Marjoram - description, properties, use in cooking. Recipes with marjoram.

Marjoram - description, properties, use in cooking. Recipes with marjoram.

Marjoram - description

Popular belief says that marjoram strengthens the heart, enlightens the mind. The common spice is associated with the Mediterranean and European cuisine. Bitterly sharp marjoram leaves with a sweet aroma resemble the smell of camphor. In general, it resembles oregano (Russian oregano), but it has a more delicate and sweetish taste. This is an excellent green supplement in various sauces, vegetable salads, first courses, fish and roasted meat, it is used to flavor drinks and enhance the taste of puddings, it goes well with pizza and spaghetti.

In Arabic, this spice means “incomparable,” and this is true. There are legends about the features of marjoram. The Greeks treated the plant with reverence, attributing magical properties to it. That is why, adding it to the wine, they expected the extraordinary power of love, considering the plant to be the strongest aphrodisiac. He was not kept in the vessels for seasoning, but was set on fire, right in the sperm cell. And the ancient Egyptians gave a bouquet of Majorna in a sign of sincere admiration. We call it simply sausage grass - and be sure to add it to the sausage.

There are only two types of plants - leaf and flower. It can be a branched perennial shrub, or a small annual plant with small leaves. Grows to a greater extent in Central Europe, and is cultivated in Western Asia. Propagated by seeds that are planted initially in greenhouses and greenhouses.

Marjoram - properties

Today, while serving marjoram on the table, we think not so much about love as about wonderful taste, but also the medicinal properties of the herb. After all, since antiquity they have been treated with rheumatism and runny nose, kidney stones, it is able to improve memory and enlighten the mind, to act positively on the cardiovascular system. Before people learned about hops, marjoram was used in brewing, and in the XVI century for some time it was used as snuff.

Marjoram - use in cooking

In addition to the use of spices in the home kitchen, it is actively used in the food industry. For example, it is actively used by cheese makers, brewers and winemakers. On an industrial scale, it is also used in the preparation of soft drinks. For many countries, it is an indispensable component in the preparation of pickles for preservation, for example, in pickling tomatoes and cucumbers, making compotes, jelly and kvass. Absolutely any kitchen in the world contains recipes for cooking dishes with bean-based marjoram - beans or peas. Dried marjoram is famous for its spicy taste and spicy aroma. The company of thyme and oregano produces a wonderful bouquet of spices, complementary components. The only caution of experts in the use of spices for pregnant women - unlimited use can cause headaches. By the way, diabetics can successfully use this plant instead of salt, it also replaces it with a salt-free diet.

Recipe Examples with Marjoram

Recipe 1: Italian Pasta with Marjoram

Marjoram - the favorite seasoning of the Italians. The original pasta recipe necessarily contains several Mediterranean spices, and certainly among them is our wonderful spice. Prepare pasta with meat - a delicious and satisfying dish. Meat is better to cook in a pan, and separately boil spaghetti, and mix all the ingredients.

Ingredients: spaghetti (300 grams), meat (350 grams, pork), marjoram (dried, half a teaspoon), salt, vegetable oil, garlic (2 cloves), spices (basil, cumin, coriander) , tomatoes (2-3 pieces).

Method of preparation

Boil spaghetti in salted water. Cut the meat into small pieces and fry in vegetable oil. Rinse the tomatoes with boiling water and gently peel off the skin. Beat soft tomatoes in a blender with chopped garlic. Pour the mixture into the meat and add marjoram and other spices. Stew meat until it becomes soft (about 20-25 minutes).

Add the finished meat in spaghetti, you can arrange the dish without stirring - put a portion of meat on the spaghetti. This is the perfect combination, aromatic and tasty dish. Russian housewives must add onions and carrots to meat, in another version they sprinkle it with hard grated cheese - but this is a matter of taste. You can decorate the dish with fresh leaves of dill, parsley and marjoram.

Recipe 2: Omelet with marjoram

An ordinary omelet for breakfast can be made very tasty with spices and spices. Especially if you cook it from zucchini - the sweetest varieties of zucchini.

Ingredients: small zucchini, salt, with a spoon of vegetable oil, chopped green marjoram (2 large spoons), eggs (1 pc.), Black ground pepper, butter (1 spoon). Method of preparation

Zucchini edges are pruned and three zucchini on a coarse grater. We salt, we mix and we leave for half an hour. Transfer the zucchini into a colander and press down to the juice stack. Fry in a pan until golden brown. Add marjoram and remove from heat. Beat eggs in a bowl and add zucchini, pepper, a little salt. Heat butter in a pan and pour omelette mixture. Distribute throughout the pan and cover with a lid. Fry until the omelet becomes dense from the bottom of the pan. We turn over in this way: first, lay it on the plate with the lower part upwards, then return to the pan. Keep on fire for another 3-4 minutes and serve. Serve with salad, slicing nicely into triangles.

Recipe 3: Tonic tea with marjoram

Following the example of the ancient Greeks, it is possible to prepare a tonic tea, it is believed that it has properties that enhance the potency and sexual desire.

Ingredients: black leaf tea (tea leaves, 2 teaspoons), marjoram.

Method of preparation

To do this, brew in a black loose-leaf Ceylon tea (2 glasses of water), and add the marjoram infusion - a small spoonful of ground marjoram to a glass of boiled water. Drink chilled (but not cold).

Marjoram - useful tips from experienced chefs

Fruits of marjoram contain a lot of essential oil, it is extracted for medical purposes. By smell, it resembles a chamomile mixed with pepper and mint. Marjoram oil can be used for household purposes for grinding in various diseases, as well as in perfumery.

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