added to the mince, and the dish is baked under a sauce based on milk, flour and butter.


250 grams of cannelloni pasta;

150 grams of cheese;

half a kilo of minced meat;

three tomatoes;

two or three onions;

three cloves of garlic;


ground black pepper;

liter of milk;

50 grams of butter;

three tablespoons of flour.

Method of preparation

The minced meat must be fried in vegetable oil, then covered with a lid and brought to readiness.

Chop garlic and onions separately and fry them separately from minced meat. We drop tomatoes for half a minute into boiling water, peel them off, cut into small cubes.

Combine ingredients: onion, garlic, minced meat, tomatoes. Sprinkle with pepper, salt. Fry it all together for a few minutes. Leave to cool.

Getting down to the sauce. To get bechamel, first melt the butter in a frying pan or saucepan. We sprinkle flour on it, fry for a couple of minutes, until a light golden color is obtained. Do not stop stirring. Then pour milk a little bit, constantly stirring so as not to form lumps. Season with pepper and salt. Now you need to cook until thick, the sauce should be like sour cream. Stuff pasta with meat filling. Pour half of the sauce to the bottom of the baking dish. Putting cannelloni into it. Pour sauce.

In the oven at 180, we prepare the dish for half an hour. Then we get, generously sprinkle with grated cheese and a quarter of an hour in the oven until cooked.

Cannelloni with minced meat with tomato sauce in the oven

The sauce can be made from tomato paste or canned tomatoes. But from fresh tomatoes with basil it turns out fragrant and tastier.


A pound of the mixture of pork and ground beef;

onion head;

8 pieces of cannelloni;


two cloves of garlic;

0.5 teaspoon salt and ground black pepper;

fresh parsley;

150 grams of parmesan.

For the sauce:

Two large tomatoes;


tomato paste - four tablespoons;

a teaspoon of basil (dried);

olive oil;

salt, pepper, a teaspoon of sugar.

Method of preparation

Slices of garlic finely crumbled, fry until golden in olive oil. Also finely chop the onion, put it in the pan and give a light reddening. We spread the same stuffing. All together, roast for about seven minutes. Let it cool now. Then we transfer the stuffing in a deep dish. Salt Add pepper and finely chopped parsley. Break the egg. We combine it with minced meat.

Making the sauce. With tomatoes remove the skin. Remove the seeds. Blender grind into a homogeneous mass.

For the sauce, it is also necessary to fry the finely chopped onion in olive oil. We spread crushed tomatoes and tomato paste to it. We mix. Bring to a boil. Now it's time to spice up: put salt, sugar, basil, pepper. Then a few more minutes.

Fold the filling in pasta tubes. In the form of pouring tomato sauce - a little, you just need to cover the bottom. Place the stuffed cannelloni on top. Pour all the remaining sauce, it must completely cover the pasta. Top - a layer of grated parmesan. Cover the form with a sheet of foil. Oven - 230 degrees. Cook 45 minutes. About ten minutes before the end of cooking remove the foil. So cheese can be well browned.

Cannelloni stuffed with minced meat and spinach

Stuffing beef, pork or a mixture of them. Baking pasta under two types of cheese will add flavoring notes - it will be mozzarella and parmesan. The latter, by the way, can, if desired, be replaced with another solid grade.


15-16 pieces of cannelloni;

150 grams of mozzarella;

three onions;

450 grams of minced meat;

60 grams of parmesan;

200 grams of spinach (frozen);

salt and pepper;

1 liter of milk;

a pinch of nutmeg;

60 grams of butter;

flour - three tablespoons with a hill.

Method of preparation

Prepare the bechamel sauce. First, bring the milk to a boil. Meanwhile, in the pan melt butter. Add flour. Mix and fry for a couple of minutes. Gradually pour milk. Stir constantly. We salt, we pepper. Boil to thicken the sauce. After turning off the fire add nutmeg. Cover the sauce with a lid.

