Pumpkin stew with vegetables - baked, stewed and in a slow cooker. Recipes for vegetable stew with pumpkin in the daily menu

Pumpkin stew with vegetables - baked, stewed and in a slow cooker. Recipes for vegetable stew with pumpkin in the daily menu

What we have not cooked from pumpkin dishes?

Cakes were porridge, too. And stew?

What, you never tried vegetable pumpkin stew ?!

Well, it is easy to fix - the components are like in any other stew, they are cooked on the fly, and they are eaten almost faster.

Vegetable Pumpkin Stew - General Cooking Principles

• Vegetable pumpkin stew can be stewed in a thick thick-walled pan, or a slow cooker, baked using the oven in clay pots or in a sleeve.

• In cooking, almost any vegetables are used, always on hand, both fresh and frozen. Vegetable stew with pumpkin is often cooked with cabbage, zucchini, potatoes, eggplants, sweet peppers, and beans. Tomatoes, mushrooms, peas, fowl are often added to it. The constant ingredients of any vegetable stew are carrots and onions.

• Pre-preparation of vegetables consists of thorough rinsing under water, peeling and chopping. They are cut into cubes or cubes, trying to maintain a single size - no more than one and a half centimeters.

• Eggplants added to a dish require separate preparation, slices of vegetable should be soaked in saline solution, or kept for a short time, sprinkled with salt. This will help get rid of the characteristic bitterness of this vegetable.

• When extinguishing products lay in a certain sequence, starting with those that prepare longer. The pumpkin is laid practically at the end. In a slow cooker, the dish should be cooked in two modes. First, the products are fried in baking mode, and then brought to readiness on the option “Quenching”. With cooking in the oven, everything is much simpler: all the ingredients are laid in the baking container designed for baking and cooked at 180 degrees as indicated in the recipe.

• Vegetable stew is delicious both hot and chilled. It can be served independently or with a side dish. As such, boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes are best suited to such a dish.

Stewed vegetable stew with pumpkin in a pan


• 400 gr. already peeled pumpkin;

• 300 gr. white cabbage variety;

• small eggplant;

• mid-size carrot - 1 pc .;

• 120 ml of thick tomato juice;

• two bulbs;

• sweet pepper pod;

• teaspoon curry;

• hot pepper, finely ground - 1/4 tsp;

• frozen sunflower oil;

• incomplete spoon of cumin;

• sugar - 1.3 spoons.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut off the peel from the eggplant, and cut the flesh into centimeter cubes. Salt, mix, put in a colander and put it on a bowl. After half an hour, rinse the pieces under running water and pat dry with a towel.

2. Cut the cabbage into thin, short strips. Carrot and pumpkin in small cubes. To make the dish look harmonious, their size should not differ significantly from eggplant.

3. Bulbs and seed-freed Bulgarian pepper cut into small-sized slices of approximately the same size.

4. Pour about 30 grams of sunflower oil into a wide and high frying pan and warm it well over low heat. Dip the shredded carrots and onions in it and fry them, stirring them systematically until the carrot slices soften.

5. Add the cabbage, lightly salted and continue cooking, without removing the lid, until the cabbage settles. Add tomato juice to vegetables, mix and bring to readiness, without covering the pan with a lid.

6. Put the vegetables stewed with tomato in a bowl, and pour some oil into the pan, and as soon as it is hot, lower the dried eggplants. Immediately add the crushed paprika and pieces of pumpkin pulp.

7. Spice up all the spices, you can choose at your own discretion, although it is recommended to use the proposed in the recipe cumin, curry, ground red pepper, stir and simmer on low heat from a quarter to 1/3 hour. 8. Mix the softened vegetables with previously fried and adjust the taste of the stew by adding salt and sugar. Promete the dish on medium heat for about two minutes and remove from heat.

Recipe for pumpkin stew with vegetables and meat for the slow cooker


• a pound of pork pulp;

• kilogram of potatoes;

• small carrot - 1 pc .;

• 400 grams of ripe pumpkin;

• large onion;

• two red fleshy tomatoes;

• garlic - at least 3 cloves.

Cooking Method:

1. Cut off all the films from the meat, rinse the piece well with cold water, dry and cut into pieces of arbitrary shape.

2. Put the pulp in a dry bowl of the multicooker and, stirring, fry in baking mode for 20 minutes.

3. Peel the potatoes, onions, garlic and carrots. Onions thinly cut into half rings, finely chop the garlic cloves with a knife. Cut carrots into centimeter cubes, and potatoes - in small, not too thin lobules.

4. Transfer all the chopped vegetables to the meat, pepper and season with spices, stir and, without changing the mode for another seven minutes, continue cooking.

5. Slice the tomatoes on the side of the stem, scald with boiling water and peel off using the back of the knife blade. Cut the flesh into small pieces and put it in a bowl.

6. After waiting 10 minutes, add pumpkin and potatoes, cut into centimeter cubes. Immediately salt and pour 200 ml of warm water. Transfer the slow cooker to the “Fire” mode for an hour and a half.

