Young Cabbage Schnitzel

What to cook from young cabbage, when everyone has already eaten green spring salads and cabbage rolls? Try cabbage schnitzels - a wonderful summer dish: simple and quick, wholesome and tasty. Typically, schnitzel is made from meat, frying the pieces in an egg and crackers. But if your home is meat lovers, and you want to feed them with vegetables, offer them cabbage schnitzels! Households do not even immediately understand what kind of appetizing pieces in a crispy ruddy breading. And when they try, they will ask for supplements!

Young Cabbage Schnitzel

Young sauerkraut is best suited for schnitzels: its leaves are prepared faster than the harder cabbages of the past harvest, therefore schnitzels are especially tender. Although, if you like the recipe, you can fry cabbage schnitzels not only in early summer, but all year round - just cook the late cabbage longer.

  • Servings: 5-6 pieces

Ingredients for young cabbage schnitzel

  • half a small head of young cabbage;
  • 100 g breadcrumbs;
  • 2 eggs;
  • salt - to your taste;
  • for frying - vegetable oil;
  • for serving - cream or sour cream.
Young Cabbage Schnitzel

Method of cooking young cabbage schnitzel

Cabbage schnitzels can be cooked in several versions: sliced ​​breading segments - with or without the stalk; either in the form of envelopes with a filling (when cheese or ham like stuffed cabbage is wrapped in boiled leaves and fried). We prefer the first option - cabbage in eggs and crackers. Despite the minimum set of ingredients, the dish turns fingers you will lick!

Remove from the cabbage a couple of top leaves, rinse the head and cut into slices - slices about 2 cm thick in the widest part, tapering to the middle. I recommend cutting the cabbage directly with a stalk - leaves will be kept on it, so the schnitzel will not crumble. And it is more convenient to eat: hold on to the edge where the stalk (just like a meat schnitzel on the bone), and the stalk itself can not be eaten - it is solid, and nitrates primarily accumulate in it.

Young Cabbage Schnitzel

If the head is large, each segment can be further cut into two. But at the same time, the second half, which is without a stalk, will fall apart on the leaves. Therefore, it is more convenient to use a small cabbage to make the schnitzels whole, neat.

Dip cabbage slices in boiling salted water and boil. Do not digest the young cabbage, otherwise it will spread: 2-3 minutes is enough. Cook old cabbage a little longer, up to 5 minutes.

Young Cabbage Schnitzel Young Cabbage Schnitzel Young Cabbage Schnitzel

When the leaves start to become soft, gently catch the slices with a skimmer and place them in a colander to drain the water. Then put them on a plate or board - let them cool.

Prepare products for breading: in a deep plate, beat up with a fork with eggs and salted, in small fill breadcrumbs.

We heat up the sunflower oil in the pan. Each slice of cabbage dipped on both sides in a beaten egg.

Young Cabbage Schnitzel Young Cabbage Schnitzel Young Cabbage Schnitzel

Then, also from two sides, roll the cabbage in breadcrumbs. The procedure can be repeated - then you get a double breading, as for chicken Kiev: more crisp solid than in one layer.

Young Cabbage Schnitzel

Lay the breaded cabbage pieces in a well-heated frying pan to grab the crust. Fry for a couple of minutes over medium heat, then turn to the other side with a wide spatula and fry for another 2-3 minutes. When schnitzels become rosy - remove on a plate. You do not need to fry for a long time - this is not meat, boiled cabbage is almost ready.

Young Cabbage Schnitzel

Cabbage schnitzels are especially tasty hot - it's great to have cold sour cream piping hot! But when chilled they are good. Enjoy your meal!

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