Cooking step-by-step chakhokhbili from chicken - recipes and all the rules! How to cook Georgian Chakhokhbili from chicken (step-by-step recipes)

Cooking step-by-step chakhokhbili from chicken - recipes and all the rules! How to cook Georgian Chakhokhbili from chicken (step-by-step recipes)

It is believed that white sauces are perfect for chicken. But only those people who have not tried the real Georgian chakhokhbili think so. This bird in tomato sauce will win any heart.

At the same time the dish is very simple and affordable. Here are the best options chakhokhbili chicken. The recipes describe the cooking process step by step, giving valuable recommendations.

Chahokhbili from chicken - the general principles of cooking

Initially, pheasant was used for chakhokhbili, but now it is difficult to find such a delicacy product, so it is replaced with chicken. Traditionally, one bird is taken. The bird is washed, chopped into pieces or simply cut into joints, then fried until half cooked. Further blended with other ingredients.

What else is added to chakhokhbili:

• onion;

• tomatoes, tomato sauces or pasta;

• Bulgarian and hot peppers;

• butter;

• garlic.

Spices are always added to the dish, traditionally it is a seasoning from a hop-suneli bag. But you can take a substitute from the chicken mixture, add some spicy herbs, ginger. Be sure to add chakhokhbili greens: cilantro, parsley, basil, there may be a sprig of mint, rosemary, oregano. But all this is added not after preparation, as we used to, but in 5-10 minutes before the end. Greens should be extinguished with other products, give them a taste.

Classical Georgian chakhokhbili from chicken (recipe, step by step with secrets)

The traditional version of Georgian chakhokhbili from chicken. The recipe explains step by step how to make the dish not work like an ordinary stewed bird in a tomato. We take small pieces of chicken, parts do not matter.


• kilogram of chicken;

• 2 large sweet peppers;

• 0.5 hot peppers;

• three onions;

• five tomatoes;

• 2/3 Art. l hops suneli;

• basil and cilantro;

• five cloves of garlic; • 50 grams of oil.


1. Wash the chicken, dry the pieces with napkins. Moisture on them should not be.

2. Put a thick-walled saucepan or large frying pan on the stove, heat it, but do not add oil to it.

3. Place the chicken on a well warmed dry surface. Fry the pieces on both sides to a light crust for about a couple of minutes, you do not need to turn off the fire, let it be strong. The bird should roast in its fat. If the chicken is young and lean, then you can add a little butter or just grease the pan.

4. Take a second frying pan, put oil in it, it is better to use a piece of cream or its mixture with vegetable oil. Put on the stove.

5. Peel the onions, cut into half rings. Peppers cut in half lengthwise, remove the inner contents and also cut into half rings.

6. Pour the onion into the melted butter, fry on a good fire until golden brown, shift to the fried chicken on the dry surface.

7. In the pan after onions add chopped half rings Bulgarian pepper. Cook it for a few minutes so that the vegetable has a pleasant aroma. And also pour it to the chicken.

8. Cut each tomato with a cross. We put all the tomatoes in a bowl, pour boiling water from the kettle. After a minute, the hot water must be drained, add cold water, remove the skin.

9. Cut the peeled tomatoes into small cubes, cover the saucepan with chicken and other vegetables from above.

10. Put the stewpan on the fire again, but now we are laying and boiling over a small fire for about half an hour. Dolen stand out the juice from the tomatoes, there will be a lot of sauce.

11. It's time to do the flavoring. Garlic peel, chop. Chop the greens and half a pod of hot pepper. You can take a whole pod if you like spicy dishes.

12. Add salt and hops to the chicken. This seasoning gives chakhokhbili special flavor.

13. Stir everything thoroughly, cover again and simmer until tender chicken. If she is not home, then 10-15 minutes is enough. 14. Now add the greens, hot pepper, garlic. Stir, cover and mix for 5-7 minutes so that the fragrant ingredients share the flavor with the bird.

15. Serve chakhokhbili as an independent dish or in combination with rice, pasta, any vegetable side dishes.

Chakhokhbili from chicken and potatoes (recipe, step by step and in detail)

Potato chakhokhbili option from chicken. The recipe tells us step by step how and when to add a vegetable to a dish, which spices are best to use, which is better not to do.


• chicken (small);

• a pair of onion heads;

• head of garlic (small);

• three potatoes;

• 100 grams of drained oil .;

• 0.5 lemon;

• three tomatoes;

• Bulgarian pepper;

• 50 g fresh parsley, cilantro and a couple of basil sprigs;

• 1 tsp. hops-suneli spices;

• salt.


