Pancho cake - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook a cake "Pancho".

Pancho cake - the best recipes. How to properly and tasty cook a cake

Pancho cake - general principles and methods of cooking

Sour cream cake “Pancho” can be easily put on a par with such famous cakes, which are “Prague” and “Bird's Milk”. Delicate biscuit cakes soaked in a delicious cream cream and poured with aromatic chocolate icing on top - this is what makes up the great taste of this culinary masterpiece.

By the way, Pancho has quite a few other names, among them “Roly” and “Curly Pinscher”. Perhaps he is familiar to you under these names! Many inexperienced cooks confuse “Pancho” with the cake “Graf ruins”. But, despite its external similarity, these two representatives of the sweet world have a completely different composition, and, accordingly, significantly differ in taste.

Skillful confectioners working in the company “Fili - Baker” keep the recipe of their famous creations in secret. But if you try very hard, you can find analogues of “Pancho”. And the reason lies not in the fact that some particularly curious hostess managed to reveal a secret recipe, not at all! The fact is that the recipe for this cake was found quite by accident during the “survey” of grandmothers, aunts and neighbors for interesting recipes. Representatives of the company liked one of the recorded recipes so much that they decided to start production of this cake on the Russian market and immediately gave this name, which is now known to everyone.

Pancho cake - product preparation

Let's open the secret curtain and list those products without which the “Pancho” cake simply won't take place. So, to make this extraordinary delicacy, you need fresh eggs, cocoa powder, good flour, sifted through a sieve, soda and lemon juice. Do not forget to stock up on fruit, pineapples are especially good in “Pancho”, but any others are quite suitable. Sour cream for cake is better to take fat, at least 35%, otherwise the product will lose in taste. You will also need walnuts and dark chocolate. As for the cream, it is the most common, but no less tasty from it - sour cream. Its preparation does not take much time, and anyone can beat the sour cream with sugar! As you can see, everything is simple!

“Pancho” has managed to find his admirers and become truly popular. Mistresses of the whole country are trying to guess his riddle and come up with their own options for delicacy. So there was a great variety of different recipes, with which we will introduce you.

Pancho Cake - the best recipes

Recipe 1: Pancho Classic Cake

The original recipe for “Pancho” is somewhat similar to another dessert called “Pincher”. Cooking, as a rule, does not take too much effort and time. Even a novice pastry chef can easily make a cake. And what about our hostesses, who, so to speak, have already “filled their hands” and are no worse than experienced chefs doing culinary affairs! So stock up on the appropriate ingredients and go ahead - you will succeed!


- two eggs

- half a can of condensed milk

- 1.5 stak. flour

- a glass of sour cream

- two art. lie cocoa

- a glass of sugar (no slide)

- 1 hour l. baking powder

To soak the cakes:

- 6 tablespoons. Sahara

- half a cup of peeled nuts (walnuts)

- canned pineapple

- 800 gr. sour cream

For the glaze:

- four table. l sour cream

- 30-40 gr. butter

- sugar (preferably powder or sand)

Method of preparation:

1. Knead the dough. Beat eggs with sugar, then add to the egg mixture condensed milk, cocoa and sour cream. Beat a little more. Pour the flour, mixed with baking powder, and start the dough - carefully, so that the mixture does not settle. We grease the baking sheet covered with parchment, spread the dough and send it to the oven. It is necessary to bake until cooked, periodically checking the cake. We get and cool.

2. While the cake is baked, make the impregnation. Whip sour cream and sugar. When the cake has cooled to room temperature, we break it into square pieces, the size of a matchbox. Dip the pieces in the impregnation and lay out a slide (cone) on a large flat dish. In between we sprinkle the cake with chopped nuts and pre-sliced ​​canned pineapples. After these manipulations, we put Pancho in the fridge and wait for it to freeze. 3. Prepare the icing. While the cake freezes, let's do the icing. Put sour cream on the fire, add sugar right away. Keep the mixture on the stove until boiling, do not forget to stir. Then add the butter and cook another 2-4 minutes. Remove the glaze from the stove, cool to a warm state. Also, instead of the glaze, you can use melted dark or white chocolate. Pour iced iced cake. Again, hide in the fridge until it freezes.

Recipe 2: Sancho Pancho Cake

For those who have not yet decided on the choice of dessert for the next holiday, we suggest you to bake a cake “Sancho Pancho”. All the guests will certainly like its juicy excellent taste. It is based on the preparation of just one shortcake, so that you will have enough work to carry out other holiday plans.


