Mushrooms with prunes are an unexpected duet for holidays and weekdays. Cooking unusual and simple dishes of mushrooms with prunes

Mushrooms with prunes are an unexpected duet for holidays and weekdays. Cooking unusual and simple dishes of mushrooms with prunes

Mushrooms with prunes can be stewed, baked, fried, prepared on their basis salads, and even first courses.

Or maybe stuff the caps of champignons with a fragrant filling?

Mushrooms with prunes - general principles of cooking

In recipes, if the type of mushrooms is not specified, then any one can be used by default. Mushrooms and oyster mushrooms can be cooked immediately, without additional heat treatment. Other mushrooms, it is desirable to pre-boil, drain the water from them and only then use as intended. After boiling, they will significantly decrease in size, so it is better not to cut them right away so that too small slices will not turn out.

Prunes are added to the dishes in a small amount to give a piquant, sweetish taste. If it is dry enough, it is pre-soaked in water. For some dishes you need to steam with boiling water. Dried prunes are rarely used, usually cut into small cubes or straws.

Recipe 1: Mushrooms with Prunes in Cream

According to this recipe, mushrooms with prunes can be cooked in a frying pan or in a slow cooker. Mushrooms are used by default, but they can be replaced to taste. To reduce the calorie content of the dish, you can skip the pre-frying products and start stewing immediately.


• 800 gr. champignons;

• 0.2 kg of prunes;

• 2 large bulb onions;

• 0.3 kg of cream 10% (you can use non-sour sour cream);

• butter;

• salt, dill.


• We clean the onions, chop them finely and pass them in the pan with the addition of any oil. You can immediately in the slow cooker.

• As soon as the onion becomes transparent, add the sliced ​​mushrooms, cook another 10 minutes.

• Cut the prunes into slices, pour them into the pan (slow cooker) for mushrooms. • Pour in cream, salt, add spices. Simmer for 20 minutes, covering the pan with a lid. If mushrooms with prunes are cooked in a slow cooker, then we put the mode of "stewing".

• Sprinkle dill with ready-made mushrooms with prunes.

Recipe 2: Mushrooms with prunes and chicken in pots

The original recipe for mushrooms with prunes and chicken meat for a delicious dinner. Preparing a dish is quite simple, and the result will certainly please. At will, you can take any part of the chicken: wings, thigh, shin or breast. If desired, and for satiety, you can add a little potato cut into random pieces in a pot. The number of products is arbitrary.


• any mushrooms;

• hen;

• prunes;

• sour cream;

• butter;

• onion;

• garlic;

• salt, seasonings.


1. We cut mushrooms and onions not very finely and fry in oil in a pan for 3-4 minutes.

2. We put the pieces of chicken on the bottom of the pots, salt it a little, the mushrooms fried onion with onions. Add to each portion pot 3-5 pieces of prunes, previously washed and cut into 2-3 pieces.

3. Mix sour cream with chopped garlic, salt, optionally add any fragrant spices and herbs. Put 2 spoons of the resulting sauce in each pot.

4. Cover the pots, if there are no lids, then we close the dough. Cook for about an hour at 190 ° C.

Recipe 3: Mushrooms with prunes in eggs

A modernized version of an omelet that can be made from mushrooms with prunes. A wonderful breakfast or dinner, and if there are pre-cooked mushrooms, then cooking will take no more than 15 minutes. By the way, in this dish, instead of fresh mushrooms, you can take pickled, but not salted.


• 150 gr. mushrooms;

• 50 gr. prunes;

• 3 eggs;

• onion;

• 100 ml of milk;

• salt, herbs, oil for frying.

Method of preparation

1. Boil the mushrooms, decant the water. Soak prunes so that it becomes very wet and soft. 2. Pour oil into the pan, then chopped onion, chopped mushrooms and fry the prunes. If marinated mushrooms are used, they are laid only when the onion has already become golden and slightly choked.

3. Beat eggs with salt, spices and milk. Add the egg mixture to the pan, mix everything well and cover with a lid.

4. If desired, the omelet can be turned over so that it is fried on both sides, you can make it mixed. At the end of the omelet thickly sprinkle with chopped herbs.

Recipe 4: Mushrooms with prunes and potatoes in the oven

This dish is cooked in a deep frying pan, it is possible in a duck meat. Suitable for fasting and vegetarians, although meat eaters will like it. Mushrooms are taken any.


• 8 potatoes;

• 400 gr. mushrooms;

• 0.25 kg of prunes;

• carrot;

• bulb onion;

• butter;

• sour cream 200 gr .;

• spices.


1. Peel the potatoes, cut them into fairly large chunks and fry quickly until golden in the oil in a frying pan. Cover it is not necessary to cover, cook over high heat, so that only color appears. Fried potatoes fold in duck-dish or deep form.

2. Fry the onions, cut into cubes, along with mushrooms, literally 3-5 minutes in the same pan. Then pour out to the potato.

3. We prune the prunes in water, cut them into strips, pour them into the mold. There the carrots cleared and cut by thin rings there.

4. Salt, pepper, add your favorite spices. Mix and pour sour cream on top. Cooking in the oven for about 40 minutes at 180 ° C. On request, 15 minutes before readiness, you can fill up everything with grated cheese, but then the dish will not be vegetarian.

