Chicken and champignon salads are the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cook a chicken salad with mushrooms.

Chicken and champignon salads are the best recipes. How to properly and deliciously cook a chicken salad with mushrooms.

General principles of cooking chicken salad with champignons

In search of new and tasty salad recipes, the mistresses pursue not only the availability of products, but also their usefulness. It is salads that are regarded as something intermediate between the main course, which can include light ingredients like greens, fresh vegetables, as well as ingredients that increase the satiety of the dish, potatoes, rice, beans and more. Salads for celebratory feasts, quickly prepared salads - a variety of recipes makes it possible to realize their exquisite culinary preferences. Today, when much attention is paid to the preparation of not only tasty, but also healthy food, when choosing ingredients, great importance is paid to their beneficial properties. Perhaps this is what led to the undeniable popularity of chicken meat and mushrooms, rush to include in the recipes of many useful salads.

Critsa meat is the most frequent guest on the table. Talking about its benefits can be infinite, for good reason it is diverted to the category of dietary dishes, and it is this meat that is first introduced into the diet of a young child.

Mushrooms - mushrooms, no less useful. The included components have a positive effect on the nervous system, improve blood quality. This is only for medical reasons. In cooking, mushrooms have been used since ancient times. It was mushrooms in difficult times that replaced meat. Today, champignons are actively used in cooking, include them from soups, in salads, in pastries, in pies.

The combination of chicken meat, champignons and other products allows you to prepare tasty and healthy salads, which can take a worthy place both on the ordinary and on the ceremonial table.

Preparing Products

The process of making chicken salad with mushrooms makes it possible to combine different products. The recipe can include both fresh vegetables and pickled. Also, do not forget about the fruit, they are able to give an exotic touch, even a simple recipe. As for the main ingredients - chicken and mushrooms, the meat can be boiled, smoked. Poultry breast is used more often, but thigh meat can also be taken, it will only affect the calorie content of the salad. Mushrooms are better to pickle, but in some recipes you may need to fry fresh champignons. Chicken and mushrooms salad recipes:

Recipe 1. Chicken salad with champignons

If you are fed up with the “Olivier” salad and you want to make a small lunch break, we advise you to prepare the salad described below, you may be able to fill up the list of favorite recipes.

Ingredients Required:

• chicken meat - 400 g;

• mustard - 1 tsp;

• champignons - 200 g;

• pickled cucumbers - 3-4 pieces;

• vegetable oil - 2 tbsp. l .;

• potatoes - 3 pcs .;

• sour cream - 3 tbsp. spoons;

• green onions;

• salt pepper.

Cooking Method:

Despite the abundance of ingredients, the process of cooking salad is quite simple. We offer detailed instructions:

1. Boil chicken meat in salted water. Cut into cubes.

2. Boil the potatoes "in uniform". Cut into cubes.

3. Salad will require fresh mushrooms, chop them into medium pieces and fry, preferably until the mushrooms are golden in color. After cooking, put them on a separate vessel.

4. Dice pickled cucumbers, add them to the already chopped potatoes and meat.

5. We grind green onions, it is possible to add other greens - to taste.

6. In a vessel, mix the sour cream, mustard, salt and black pepper, with sauce and fill all the prepared ingredients - potatoes, fried mushrooms, meat, pickled cucumbers, green onions.

Recipe 2. Chicken salad with champignons and cheese

Recipe for puff salad, but if time is running out, you can mix the cooked ingredients and season with mayonnaise.

Ingredients Required:

• fillet - 300 - 400 g;

• small onion;

• cheese - 200 g;

• mayonnaise;

• fresh champignons - 200 - 300 g;

• egg - 3 pcs .;

• vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

To begin with, boil chicken meat. By the way, you can add a little more water and later use the resulting broth for cooking soup. So, the meat is slowly boiled in salted water, in the meantime you can do mushrooms. Cut them into small pieces and fry thoroughly, you can use vegetable oil, it is also recommended to melt the butter, or olive. Add finely chopped onion and fry until onion is ready. Then put everything in a plate to gradually drain the butter. So, the meat is cooked, cut into pieces. To decorate the salad is better to take beautiful saucers.

1 layer - chicken meat;

2 layer - lay out a thin layer of fried mushrooms with onions;

3 layer - mayonnaise, better thin layer;

4 layer - the turn came before the eggs, rubbed them on a grater, it is possible both through a small and through a large grater - at the discretion of the hostesses;

5 layer - grease lettuce with mayonnaise;

6 layer - final - we rub hard cheese.

Recipe 3. Chicken Salad with Champignons and Pineapples

We offer you a delicious and very original salad recipe with chicken, mushrooms and pineapple. In addition to its amazing taste, the presented salad looks like a cake and can decorate a festive table.


• chicken legs - 2 pcs .;

• canned champignons - 200 g;

• Pineapples - 300 g - canned or fresh;

• hard cheese - 100 g;

• walnuts - 100 g;

• carrot;

• low-fat mayonnaise;

• eggs - 3 pcs.

Cooking method:

To begin, prepare all the products:

• Boil chicken legs. Cool, peel, this condition is necessary, cut into small cubes.

• Boil carrots and eggs until tender, then rub through a large grater.

• Proceed to canned ingredients - pour out the liquid and cut into diced champignons and pineapple.

• Cheese, it should be a hard variety, rubbed on a coarse grater.

And now, when all the ingredients are ready, we can proceed directly to the assembly of the salad.

• First of all, place the meat in the saucer, and top it with a thin layer of mayonnaise.

• Then lay out the chopped pineapple and half the grated cheese.

• It was the turn of the mushrooms - distribute them in a thin layer.

• We put carrots on top and another layer of mayonnaise on top.

• The last layer is left behind chicken eggs.

Getting to the decoration. The edges of the salad are decorated with the remaining cheese. On the center of the salad poured chopped walnuts.

Recipe 4. New Year's salad of chicken, mushrooms, green peas.

You can prepare this salad not only on New Year's holidays, but also on ordinary days.

Ingredients Required:

• smoked chicken fillet - 250 g; • cheese - 100 g;

• canned peas - 200 g;

• champignons - 200 g;

• sour cream - 100 g;

• mayonnaise - 2 tbsp. l

Cooking Method:

Mushrooms cut into plates and boil for about 2 minutes in boiled water. Strain out. Smoked meat cut into cubes. Drain water from green peas.

We combine the ingredients - meat, grated cheese, mushrooms and green peas.

It's time for the sauce. Sour cream mixed with mayonnaise, add here the same spices and herbs. Dressing salad dressing. Simple and tasteful.

Recipe 5. Fried Chicken Salad with Mushrooms and Tomatoes.

Who does not like fried, can use boiled chicken meat.

Ingredients Required:

• Chicken fillet - 200 g;

• eggs - 2 - 3 pcs .;

• tomatoes 2 pcs .;

• marinated champignons - 200 g;

• canned corn - 200 g;

• mayonnaise;

• vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut the fillet into pieces and fry well in vegetable oil.

2. Dice eggs and tomatoes.

3. Mushrooms chopped straws.

4. Strain the canned corn.

5. Mix the prepared ingredients in a deep bowl.

6. Fill with mayonnaise, add salt and spices.

Secrets and useful tips from the best chefs

Preparing a delicious and unusual salad is not so difficult. Try to find several products in the refrigerator - meat, eggs, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, mayonnaise. Stir them and enjoy the new flavors. For dressing, you can use sour cream, mayonnaise, do not forget about yogurt!

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