- six eggs

- two glasses of sugar

- 6 table. tablespoons of icing sugar

- a little soda (at the tip of a spoon)

- 8-12 spoons (table) of cocoa

- lemon juice - half tsp

- two stacks. flour

- 3 ripe bananas

- a glass of roasted hazelnuts

- 700 ml thick sour cream

- 4 table. milk lies

- melted butter 100 g.

Method of preparation:

1. Proteins are separated from the yolk mass, whipped proteins with a mixer, gradually introducing a glass of sugar and yolks into them. Put off the mixer and arm with a broom. Gently mix in a mixture of cocoa (4-5 tablespoons), soda, quenched with lemon juice, and, accordingly, flour. Knead until smooth. Deep round form covered with baking paper, grease and pour the dough. Bake until tender.

2. The result was an airy and light cake. Leave it to cool, cutting across into two parts (one part should be less than the other two times). Let's do the cream: for this, whip sour cream with sugar until the crystals break up.

3. We get a flat plate and begin to form a cake. Lay out the first cake (which is smaller) on the dish, pour it with cream and lay out the bananas sliced ​​into slices. The next stage: cut the second cake into even squares, and dip each piece in cream. We spread the squares on a solid cake, forming a regular slide and occasionally sprinkling nuts and banana slices (or any fruit, you can use the fruit and berry mix). 4. Remove the dessert in the cold for half an hour. And the final touch is the icing, which we pour over the cake after solidification. It is prepared as follows: mix milk with cocoa and sugar, put it on the stove and wait for the sugar to dissolve. Next, add melted (softened) butter to the glaze and remove from heat. We are waiting for the complete dissolution of the oil, mix and pour the cake on top. Again, we remove the delicacy in the cold before setting.

Recipe 3: Pancho Cake with Cherry and Dried Fruit

“Pancho” with cherries will become a real “lifeline” for those housewives who do not have the opportunity to spend much time in the kitchen. Preparing such a cake in just 1-1.5 hours. In addition, it does not require any special ingredients, and the result is just great!


- sugar 2 glasses

- 1 stack sour cream

- two eggs

- hydrated soda

- a glass of flour

- cocoa (in powder)

- vanillin

- dried apricots, raisins

- for cream: sour cream and sugar in a ratio of 2: 1 (for example, 2 glasses of sour cream and a glass of sugar)

- Cherry (fresh or frozen) 200 gr.

- 100 gr. raisins and dried apricots (50 to 50)

- peeled walnuts

- chocolate bar for decoration

Method of preparation:

1. Sugar (2 cups) pour into a bowl, add eggs, beat until fluffy foam. To the mixture add sour cream, a spoon of slaked soda and a little vanilla (to taste). Mix with a spatula and divide the mixture into 2 equal parts. In the first part, add a glass of flour, chopped dried apricots and raisins. Knead the dough (it should not get too thick).

2. The second part will be used for making dark cake. To do this, send the mixture flour (1 cup) and 4 spoons of cocoa powder. Form the dough. We bake each cake for 20-30 minutes at 200 degrees.

3. Cooking cream: for this, use a mixer, beat the sour cream, gradually adding sugar to it. While the cakes cool down, prepare the cherries (remove the bones), raisins and dried apricots (cut). We fold the berry into a colander and let it drip off excess moisture.

4. Cut the cooled white cake in small squares (approximately from a matchbox) and dip the pieces into the cream. We spread the dark cake on a dish, and from above we begin to form a hill of pieces of white cake, sprinkling occasionally between layers of nuts, cherries and dried fruit. From above we decorate cake with nuts and shavings of dark chocolate. We remove the “Pancho” in the cold for a few hours (3-15), after which we take out and enjoy the magical sweet-sour taste. Enjoy your meal!

Pancho Cake - the hostess to the note

- For baking cakes, a shape from 20 to 25 cm is best suited. This is a standard size that will allow the cake to be baked evenly;

- All the ingredients before cooking the cake and cream should have the same room temperature, so we strongly recommend that you get everything from the refrigerator in advance and allow the products to get the appropriate temperature;

- To make the cake more lush and tender: first, sift the flour, secondly, when baking the cake, do not rush to remove them from the oven, and even more so - from the form. Give them a little brew, cool, and only then, holding the form over the steam (to better leave the cake and did not crumble), release it;

- The readiness of the cake is checked in the classical way: a match or a toothpick. If it is dry and clean, then the cake is ready;

- To improve the taste of future cakes, beat the proteins separately from all the ingredients - long and thoroughly, and only then you can gradually pour in (pour in) other ingredients.

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