1. We cut onions with large half-rings, it is not necessary to shred a vegetable too much.

2. In a cauldron or in a saucepan, run the butter, fry on high heat until golden brown appears.

3. Take out all the onions in a bowl, try not to grab the oil.

4. We wash the chicken, chop, dry the pieces, lay in the cauldron. Cook a couple of minutes. As soon as the juice starts to stand out from the bird, cover and simmer for about five minutes.

5. We pour out from the cauldron all the juice and oil in a bowl, but do not throw it away, it will still be needed. Chicken fry until light crust.

6. Return to the chicken previously browned onions.

7. Add chopped garlic, hops-suneli, stir. Fry everything together for a couple of minutes to enhance the flavor of the spices.

8. Take half a lemon and squeeze out all the juice in a cauldron.

9. Clean the potatoes, cut into strips. Add to the cauldron to the chicken.

10. We cut the Bulgarian pepper into straws and also send it to the dish. You can chop it into strips or crumble into cubes, as you like.

11. Tomatoes cut into cubes or slices. You can clean the skin, boiling water over tomatoes. Or just cut the vegetables in half and grate. We put all this in the cauldron.

12. Now we need to return the chicken juice with fat, which we previously poured from the cauldron into a bowl. And at the same stage we put salt in the chakhokhbili. 13. Cover, stew all together for about fifteen minutes, the potatoes should be soft.

14. Chop a large bunch of mixed greens, add to the dish. Stir. Optionally, add chopped pod of hot pepper.

15. Cover, leave chakhokhbili stew on low heat for another five minutes. At the end, before serving, thoroughly stir the dish to lift products from the bottom.

Simple chakhokhbili from chicken in a slow cooker (step-by-step recipe with tomato)

The option is very tasty, but lazy chakhokhbili from chicken. The recipe step by step reveals all the subtleties of cooking Georgian dishes in a slow cooker. The sauce will be prepared with the addition of tomato paste, it will turn out very bright and rich, and walnuts will give a special flavor to the dish.


• kilogram of chicken;

• two sweet peppers;

• half a glass of nuts;

• three tomatoes;

• 2 tbsp. l tomato paste;

• hot peppers;

• 2 tbsp. l vegetable oils;

• four cloves of garlic;

• a pair of bulbs;

• 0.5 tablespoons of hops-suneli;

• 2 tbsp. l butter;

• Greenery.


1. Prepare the chicken according to the rules, chop into medium pieces.

2. Lubricate the cup of the multicooker with a small piece of butter, while leaving everything else.

3. Turn on frying or baking. We look at the characteristics of our multicooker, someone likes to fry on a standard program, someone likes baking more.

4. Put the chicken pieces in one layer and fry on one side for five minutes, then the same on the other side. Do not close the lid.

5. Remove the chicken from the multicooker, add the rest of the butter and pour a couple of spoons of vegetable oil, leave to warm.

6. Quickly cut onions. If the heads are not large, then we make half rings. If the bulbs are weighty, then it is better to quarters of rings, that is, straw. Throw in hot oil, fry until transparent.

7. We cut the peppers into straws and also throw them into the multi-cooker bowl after the onions, let them warm up for the time being. 8. Cut the hot pepper, throw at once, let the taste evenly diverge in the dish.

9. Return the chicken to the slow cooker, continue to cook chakhokhbili on the same mode without a lid.

10. Add tomato paste, stir. If it is very thick, then diluted with a pair of tablespoons of water. Stir the chicken in the tomato and continue to warm up to make the color of the sauce more pronounced.

11. Tomatoes can be scalded, remove the skin, but you can simply rub so that the skin remains in the hands. We send everything to the multi-cooker bowl, pour in 0.5 cups of boiling water.

12. Rearrange the program to extinguish mode. Cover, cook for 15 minutes.

13. Nuts need to grind or just chop into small pieces.

14. Cut the greens. Take parsley or cilantro, you can add a little fresh or dry basil.

15. Peel garlic cloves, chop. Its amount can be adjusted.

16. Open the multicooker saucepan, salt it, throw nuts, add greens, prepared garlic and close the lid again.

17. Stew chakhokhbili chicken for about ten minutes.

Chicken Hounds - Tips and Tricks

• To make the color of the sauce bright and rich, you can add tomato paste or the most common ketchup.

• If chakhokhbili is served with cereal side dishes, it is better to make more sauce. But it is more reasonable to add not ordinary water, but tomato juice or broth.

• Chakhokhbili can only be cooked from chicken breast, you get a dietary option, but remember that this part of the chicken carcass does not like long boiling or stewing, in this case it turns out dry and tough.

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