Now for the cannelloni filling. Fry finely chopped onions. Let's add to it stuffing. Fry a few minutes. We get frozen spinach out of the package. Pour boiling water. Cut into slices, put to the stuffing. The filling is fried in a weak flame for another seven minutes. Cooling down.

Cover the bottom of the form with sauce. Stuffing pasta with minced spinach. Put in the form, on top - the rest of the sauce.

Mozzarella out of the pickle. We divide the balls into small pieces with our hands, put them on top of pasta filled with sauce.

At 180 degrees bake 25 minutes. Then get. Sprinkle with grated parmesan on top. And back to the oven for 10-15 minutes for browning.

Cannelloni with minced turkey

Turkey meat is very tender mince, the dishes with it are juicy and tasty. Pour the cannelloni again with bechamel sauce.


700 grams of turkey minced meat;

a pound of tomatoes;

12 cannelloni;


half a teaspoon of sea salt and black pepper;

olive oil; 40 grams of butter;

4 garlic cloves;

30 grams of flour;

100 grams of cheese;

400 ml of milk.

Method of preparation

Cooking bechamel sauce from milk, flour, butter, salt and pepper, as described in the recipes above.

Fry the minced turkey. Add finely chopped garlic and onions. Then put the tomatoes, cut into small cubes, in the same place. Fry a few minutes. Cooling down.

Fill the tubes. Pour a little sauce on the bottom of the form, then put the pasta. Cover them with sauce. At 180 degrees bake for 20 minutes. We take out, sprinkle with cheese, brown more 20 minutes.

Cannelloni stuffed with minced chicken and mushrooms

Another option with tender minced poultry meat with the addition of fragrant mushrooms. The recipe uses frozen whites, but you can take any other.


A pound of chicken meat (fillet);

two bulbs;

300 grams of frozen white mushrooms;

100-150 grams of grated cheese;

250 grams of cannelloni pasta;

pepper, salt;

liter of milk;

a quarter pack of butter;

60 grams of flour.

Method of preparation

Prepare bechamel from flour, butter, milk with salt and ground pepper (see recipes above).

Mushrooms are taken out of the freezer in advance so that they can be defrosted. Cut them into small pieces.

Grilled chicken fillet in a meat grinder. Shred onions finely. We fry it first. Then add the mushrooms, roast for ten minutes. Spread stuffing and cook another twenty minutes. We are waiting until it cools down.

Stuff the pasta. We spread in the form, pour sauce bechamel, and in the oven for half an hour, 180 degrees. We take out, put the cheese on top and bake for about a quarter of an hour.

Cannelloni with minced meat, melted cheese and carrots

In this recipe, a sauce based on sour cream, not quite usual for cannelloni, is used. And pasta is baked under the “fur coat” of carrots, onions and cheese.


200 grams of minced beef;

onion head;

one carrot;

two eggs;

9 pieces of cannelloni;

9 square slices of processed cheese;

100 grams of sour cream;

80 grams of hard cheese; salt and pepper;

200 ml of water;

one st. of cornstarch.

Method of preparation

Fry minced meat, season with pepper and salt. Leave to cool.

Carrots three through the grater. Onion cut into thin rings.

Begin to fill the cannelloni. Sliced ​​cheese rolled into tubes and paste them into pasta so that the cheese was in the middle. From the sides we fill with minced meat. Laid thus cannelloni laid in the form.

Making the sauce. We combine sour cream, water, eggs, cornstarch and salt in a blender bowl. Whisk.

On the pasta tubules and between them put the onion rings. Pour the sauce. Sprinkle with grated carrot and cheese.

Until cooked in the oven, the dish will spend 20-25 minutes (temperature - 200)

Cannelloni with minced meat - secrets and tricks

· It is simpler to fill raw tubules, they turn out more accurately. But in some recipes, they are recommended to first boil in salted water for 4-5 minutes. On the cannelloni pack, you can find information from the manufacturer, which indicates whether they require pre-boiling.

· Before filling the tubes with minced meat, let it cool.

· Do not fill the pasta too tight - they can disperse during cooking.

· Stuffed cannelloni can be frozen for future use. Then you just need to defrost the tubes and cook.

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