Simple vegetable stew with pumpkin and canned beans


• 600 grams of pumpkin without peel;

• onions - 1 head;

• half-liter can of white canned beans;

• 600 gr. young squash;

• a bunch of ordinary parsley;

• two sweet peppers;

• half a cup of vegetable broth or water;

• 40 ml of frozen vegetable oil.

Cooking Method:

1. Slice the zucchini and pumpkin flesh, trying to withstand the same size. 2. Cut the onion into small pieces, chop the peeled peppers into small, square-shaped pieces.

3. In vegetable oil until soft, first fry the onion and immediately add to it crushed pumpkin, zucchini pieces and sweet pepper.

4. Put the vegetables out on a low heat until fully cooked, pour to them the washed canned beans and finely chopped parsley. Spice up stew with your favorite spices, add salt to taste and, stir well, stir under a lid for a couple of minutes.

5. Remove from heat and let stand for half an hour before serving.

Vegetable stew with pumpkin in sour cream baked in pots


• 5 large potatoes;

• 300 gr. cauliflower, frozen or fresh;

• sour cream 20% fat - 200 ml;

• one big carrot;

• six tablespoons of green peas;

• 400 grams of pumpkin;

• two eggs;

• 250 grams of hard cheese.

Cooking Method:

1. Peel the potatoes finely and cut them into slices or quarters with a sharp knife. With the pumpkin thinly peel the skin, remove the seeds. Carrot and dense pulp cut into thin blocks.

2. Combine all the chopped vegetables in a large bowl, add the cabbage inflorescences and mix.

3. Spread the cooked vegetable mixture in clay pots, pour 50 ml of vegetable broth or filtered water into each pot and put it in the oven for 40 minutes. The cooking temperature is 180 degrees.

4. Pour eggs into sour cream. Blend the sour cream until smooth with a light whisk and pour the potted vegetables with it. Add green peas and place the containers in the oven for another 40 minutes.

5. Sprinkle the stew, chopped in a cheese grater, and when the melted cheese crumb is well roasted, take the pots out of the oven.

Pumpkin stew with vegetables and mushrooms


• kilogram of pumpkin without peel and seeds;

• two large bitter onions; • garlic;

• large carrot - 2 pcs .;

• two bell peppers;

• 10 large champignons;

• half a liter of broth or drinking water;

• red small tomatoes - 6 pcs.

Cooking Method:

1. Tomatoes for 2 minutes Dip in boiling water, then remove and immediately place in the cold. In the area of ​​the stem, make an incision and remove the peel from the tomatoes.

2. Peeled peppers and onion thinly cut into slices. Carrot grate in a large grater, and pumpkin pulp cut into cubes of medium size.

3. In warm vegetable oil, lightly fry the onion with carrot. Add thin slices of mushrooms and continue cooking until the juice that has protruded from them has evaporated.

4. As soon as vegetables and slices of champignons begin to browse, add sweet peppers and pumpkin. Salt a little, stir well and leave to simmer at moderate temperature. Do not forget to stir the vegetables, if necessary, add water or decoction, otherwise they will burn. Liquid should not be much, it should only slightly cover the cooking vegetables.

5. After half an hour, add the crushed garlic and chopped tomatoes to the stew, stir thoroughly and boil slowly. Then reduce heat, lightly salt the dish, removing the sample, pepper it and bring it to readiness - complete softening of the vegetable pieces, at the very low heat.

Vegetable stew with pumpkin and chicken baked in the sleeve


• 1 kg chicken fillet or whole chicken;

• a pound of pumpkin;

• two small carrots;

• medium eggplants - 500 gr .;

• large onion;

• a pound of young zucchini;

• a pair of cloves of garlic;

• one third of a teaspoon of pepper pounded in a mortar;

• Lavrushka - 3 leaves.

Cooking Method:

1. Rinse the chicken or fillet thoroughly with water. If you took the fillet, cut it into 2 cm cubes, chop the whole carcass into small portions.

2. From the eggplant and zucchini remove the skin, and cut the flesh into small pieces, into cubes of the same size. 3. Similarly, chop the pumpkin without peel and seeds, and carrot dissolve into thin ringlets.

4. Put all crushed products in one bowl. Add a tablespoon of salt, laurel and ground pepper, mix thoroughly.

5. In the baking sleeve fold the mixed crushed ingredients and tightly tie a free edge.

6. Transfer the filled sleeve to the roaster, in different places, pierce the foil with a needle and place in a heated oven.

7. Bake the vegetable stew for an hour, then remove, carefully cut the top of the sleeve and arrange the prepared dish into plates.

Vegetable pumpkin stew - cooking tricks and helpful tips

• So that the dish has a presentable appearance and does not turn into a porridge during prolonged stewing, cut all the vegetables into slices of the same size, do not chop or disturb the ordering process.

• Eggplants soaked in salt must be rinsed to remove the remaining salt with bitterness. Salting vegetable stew with pumpkin when adding eggplant should be carefully removed, the sample, otherwise you can over-salt.

• Often, liquid must be added to vegetable stew with pumpkin. It is not necessary to use water, add meat, not too fat, broth or vegetable broth to lean - the dish will turn out much tastier.

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