Recipe 5: Mushroom salad with prunes and chicken “Fat”

Very hearty salad with mushrooms and prunes. Korean carrot gives a special piquancy and flavor to the dish. You can do it yourself or use it already. Salad puff, fit on a flat dish of arbitrary shape. You can do portions for each guest. Ingredients

• mushrooms 0.3 kg;

• 0.1 kg of prunes;

• fresh cucumber;

• 0.3 kg chicken breast (smoked, boiled can be);

• 0.2 kg carrots in Korean;

• mayonnaise, salt;

• butter.


1. Mushrooms cut plates and fry in a pan in the oil. Then lift the pan on one side to the hill, so that the glass has excess oil.

2. Cut the chicken into cubes, put it in the first layer, salt and grease with mayonnaise.

3. Finely cut the prunes, sprinkle chicken.

4. Put the fried mushrooms on top.

5. Cut the cucumber into small cubes, if the peel is thick or large seeds, then remove all of this and take 2 pieces. Spread on top of mushrooms, sandwich with mayonnaise. Salt this layer is not necessary so that the vegetables do not let the juice.

6. Korean carrots need to fold in a colander to glass unnecessary liquid and oil. Then cut with a knife so that the pieces are no longer than 2 cm. We spread on top of the cucumbers. Decorate the salad to your liking, you can just sprinkle with herbs.

Recipe 6: Cauliflower Soup with Mushrooms and Prunes

An unusual recipe for cooking the first dish, which remotely resembles borscht, but is cooked with cauliflower. The soup will delight those who are fed up with classic dishes, and want something new or for fasting people. For cooking dry white mushrooms are used.

Ingredients Required

• 30 gr. mushrooms;

• onion;

• 1 beet;

• 0.1 kg of prunes;

• 0.2 kg cauliflower;

• 2 spoons of tomato paste;

• 1 carrot;

• salt, greens, butter for browning.

Method of preparation

1. Soak mushrooms in advance in 2 liters of water, then rinse well, fill with fresh water, and set to cook.

2. Put the pan on the stove, pour a little oil. Onion cut, send to roast. Add grated carrots, cook until golden brown, lay out tomato paste and simmer for 5 minutes.

3. Peel the beets, chop them on a grate and fry in a separate frying pan, then stew with a small amount of broth from the pan until cooked. To keep the beets bright, you can add a few grains of citric acid. 4. When the mushrooms are cooked, salt the soup, add cabbage, cut into florets, chopped prunes and cook for another 10 minutes.

5. We spread passerovka from vegetables and stewed beets, boil all together for 3-5 minutes, add greens, bay leaf, bring to a boil and turn off.

Recipe 7: Potato Mushroom Soup with Prunes and Raisins

An unusual recipe, like everyone else, which includes mushrooms with prunes. The soup turns out quite nourishing, the broth is rich and thick, thanks to the addition of flour passerovka.

Ingredients Required

• 6 potatoes;

• 70-100 gr. prunes;

• 70 gr. raisins;

• 50 gr. dried white mushrooms;

• 1 tbsp. a spoon of wheat flour;

• Vegetable oil;

• onion;

• greens, salt, lemon slices.

Method of preparation

1. Prepare the broth of their pre-soaked and washed mushrooms. Then take them out and finely cut them into cubes or straws.

2. Pour the oil into the pan, put on the stove. Fry the finely chopped onion, add flour at the end. Cooking before purchasing golden color.

3. Dilute browning from onions and flour with a small amount of mushroom broth, pour everything into a saucepan, mix and set on the stove.

4. Add boiling broth salt, chopped mushrooms, bring to a boil. Potatoes, boil again. Now we lay chopped prunes and raisins. Cook until the potatoes are completely soft.

5. When serving in plates with soup put lemon slices, fresh greens.

Recipe 8: Stuffed Mushrooms with Prunes and Nuts

For stuffing need large and smooth champignons. Other mushrooms will not work. Prepare the dish in the oven, but you can in the microwave.

Ingredients Required

• 10 champignons;

• 5 prunes;

• 5 walnut kernels;

• onion;

• A spoon of mayonnaise or sour cream;

• salt, pepper, vegetable oil;

• 50 gr. cheese

Method of preparation

1. Carefully remove the legs from the mushrooms, taking care not to damage the cap. 2. Fry the chopped mushroom legs in a pan together with the chopped bulb onions.

3. Grind steamed prunes and walnuts. Mix together with mushroom legs, salt, pepper, add mayonnaise (sour cream), mix everything.

4. Fill the caps with stuffing, put the grated cheese on top and bake in the oven until ready, about 20 minutes at 180 ° C. The time depends on the size of the caps.

Mushrooms with prunes - tricks and useful tips

• To make stewed and baked dishes more fragrant, mushrooms can be pre-fried in a pan over high heat. Just a few minutes.

• For resuscitation of very dry prunes, it is poured with cool water and refrigerated for several hours.

• Prunes are sour and sweet. Both those and other species can be used in dishes, choose according to your taste preferences.

• It is often recommended to add bouillon cubes to the dishes in order to emphasize the mushroom flavor. In fact, this should not be done, such seasonings contain very harmful taste enhancers for the body. And in order to make the mushrooms or oyster mushrooms more aromatic, you can add a little dried forest mushrooms and chopped on a coffee grinder.

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